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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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This is a partial list of some former teachers and students,
the information was gathered from former students, teachers, newspapers and photos.

*** History of the School ***
What was once called "Bestbury" and now Lyndon was located and granted to some 53 citizens of Rhode Island in 1781. With a population of 59 there was a need of organization and the first town meeting was held on July 4th, 1792 at the Daniel Reniff house which was located one mile from where Squabble Hollow School is now located. The town of Lyndon was divided into districts October 2, 1797. A committee consisting of Daniel Cahoon, Samuel Winslow, Nathaniel Jenks, Nathan Hines, and William W. McGoffey were elected to make the division. Their report which was adopted provided for six districts and gave the names of those living in each district. "Squabble Hollow" was first known as District Number 3, later as No. 8. The districts were reorganized April 12, 1802, and again April 20, 1811 and of course several times later. In 1802 this district contained 42 between the ages of 4 and 18, 41 in 1803 and 54 in 1804. The original inhabitants of District No. 3 were: Thomas Peck, Abel Carpenter, Nathaniel Jenks, Joel Fletcher, Daniel Reniff, Jonathon Pack, Ephraim Hubbard, Levi Lockling, Jeremiah Fisher, James Fisher and Samuel Leach. Among the teachers of early days, but not the earliest were: Arnold Mathewson, Mrs. Nancy Mathewson, Malachi Richardson, Hiram Jenness, John Hoffman, Martha Hubbard, Mrs. George Willey, Joseph Chesley, Mrs. Addie Eastman Chesley, the last of whom is still living and taught in the old school house 62 years ago. (article written in 1981) By 1881 Lyndon's population was over 2300. In 1886 there were 14 school districts and 13 common schools taught by 3 male and 29 female teachers. The average monthly salary was $8.36 with board and $14.10 without board. Lyndon had 483 scholars with 75 in private schools. School tax income was $5,230.75 and expenditures of $4,156.89 reported by Superintendent Hiram Pearl.     MAP

This list is not complete but we hope it will be of interest.
School was comprised of eight years at Squabble Hollow until recently.
The 7th and 8th grades now go to Lyndonville Graded School.

1891 - 1892  
Hartshorn, Mary (teacher) Nichols, Fanny
Frost, Sadie (teacher) Fletcher, Mattie
Park, Lucius Lang, Roy
Park, Clarence Lang, Ethel
Hoyt, Zilla Deos, Henry
Willey, Ada Deos, Gracie
Hubbard, Louise Allen, Ralph
Hubbard, Harry Allen, Emma
Nichols, George Green, Mabel
1893 - 1894 Names taken from picture
Frost, Sadie (prob) (teacher) Allen, Ralph
Hubbard, Fred Allen, Howard
Hubbard, Harry Allen, Emma
1898 - 1899  
Dresser, Madge (teacher) Coffran, Ralph
Kimball, Carrie (teacher) Davis, Perley
Allen, Emma Green, Mabel
Allen, Howard Hubbard, Harry
Allen, Ralph Hubbard, Fred
Chesley, Wilbur Mathewson, Elbert
1899 - 1900  
Dresser, Madge (teacher)  
Simpson, Fred (teacher) Deos, Grace
Green, Mabel Allen, Emma
1900 - 1901  
Regan, Nantie (teacher) Chesley, Wilber
Willey, Elgie (teacher) Coffran, Ralph
Hazel, Mary (teacher) Fletcher, Carrie
Simpson, Fred (teacher) Hubbard, Fred
Allen, Howard Mathewson, Elbert
1910 - 1911  
Forbes, Florence (teacher) Rich, Genevieve
McLean, Kathleen (teacher) Reed, Edwin
1911 - 1912  
McLean, Kathleen (teacher) Reed, Edwin
Kimball, Grace (teacher0 Welcome, Clayton
1912 - 1913  
Ranney, Maude (teacher) Smith, Angus
Deos, Dester LaBay, Ruby
1913 - 1914  
Parrent, Gertrude (teacher) Bickford, Thelma
Jay, Mildred Bickford, Rena
Deos, Dewey Bickford, Edith
1914 - 1915  
MacDonald, Dorothy (teacher) Gray, Harold
Drown, Elwyn Jay, Gordon
1916 - 1917  
MacDonald, Dorothy (teacher)  
1917 - 1918  
Wilmont, Pearl (teacher) (married name is Pearl Moore)
Berry, Osie  
Gilman, Howard Sheldon, Lee
Simpson, Carl Sheldon, Ethel
Sheldon, George Sheldon, Ida
1918 - 1919  
Drew, Gordon Drew, Christy
Drew, Warden Clark, Catherine
1919 - 1920  
Blake, Goldie Aldrich, Lyman
Deos, Aileen Gilman, Leon
1920 - 1921  
Mathewson, Edison Mathewson, Myron
1921 - 1922  
Gabaree, Ethel (teacher)  
1922 - 1923  
Allen, Ethel (teacher) Wilkie, Margaret
Gilman, Haydin Davis, Edna
1923 - 1924  
Batchelder, Vivian (teacher)  
1924 - 1925  
Deos, Gladys (teacher)  
1925 - 1926  
Gilman, Nina Gilman, Osmore
1926 - 1927  
Keniston, Marion (Dane) (teacher) Aldrich, Leah
Annis, Gordon Aldrich, Denniss
Annis, Thelma Hudson, Kenneth
Annis, Doris Hudson, Raymond
Hudson, Bertha Hudson, Robert
1927 - 1928  
Bloom, Irving  
Bloom, Shirley Bloom, Dorothea
1928 - 1929  
Sutton, Marion (teacher)  
Sleep, Lemuel Hubbard, Emma
Sleep, Leota Gilman, Alton
Sutton, Louise Noyes, Rena
Berry, Clifford Noyes, Raymond
Hubbard, Charles Hovey, Marguerite
Hubbard, Emily Sutton, Margaret
1929 - 1930  
House, Marion (teacher)  
1930 - 1931  
Hovey, Marguerite  
Sutton, Margaret  
1931 - 1932  
Dwyer, Helena Masure, Albert
Masure, Jean Masure, Harriet
1932 - 1933 (22 students in school this year)
Bonenfant, Mary Brought, Gille
Bonenfant, Leo Brought, Jean
1933 - 1934  
Iverson, Lillian (teacher) Tanner, Leroy
Noyes, Raymond Tanner, Leonia
Tanner, Junior Tanner, Verla
1934 - 1935 (11 students attending this year)
Towle, Marion (teacher)  
1935 - 1936  
Sutton, Louise Lawrence, Archie
Pierce, Ralph  
1936 - 1937  
Sawyer, Mary (teacher) Berry, Clifford
1937 - 1938  
Sawyer, Lillian (teacher)  
Chase, Shirley (teacher) Ladue, Lucilli
Allen, Elisabeth Pierce, Robert
1938 - 1939  
Chase, Shirley (teacher)  
Berry, Paul Noyes, Reginald
1939 - 1940  
Caswell, Louis Hubbard, Calvin
Caswell, Maynard  
1940 - 1941  
Dane, May C. (teacher) Daniels, M. E. (Superintendent)
1941 - 1942  
Fuller, Dallas (teacher)  
1942 - 1943  
Simpson, Robert Noyes, Arland
1943 - 1944  
Miller, Shirley (teacher) Young, Fay Jr.
Hoxie, Irwin (Superintendent) Gilman, Louis
1945 - 1946  
Gilman, David Merchant, Leslie
Gilman, Monroe Merchant, Theron
1946 - 1947  
Berry, Barbara Mitchell, Dorothy
Berry, Russell Mitchell, Leela
Berry, Ralph Mitchell, Waneeta
Hubbard, Frank Mitchell, Joyce
Mitchell, Wilma  
1947 - 1948  
Gilman, Geneva Monfette, Laura
LaCoss, Donald Monfette, Albert
1949 - 1950  
Berry, Sandra Cady, Clark
Berry, Clifford  
1950 - 1951  
Sutton, Marion (teacher) Gilbar, Sylvia
Berry, Ralph Gilbar, Joan
Berry, Dale Gilbar, Robert
Gilbar, Roger  
Farman, Wilma (teacher) Wakefield, Urban (Superintendent)
The following list hopefully includes all the students Mrs. Farman taught in her thirty years at Squabble Hollow:
Farman, Wilma (teacher)  
Crosier, Marilyn Stowell, Catherine
Gilman, Norman Young, Michael
Berry, Linda Young, Steven
Cady, Marylee Beer, Debra
Willey, Elba Gilman, Susan
Willey, Floyd Gray, Sherrilyn
Gilman, Barbara Day, Kathy
Gilman, Sherry Day, Keith
Norway, Gail Gilman, Bradley
Hart, Diane Gilman, Brenda
Barber, Richard Gilman, Howard
Crosier, Bonnie Gilman, Paul
Gilman, Betty Gray, Debra
Mitchell, Daisy Gray, Michael
Mitchell, James Hubbard, Bernard
Mitchell, Joyce Stowell, Cleon Jr.
Cady, Donna Urie, Kim
Barber, Elaine Somers, Newell
Gilman, Clayton Gilman, James
Gilman, William Urie, Scott
Hart, David Helen, Robert
Hubbard, Robert Banville, Lynn
Aldrich, Jane Dixon, Brenda
Gilman, Bonnie Heidt, Billy
LaCoss, Carlene Hill, Kelly
Irwine, Charlene Schoonover, Kathy
Norway, Calvin Stowell, Sheila
Norway, Coralie Winans, Julie
Willey, Faye Hill, Kim
Willey, Linda Hall, Jeffrey
LaCoss, Steven Hall, John
Willey, Duane Lawson, Alice
Flood, Judy Nutting, Randee
Rowell, Kenneth Charron, Quincy
Barber, Louise Dunphy, Janet
Flood, Larry Granger, Jack
Flood, Terry Hamel, Renee
Rowell, Alston Johnson, Lorie
Rowell, Helen Nutting, Ricky
Rowell, Henry Somers, Jennie
Walker, Susan Somers, Sam
Gilman, Delma Stevens, Denniss
Hubbard, Ronald Stevens, Michael
Hart, Steven Walters, Jeff
Gilman, Alice Young, Mark
Bickford, Phillip Shon, George
Bickford, Emily Lacoss, Preston
Gilman, Dale  
Gilman, Scott Hubbard, Todd
Gilman, Matthew Hubbard, Robert
Dunphy, Jennifer Chase, Kelly
Stahler, David Hamel, Rachael
Stahler, Daniel Stevens, Ronnie
Gilman, Greg Stevens, Michelle
Gilman, Holly Stevens, Lynette
Young, Matthew  

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