Newport Center
High & Junior School
Class Picture, class of 1937-38
Newport, Orleans Co., Vermont

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A special thanks goes to
Donald Bartlett
for his contribution
in sending this picture.


Newport Center High & Junior School Class Picture,class of 1937-38 Newport Center High & Junior School Class Picture, back of picture

Principal - E. Ben Rand - Bob Towne - Ralph Bartlett - Barbara Twombly - Medora Reed & Marion Briggs
Back Row 3rd Row 5th Row
Niles, Barbara Eastman, Pearl Sheltra, Robert
Morse, Fay Breault, Rita Bowen, Arland
Couter, Cecille Eastman, Mary Dow, Hazel
Brown, Beatrice Murphy, Martin St Lawrent, Jeannette
Norway, Anne Brown, Gordon Columbia, Beth
Kilby, Olive Geondreau, Eleanna Wilcox, Shirley
Lunna, Richard Hoadley, Leroy Taylor, Arlene
Lawson, Donald Norway, Milton Kinne, Herbert
Niles, Junior Boudreau, Herve Messier, Urgel
Niles, Gardner Norway, Ivan Bartlett, Dale
Beaudry, Rocaire Morse, Asa Rand, Ben
Morse, _______ Brown, Barbara  
Morey, Vera    
  4th Row  
2nd Row Norris, Elsene  
Bergeron, Lillian Brown, Elwin  
Columbia, Rachel Messier, Henriette  
Blanchard, Mary Rollins, Marion  
Wilcox, Wendell St Marie, Arlene  
Lacross, Kent Lamarche, Gena  
Jewett, Kenneth Coburn, Marion  
Hutchins, Cedric Taylor, Alice  
Kinne, Richard Cammett, Arletta  
Dow, Doris Lunna, Robert  
Gibney, Melba Niles, Hazen  
Hitchcock, Irene Spaulding, Dean  
King, Frances Martineau, Rene  
Farnam, Bernadette  
Pope, Marion    

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