Newport Center School
Class Picture, class of 1937-38
Newport, Orleans Co., Vermont

A special thanks goes to
Donald Bartlett
for his contribution
in sending this picture.


Newport Center School Class Picture,class of 1937-38 Newport Center School Class Picture, back of picture

Front Row Second Row Third Row Back Row
Lamonge, Madeline Rowland, Viola Brown, Lyle Metras, Anna
Metras, Cecille Metras, Eva Farrar, Wayne Lunna, Eleanor
McMasters, Gladys Bowdreau, Paul Lavoie, Rita Labounty, Denice
Sheltra, Maurice Poullin, Gaston Poulin, Rita Rossier, Roland
Messier, Andrea Wells, Richard Columbia, Gordon Kilby, Jessie
Kinne, Rachel Palmer, Doris Bowen, Stanley Place, Loren
Sheltra, Donald Allen, Glenna Boudreau, Gerard Kilby, John
Forbes, Reginald Duckless, Kenneth Theberge, Laurent  
Rowland, Winifield Columbia, Ronald Cammett, Alice  
Libby, David   Spaulding, Marilyn  
    Lillian Thayer, Miss  

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