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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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School History
The Beginning of the Newport School - Division 5

The Educational system of the Newport School may be easily traced to 1873 when our Academy and Graded School were incorporated by an Act of Legislature November 24, 1874. It started in the upstairs rooms in what was later called by the name of Hibbard Block. It was some time later when it was called the Exchange Building. Years later thru the efforts of the Town Father's a wooden building was erected on the rear of the lot now occupied by the new brick High School. This put the Newport West Side School on the West Side of School Street -- thus putting the building in the light of being in the center of the Town. It succeeded in another way, - by keeping the Graded and High School departments apart to greater advantage. It was erected in 1888 and burned partly in the year 1922. A few years later after that fire, the building still of wooden frame caught fire again, it was demolished in 1925. Plans for a new brick school were made and rapidly carried out. Then, as now, it was where the old recreation ground used to be.

It is well now to retrace a few years to 1902 to a site just north of the Congregational Church where a new graded school was ready for occupancy. Here it must be said that the rooms which in the past few years held the kindergarten and the first grade were in the white building just west of the present Melvin Carter paint shop during the period of the construction of the new graded school which was ready in 1902. The little white building built in 1967 on Ai J. White site on Main Street.

The South School standing on an eminence overlooking the South Bay, enjoyed a wonderful view and especially wonderful sunsets from the west. It, this same building had belonged to one Brown who had build it in the now "defunct" Town of Salem. By orders of the Derby Town that gentleman's land was declared necessary for the new Salem school. The deed for the transfer in 1906 is recorded at the Derby Town Clerk's Office. This and two other schools were in use at one time or another. One was up just near the Holly farm. That was district No. 20. Then a two story building was made from the Brown Property into a temporary school until a new one could be erected, which today is the house of the Selba Weaving Business Inc. built in 1915.

Teachers: Glenside School was Mrs. Harold Chamberlin (Molly), Frances Barnard (Mrs. Walter Barnard) who taught for about six or seven years at the Glenside and Edith Tripp who taught for one or two years. Mrs. Barnard taught perhaps the longest from 1911, Mrs. Chamberlin taught 1906 to 1908.

The Convent School

The year 1905 the Daughters of Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus opened a boarding school as a general school and also a school for day pupils in the Parish to which some thirty or forty students attended. Then some twenty years later a High School was added to the Sacred Heart Convent. This last mentioned addition was accomplished during the Centennial Year of the Catholic Diocese of Burlington in 1953 in what was known to older generations as the "Green Mountain Hall". At this time the books were brought up to date and the school furnishings and furniture much renovated.

New pupils came to the new Convent School and in time new courses became a steady curriculum of student selection. The teaching staff below is listed because of certain values to the reader:

Convent School of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as regards to the Teaching Staff and their role of Student Application. Elementary:
Principal, Sister Edmund St. Joseph
1st Grade, Sister Ste. Cecile
2nd Grade, Sister Solange Poutre
3rd Grade, Mrs. Collins
4th Grade, Anita Turcotte
5th Grade, Yvette Belle
6th Grade, Sister Rosan Voyer
7th Grade, Miss Leona Stacy

In addition a Mr. Judd serves those who are Gymnastically inclined.
Mary Roberts is the Principal.

Year Grad. Name Maiden Name 1990 Residence
1915 McStravic, Mildred Bisbee  
1916 Akin, Aubrey    
1916 Keech, Elsie Parker Castleton, VT
1916 Webster, Ferol Wellman Irasburg, VT
1917 Davis, Sam   Sarasota, FL
1917 Ross, Naomi Shaw Newton Center, MA
1917 Savage, Reginald   Norwell, MA
1918 Akin, Laura Cobleigh Newport, Vt
1918 Berry, Helen Drew Long Beach, CA
1918 Bray, Dorothy Lindsay Newport, Vt
1918 Dexter, Jennie Curtis  
1918 Norris, Jane Lawson Newport Center, VT
1919 Bigelow, Helen Savage Newport, Vt
1919 Hackett, Dorothy Drew Newport, Vt
1920 Sockol, Joseph   Delray Beach, FL
1920 Sockol, Saul   Newport, Vt
1921 Aborn, Ruth Humphrey Ellington, CT
1922 Bly, E. Beach   Montpelier, VT
1922 Mudgett, Lillian   Newtonville, MA
1923 Black, Beatrice Skinner  
1923 Root, Howard   Bermuda
1924 Barlow, Clyde   Wilbraham, MA
1924 Bates, Marion Mudgett Newport, Vt
1924 Chamberlain, Bess Drew Long Beach, CA
1924 Coulson, Adelaide Humphrey Morris Plains, NJ
1924 Dwinell, Lane   Hanover, NH
1924 Fine, Anne Sockol Chestnut Hill, MA
1924 Hammar, Eileen Corey Weymouth, MA
1924 Nelson, William    
1924 Spencer, Beatrice Farman Montpelier, VT
1925 Cook, Nellie Smith  
1925 Dodge, William   New London, NH
1925 Graveline, Theodore   Sarasota, FL
1925 Kendrick, Flora Clark St. Albans, VT
1926 Buel, Leberman   Kohler, WS
1926 Colpitts, Edith Somer  
1926 Hancock, Mildred Miner Newport, Vt
1926 Hilliker, Marion Miner Newport, Vt
1926 Kerr, Helen Shepard Lynn, MA
1926 Lacoss, Gertrude Kendr  
1926 Lacross, Gertrude Kendrew Lebanon, NH
1926 Norwood, Louise Bosley San Diego, CA
1926 Phannenstiehl, Dorothy Calkins Needham, MA
1926 Prince, Millicent Callahan Durham, NH
1926 Reed, Medora Kendell Sarasota, FL
1926 Reinhard, Eva Leach Columbia, SC
1926 Sandrin, Aline Buck Orleans, VT
1926 Stephens, Harriet Goss Lebanon, NH
1927 Birchard, Gertrude Nicholson Lyndonville, VT
1927 Brown, Rena   Newport, Vt
1927 Daily, Dorothy Ford Rutland, VT
1927 Gover, Alice Grow Newport, Vt
1927 Kendall, Maxwell   Ithaca, NY
1927 MacKenzie, Pauline Day Burlington, VT
1927 Olson, Shirley Towne Enfield, NH
1927 Overbury, Henry    
1928 Adams, Ruth   Derby Line, VT
1928 Buck, Helen Bullis Newport Center, VT
1928 Clement, Rotha Hall Needham Heights, MA
1928 Emerson, Virginia   Orleans, VT
1928 Fontaine, Leslie   Santa Rosa, CA
1928 Huntington, Dean    
1928 Kendall, Mildred Pomeroy Newport, Vt
1928 Logan, Marion Parke  
1928 Perrier, Earl   Bristol, CT
1928 Perry, Adelaide Shaefer Saco, ME
1928 Savage, Earl   Experiment, GA
1929 Boyden, Virginia Brown Brattleboro, VT
1929 Carter, John   Honeoye Falls, NY
1929 Drew, John   Seminary, MS
1929 Flanders, Frances Clark Springfield, VT
1929 Gervais, Ovelina Cote Jacksonville, FL
1929 Miller, Harriet   Port Washington, WS
1929 Shortsleeve, Norma Carder Weston, VT
1929 Stevenson, Malcolm   Bethlehem, NH
1929 Wells, Barbara   Newport, Vt
1929 Wood, Lawrence   Springfield, VT
1930 Arkin, Simon   Newport, Vt
1930 Barnett, Marie Young North Troy, VT
1930 Corey, Alden   Spring Hill, FL
1930 Corey, Dane   Troy, NY
1930 Cree, Edna Cushing St. Johnsbury, VT
1930 Hill, Frederic   Plainville, CT
1930 Prouty, Vivian Peabody Easton, MA
1930 Wheeler, Ivy   Newport, Vt
1931 Allen, Sherwood   Newport, Vt
1931 Bellows, Helen   New York, NY
1931 Bishop, Rosamond   Indian Rock Beach, FL
1931 Bowen, John   Epping, NH
1931 Cargill, Lillian Thayer Morgan, VT
1931 Collins, Marvin   Enfield, CT
1931 Edgerly, Muriel Hardy Newport, Vt
1931 Guyette, Lois Brigham West Haven, CT
1931 Hunt, Lillian Parker Barre, MA
1931 Lepanen, Lois Young Naples, FL
1931 Lizzotte, Clarence   Pensacola, FL
1931 Monete, Jennie Thayer Barton, VT
1931 Monette, Jeannie Thayer Barton, VT
1931 Nicholson, Raymond   Springfield, MA
1931 Palmer, Barbara Taylor Bradford, VT
1931 Perrier, Lilian   Bristol, CT
1931 Piette, William   Pharr, TX
1931 Vanslate, Frances Grigg Hollywood, FL
1932 Arkin, Sylvia   Newport, Vt
1932 Austin, Ruth Shattuck Newport, Vt
1932 Babel, Frances Savage Rochester, MN
1932 Batchelor, Helen Adams Derby Line, VT
1932 Beaupre, Elizabeth Buckland Newport, Vt
1932 Bliss, Elizabeth Beede Derby, VT
1932 Brown, Charlene Brook Newbury, FL
1932 Busky, Edward   Portland, ME
1932 Coburn, Dean   Tavernier, FL
1932 Craig, Paul   Claremont, NH
1932 Fairbrother, Walter   Wendall, MA
1932 Hutchinson, Francis   Burlington, VT
1932 Kiser, Helen Wells Newport, Vt
1932 Lahar, Arthur   White River Jct., VT
1932 Lawson, Orison   Bradenton, FL
1932 Matthews, Beatrice Taylor Redwood City, CA
1932 Maxham, Marjorie Hinck Worcester, VT
1932 Monaghan, Eleanor Hall Norwood, MA
1932 Norway, Pearl Lawson Newport, Vt
1932 Piette, Gilbert   Hayward, CA
1932 Roberts, Eleanor Young North Troy, VT
1932 Slack, Howard   South Burlington, VT
1932 Souther, Leona Hart Hyde Park, VT
1933 Bacon, Myrtle Aldrich Morgan, VT
1933 Bly, John   Westfield, MA
1933 Chatfield, Helen Taylor Bradford, VT
1933 Coffin, Katherine Sessions Newport, Vt
1933 Kelly, Frances West Sarasota, FL
1933 Nelson, Emily McIver Newport, Vt
1933 Peabody, Dorothy   Newport, Vt
1933 Rushlow, Howard   Newport, Vt
1933 Sherrer, Josie Pomer St. Johnsbury, VT
1933 Smith, Glenna   Newport, Vt
1933 Sutvin, Edwina Towne Saranac Lake, NY
1933 Wigh, Emily Wyman Augusta, GA
1933 Williams, Hazel Before Newport, Vt
1934 Arkin, Bernard   Santa Rosa, CA
1934 Ash, Madeline Cushing St. Johnsbury, VT
1934 Berg, Frances Hitchcock New Cumberland, PA
1934 Borella, Richard   Crystal River, FL
1934 Borella, William   Crystal River, FL
1934 Brainerd, Howard   Newport, Vt
1934 Chiovitti, Marie Gile Keene, NH
1934 Clark, Hazel Rushlow Holiday, FL
1934 Flint, Katherine   Delhi, NY
1934 Lahar, Edmond E.   Columbus, GA
1934 Lamoureau, Lila Duval Island Pond, VT
1934 Libby, Faye Kendall St. Petersburg, FL
1934 Litchfield, Nelda Clark Barre, VT
1934 Mosher, Dean   Madison, WI
1934 Mosher, Mary Pierce Newport, Vt
1934 Nelson, Elfreda Welch Williamsburg, VA
1934 Nelson, William   Hampton, VA
1934 Provost, Marion Essaff Colchester, VT
1934 Reynolds, Frances Smith Brattleboro, VT
1934 Rivard, Barbara Wallace Newport, Vt
1934 Sessions, Jeannette Bryan  
1934 Tatro, Aurora   Winooski, VT
1934 Wilkinson, Bernice Holbrook  
1934 Wright, Raymond   Keene, NH
1934 Young, James    
1935 Alexander, Gordon   Boynton Beach, FL
1935 Allen, George   East Montpelier, VT
1935 Before, Maurice   Newport, Vt
1935 Bowen, Gerald   Leslie, MI
1935 Bowen, Therald   Portsmouth, NH
1935 Carter, Melvin   Newport, Vt
1935 Drown, Gertrude Hall Newport, Vt
1935 Drown, Warren   Newport, Vt
1935 Essaff, Lewis   Newport, Vt
1935 Ewin, Urania Emerson Bartow, FL
1935 Gage, Edwin   Newport Center, VT
1935 Gage, Genevieve Prouty Newport, Vt
1935 Kendall, Allen    
1935 Lawson, Marion Faucher Newport Center, VT
1935 Laythe, Christin Blodgett Derby Line, VT
1935 Miner, Rachel Wursthorne Austin, TX
1935 Mould, Marion Field Fitchburg, MA
1935 Pearsons, Roberta Turcotte Ft. Myers, FL
1935 Prouty, John   Plano, TX
1935 Scott, Kenneth   Derby, VT
1935 St. Marie, Eugene   Deltona, FL
1935 Terill, Kay Drown West Lebanon, NH
1935 Thomas, Frances Parker Bellows Falls, VT
1935 Vanier, Gilson   Lebanon, NH
1935 Wursthorne, Roger   Westfield, VT
1935 Wyman, Wesley   New Canaan, CT
1936 Allen, Helen Hamilton East Montpelier, VT
1936 Benaroya, Gwendolyn Blanchard Rockville, MD
1936 Bouthillier, Irma Cook Newport, Vt
1936 Brooks, Audna Newman Palm Harbor, FL
1936 Buzzell, Hall   Newport, Vt
1936 Deveraux, Louise Pomeroy Lyndonville, VT
1936 Hamblett, Tarleton   Newport, Vt
1936 Hebb, Roberta Bishop Newport, Vt
1936 Hodgedon, Roberta Moore Knotts Island, NC
1936 Johnson, Robert   Gadsen, AL
1936 LaPlante, Charlotte Corkins Copiague, LI, NY
1936 Lewis, Ralph   Burlington, VT
1936 Lyon, Estelle   Newport, Vt
1936 Rossier, Dorothy Scott Schenectady, NY
1936 Seager, Rose Silver New York, NY
1936 Shepard, John   Manhasset, LI, NY
1936 Smith, Almon   Burlington, VT
1936 Stevens, David C.   Wells River, VT
1936 Stevens, Everett   Danville, VT
1936 Stevens, Marguerite Coburn Derby, VT
1936 Thayer, Merton   Newport Center, VT
1936 Thayer, Verna Brooks Newport Center, VT
1937 Ball, Beulah Kendall W. Springfield, MA
1937 Buckland, Alida White Plymouth, NH
1937 Buckland, Lee   Plymouth, NH
1937 Chaffee, Richard   Newport, Vt
1937 Cummings, Rae Sheehan Burlington, VT
1937 Daley, Rudolph   Newport, Vt
1937 Davis, Claudia Brooks Cheshire, CT
1937 Hunt, Geraldine Wilcox Newport, Vt
1937 McCauley, Charles   Sault St. Marie, MI
1937 McKinney, Calvin   Newport, Vt
1937 Moore, Charles   Newport, Vt
1937 Mosher, Bruce   Island Pond, VT
1937 Myers, Ferol Hinman Newport, Vt
1937 Myers, Stuart   Newport, Vt
1937 Nelson, Robert   Newport, Vt
1937 Parker, Russell   Tampa, FL
1937 Powers, Lucille Gardner Melbourne, FL
1937 Rogers, Raymond   Burlington, VT
1937 Rush, John   Sacramento, CA
1937 Sessions, Donald   Montpelier, VT
1937 Warner, Marie   Lowell, VT
1938 Allen, David   Newport, Vt
1938 Angier, Margaret Kendrew S. Strafford, VT
1938 Belanger, Rachel Cavanaugh Manchester, CT
1938 Benware, Betty Blanchard Newport, Vt
1938 Benware, Robert   Newport, Vt
1938 Blanchard, Agnes Moquin Bristol, CT
1938 Buck, Theodore   New Port Richey, FL
1938 Burkewitz, Hilda Longeway Irasburg, VT
1938 Clapper, Charles   Woodstown, NJ
1938 Cleary, Helen Fifield Colchester, CT
1938 Corey, Frances Sheehe E. Lansing, MI
1938 Crellen, Gwendolyn Brooks E. Dedham, MA
1938 Davio, Elwood   Newport, Vt
1938 Drown, Colin   Conway, NH
1938 Eldridge, Beverly Towne Newport, Vt
1938 Greenwood, Philippa Bishop Beebe, VT
1938 Hamilton, Frank   Middlebury, VT
1938 Hilliker, Kenneth   St. Petersburg, FL
1938 Hitchcock, Charles   Newport Center, VT
1938 Kiser, Donald   Newport, Vt
1938 Ladd, Alberta Davio Newport, Vt
1938 Lahar, Raymond   Pomona, CA
1938 Leithead, Thelma Bowen  
1938 Longway, Lyman   Orleans, VT
1938 Lyster, Theodore   N. Springfield, VA
1938 Maroso, Olga Antetemaso Watertown, MA
1938 McMullen, Ruth Kiser Newport, Vt
1938 Percy, Newell   Titusville, FL
1938 Porter, Samuel   Corinth, VT
1938 Prive, Leo Paul   Lincoln, RI
1938 Schoff, Elaine Newman Pleasantville, NY
1938 Searless, Bob   Enfield, NH
1938 Skoll, Barrett   Huntington, WV
1938 Smith, Norma Hill Lyndonville, VT
1938 Stevens, Philip   St. Petersburg, FL
1938 Talbot, Wayne   Gulfport, FL
1938 Tobin, Catherine   Fort Myers, FL
1938 Toplitt, Florence Berger Chicago, IL
1938 Wursthorn, Patricia Fiske South Burlington, VT
1938 Young, Maynard   Indiantown, FL
1939 Allen, Wilma Wallace Newport, Vt
1939 Barlow, Dorothy Pettie Newport Center, VT
1939 Buck, Ruth Fox Wolcott, VT
1939 Coleman, Marion McIver  
1939 Currier, Marguerite Ellsworth Newport, Vt
1939 Derick, Leonard   Newport, Vt
1939 Dillon, Ruth Searles Shelburne, VT
1939 Douglas, Robert    
1939 Galipeau, Robert   Westfield, VT
1939 Horvath, Louise Cleary Newport, Vt
1939 Johnson, Roger   Newport, Vt
1939 Mack, Gordon   Kittery, ME
1939 Newton, Madeline Hill Newport, Vt
1939 Sachkar, Catherine Mollica  
1939 Sawyer, Bob   Torrance, CA
1939 Seguin, Gordon   Newport, Vt
1939 Stone, Marilyn Barnard Potsdam, NY
1939 Taylor, Mary Guimond Morgan, VT
1940 Benware, George   Brandon, VT
1940 Blackmore, Natalie Towne Montpelier, VT
1940 Buckland, Alida White Plymouth, NH
1940 Calkins, Helen Hunt Rutland, MA
1940 Cavanaugh, Elaine Callahan Auburndale, MA
1940 Corrow, Ruth Lyon South Burlington, VT
1940 Davio, Robert   Newport, Vt
1940 Dempsey, Charlotte   Hacienda Heights, CA
1940 Douglas, Lillian Orne  
1940 Flanders, Rose Spaulding W. Charleston, VT
1940 Galipeau, Florette Laporte North Troy, VT
1940 Girouard, Audria Lahar South Barre, VT
1940 Girouard, Marion Rixford Old Orchard Beach, ME
1940 Hinman, C. Paul   Springfield, MA
1940 Hopkins, Connie Gee Southwick, MA
1940 Houghton, Deane Moore Derby, VT
1940 Howe, Yoland Campbell North Palm Beach, FL
1940 Johnstone, Edith Norton Cincinnati, OH
1940 Kennison, Lawrence   Newport, Vt
1940 Laplante, Bernard   Copiague, LI, NY
1940 Laplume, Loretta Cyr Westfield, VT
1940 Laraway, Beatrice Willey Lyme, NH
1940 Lyon, Ernest   Barre, VT
1940 MacKenzie, Jessie   Apollo Beach, FL
1940 Marandola, Eleanor Decoteau Newport Center, VT
1940 Marshall, Margaret Mollica Columbus, OH
1940 Morrill, Dean   Newport, Vt
1940 Parker, Merton   Tampa, FL
1940 Pepin, Arthur   Temple Terrace, FL
1940 Rooney, Thomas   Newport, Vt
1940 Rowell, Barbara Bond Newport, Vt
1940 Sheehan, Bobo   Reno, NV
1940 Sockol, Alton   Pompano Beach, FL
1940 Somers, Homer   Wallingford, VT
1940 St. Peter, Ernest   Newark, OH
1940 Swett, Erma Laclair Newport, Vt
1940 Wallace, Bernard    
1941 Carbonneau, Elaine   Derby, VT
1941 Carbonneau, Francis   Lyndonville, VT
1941 Cavanaugh, James   Auburndale, MA
1941 Comeau, Lucille Laporte Newport, Vt
1941 Crane, Ruth Kullman Guelph, ON
1941 Damon, Ruth Kennison Barton, VT
1941 Decoteau, James   Newport, Vt
1941 Fox, Carroll   Derby, VT
1941 Green, Eunice    
1941 Houghaboom, Mary Beth   Orleans, VT
1941 Hunt, Beverly Gardner Newport, Vt
1941 Huntington, Priscilla Towne Punta Gorda, FL
1941 Keefe, David   Newport, Vt
1941 Kinney, William   Island Pond, VT
1941 Leach, Leroy   Marlboro, MA
1941 Lyon, Adelaide Lawson Barre, VT
1941 Mackley, Gordon   Newport, Vt
1941 Magoon, Alton    
1941 Page, Sally Buzzell Newport, Vt
1941 Peacock, Ruth Vincent South Burlington, VT
1941 Pepin, Andrew   Newport, Vt
1941 Prue, Yvonne   Newport, Vt
1941 Reilly, Della Blanchard Newport, Vt
1942 Bedell, Ingrid Kullman Newport, Vt
1942 Bergeron, Eula Hart Derby, VT
1942 Brochu, Rev. Gerard   St. Johnsbury, VT
1942 Burdick, John   Lake Luzerne, NY
1942 Daigle, Raymond   Concord, NH
1942 Darby, Beverly Fifield Middletown, RI
1942 Forbes, Robert   Pownal, ME
1942 Gaucher, Dorcas Rush Fair Oaks, CA
1942 Hackett, William   Newport, Vt
1942 Hatrick, Madeline Sweetland Milford, CT
1942 Keith, Jeane Lewis Burlington, VT
1942 Lague, Anthony   Newport, Vt
1942 Lawson, Dale   Bonita, CA
1942 Lyon, Leslie   Springfield, VT
1942 Mackenzie, Phillipa Parker Springfield, VT
1942 Mason, Alice   Stevensville, MD
1942 Morey, Dorothy Thayer Troy, VT
1942 Mosher, Maurice   Chadds Ford, PA
1942 Mossa, Beverly Smith Newport, Vt
1942 Mundell, Joyce Somers Burlington, VT
1942 Pomeroy, Paul   Fairfield, CA
1942 Ponton, Paul    
1942 Queenin, Joe   Derby Line, VT
1942 Riches, Charles   Brooklyn, NY
1942 Saucier, Lionel   Great Falls, MN
1942 Sloan, Gloria Smith East Charleston, VT
1942 Solow, Sophie Needleman  
1943 Bigelow, Robert   Rutland, VT
1943 Corrow, Ruth Lyon South Burlington, VT
1943 Costello, Virginia Lee Boston, MA
1943 Fairbrother, Robert   Newport, Vt
1943 Fedele, Anthony   Newport, Vt
1943 Flannery, Beulah Norton Morrisville, VT
1943 Gladding, Phyllis Towne Barre, VT
1943 Hammond, Milton   Newport Center, VT
1943 Huckins, Suzanne Mollica Derby Line, VT
1943 Johnson, Bernard    
1943 Keith, Barbara Moore  
1943 Moore, P. James    
1943 Mossa, Rudolph   Barton, VT
1943 Nault, Ernest   Orleans, VT
1943 Nault, Hazen    
1943 Ohno, Betty Towle Saugerties, NY
1943 Prive, Raymond   Newport, Vt
1943 Provost, Dorothy Howard Newport, Vt
1943 Rooney, James   Middlebury, VT
1943 Scott, Elizabeth Rublee New Boston, NH
1943 Sheehan, James   Meriden, CT
1943 Spaulding, Christine Wooda Newport, RI
1943 Sweeney, Pauline Newman W. Somerville, MA
1943 Trow, Beverly Richardson Tequesta, FL
1943 Wheeler, Deane   Newport, VT
1944 Allen, Howard   Sundance, WY
1944 Allison, Alta Blanchard Manchester, CT
1944 Arnold, Margaret Rowell Middlebury, VT
1944 Bailey, Emera   Blairstown, NJ
1944 Before, Wayne   Newport, Vt
1944 Brantley, Patricia Daley Ft. Worth, TX
1944 Buckland, Forest   Newport, Vt
1944 Buckland, Joan Howe Newport, Vt
1944 Campbell, Bernice Gour Newport, Vt
1944 Chaffee, Edwin   Newport, Vt
1944 Chaffee, Mary Fedele Newport, Vt
1944 Clem, Edna Foster  
1944 Comeau, Claire Laporte Newport, Vt
1944 Emerson, John   Vergennes, VT
1944 Gardner, Russell   Goshen, NH
1944 Higgins, Geraldine Mackenzie N. Hatfield, MA
1944 Holderman, Joyce Kenney Doylestown, PA
1944 Howard, Thomas   Winnettca, IL
1944 Keith, Steven    
1944 Lassond, Dorothy Ellsworth Leominster, MA
1944 Maloney, William   Montpelier, VT
1944 March, Elizabeth Savage Sandwich, MA
1944 Moeykens, Anne Niles Waterbury, VT
1944 Moore, Lois Magoon Orleans, VT
1944 Murphy, Donna Hunter Newport, Vt
1944 Parker, Frances Pomeroy  
1944 Pelkey, Floyd    
1944 Pierce, Hugh   Orleans, VT
1944 Prue, David   Newport, Vt
1944 Rexford, Rosemary Alderson Oregon House, CA
1944 Smith, Margaret Wing Newport, Vt
1945 Akin, John   New London, NH
1945 Barber, Dean   Contoocook, NH
1945 Barnard, Betty Alger Jericho, VT
1945 Bowen, Irma Farrand Derby Line, VT
1945 Britch, Roland   Newport, Vt
1945 Carter, Fred   Newport, Vt
1945 Dickerman, Lillian Ellsworth Newport, Vt
1945 Duckless, Doris Kullman Newport, Vt
1945 Fairbrother, Donald    
1945 Fontaine, Hazel Blake Newport, Vt
1945 Forbes, Harold   Topsham, ME
1945 Fournier, Carol Hackett St. Johnsbury, VT
1945 Fournier, Virginia Bowen  
1945 Gibney, Dale   Newport, Vt
1945 Gilman, Earl L.   Bellows Falls, VT
1945 Gilman, Mrs. Earl   Bellows Falls, VT
1945 Goldstein, Nona Hadlock Enosburgh Falls, VT
1945 Haney, Wayne   Stratham, NH
1945 Johnson, Donna Lynch Hickory Corner, MI
1945 Kiser, Leonore Clapper Newport, Vt
1945 Kurtz, Ruth Rawcliff Orinda, CA
1945 Leach, Walter   Newport, Vt
1945 Marckres, Dorothy Rollins  
1945 Maslack, Priscilla Chaffee Essex Jct., VT
1945 Monette, Doris Barbin Newport, Vt
1945 Naylor, Orilda Alger Clarenceville, PQ
1945 Nolan, Melba LaPlante Bristol, CT
1945 Palin, Mary Lou Schurman Newport, Vt
1945 Parker, Hammond   Newport, Vt
1945 Peck, Mary Albee South Burlington, VT
1945 Pickel, Arlene Rixford Naples, FL
1945 Powers, Virginia Craft  
1945 Prevo, Eleanor Hicks Windsor, VT
1945 Prue, Kenneth   Newport, Vt
1945 Reed, Robert   Newport, Vt
1945 Seguin, Reginald   Newport, Vt
1945 Skinner, Gertrude    
1945 Skinner, Robert   San Jose, CA
1945 Smith, Dale C.   Newport, Vt
1945 Stevens, Ronald   Mesa, AZ
1945 Talbot, Kenneth   Lorraine, PQ
1945 Tiedeman, Clyde   Newport, Vt
1945 Vance, Francis   St. Johnsbury, VT
1945 Vanderbrook, Ruth Nealy Tonawanda, NY
1945 Versage, Juliette Mossa Avalon, NJ
1945 Wallace, Winsome   Randolph, VT
1945 Worth, Loella Newman Derby Line, VT
1945 Wright, Ruth McKeage Derby, VT
1945 Wright, William   Island Pond, VT
1946 Barnard, Georgeina Streeter Del Ray Beach, FL
1946 Boutin, Vincent   Savannah, GA
1946 Buteau, Bernard   Bethesda, MD
1946 Buteau, Patricia Kealey Bethesda, MD
1946 Cavanaugh, Merritt   White River Jct., VT
1946 Clark, Patricia Hill Rock Island, PQ
1946 Fortier, Elaine Duffy Southington, CT
1946 Johnson, Currier "Nicki"    
1946 Lantagne, Dolores Campbell Newport, Vt
1946 Monty, Leonard   Newport, Vt
1946 Monty, Wilma Carter Newport, Vt
1946 Nealy, Chandler   Shelburne, VT
1946 Prue, Sylvia Bond Newport, Vt
1946 Reed, Donald   Morton Grove, IL
1946 Robbins, Beverly Vanier  
1946 Rooney, John   Bellows Falls, VT
1946 Sheltra, Carmen Campbell Indian Town, FL
1946 Snay, Mary Jane Hanson Brimfield, MA
1946 Thayer, Donald   Newport, Vt
1946 Tumminelli, Geraldine Sloan Methuen, MA
1946 Viens, John   Rockford, MI
1946 Wright, Helen Blair Contoocook, NH
1947 Alderfer, Lorraine Loukes Colchester, VT
1947 Blair, George   Bellevue, WA
1947 Bouffard, Frances Odell Newport Center, VT
1947 Boulanger, Wilfred   S. Hardwick, MA
1947 Cavanaugh, John   Holyoke, MA
1947 Corkins, Harold   Newport, Vt
1947 Farnham, Pauline Vinci Riverside, CA
1947 Gardner, Dorian   Fairlee, VT
1947 Gardner, Ronald   Groton, CT
1947 Gosselin, Eleanor Nelson Botsford, CT
1947 Hildreth, Rose Mollica Westland, MI
1947 Hoffman, Betty Reed Vestal, NY
1947 Johnson, Margaret Alderson E. Northport, NY
1947 Koehn, Jane Colburn Richmond, BC
1947 Maloney, Donnal   Newport, Vt
1947 Manning, Gordon   Newport, Vt
1947 McQuillen, Betty Jenks Newport, Vt
1947 Mills, Robert   South Burlington, VT
1947 Morin, Ernest   Newport, Vt
1947 Morin, Richard   Geoffrey, SC
1947 Morin, Roland   Newport, Vt
1947 Morse, Robert   Derby, VT
1947 Nealy, Carolyn Lewis Shelburne, VT
1947 Orr, Robert   Derby, VT
1947 Parker, Clarence   Eustis, FL
1947 Petit, Robert   Newport, Vt
1947 Pierce, Mary Jean Blake Newport, Vt
1947 Rawcliff, Robert    
1947 Rockwell, Paul   Bristol, NH
1947 Ronk, Beverly Hunt  
1947 Sawyer, Helen Needleman Brookline, MA
1947 Sherlaw, Floyd   North Troy, VT
1947 Stevens, Roland   Newport, Vt
1947 Wright, Robert   Contoocook, NH
1948 Armstrong, Roger   St. Johnsbury, VT
1948 Baker, Robert   Newport, Vt
1948 Barrup, Patricia Turner Newport, Vt
1948 Briggs, Frederic   South Burlington, VT
1948 Buteau, David   Walton, NY
1948 Camp, Edwin   Newport, Vt
1948 Clarke, Nancy Humphrey Brattleboro, VT
1948 Comstock, Barbara Willis Barton, VT
1948 Fedele, Cosmo   Newport, Vt
1948 Gour, Richard   Roy, UT
1948 Graveline, Duane   Underhill Center, VT
1948 Judd, Alene Roy St. Johnsbury, VT
1948 Kipp, Marilyn Domey Newport, Vt
1948 Macie, Alice Cote Newport, Vt
1948 Morin, Homer   Newport Center, VT
1948 Mulkerin, Beverly Bowen Norwalk, CT
1948 Newton, Sally Haire Richford, VT
1948 Niles, Florence Benson Fortuna, CA
1948 Ormsbee, Kenneth   Sumner, TX
1948 Savage, Bruce   Newport, Vt
1948 Towle, Anne Carpenter Newport, Vt
1949 Blue, Carolyn Reed Sarasota, FL
1949 Coalts, Carrie Newman Foxboro, MA
1949 Coburn, Foster   Newport, Vt
1949 Colt, Dale   W. Lebanon, NH
1949 Deleo, Rae   Denver, CO
1949 Doncaster, Betty Rhodes Irasburg, VT
1949 Gilson, Muriel Nobel Orleans, VT
1949 Hoadley, Beverly Armstrong Lowell, VT
1949 Howland, Eleanor Davis Temple Terrace, FL
1949 Johnson, Arthur   W. Townsend, MA
1949 Landry, Constance Perreault Essex Jct., VT
1949 Lynch, Richard    
1949 McBride, Patricia Smith Derby, VT
1949 McCauley, Celine   Burlington, VT
1949 Needleman, Jerome   E. Rockaway, LI, NY
1949 Petit, Zella Rockway Newport, Vt
1949 Racine, Florence Lebel Newport, Vt
1949 Sheets, Betty Libby Mattapoisett, MA
1949 Sisco, Betty   Newport, Vt
1949 Sisco, Ralph   Fort Wayne, IN
1949 Smith, Donald   Ogdensburg, NY
1949 Smith, Jacqueline Kirkland Coventry, VT
1949 Walker, Donald   San Matio, FL
1949 Webster, Laura Bartlett McIndoes Falls, VT
1949 Welsh, Vernabel Hunter Patchogue, LI, NY
1949 Wheeler, William   Ashby, MA
1949 Whitehill, Carlisle Simons Island Pond, VT
1950 Arkin, Jason   Granby, CT
1950 Bailey, Bruce    
1950 Beaulieu, James    
1950 Birchard, Betty Sinclair Derby, VT
1950 Blanchard, Claire   Newport, Vt
1950 Boulet, Nellie Jerome St. Johnsbury, VT
1950 Bowen, Glenn   Newport Center, VT
1950 Carpenter, William   Burlington, VT
1950 Carter, Shirley Gilbar Newport, Vt
1950 Cowles, Jean Barber Tucson, AZ
1950 Daigle, James   Cornish, NH
1950 Dow, Jeanne Pelleoin Foxboro, MA
1950 Durkee, Betty Spates Newport, Vt
1950 Elmer, Barbara Reed Newtown, CT
1950 Gardner, Jeannie Emerson Newport, Vt
1950 Gardner, Ronald   Newport, Vt
1950 Graveline, Norman   Derby, VT
1950 Hall, Cynthia Carr Derby, VT
1950 Hovey, Allan   Wilmington, DE
1950 Lewis, Richard   Richmond, VT
1950 Loukes, Dean   Stowe, VT
1950 Lower, Cecile Lewis  
1950 McCormick, Clive    
1950 McKenzie, Eleanor Burlton Gardner, MA
1950 Mooney, Gordon   Shaftsbury, VT
1950 Needleman, Joel   Lynbrook, NY
1950 Needleman, Joel   Ingleside, TX
1950 Norris, Bertha Bartlett  
1950 Page, Bruce    
1950 Parenteau, Leo   Newport, Vt
1950 Perkins, Iva June McFarland  
1950 Roberts, Roland   Glover, VT
1950 Russell, Joan Varmet Northeast, MD
1950 Smith, Marilyn Bates St. Johnsbury, VT
1950 Stevens, Frances Mossa Newport, Vt
1950 Stevens, Frances Mossa Newport, Vt
1950 Todd, Durwood   Orleans, VT
1950 Vinton, Mona Shoff Vine Grove, KY
1950 Ward, John   Newport, Vt
1950 Wells, David   North Acton, MA
1950 Willis, Richard   Birmingham, AL
1951 Antonelle, Betty Bailey Plainfield, CT
1951 Baraw, Harold   Coventry, CT
1951 Barrup, Patricia Shoff  
1951 Benoit, Barbara Mitchell Montpelier, VT
1951 Burke, Geneva Pelky Newport, Vt
1951 Crawford, Stephen   Stratford, CT
1951 Davis, Pauline Nault Gbibsburg, OH
1951 Fedele, Frank   Newport, Vt
1951 Goss, Leland   Seattle, WA
1951 Graham, Lorene Armstrong Newport, Vt
1951 Green, Alson   Tacoma, WA
1951 Haney, Charles   Ludlow, MA
1951 Hassan, Joyce Wakeman Kalamazoo, MI
1951 Kennison, Harold   Speedway, IN
1951 Knowles, Dale   Newport, Vt
1951 Laplante, Hector   Tulsa, OK
1951 Leroy, Betty Miles Newport, Vt
1951 Lynch, Carolyn Corliss Jacksonville, AL
1951 Maxwell, Barbara Smith Island Pond, VT
1951 McGiven, Nancy Fairbrother Newport, Vt
1951 McKenny, Stanley   Derby, VT
1951 Ormsbee, Francis   Newport, Vt
1951 Phelps, David   St. Johnsbury, VT
1951 Poliquin, Gloria Lamarche Woodsville, NH
1951 Riley, Patricia Smith Barre, VT
1951 Sinclair, John   Newton, MA
1951 Smalley, Tracy    
1951 Smith, Milton   Victorville, CA
1951 Spates, Frank   Newport, Vt
1951 Spates, Jeannette Nault Newport, Vt
1951 Stevens, Willard   Norfolk, VA
1951 Tetreault, David   Casper, WY
1951 Willard, Oscar   Birmingham, AL
1951 Wood, Evangeline Bickford Newport, VT
1952 Akin, Walter   Longwood, FL
1952 Bianchi, Joyce Brigham Newport, Vt
1952 Boright, Malcolm   Burlington, VT
1952 Buckland, Joyce Burlton Newport, Vt
1952 Burke, Bernard   Newport, Vt
1952 Chaput, Geraldine Lanpher Derby Line, VT
1952 Colt, Janice Baraw West Lebanon, NH
1952 Kent, Shirley Jenks Essex Jct., VT
1952 Lapierre, Donald   Derby Line, VT
1952 Laplante, Cynthia Turcotte Tulsa, OK
1952 Magoon, Kenneth   Newport, Vt
1952 Messier, Mary Barnard Orleans, VT
1952 Moore, Ronald   Newport, Vt
1952 Ormsbee, Amelia Pronto Newport, Vt
1952 Percy, Basil   Woodbridge, VA
1952 Perreault, Frank   Westford, VT
1952 Perreault, Janet Langevin Westford, VT
1952 Richardson, Mary Sawyer Tewksbury, MA
1952 Sargent, Gerald   East Berkshire, VT
1952 Segal, Anne Sockol Hanover, NH
1952 Sequin, Mary Keeley Carson City, NV
1952 Turner, Graydon   El Paso, TX
1952 Turner, Joyce Tetreault El Paso, TX
1953 Bailey, William   Harvard, MA
1953 Baker, Katherine Camp Orford, NH
1953 Baraw, Richard   Newport, Vt
1953 Baraw, Sandra Johnson Newport, Vt
1953 Barber, Louis   Derby Line, VT
1953 Barry, Marilyn Lapierre Newport, Vt
1953 Bean, Niles   North Troy, VT
1953 Beza, Jacquelin Bowen Chapel Hill, NC
1953 Blake, Charles   Newport, Vt
1953 Blay, Dean   Kansas City, MO
1953 Buchanan, Dixie Kendall Miami, FL
1953 Burlton, John   Newport Center, VT
1953 Call, June Reed Hanover, NH
1953 Carter, Gary   Plainfield, VT
1953 Cornell, Cleveland   Milton, VT
1953 Cornell, Cynthia Cheney Milton, VT
1953 Coutu, Braunda Darling Newport, Vt
1953 Cummings, Carlene Bates Brandon, VT
1953 Ellsworth, Dale   Lawton, OK
1953 Guyette, Roland   Vergennes, VT
1953 Harding, Lou Ann Emerson Caballo, NM
1953 Kelloway, Carol King Derby, VT
1953 Kelly, Roland   Newport, Vt
1953 Knowles, Constance Willey Newport, Vt
1953 Kryzsko, Edith Mosher Newport, Vt
1953 Lindsley, Donald   Halifax, MA
1953 Mahoney, John   Derby Line, VT
1953 Mesler, Gwendolyn Gardner Portsmouth, NH
1953 Myette, Patricia Curran Shelburne, VT
1953 Percy, Roberta Loukes Woodbridge, VA
1953 Poutre, Jean Austin Newport, Vt
1953 Rhodes, Edwin P.   Newport, Vt
1953 Schlesinger, Jan   Mooretown, NJ
1953 Simpson, Betty Ellsworth North Troy, VT
1953 Todd, Evelyn Stevens  
1953 Willey, Neil   Conifer, CO
1954 Allen, Edward   Newport, Vt
1954 Arkin, Saul    
1954 Ashford, Linda Prouty Concord, NH
1954 Bailey, Mona Thomas Barre, VT
1954 Barry, Kathleen Mooney Rockaway, NJ
1954 Barton, Constance Wells Wilmington, VT
1954 Bedard, Marilyn Currier S. San Gabriel, CA
1954 Bickford, Arthur    
1954 Brault, Patricia Lanpher Troutdale, OR
1954 Brigham, John   Newport, Vt
1954 Carbonneau, Lorraine Brainard Newport, Vt
1954 Chaffee, Philip   Chelmsford, MA
1954 Cummings, Harlan   Brandon, VT
1954 Fitch, Willis   Spartanburg, SC
1954 Fortin, Melvedine Duckless Derby, VT
1954 Humphrey, Jane   Cambridge, MA
1954 Humphrey, John   Medford, MA
1954 Kelley, Bernard   Indianapolis, IN
1954 Lahar, Elizabeth Dugan Irasburg, VT
1954 Lewis, Harold   Newport, Vt
1954 Rhodes, Richard   Newport, Vt
1954 Sheltra, Arnold   E. Hampstead, NH
1954 Skinner, Murline Wells Newport, Vt
1954 Thibodeau, Barry   Jeffersonville, VT
1954 Wheeler, Wayne   Newport, Vt
1955 Alberghini, Jon   Westerly, RI
1955 Bailey, Mona Thomas Barre, VT
1955 Baker, Stanley   Derby, VT
1955 Barry, Kathleen Mooney Rockaway Turnpike, NJ
1955 Beaudoin, Jacqueline   Berlin, NH
1955 Brainard, Howard   Vergennes, VT
1955 Brainerd, Howard Jr.   Vergennes, VT
1955 Buley, Phillip   Middlebury, VT
1955 Buschbaum, Noella Boisvert Oxford, CT
1955 Buteau, Sandra Sequin Winter Springs, FL
1955 Carey, Jean Brigham Hatfield, PA
1955 Chaffee, Lois   Lakewood, OH
1955 Collady, Frances Nault Mountaintop, PA
1955 Corrow, Dean   Wilbraham, MA
1955 Crawford, Joan   Newport, Vt
1955 Curtis, Sam Jr.   Morgan, VT
1955 Curtis, William   Newport, Vt
1955 Demers, Marguirete Lantagne New Fairfield, CT
1955 Diamond, Diana Lindsley Merritt Island, FL
1955 Drown, Allison   Delmar, DE
1955 Hart, Roy Jr.   Hollywood, MD
1955 Heath, Janice Ormsbee Montgomery, AL
1955 Huff, Constance Sawyer Norfolk, VA
1955 Joseph, Marie Hunter Newport, Vt
1955 Keemet, Elizabeth Monfette Virginia Beach, VA
1955 Leithead, Bruce   Stone Mountain, GA
1955 Lyons, Salley   North Troy, VT
1955 Magoon, Kenneth   Newport, Vt
1955 Mahoney, Earl   Hanson, MA
1955 Mason, James   Woodbridge, VA
1955 Morrow, Dean   Wilbraham, MA
1955 Morrow, Steve   Newport, Vt
1955 Peck, Lyman   Winooski, VT
1955 Rivard, Charlotte Bernard Newport, Vt
1955 Rivard, Louis   Hartford, CT
1955 Rockwell, Arthur   Virginia Beach, VA
1955 Smithrd, Richard   Rutland, VT
1955 Stevens, Carl   West Hartford, CT
1955 Underwood, Lottie   Antrim, NH
1955 Vincent, Carmen Morin San Jacinto, CA
1955 Wolcott, Jeralyn Lewis Newport, Vt
1955 Worboys, Douglas   Newport, Vt
1956 Armstrong, William   Newport, Vt
1956 Bean, Norman   Newport, Vt
1956 Benson, Benita Mosher Newport, Vt
1956 Blais, Betty Riegel  
1956 Bouthillier, Lansferd   Duxbury, MA
1956 Brigham, Joyce Smith Newport, Vt
1956 Cote, Laurent   Montgomery Ctr, VT
1956 Fitch, Richard   St. Johnsbury, VT
1956 Fogg, Desda Rutledge Mt. Airy, MD
1956 Harvey, Lloyd   Waterbury, VT
1956 Hoy, Royce   Middleburg, FL
1956 Jenks, Douglas   Newport, Vt
1956 Johnson, David   Sunymead, CA
1956 Kipp, John   Colchester, VT
1956 Lacoss, Merilyn Guyette Newport, Vt
1956 Lapierre, William   Newport, Vt
1956 Marshall, John    
1956 McKenny, Ronald   Newport, Vt
1956 Morin, Faye Kendall Vancouver, WA
1956 Morin, Raymond    
1956 Moss, Rochelle McNeil Derby, VT
1956 Parker, Leslie   Wappingers Fall, NY
1956 Regan, David   Newport, Vt
1956 Rivard, Anita Lontine Essex Jct., VT
1956 Rivard, Robert   Waterbury Center, VT
1956 Sawyer, Tom   Ashford, CO
1956 Sinclair, James   Brewer, ME
1956 Tracy, Iris McGivern Somers, CT
1956 Walker, Robert   Orleans, VT
1957 Bell, Jeannette Burke Rutland, VT
1957 Buchanan, William   Morrisville, VT
1957 Colpitts, George   Waitsfield, VT
1957 Doiron, Evelyn Piper Sanford, ME
1957 Duckless, Marilyn Drew Brattleboro, VT
1957 Fugere, Juanita Gardner Newport, Vt
1957 Kennison, Leslie   Newport, Vt
1957 Kilborn, Patricia Rushlow Newport, Vt
1957 Labor, Merrill   Derby Line, VT
1957 Lacoss, Bruce   Overland Park, KS
1957 Lewis, Mona Baker Newport, Vt
1957 Marshall, Samuel   No. Miami, FL
1957 McDonald, Joan Ormsbee West Charleston, VT
1957 Millett, Jim   Phoenix, AZ
1957 Morel, Betty Bickford Underhill, VT
1957 Morin, Reginald   Ridgefield, WA
1957 Rediker, Doris Phaneuf Bristol, CT
1957 Sarracco, Susan Lewis Newport, Vt
1957 Sisco, Warren   Camden, NY
1957 Souliere, Mary Cheney Orleans, VT
1957 Stanwood, Joyce Spates Newport, Vt
1957 Stevens, Edward   Newport, Vt
1957 Stevens, Patricia Cote Newport, Vt
1957 Stevens, Roy   Newport, Vt
1957 Willis, Darrell   Bradenton, FL
1958 Andrews, Mary Walker Sherbrooke, PQ
1958 Barry, Patricia Brown Newport, Vt
1958 Beaupre, Stephen   Meriden, NH
1958 Bernier, Frances   Newport, Vt
1958 Christens, Jacqueline Brien New Milford, CT
1958 Curtis, Paul   Newport, Vt
1958 Drown, Charles   Newport Center, VT
1958 Dunphy, Wilma   West Springfield, MA
1958 Johnson, Marguerite Murphy Marlton, NJ
1958 Kendall, Jay   Athol, MA
1958 Kendall, Thomas   Newport, Vt
1958 Lemieux, Romeo   Newport, Vt
1958 Loukes, Alson   Williston, VT
1958 Magoon, Judy Hill Newport, Vt
1958 Paull, Mary Telford Newport, Vt
1958 Prouty, Jackson   Briarcliff Manor, NY
1958 Reynolds, Gloria Lontine Newport, Vt
1958 Rhodes, Cecil   Newport, Vt
1958 Rivard, Richard   Derby Line, VT
1958 Shannon, Iva Willey Berlin, NH
1958 Smith, Reginald   Newport, Vt
1958 Snellgrove, Dianne McNeil Newport Center, VT
1958 Somers, Bernard   Gilbert, AR
1959 Carbonneau, Lois Labounty Newport, Vt
1959 Chaffee, Richard   Newport, Vt
1959 Coolbeth, Bernard Labounty Milton, VT
1959 Currier, James   Glover, VT
1959 Drew, Neil   Bloomingdale, NY
1959 Ginnett, Susan Currier Newport, Vt
1959 Goad, Judith Regan Newport, Vt
1959 Jenks, William   Essex Jct., VT
1959 Lavallee, Cynthia Craft Derby Line, VT
1959 Lucas, Sylvia Snay Newport, Vt
1959 Mahoney, Doreen Lindsley Hanson, MA
1959 Monfette, Alfred   Newport, Vt
1959 Nadeau, Marilyn Blay Newport, Vt
1959 Narramore, Jane Hoy Coventry, VT
1959 Needleman, Marvin   Newport, Vt
1959 Pepin, Ronald   Burlington, VT
1959 Petit, Edmond   Newport, Vt
1959 Rodin, Peter   Johnson, VT
1959 Wood, Harold   Raymond, NH
1960 Cygan, Sandra McLoud Westport, CT
1960 Drew, Darryl   Scotia, NY
1960 Drown, Douglas   Columbia, MO
1960 Joseph, Alfred   Derby Line, VT
1960 Kennedy, Cynthia Ball Stoneham, MA
1960 Logan, Dale   Newport, Vt
1960 Marrone, Marie   Nashua, NH
1960 Pepin, Jean Reed Burlington, VT
1960 Percy, Nancy Currier Newport, Vt
1960 Powers, Carolyn Marsh Derby Line, VT
1960 Provost, Linda Lyon Ledyard, Ct
1960 Reed, Robert   Williston, VT
1960 Ricard, Andre   Derby Line, VT
1960 Rivard, David   Derby Line, VT
1960 Rowland, Joyce Drew Newport, Vt
1960 Whipple, Sandra Vance Newport, Vt
1960 Whipple, Val   Newport, Vt
1961 Beck, Lawrence   Joplin, MO
1961 Boucher, Thelma Tabor  
1961 Conover, Paula Austin Jay, VT
1961 Curtis, Joan Scott Newport, Vt
1961 Draper, Reginald   Troy, VT
1961 Drown, Ruth Craft Lyndon Center, VT
1961 Duclos, Joanna Gardner Agawam, MA
1961 Farrar, Ernest   St. Albans, VT
1961 Folland, Nancy Smith Newport, Vt
1961 Hamblett, Timothy   Newport, Vt
1961 Jones, Edward   St. Albans, VT
1961 Labounty, Raymond   Newport, Vt
1961 Labrecque, Bonnie Goddard Derby, VT
1961 Lemieux, John   Fallston, MD
1961 Lithway, Bonita England Attleboro, MA
1961 McNeal, Baxter   Newport, Vt
1961 McNeal, Hugh   Newport, Vt
1961 Moore, Ruth Addison Newport, Vt
1961 Moore, Terry   Newport, Vt
1961 Mosher, Deane   Madison, WS
1961 Raggio, Janice Lacoss Bloomington, IN
1961 Rosenberg, Janice Jordan North Troy, VT
1961 Smith, Bruce   Derby Line, VT
1961 Steele, Bonnie   Port Perry, ON
1961 Vining, John   Newport, Vt
1961 Wheeler, Jana Leavins Derby, VT
1962 Boyden, Richard   Waterbury, VT
1962 Dean, Richard   Newport, Vt
1962 Geoffrey, Evelyn Carson  
1962 Greenwood, Sharon Myers Newport, Vt
1962 Hamilton, Winsome Allen Derby Line, VT
1962 Hardy, Curtis   Newport, Vt
1962 Lunderville, Diane Chaffee St. Albans, VT
1962 McKenny, Sandra Haselton Newport, Vt
1962 Palmer, Bonnie Kendall Coolidge, AR
1962 Richardson, Ruth Drown Newport, Vt
1962 Robillard, Helen Thayer Derby Line, VT
1962 Scott, John   Wethersfield, CT
1962 Smith, Carol Elwood Lyndonville, VT
1963 Ames, Gail Doubleday Newport, Vt
1963 Barber, Ross   Lower Waterford, VT
1963 Blais, Mary Riegel Newport, Vt
1963 Cheney, Linda   Newport, Vt
1963 Currier, Gerald   Newport, Vt
1963 Currier, Janice Blais Derby Line, VT
1963 Davis, Terry   Albany, VT
1963 Drake, Theresa Davio Newport, Vt
1963 Edgerly, Steve   Newport, Vt
1963 Farrand, Thomas   Newport, Vt
1963 Gauthier, Janice Currier Newport, Vt
1963 Glasier, Bonnie Wood Haverhill, MA
1963 Hamilton, Frank   Newport, Vt
1963 Jardine, Rosemary   Lyndonville, VT
1963 Kinne, Elouise Brown Roseville, CA
1963 Lanoue, Karlene Goodwin Barton, VT
1963 Leavitt, Charles   Newport, Vt
1963 Lucas, Janet Buckland Melrose, FL
1963 Lunderville, Richard   St. Albans, VT
1963 Malshuk, Carol Hicks Irasburg, VT
1963 Marsh, Carmi   Derby Line, VT
1963 McKenney, Garth   Newport, Vt
1963 McNeal, Burton   Newport, Vt
1963 Noyes, James   Lyndonville, VT
1963 O'Connell, Betsy Cahill Derry, NH
1963 Pal, Carolyn Scott Peru, NY
1963 Pepin, Larry    
1963 Rempert, Leah Johnson Colombia, MD
1963 Rhodes, Reginald   Newport, Vt
1963 Rivard, Kathy Roy Derby, VT
1963 Roberts, Michele Garon N. Ferrisburg, VT
1963 Selby, Janet Carter Jeffersonville, VT
1963 Sheltra, Stanley    
1963 Smith, Conrad   Stockton, CA
1963 Trow, Mary   Barre, VT
1963 Wheeler, Linda Monfette Newport, Vt
1964 Barnett, Susan Marsh Newport, Vt
1964 Beck, Fred   Greensboro, NC
1964 Blake, Sharon Greenwood Derby, VT
1964 Bullis, Marlene Willis Morgan Center, VT
1964 Caise, Muriel Belway Grand Isle, VT
1964 Carbonneau, Leonard   Newport, Vt
1964 Clothier, William   Concord, NH
1964 Elliot, Carolyn Royea Newport, Vt
1964 Farman, Elizabeth   Williston, VT
1964 Farrow, David    
1964 Flood, Vera Labounty Newport Center, VT
1964 Hamblett, Ralph   Newport, Vt
1964 Hamilton, Frances   Amherst, MA
1964 Hebert, Ronald   Mont Vernon, NH
1964 Hill, Donna   Norman, OK
1964 Hill, Gloria Shover Orleans, VT
1964 Hilliker, Sandra Davio Newport Center, VT
1964 Horton, John   Swanton, VT
1964 Kelley, Gordon   Newport, Vt
1964 Kelley, Sharon Hunter Newport, Vt
1964 Kelly, Richard   Newport, Vt
1964 Kilby, Deborah Leavitt Newport Center, VT
1964 Kirby, Mary Picard Wilton, ME
1964 Leithead, Douglas   Newport, Vt
1964 Logan, Paul   Newport, Vt
1964 Lunderville, David   Tolland, CT
1964 Maloney, Louisa Haskin Williston, VT
1964 Maniatty, George   Newport, Vt
1964 Marsh, Herbert   Newport, Vt
1964 McFadzian, Shirley Power Milton, VT
1964 Moore, David   Newport, Vt
1964 Nelson, Judy Zanfagna Derby, VT
1964 Prouty, John   Plano, TX
1964 Ross, Shirley Lee  
1964 Shores, Carolyn Burke Birmingham, AL
1964 Smith, Robert   North Troy, VT
1964 Spates, William   Lynn, MA
1964 Wheeler, Bonnie Judd Derby Line, VT
1964 Whitney, Russel   Brownville, ME
1965 Atchinson, Robert   Jericho, VT
1965 Besaw, Gene   Newport, Vt
1965 Boulanger, Thomas   Newport, Vt
1965 Card, Sharon Prue Newport, Vt
1965 Chaffee, Ronald   Newport, Vt
1965 Cheney, Francis   Newport, Vt
1965 Collins, Anne Archambeau Lowell, VT
1965 Courchesne, James   St. Johnsbury, VT
1965 Currier, Allen   South Burlington, VT
1965 Daggett, Cheryl Pratt Derby, VT
1965 Daigle, Mike   Ashland, MA
1965 Davidson, Linda Pratt Newport, Vt
1965 Davio, Dennis   Essex Jct., VT
1965 Garon, Bernard   N. Ferrisburg, VT
1965 George, Donna Snay Binghamton, NY
1965 Grenier, Darlene Monfette Newport, Vt
1965 Heath, Martha Pattee  
1965 Hebert, Michael   Norfolk, VA
1965 Howard, Beatrice Allen East Middlebury, VT
1965 Howe, Dr. James    
1965 Howe, Kathryn Worboys Colchester, VT
1965 Johnson, James   Newport, Vt
1965 Johnson, Nicole Chenier Newport, Vt
1965 Keith, Steve   Hampden, MA
1965 Kinne, James    
1965 Lawson, Nancy Kelley Newport, Vt
1965 Liberty, Charles   Amherst, MA
1965 Lussier, Carol Bernier Newport, Vt
1965 McKenney, Linda Picard Derby, VT
1965 McKenny, Doug   Swanton, VT
1965 McNeal, Barry   Newport, Vt
1965 Metras, Esther Wood Newport, Vt
1965 Myers, David   Newport, Vt
1965 Paquette, Elizabeth Stevenson Atkinson, NH
1965 Prue, Katherine Goedicke Newport, Vt
1965 Reid, David   Smith Falls, ON
1965 Rivard, Lorena Water Winooski, VT
1965 St. Sauveur, Linda Prue Newport, Vt
1965 Vining, Ann Crawford Newport, Vt
1965 Vinton, Richard   Weare, NH
1965 Weiter, Beverly Lanpher  
1965 Woleneck, Wanda Hauver Barrington, NH
1966 Abel, Henry   Newport, Vt
1966 Adams, Cynthia Buck Derby Line, VT
1966 Alger, Dale   Newport, Vt
1966 Bruner, Dorothy Davis Greensboro, NC
1966 Burnor, Carol Leith Eden, VT
1966 Cartee, Janet Hunt Newport, Vt
1966 Cheney, Barbara Farrar Newport, Vt
1966 Cichoski, Ingrid Searles Richmond, VT
1966 Currier, Peter   Derby Line, VT
1966 Davio, Robert   Newport, Vt
1966 Davis, Dona   Vermillion, SD
1966 Fournier, Vivian Roberge Newport, Vt
1966 Halik, Rebecca MacDonald Newport Center, VT
1966 Hamblett, Beverly Belway Newport, Vt
1966 Hamblett, Robert   Gilmanton, NH
1966 Hodge, Debora Ayer  
1966 Jones, Johanne Moore Montgomery Center, VT
1966 Kibbee, Terry   Newport, Vt
1966 Kinney, Albert   Derby Line, VT
1966 Lague, Wanda Willard Newport, Vt
1966 Langevin, Paul   Newport, Vt
1966 MacDonald, Rebecca   North Troy, VT
1966 Marandola, Richard   St. Johnsbury, VT
1966 Marsh, Stephen   Derby, VT
1966 Mason, Michael   Chittenden, VT
1966 Pattee, Roger   Detroit, MI
1966 Pattee, Sally Parker Detroit, MI
1966 Perron, Leo   Newport, Vt
1966 Rotano, Joe   Montpelier, VT
1966 Rushlow, Edward   Newport, Vt
1966 Rushlow, Robert   Newport Center, VT
1966 Ryan, Lynda Harper Shelburne, VT
1966 Scott, Dan   Newport, Vt
1966 Shatney, Gabrielle Lamar Manchester, NH
1966 Sheltra, Dorothy Brown Westfield, VT
1966 Shepard, Sandra Lyon South Burlington, VT
1966 Skyhawk, Rosalie Chugg St. Albans, VT
1966 Smith, William   Newport, Vt
1966 Snay, Tom   Newport Center, Vt
1966 Spaulding, John   Newport, VT
1966 Stryker, Patricia Chaffee Fair Oaks, CA
1966 Troiano, Jo A. Coffin Montpelier, VT
1966 Wells, Ed   Middlebury, VT
1967 Alexander, Mark   Newburyport, MA
1967 Blay, Stanley   Newport, Vt
1967 Bradley, Cheryl Davio Newport, Vt
1967 Caron, Linda Cheney Troy, VT
1967 Carpenter, Gerald   Bristol, CT
1967 Covell, Pamela Pelkey Rutland, VT
1967 Daigle, James   Cornish, NH
1967 Dean, Gary   Williston, VT
1967 Domina, Shirley Sargent Manchester, CT
1967 Edgerley, Fred   Newport, Vt
1967 Eldrich, William    
1967 Goodwin, Kerry   Chula Vista, CA
1967 Goodwin, Teresa Raymond Newport, Vt
1967 Greenwood, Deborah Derick Newport, Vt
1967 Greenwood, Glen   Newport, Vt
1967 Hauver, David    
1967 Hebert, Phillip   Norfolk, VA
1967 Horton, Robert   Newport, Vt
1967 Howe, Gregory   Derby, VT
1967 Johnson, Tom   Houlton, ME
1967 Judd, Simone Lyon Newport, Vt
1967 Kelley, Joan Doubleday Newport, Vt
1967 Kerr, Merle   Morgan, VT
1967 Lamoureux, Janice Wheeler Newport, Vt
1967 Lemay, Ghislaine Roberts Derby, VT
1967 Lemieux, Sally Laplante Newport, Vt
1967 Liebert, Richard   Windsor, VT
1967 Lowell, Robert   Suffield, CT
1967 McNeal, Brent    
1967 Mislak, Jeannine Perron Hyde Park, VT
1967 Myers, Heather Thayer Newport, Vt
1967 Nadeau, Clara Moore Derby, VT
1967 Newton, Edwin   Newport, Vt
1967 Niles, Claire Paquet Bush Prairie, WA
1967 Noyes, Walter   Lyndonville, VT
1967 Oliver, Linda Hamilton Newport, Vt
1967 Paquin, Albert    
1967 Paquin, Mary    
1967 Petit, Carol Prue  
1967 Petit, Lewis   Moretown, VT
1967 Pierce, Daniel   Newport, Vt
1967 Porter, Lee   Thetford, VT
1967 Prue, William   Newport, Vt
1967 Rivard, Paul   St. Johnsbury, VT
1967 Roberge, Trudy Willis Newport, Vt
1967 Searless, Robert   Enfield, NH
1967 Shear, Bernard   Jacksonville, NC
1967 Smith, William   Newport, Vt
1967 Tarbox, Joan Parker W. Buxton, ME
1967 Tice, Lorraine Stoddard Derby, VT
1967 Tsounis, Judith Rushlow Milton, VT
1967 Vana, Pat Hunt Derby, VT
1967 Vigeant, Richard   Newport, Vt
1967 Waterman, Judith Partridge Wells River, VT
1967 Wells, Jo Ann Provost Middlebury, VT
1967 Willard, Joan Morin Newport, Vt
  Coapland, Alice   Newport, Vt
  Corliss, Geraldine Rush Carmichael, CA
  Flanders, Dale   Shiremanstown, PA
  Hardy, Susanna Gilpin  
  Rosenberger, Jan   North Troy, VT
  Wheeler, James    

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