Newport Academy
1864 Listing of trustees, teachers, and students
Newport, Orleans Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Kendall, George W. President  
Currier, J. M. Secretary  
Cummings, Royal Treasurer  
Miller, Freeman Executive Committee  
Cummings, Royal Executive Committee  
Randall, A. Boston, MA  
Robinson, O. Newport  
Clough, C. R. Newport  
Connal, P. Newport  
Cutting, H. Newport  
Kendall, G. W. Newport  
Baker, L. Newport  
Miller, F. Newport  
Currier, J. M., M.D. Newport  
Rutherford, J. C., M.D. Newport  
Cutting, C. S. Derby  
Bates, A. D., LL.D. Charleston  
Vail, C. I., LL.D. Irasburgh  
Sias, M. Derby  
Davis, N. Derby  
Robinson, L. Newport  
Prouty, R. Newport  
Edwards, J. L., LL.D. Derby  
Cummings, Royal Newport  
Fuller, M. H. Principal - Fall Term  
Hall, Mrs. R. V. Teacher of French - Fall Term  
Frost, Miss L. M. Teacher of Music - Fall Term  
Dame, Miss Jennie Teacher of Painting & Drawing - Fall Term  
Harrington, Prof. E. Teacher of Penmanship - Fall Term  
Fuller, M. H. Principal - Spring Term  
Huntley, Miss Cora A. Assistant - Spring Term  
Barnes, O. C. Teacher of Penmanship & Vocal Music - Spring Term  
Currier, J. M. Teacher of Spanish & German - Spring Term  
Hall, Mrs. R. V. Teacher of French - Spring Term  
Frost, Miss L. M. Teacher of Instrumental Music - Spring Term  
Dame, Miss Jennie Teacher of Painting & Drawing - Spring Term  
Gentlemen Residence Rooms
Black, Elery A. Coventry J. M. Babcock's
Brainerd, Charles F. Newport L. T. Brainerd's
Brainerd, George E. Newport L. T. Brainerd's
Buck, Jerome C. Newport A. Buck's
Buck, Joseph Newport Memphremagog House
Campbell, Kenath Melburne, C. E. S. Magoon's
Charette, George Newport F. Charette's
Charette, Leon Newport F. Charette's
Clough, Lorenzo Newport C. R. Clough's
Coburn, Eddie Boston, MA E. O. Coburn's
Collier, Leonard C. Beebe Plain, C. E. D. True's
Cummings, Tarrant S. Newport Mrs. Wheelock's
Davis, Frederic P. West Derby Mrs. Davis'
Field, Herbert C. Newport Mrs. L. Field's
Fuller, Harris J. Newport W. Fuller's
Gray, Asa M. Coventry J. M. Babcock's
Gilchrist, Charles H. Derby Mr. Gilchrist's
Hammond, John H. Coventry H. Hammond's
Hicky, Jas. Newport Mr. Hicky's
Hoag, Joseph P. Newport P. Hoag's
Hunt, Stephen Newport W. Hunt's
Hunt, Philip Newport W. Hunt's
Legarde, Lewis Newport L. Lagarde's
Lagarde, Archie Newport L. Lagarde's
Lane, Burril Coventry C. R. Lane's
Lewis, Bertie Boston, MA Memphremagog House
Linch, Michael Newport Mr. Linch's
Magoon, Charles P. Coventry S. Magoon's
Magoon, John A. Coventry S. Magoon's
Parker, Edwin W. Hatley, C. E. S. W. Parker's
Preble, Charles Newport Mrs. Wheelock's
Prouty, Emery M. Newport Dr. Palmer's
Prouty, Charles A. Newport J. A. Prouty's
Richmond, Willie Newport H. T. Blanchard's
Richters, Charles Westford, MA C. C. Spaulding's
Robinson, Charles H. Newport C. Robinson's
Ryther, Harlin Coventry Mr. Ryther's
Smith, Fremont I. Newport J. G. Smith's
Spalding, George B. Derby B. W. Spaulding's
Spalding, Gustavus L. Newport C. C. Spaulding's
Stevens, Charles W. Derby L. Steven's
Woods, Charles F. Newport M. Woods'
Wright, Oscar P. Newport H. T. Blanchard's
Ladies Residence Rooms
Allen, Ida A. Newport Mrs. Swett's
Arnold, Ann West Derby F. Gardiner's
Baker, Ella C. Newport L. Baker's
Brainard, Frances L. Newport L. Brainerd's
Boynton, Naomi West Derby R. Boynton's
Chamberlin, Cynthia L. Irasburgh J. F. Preston's
Chapman, Melissa A. Coventry J. M. Babcock's
Charette, Rosa Newport F. Charette's
Clough, Mary M. Newport C. R. Clough's
Cobb, Martha L. Derby J. P. Cobb's
Collier, Amelia A. Beebe Plain, C. E. D. True's
Cummings, Emma E. West Derby G. Cumming's
Cutting, Amanda R. West Derby B. E. Shaw's
Daggett, Julia A. West Derby Mrs. J. R. Daggett's
Davis, Martha J. Derby Mrs. Davis'
Drew, Limmie Derby A. S. Drew's
Field, May West Derby S. Field's
Frost, Lucia M. Derby Centre L. F. Brainerd's
Fuller, Clara F. Newport W. Fuller's
George, Jennie L. Georgeville, C. E. A. Place's
Hoag, Mary E. Newport P. Hoag's
Huntley, Addie J. Newport C. C. Huntley's
Huntley, Cora A. Newport C. C. Huntley's
Kendall, Martha A. Newport R. Cumming's
Livingston, Clara A. Newport L. D. Livingston's
Meader, Martha Newbury M. J. Black's
Miller, Eliza A. Newport S. Peabody's
Miller, Gertie M. Island Pond B. E. Shaw's
Miller, Hattie C. Newport D. True's
Morris, Luella J. West Derby W. Morris'
Parker, Eliza A. Newport S. W. Parker's
Page, Ruthy B. Newport P. Page's
Place, Ellen M. Newport A. Place's
Prouty, Alice M. Newport Dr. Palmer's
Randall, Asenath B. Newport A. Randall's
Rutherford, Helen I. Newport Dr. J. C. Rutherford's
Sargent, Louisa A. Newport G. Sargent's
Sias, Martha M. Newport Dr. J. C. Rutherford's
Smith, Carrie D. Newport R. Cumming's
Smith, Lucretia G. Newport A. D. Bates'
Smith, Lois C. Newport J. G. Smith's
Wade, Mariette E. Newport J. L. Wade's
Whipple, Marion Newport R. V. Hall's

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