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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Third Annual Catalogue
West, Dudley President
Elkins, O. N. Secretary
Aldrich, Liberty Treasurer
Ward, Rev. Nathan Executive Committee
Pattee, Rev. Moses Executive Committee
Fuller, Warren, Esq. Executive Committee
Board of Trustees  
West, Dudley Wheeler, John
Elkins. O. N. Livingston, F.
Aldrich, Liberty Pattee, Rev. Moses
Elkins, William G. Hunt, Samuel P.
Gilman, William C. Chase, Newton
Rowell, Hon. A. J. Mason, Tyler, M. D.
Fuller, Warren Wheeler, Alden
DuBois, John Noble, Eli
Ward, Rev. N. Safford, John
Moore, Levi C., M.D. Prouty, John
Instructors - Winter Term  
Varney, Moses F. Principal
Severance, M. L. Assoc. Prin., Teacher of Languages
Varney, M. F. Assoc. Prin., Teacher of Natural Sciences and Superintendent of School
Stone, Miss Laura L. Teacher of Painting & Ornamental Work
Instructors - Fall Term  
Dutton, Albert I., A. B. Principal
Dutton, Miss Martha A. Teacher of Drawing, Painting & French
Dutton, Miss Ada T. Teacher of Primary Department
Gilman, Miss Sarah H. Teacher of Instrumental Music
Morse, William C. Teacher of Penmanship
Gentlemen Residence
Aldrich, Albert E. Troy
Aldrich, Osro L. Troy
Aldrich, Andrew H. Troy
Adams, Halsey H. North Troy
Bigelow, David Jr. Brookfield
Brown, Byron D. North Troy
Bailey, George Troy
Barry, Charles A. North Troy
Bailey, Vernon C. North Troy
Bartlett, George W. Jay
Currier, Benjamin O. North Troy
Currier, Charles S. North Troy
Clough, George C. North Troy
Clough, Emery H. North Troy
Clough, Henry North Troy
Chase, Moses A. Troy
Eastman, Charles M. North Troy
Elkins, Frank S. North Troy
Elkins, Charles W. North Troy
Elkins, Riley A. North Troy
Elkins, Oscar H. Craftsbury
Eastman, Selden V. North Troy
Fuller, Myron W. North Troy
Fuller, Harris J. North Troy
Fletcher, Alvin D. F. M. Holland
Greenwood, George North Troy
Hardy, Charles M. North Troy
Hunt, Lyman Concord, NH
Hunt, Heman S. Leavenworth, Kansas
Holbrook, Nathaniel Potton, C. E.
Heaton, Solomon G. Island Pond
Livingston, Loudon B. Potton, C. E.
Livingston, Henry Potton, C. E.
Livingston, George A. Potton, C. E.
Mason, Frank C. North Troy
Mason, James L. North Troy
Mason, Russel Z. North Troy
Parkhurst, Charles B. North Troy
Pattee, John C. North Troy
Ryan, Patrick R. Jay
Rowell, William R. North Troy
Rowell, George B. North Troy
Rines, Baxter E. North Troy
Rowell, Charles J. North Troy
Reed, Charles J. Troy
Saliers, Adolphus J. North Troy
Saliers, Henry A. North Troy
Sartwell, William E. North Troy
Sanborn, Alden North Troy
Sanborn, Adron North Troy
Tatroe, Eaton E. North Troy
Upton, John Troy
Varney, Edward B. St Johnsbury
Walker, Samuel E. Potton, C. E.
Ward, Edward C. North Troy
Ward, Samuel R. North Troy
West, George E. North Troy
Wheeler, George P. Chicago, IL
Wheeler, Chester C. North Troy
West, Augustus D. North Troy
West, Dwight L. North Troy
Whitcomb, George Potton, C. E.
Ladies Residence
Adams, Ella M. North Troy
Aldrich, Phebe A. North Troy
Aldrich, Hellen North Troy
Brown, Lucia North Troy
Buck, Mary Jane Newport
Bailey, Mariette L. North Troy
Christie, Mary Ann North Troy
Christie, Harriet J. North Troy
Chamberlin, Etta Troy
Chase, Sarah M. North Troy
Clough, Martha E. Jay
Chase, Lucy A. North Troy
Chase, Minerva A. North Troy
Chase, Elvira A. North Troy
Chase, Arvesta A. North Troy
Chamberlin, Lucretia A. North Troy
Currier, Ineze M. North Troy
Currier, Susan H. North Troy
Dutton, Ada T. Brownington
Dutton, Martha A. Glover
Dutton, Luceba E. Calais
Eastman, Addie M. North Troy
Elkins, Kate W. North Troy
Elkins, Florence DeAgnes North Troy
French, Jennie M. Holland
Hunt, Lauren Lowell, MA
Hunt, Ella North Troy
Hunt, Mary Ann North Troy
Hardy, Frances North Troy
Hardy, Isadore L. North Troy
Heath, Amanda Potton, C. E.
Jillson, Eliza J. Barton
Livingston, Ellen E. Potton, C. E.
Leach, Olive P. Richford
Leach, Jane O. Westfield
Leach, Eliza C. Westfield
Mason, Addie North Troy
Moore, Emogene C. North Troy
Moore, Ruby A. North Troy
Manuel, Aurilla North Troy
Mason, Hattie E. North Troy
Mead, Lizzie E. Holland
Manuel, Eliza A. North Troy
Manuel, Maryette North Troy
McLellan, Mary M. Troy
Nason, Mary J. North Troy
Orcutt, Flora E. North Troy
Pattee, Rosette R. North Troy
Porter, Abbie J. North Troy
Porter, Emeline L. Troy
Porter, Ida E. Troy
Page, Abbie J. North Troy
Page, Mary E. North Troy
Pattee, Ellen M. North Troy
Parmenter, Emma J. Lowell
Rives, Ruby E. North Troy
Rowell, Nellie G. North Troy
Rowell, Ardelle J. North Troy
Rowell, Lillus A. North Troy
Saliers, Laurette M. North Troy
Stone, Laura L. L. North Troy
Stevens, Nellie E. Walden
Sartwell, Mary A. North Troy
Spalding, Mary J. North Troy
Safford, Margaret North Troy
Upton, Mary A. North Troy
Wheeler, Hattie C. Chicago, IL
Wheeler, Emma A. Chicago, IL
Weston, Kate Fairfield
Weston, Lucy Fairfield
Wheeler, Martha A. North Troy
Walker, Mary A. Potton, C. E.
West, Sarah Jane North Troy

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