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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Click on picture for a closeup          Corrections and missing identifications graciously reviewed
1a 1b
                       1962 Primary

Front Row (left to right):
         Daniel Bailey, Maurice Benoit, Sharon Lamothe, Bonnie Knight,
         Gary Dunbar, Donald Hale, John Ainsworth

2nd row (left to right):
         Cynthia Bailey, Ruth Peacock, Richard May, Glenn May, Robert Peacock,
         Dawn Robbins, Danny Dunbar, Mrs. Davis (teacher)

3rd row (left to right):
         Steven deCseznak, Flora Cormier, Susan Lamothe, ---,
         Martina Ainsworth, Lynda Filgate

Back row (left to right):
         Janet Desrochers, Barbara Young, Linda Robins, Stanley Denio,
         Richard Morey, Robert Morey


Front Row (left to right):
         Sandra Knight, William Filgate, ---, Karen Lapoint, ---,
         Rose Cormier, Richard Ovitt, Ann Cormier

2nd row (left to right):
         Bruce Filgate, David Morey, Henry Morey, ---, Cheryl Brown,
         Linda Hale, ---, ---, Keith Brown

Back row (left to right):
         Wayne Randall, David Young, Rockey Bunell, Rose Derochers, ---,
         Judy Derochers, Dwayne Dunbar, Jay Derochers


2a 2b

Front Row (left to right):
         Brenda Robinson, Richard Ovitt, Marie Desrochers, Jane Minshull,
         Gary Burnham, Gary Quatrini, Henry Morey, Ann Cormier,
         Rose Cormier, David Morey

2nd row (left to right):
         Iris Rutledge, William Filgate, Rocky Bunell, Thomas Davis,
         Andy Robinson, Clayton Robinson, Bruce Filgate,
         Diane Farrar

Back row (left to right):
         Judy Desrochers, Loraine Johnson, Rose Desrochers, Linda Somers,
         Jane Zarbrosky, Gloria Robinson, Brian Quatrini, Carol Petri,
         Linda Pateneaude

Front Row (left to right):
         ---, Clayton Robinson, ---, Rose Desrochers, Lorrain Johnson,
         ---, Henry Morey, ---

2nd Row (left to right):
         Judy Desrochers, ---, ---, ---, Brian Quatrini, ---, ---

3rd Row (left to right):
         ---, ---, ---, ---, ---, ---

Back Row (left to right):
         ---, ---, ---, ---, ---


3a 3b
                       1949 Primary

Front Row (left to right):
         ---, ---, ---, Maryanne Desrochers, Mary Elizabeth Somers,
         ---, ---, ---

2nd Row (left to right):
         Mary Patenaude, Susan Urie, Bruce Denio, Stephen Wheelock,
         ---, ---, Sylvanis Denio, ---, ---, ---

         Heather Hamilton, Jean Whitehill, Edith Salt, Donald Harron,
         Miss Dorothy Bennett (teacher)

Back Row (left to right):
         Loreetto Fassett, Mabel Moffet, Freddie Fasset, Larrian Patenaud

                       1949 Secondary

Front Row (left to right):
         Teresso Fassett, Gail Whitehill, Joyce Patenaude, Paulene LaFlame,
         Jane Drew, Charles Fasset

2nd Row (left to right):
         Donald Bech, Nancy Wright, Irene Lamoth, Lear Fassett,
         Rose Marie Irwin, Mary Whitehill, Wayne Page

Back Row (left to right):
         Barbara Walling, Roberta Harpin, Armando Bonin, George Urie


3a 2

Front Row (left to right):
         Mona Hevey, Norma Wilder, Irene Basset, Jean Whitehill, Dorothy Bovee,
         Francis Burdette

2nd Row (left to right):
         Heather Hamilton, Elaine Corvett, Carol Drew, Hazel Simpson,
         Bruce Harpin, Kent Scruton

Back Row (left to right):
         George Urie, Donald Grady, Nelson Rash, Ray Morrison, Cleavland Basset

                       1941 - Class dressed in costume

Front Row (left to right):
         Jane Drew, Glendon Corrow, Dorthy Bovee, Carol Drew,
         Norma Wilder, Jean Whitehill

2nd Row (left to right):
         George Urie, Kent Scruton

3rd Row (left to right):
         Bruce Harpin, Nelson Rash, Heather Hamilton, Donald Grady,
         Bernard Urie

Back Row (left to right):
         Gordon Friend, Donne Harroan, Edith Salt, Pauline Jalbert,
         John Whitehill


2 2

Front Row (left to right):
         Newell (Stub) Somers, Ferdnand Roger Jalbert,
         Betty Urie, Cristie Whitehill, Gloria Hunter,
         Viola Betty Rash

Middle Row (left to right):
         Marnel Harron, Priscilla Amell, Earl Stetson, Joyce Salt, Mae LaFlam,
         Mary LaFlam, Reginald Lamothe

Back Row (left to right):
         Vernon Alger, Janet Urie, Iona Blair, Joanne Hamilton,
         Miss Lila Fisher (teacher), Chester Quimby, Margaret Whitehill,
         Patricia Hamilton

                       1940 - Two room school house

Front Row (left to right):
         Glendon Corrow(sp?), Dorothy Bovee, Donald Grady,
         Bernie Urie, John Whitehill, Jean Whitehill, Gordon Friend,
         Nelson Rash

2nd Row (left to right):
         Don Harran, Heather Hamilton, Edith Salt,
         Pauline Jalbert, Della Amile, George Lamothe

Back Row (left to right):
         (first name?) Blair, Miss Dorothy Bennett (teacher)


2 2

Front Row (left to right):
         Walter Neil, Dorothy Bovee, Gendon Corrow, Marilyn Deblois,
         Viola Betty Rash, George Lamothe, --- Buxton, Gordon Friend,
         Viola Lynaugh, Dale Deblois

Middle Row (left to right):
         Donald Grady, John Whitehill, Delia Amel, Patty ---,
         Heather Hamilton, Jean Whitehill, Edith Salt, Donald Harron,
         Miss Dorothy Bennett (teacher)

Back Row (left to right):
         Merle Buxton, Archie Lynaugh, Marnel Harron, Joyce Salt,
         Patricia Hamilton, Jeanette Buxton, Gloria Hunter, Betty Urie

                       1934 - Primary Room (grades 1 - 4)

Front Row (left to right):
         Vernon Alger, Marjorie Warren, Lydia Wemmelman, Carol Hachett,
         Rosalie Welch, Reginal Lamothe, Christie Whitehill

Middle Row (left to right):
         Priscilla Amell, Sherman Warren, Chester Quimby, (unidentified)
         as of 2012, Joanne Hamilton, Catherine Rash, Thomas Welch,
         Earl Stetson

Back Row (left to right):
         Murial Welch, Robert Hall, Albert Salt, Miss Dorothy Bennett
         (teacher), Robert Smith, (unidentified as of 2012), Germaine



We need your help with identifying these students.

Front Row (10th from left) Dorena

2nd Row (6th from left) Eva, (11th from left) Frank


2a 2b

front - 3rd from left:          Frederick Lenton

2nd row - 2nd from left:          Harry Rash

3rd row - on the left:          Walter Rash

Back row - 2nd from right: Effie Rundle

Front Row (left to right):
         ---, ---, ---, ---, Frederick Lenton, Effie Rundle,

2nd Row (left to right):
         ---, ---, Walter Rash,

Back Row (left to right):
         Harry Rash,


2 2

Front Row (far right):
         Millicent Lenton


Front Row (2nd from right):
         Harry Rash

2nd row (sixth from right):
         leaning on next studen, Millicent Lenton

3rd row

Back row

Standing in Back

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