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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Newton Academy Association - Compact 1811
On October 8, 1811, a compact was instituted whereby the following members of the Newton Academy Association received ownership of the academy building from the Town of Shoreham. The building, constructed in 1810, sits on town property. The selectmen of Shoreham didn't want to retain responsibility of upkeep of the academy building and thus conveyed ownership to this association.
Members of the compact as of Ocober 8, 1811
Joshua Pond John Hunsden Lester Cooper
Job Howe Medad Barnum Henry Moore
Stephen Barnum Francis Hemenway Barlow Simonds
Noah Jones Bela Howe William Davis
James Moore Sewell Howse Charles Conant
Allen Hundsdon Melvin Drake Udney Everest
Timothy Chipman ____ Pond Sidney Booth
Lot Sanford Milo Pond Stephen King
Jeremiah Northrup Minor Pond Erastus Barnum
Zacheus Barnum Rimmon Benton Sylvester Witherell
Philemon Wolcott Freeman Gates Stillman White
William Cooper Andrew Knight Eleazer Squires
John Baird Royal Turrill Ozias Sanford
Thomas Field Abner Wells Riley Wolcott
Andrew Wright Nazro Northrup Asa Sunderson
John Sunderland Samuel Hemenway Aaron Lawrence
Amos Stanley Horatio Rust Mahlon Wines
Thomas Barnum Caleb Hill Ira Spaulding
Asa Jones Chester Ferren Reuben Smith
William Jones Benjamin Bingham William Townson
Luther Cory Lewis Hunt  
Those who joined later
David Page J.M. Lamb Noah Jones
C. Callendar B. Powers John Jones
R. Birchard Edwin Johnson Stephen Barney
O. Cooper   O. Barnum
Owner of the Newton Academy building was conveyed back to the Town of Shoreham in the 1870's.

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