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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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St. Albans Academy St. Albans, Vermont 1824
Buel, Mr. Julian G. Principal
Fuller, Miss Fanny C. Assistant
Fuller, Asa, Esq. Trustee
Janes, Horace, Esq. Trustee
Smith, John, Esq. Trustee
Taylor, John Trustee
Kingman, N. W. Trustee
Little, Dr. Ephraim Trustee
Richardson, I. P., Esq. Trustee
Wilkins, William H., Esq. Trustee
Davis, James, Esq. Trustee
Seymour, Henry Trustee
Ladies Residence
Brown, Emily St. Albans
Bulkley, Harriet Cambridge
Baker, Lucelia St. Albans
Burrell, Abagail D. Beekmantown, NY
Church, Hannah St. Albans
Clapp, Clarissa A. North Hero
Dunbar, Emily Fairfax
Fuller, Mary Ann St. Albans
Flagg, Emeline Burlington
Ferriss, Mary R. St. Albans
Gadcomb, Mary Ann St. Albans
Hubbell, Sarah B. Sherman, CT
Hunt, Ursula St. Albans
Hennessy, Harriet St. Albans
Holbrook, Wealthy C. Townsend
Hoyt, Laura St. Albans
Hall, Harriet St. Albans
Newton, Lucy St. Albans
Payne, Lucy Fairfield
Peters, Lucinda South Hero
Royce, Rowana M. Berkshire
Sowles, Mehitabel Alburgh
Swift, Cordelia St. Albans
Thurston, Eunice Burlington
Wilkenson, Sarah Bakersfield
Whittimore, Betsey St. Albans
Wright, Philena St. Albans
Webb, Abagail S. St. Albans
Young Ladies under the care of the Principal
Little, Jane St. Albans
Janes, Frances E. St. Albans
Partridge, Fanny Hatfield, MA
Smith, Harriet M. St. Albans
Gentlemen Residence
Aldis, Owen Asa St. Albans
Barber, Alexander Georgia
Barlow, Daniel Fairfield
Beman, Addison Fairfax
Beman, Aaron Fairfax
Brainerd, Henry St. Albans
Clapp, Rowland Montgomery
Farrar, John N. St. Albans
Farrar, Edward St. Albans
Field, Anson Milton
Fisher, Alexander St. Albans
Hoyt, Micah Dunbarton, NH
Hoyt, Romeo H. St. Albans
Holmes, Elias B. Fletcher
Hazen, Frederick North Hero
Howard, H. H. H. South Hero
Hubbard, Jonathan H. Franklin
Hennessy, Edwin St. Albans
Janes, Henry B. St. Albans
Kennedey, William Salem, MA
Keyes, Danforth D. Cambridge
Keyes, William Swanton
Mears, Roswell Georgia
Munsell, Joseph R. Swanton
Parks, Aaron Malone, NY
Platt, Theodorus Plattsburgh, NY
Richardson, Israel B. St. Albans
Robinson, Humphrey A. Swanton
Robinson, Warren Swanton
Royce, Lucius Milton
Smith, Edward R. Hatfield, MA
Smith, John St. Albans
Spaulding, Z. M. P. St. Albans
Stoughton, Guy Westfield
Seymour, Henry E. St. Albans
Swift, George S. St. Albans
Swift, William St. Albans
Torry, Hubbell Georgia
Wetmore, Seth D. St. Albans
Webber, William St. Albans
Whitney, Nathaniel G. North Hero
Whitney, Seaband North Hero
Franklin County Grammar School St. Albans, Vermont 1840
Turner, Hon. Bates Trustee
Aldis, A. O., A.M. Trustee
Brainerd, J. H., A. B. Trustee
Brainerd, L. Trustee
Wells, N. B. Trustee
Safford, C. F. Trustee
Smith, G. G. Trustee
Huntington, A. H. Trustee
Dutcher, L. L. Trustee
Farrar, William Trustee
Brainerd, J. H., A. B. Secretary
Safford, C. F. Treasurer
Lawrence, Almon, A. B. Principal
Blodgett, Dudley C., A. B. Assistant
Sawyer, Minerva Teacher - Ladies Department
Wheeler, Laura Teacher - Elementary Department
Gentlemen Residence
Abel, Charles C. St. Albans
Abel, Ira H. St. Albans
Adams, Henry K. St. Albans
Aldridge, L. Fairfield
Babcock, Lorenzo A. Berkshire
Barlow, Samuel H. St. Albans
Barlow, James E. St. Albans
Barr, Luther D. Highgate
Beardsly, Albert St. Albans
Burden, Wait C. Missisque Bay, L. C.
Brainerd, Aldis O. St. Albans
Buck, Samuel North Hero
Burt, J. W. Sheldon
Bogue, Charles St. Albans
Chaffee, Jasper Jr. Berkshire
Chamberlin, Joseph W. Stanbridge, L. C.
Dutcher, Frederick St. Albans
Dean, Nathan Swanton
Ellis, Benjamin Bedford, L. C.
Fortaw, Prudaw Henrysville, L. C.
French, Sanford B. St. Albans
Fuller, Willard St. Albans
Gadcomb, Sanford St. Albans
Gillett, Willis M. K. Fairfield
Hall, George M. St. Albans
Hazen, Heman H. North Hero
Hazen, Seymour North Hero
Hunt, Henry St. Albans
Hyde, Franklin M. Highgate
Jackson, Andrew Milton
Krans, William P. St. Armand, L. C.
Livingston, John H. St. Albans
Lock, Worthington S. St. Albans
Lock, Henry P. St. Albans
Loverin, Jonathan _____, U. C. [Upper Canada]
Meigs, Gardiner _____, L. C. [Lower Canada]
Meigs, Sanford St. Albans
Meigs, Harley _____, L. C. [Lower Canada]
More, Henry F. St. Armand, L. C.
Murphy, Luke St. Albans
Morey, Ira Fairfield
Northrop, David B. Georgia
Newton, Cyrus Swanton
Palmer, Paul C. St. Albans
Parker, L. Richford
Parsons, Chandler St. Albans
Parsons, Chester St. Albans
Phaneuf, Charles D. St. Armand, L. C.
Quale, James St. Albans
Rykerd, Edward _____, L. C. [Lower Canada]
Shepherd, Seymour St. Albans
Smith, William F. St. Albans
Smith, Lewis L. Milton
Smith, Apollos A. Milton
Smith, John E. Swanton
Smith, Jno. Highgate
Smith, H. B. Georgia
Stone, Lyman H. E. Berkshire
Smith, David Bedford, L. C.
Stevens, Hiram F. St. Albans
Stevens, Orlando F. St. Albans
Stevens, Zoroaster F. St. Albans
Stiles, Sampson St. Albans
Swift, Charles B. St. Albans
Swift, Alfred B. St. Albans
Sowles, Stephen J. Alburgh
Thompson, William St. Armand, L. C.
Wilcox, Benjamin Highgate
Williams, Isaiah St. Albans
Wheeler, Almon Fairfax
Whittemore, Rodney St. Albans
Whittemore, Eugene Milton
Woodbury, Pliny St. Armand, L. C.
Ladies Residence
Abbott, Eliza Burlington
Abel, Ruth St. Albans
Albee, Azuba Highgate
Butler, Harriet Berkshire
Blaisdell, Harriet St. Albans
Brainerd, Fidelia R. St. Albans
Bowker, Harriet L. St. Armand, L. C.
Babcock, Maria St. Albans
Brainerd, Sophia St. Albans
Bradley, Eleanor St. Albans
Boardman, Sarah A. Clarenceville, L. C.
Chandler, Maria L. St. Albans
Chandler, Julia W. St. Albans
Campbell, Ann E. St. Albans
Campbell, Martha St. Albans
Cool, Sarah A. Glen's Falls, NY
Chapman, Martha Caldwell's Manor
Chapman, Harriet Caldwell's Manor
Conger, Sarah Ann St. Albans
Curtis, Sarah E. St. Albans
Cushman, Happylona Berkshire
Chaffee, Cordelia Berkshire
Coloney, Harriet St. Albans
Dimon, Jane B. Fairfield
Eaton, Miranda Swanton
Farrar, Lucy Swanton
Foster, Mary Swanton
Foster, Laura Swanton
Gregory, Mary A. Chazee, NY
Huntington, Sarah St. Albans
Huntington, Lucy St. Albans
Hinkley, Lomira Missisque Bay, L. C.
Hoyt, Frances St. Albans
Hall, Frances St. Albans
Hazeltine, Emily Bakersfield
Houghton, Mary A. S. St. Albans
Isham, Miranda St. Albans
Kingman, Harriet St. Albans
Jewel, Catharine St. Albans
Lynde, Helen M. St. Albans
Lovegrove, Mary B. Fairfax
Livingston, Eliza St. Albans
Northrop, Selina Georgia
Penfield, Maria Pawlet
Penfield, Ann A. Crown Point, NY
Penfield, Caroline C. Bridport
Parsons, Harriet St. Albans
Pratt, Calista Highgate
Pond, Isabelle _____, L. C. [Lower Canada]
Parker, Euridicy Bakersfield
Randall, Augusta Jersey City
Sabin, Caroline Swanton
Safford, Obedience Morristown
Smith, Julia P. St. Albans
Smith, Caroline Whiting
Smith, Harriet Swanton
Smith, Mary Ann St. Albans
Smith, E. St. Albans
Swift, Catherine St. Albans
Seymour, Elizabeth St. Albans
Sowles, Martha Alburgh
Waterman, Philura A. Johnson
Whiting, Eliza D. St. Albans
Weeks, Charlotte A. St. Albans
Wellington, Lucy Milton
Wilkinson, Maria St. Albans
Wilkinson, Ann J. St. Albans
Whittemore, Cordelia St. Albans
Wheeler, H. Fairfax
Walbridge, Adelia Bedford, L. C.
Van Duzee, Eliza J. Swanton
Elementary Department
Abel, Lucy St. Albans
Beardsley, Sarah St. Albans
Bridges, Sarah St. Albans
Bogue, Adalaide St. Albans
Blaisdell, Elizabeth St. Albans
Danforth, Abigal St. Albans
Chapman, Sarah St. Albans
Danforth, Amanda St. Albans
Dutcher, Almira St. Albans
Fuller, Melvenia St. Albans
French, Jane St. Albans
Gallar, Catherine St. Albans
Huntington, Minerva St. Albans
Hunt, Grace St. Albans
Jones, Sarah St. Albans
Rice, Catharine St. Albans
Smith, Louisa St. Albans
Smith, Jane St. Albans
Stevens, Parma W. St. Albans
Stearns, Charlotte St. Albans
Stearns, Mary St. Albans
Stearns, Adaline St. Albans
Wells, Ellen St. Albans
Brainerd, Porter St. Albans
Blaisdell, William St. Albans
Chandler, Charles G. St. Albans
Dutcher, Daniel St. Albans
Farrar, Benjamin St. Albans
Gadcomb, William St. Albans
Lock, William St. Albans
Lock, John St. Albans
Rice, Charles St. Albans

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