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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Special thanks to Dave Warden who made this list possible.
Students - Males Students - Males
Alden, Henry P. St Johnsbury
Atkinson, William H. Newbury
Baker, Francis O. St Johnsbury
Baker, J. W. H. Greensboro
Barker, Rinaldo Glover
Bartlett, Silas S. Lower Waterford
Bell, Alpha W. Walden
Belden, Samuel Burke
Beckwith, Truman Sutton
Billings, Edward St Johnsbury
Blinn, Albert St Johnsbury
Brackett, Elmore F. St Johnsbury
Brown, Dan M. Waterford
Chase, John Whitefield, NH
Carleton, Van Buren Whitefield, NH
Clark, Edwin Burke
Clark, John G. Springfield, Ohio
Chapman, William A. St Johnsbury
Cheney, William M. St Johnsbury
Clapp, Henry L. St Johnsbury
Chandler, Oliver W. Piermont, NH
Cobb, Ellis A. Barton
Cummings, Charles C. Morgan
Cumings, Jotham Morgan
Curtis, John B. St Johnsbury
Cutting, Hiram Concord
Daggett, Oscar F. St Johnsbury
Dewey, Hiram K. Lower Waterford
Evans, Charles H. St Johnsbury
Evans, Houghton S. St Johnsbury
Ely, George B. St Johnsbury
Ely, Henry G. St Johnsbury
Eaton, Cyrus W. Barton Landing
Fairbanks, Edward T. St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, William P. St Johnsbury
Fuller, Moses W. Charleston
Fish, Willis R. St Johnsbury
Gilchrist, John Barnet
Green, John St Johnsbury
Griffeth, Hiram Tunbridge
Goss, Levi B. Waterford
Goss, Story N. Lower Waterford
Gleason, William Barnet
Grout, William W. St Johnsbury East
Hadley, Henry E. New York City
Hadley, Clement L. New York City
Hale, John O. Waterford
Hale, Robert W. St Johnsbury
Harvey, Oscar F. Bradley Vale
Hallet, Charles St Johnsbury
Hastings, Hubbard St Johnsbury
Harris, Edward St Johnsbury
Harris, Edwin St Johnsbury
Harris, Albert St Johnsbury
Holt, Henry Bath, NH
Higgins, William St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Ezra I. St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, John H. St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Merrill N. St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, William F. St Johnsbury
Ide, Elmore Barnet
Ide, Hiram R. St Johnsbury
Jewett, Edward A. St Johnsbury
Jewett, Henry E. St Johnsbury
Kittredge, Chandler St Johnsbury
Keith, Cyrus K. Shelburne
Knapp, George B. St Johnsbury
Knapp, Arthur M. St Johnsbury
Lee, Arthur W. St Johnsbury
Mack, Frederick Windham
Martin, Franklin Stanbridge, C. E.
Monroe, James New York City
Morrill, Amos B. St Johnsbury
Morrill, Julius A. St Johnsbury
Morse, James Jr. Waterford
Nesmith, Arthur S. Franklin, NH
Page, Henry F. Janesville, Wisc.
Page, Moses S. Haverhill, NH
Page, Charles E. St Johnsbury
Parks, William St Johnsbury
Parks, Levi P. Barnet
Parker, John S. St Johnsbury
Palmer, Henry O. Barnet
Pike, Charles B. St Johnsbury
Pierce, Charles St Johnsbury
Pierce, Henry H. Barton
Pierce, George A. Milford, MA
Poland, Martin L. St Johnsbury
Redington, Edward D. St Johnsbury
Reed, Charles A. Montpelier
Rogers, Jesse B. New York City
Ropes, Julius St Johnsbury
Ross, Edwin C. Waterford
Stone, Charles M. Lyndon
Sumner, Clark F. Milford, MA
Sutherland, Donald Canada East
Stone, Samuel E. St Johnsbury
Stone, Corlis P. Berkshire
Stodder, James C. Boston, MA
Swett, Hiram St Johnsbury
Viele, Eugene Hinesburg
Varney, Moses F. Barton
Wallace, Andrew St Johnsbury
Wilcox, Henry R. St Johnsbury
Wilcox, Howard M. St Johnsbury
Wilcox, Edwin A. St Johnsbury
Wilson, Henry M. Hinesburg
Woods, Oscar C. Barnet
Worcester, Leonard Park Hill, Cherokee, Na
Students - Females Residence
Adams, Althera M. H. St Johnsbury
Armington, Sarah A. St Johnsbury
Allen, Mary Ryegate
Balch, Susan L. St Johnsbury
Barker, Eliza B. Concord
Barker, Frances H. Concord
Barker, Martha H. Concord
Benton, Almira F. Lunenburg
Brown, Emily H. Waterford
Bundy, Eliza M. Colebrook, NH
Baker, Sarah W. St Johnsbury
Carbee, Marcia R. North Danville
Chamberlin, Elizabeth Waterford
Camp, Mary St Johnsbury
Clark, Lydia E. St Johnsbury
Clark, Martha A. Burke
Caswell, Rosanna St Johnsbury
Caswell, Julia A. St Johnsbury
Carter, Eliza A. Waterford
Cowdery, Ellen M. Tunbridge
Cowdery, Cordelia Danville
Craige, Phila N. St Johnsbury
Crosman, Adaline St Johnsbury
Chase, Mary S. Claremont, NH
Curtis, Elizabeth C. St Johnsbury
Cummings, Alice Morgan
Colby, Adelia Sutton
Cutler, Betsey E. Waterford
Dagget, Helen A. Waterford
Drown, Helen M. St Johnsbury
Drown, Sarah E. St Johnsbury
Ely, Caroline W. St Johnsbury
Fish, Ann E. St Johnsbury
French, Helen M. St Johnsbury
Floyd, Elizabeth R. North Danville
Fry, Harriet A. Waterford
Green, Martha S. St Johnsbury
Gurney, E. M. St Johnsbury
Gilson, Sarah M. St Johnsbury
Hale, Ellen J. St Johnsbury
Harris, Delia A. St Johnsbury
Hawkins, Clara A. St Johnsbury
Hawes, Mary L. St Johnsbury
Hawes, Elizabeth J. St Johnsbury
Hadley, Sarah Jane Lyman, NH
Hadley, Mary E. Lyman, NH
Hastings, Jane E. St Johnsbury
Hastings, Harriet M. St Johnsbury
Hancock, Letitia St Johnsbury
Harvey, Welthea Bradley Vale
Hasilton, Ellen Barnet
Howard, Rossie E. Boston, MA
Hough, Priscilla Lebanon, NH
Hutchinson, Clara Lempster, NH
Huntly, Jane H. St Johnsbury
Ide, Emily L. St Johnsbury
Jones, Martha A. St Johnsbury
Jones, Elizabeth St Johnsbury
Jones, Jane St Johnsbury
Kittredge, Martha A. Dexter, ME
Kittredge, Mary E. St Johnsbury
Kittredge, Catharine St Johnsbury
Knapp, Catharine B. St Johnsbury
Lombard, Eliza C. Colebrook, NH
Libby, Mary E. North Danville
Leslie, Kate N. Wells River
Lawrence, Ellen M. St Johnsbury
Lerned, Elizabeth St Johnsbury
Moulton, Alzina V. St Johnsbury
Martin, Sarah St Johnsbury
Meigs, Patience Lyman, NH
Morrill, Charlotte St Johnsbury
Morrill, Emily E. North Danville
Morse, Martha St Johnsbury
Newhall, Laura Kirby
Nichols, Calista D. North Danville
Nichols, Melonia S. North Danville
Norris, Martha H. North Danville
Norris, Julia A. North Danville
Paine, Emily Hardwick
Pike, Rebecca St Johnsbury
Parker, Ellen M. Littleton, NH
Parker, Jerusha Littleton, NH
Parks, Ellen M. Barnet
Roberts, Calista D. North Danville
Rand, Susan C. St Johnsbury
Risley, Achsah Kirby
Randall, Althea B. St Johnsbury
Soper, Almira M. Coventry
Swett, Aurilla Danville
Stone, Charlotte Berkshire
Stevens, Roancy St Johnsbury
Stone, Mary F. St Johnsbury
Stone, Sarah A. St Johnsbury
Smith, Mary A. St Johnsbury
Snow, Julia St Johnsbury
Shorey, Loretta St Johnsbury
Stanton, Emeline L. North Danville
Shaw, Emma C. Rome, NY
Stuart, Marion D. Barnet
Starks, Sarah E. St Johnsbury
Spaulding, Martha J. Waterford
Sinclair, Nancy N. St Johnsbury
Spooner, Susan C. St Johnsbury
Tennant, Henrietta Goffstown, NH
Underwood, Ellen M. Wells River
Welman, Lucy Cornish, NH
Weymouth, Laura Waterford
Wheeler, Sarah D. St Johnsbury East
Wheeler, Lefie P. St Johnsbury East
Wood, Hannah Kirby
Wilkins, Arabella St Johnsbury
Works, Pescovia Waterford
Wells, Rosamond A. North Danville
Wright, Corrilla B. St Johnsbury

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