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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus President
Thayer, Rev. William W. Secretary & Treasurer
Fairbanks, Horace  
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry  
Fairbanks, Franklin  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T.  
Fuller, Rev. Homer T., A.M. Principal
Savage, Charles A., A. B. Teacher of Latin & Natural Science
Hancock, Miss Emma A. Teacher of English & Normal Methods
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of Latin, French & Geometry
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Mathematics
Marie, Madame Teacher of French
Paddock, Miss Emma J. Teacher of Instrumental Music
Preston, Miss Emma A. Assistant, First Term
Parker, Miss Mary A. Assistant, Second Term
Pearl, Mr. H. M. Teacher of Penmanship
Students - Males
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Balch, Albert F. St Johnsbury Mr. Balch's
Brown, Edward D. E. St Johnsbury 14 South Hall
Hodsdon, Edward T. Queechee Academy Boarding House
Knapp, Charles W. E. St Johnsbury Mr. Flint's
Rogers, Frank S. Troy Academy Boarding House
Stimpson, Lorenzo L. St Johnsbury Mr. C. Sargeant's
Wilson, Charles H. Lyndonville Mr. Wilson's
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Barnes, Edson C. Coventry Academy Boarding House
Boynton, William S. St Johnsbury Mr. Boynton's
Brown, Elisha Lower Waterford 27 South Hall
Carpenter, Philip Bath, NH Judge Ross's
Chadwick, Albert M. St Johnsbury Mr. Chadwick's
Childs, Charles E. Newbury Academy Boarding House
Field, Charles H. Newport 35 South Hall
Gray, James R. Coventry Academy Boarding House
Hale, Frank D. Lunenburg 33 South Hall
Hobson, Frank W. Island Pond Mr. I. Dana's
Humphrey, Edward G. St Johnsbury Mr. Humphrey's
Ide, Judson St Johnsbury Center Mrs. Ide's
Lee, Howard J. E. St Johnsbury Mr. Lee's
Leslie, Charles E. Wells River 41 South Hall
Richardson, Fayette E. Waterford 51 South Hall
Richmond, Frank Newport Academy Boarding House
Service, Robert J. Barnet 43 South Hall
Stiles, Wallace G. Waterford 37 South Hall
Willard, William J. St Johnsbury Mr. A. J. Willard's
Willard, Charles A. St Johnsbury Mr. A. J. Willard's
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Adams, Charles H. St Johnsbury Mr. P. Adam's
Armington, William P. St Johnsbury Mr. R. Armington's
Bailey, George W. Hardwick Mr. A. C. Harvey's
Bailey, George D. St Johnsbury Mr. Bailey's
Batchelder, Albert J. St Johnsbury Mr. J. R. Batchelder's
Beman, George Chateaugay, NY Academy Boarding House
Brooks, Frederic St Johnsbury Center Mr. J. Brooks's
Brown, Frank C. St Johnsbury Mr. H. Brown's
Cadwell, Clement S. Independence, IA 27 South Hall
Carleton, Frank Bath, NH Academy Boarding House
Carpenter, Herbert A. West Waterford Mr. Cumming's
Clement, Frank H. Danville Mr. Clement's
Clifford, Murray E. Danville Mr. Clifford's
Colby, Edward A. St Johnsbury Mrs. J. K. Colby's
Davis, Charles E. Derby Academy Boarding House
Dickey, George A. St Johnsbury Mr. Dickey's
Dodge, Irving M. Lunenburg 33 South Hall
Faulkner, Frederic A. Keene, NH Academy Boarding House
Field, Oscar L. West Derby Academy Boarding House
Field, Albert L. West Derby Academy Boarding House
Flint, Charles G. St Johnsbury Mrs. Flint's
Follensby, Curtis E. Victory 35 South Hall
Foster, David Barnet 45 South Hall
Gilfillan, George C. Barnet 43 South Hall
Gorham, William H. St Johnsbury (deceased) Mr. I. Gorham's
Grout, John H. Boston, MA Mr. E. May's
Hale, Thomas S. West Waterford 33 South Hall
Harris, Charles E. East Burke 41 South Hall
Harvey, George I. West Waterford 21 South Hall
Hastings, Winfield Waterford Mrs. C. Hastings's
Hastings, Frank W. West Waterford Mr. O. Hales's
Hovey, Fillie M. St Johnsbury 14 South Hall
Hovey, Charles A. E. St Johnsbury 14 South Hall
Judge, Hilliard St Johnsbury Mr. L. Hastings's
Leath, Henry W. Memphis, Tenn. Academy Boarding House
Lindsay, Peter, Jr. Norrisville 39 South Hall
Little, Edward B. E. St Johnsbury (deceased) 49 South Hall
Lonergan, James B. St Johnsbury Mr. Lonergan's
Mason, George H. Passumpsic Mr. Sylvester's
McAnn, Isaac H. St Johnsbury Rev. I. McAnn's
Moreau, George Passumpsic 21 South Hall
Morse, Clarence S. S. Danville 25 South Hall
Parker, Harlan L. Lyndon 23 South Hall
Ranney, Charles S. E. St Johnsbury 39 South Hall
Renfrew, Oscar H. Ryegate Mr. O. Hale's
Richards, Oliver S. West Concord 33 South Hall
Stone, George W. St Johnsbury Center Mr. E. H. Stone's
Streeter, Willie S. East Burke 41 South Hall
Streeter, Frank C. Upper Waterford 37 South Hall
Sylvester, Levi A. St Johnsbury Mr. Sylvester's
Townsend, Clark Upper Waterford 37 South Hall
Truax, Clarence C. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Weeks, Gordon C. St Johnsbury Center Mr. H. Weeks's
Wells, Joseph L. Granby 35 South Hall
White, Emory A. Wells River 41 South Hall
Woodruff, John E. West Burke Mr. H. Woodruff's
Woods, Charles H. Passumpsic Mr. J. B. Woods's
Students - Females
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Holbrook, Susie A. Lyndon Mrs. Houston's
Morse, Emma D. St Johnsbury Center Mrs. J. Morse's
Newell, Ettie M. St Johnsbury Mrs. S. Newell's
Ross, Carrie C. St Johnsbury Judge Ross's
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Alvord, Lucia St Johnsbury Mr. Alvord's
Chamberlain, Ellen E. St Johnsbury Mr. Chamberlain's
Dana, Abbie H. St Johnsbury Mr. C. S. Dana's
Eastman, Mary W. St Johnsbury Mrs. O. W. Baker's
Farwell, Julia H. Wells River 34 South Hall
Galbraith, Alma I. Passumpsic 26 South Hall
Hale, Susie Newbury 26 South Hall
Hall, Mattie J. St Johnsbury Mr. E. Hall's
Hinman, Belle B. West Concord Academy Boarding House
Parks, Emily J. Passumpsic Mr. E. Hall's
Peabody, Persis H. St Johnsbury Mr. R. W. Peabody's
Prouty, Nellie B. Newport Mrs. Page's
Silsby, Cynthia Lunenburg Mr. Babcock's
Spencer, Ella St Johnsbury Mr. L. G. Spencer's
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Adams, Nellie Lunenburg Mr. A. Adams's
Adgate, Hattie W. St Johnsbury Dr. Adgate's
Babcock, Lucretia West Concord 40 South Hall
Baker, Minnie F. St Johnsbury Mr. A. O. Baker's
Barnard, Isabella St Johnsbury 30 South Hall
Boles, Mary H. St Johnsbury Mrs. Boles's
Brown, Abbie A. Wells River Mr. C. C. Bingham's
Brown, Nellie E. St Johnsbury Mr. O. D. Brown's
Chapman, Ella M. St Johnsbury Mr. Switzer's
Cheney, Cora C. Lunenburg Academy Boarding House
Clark, Flora E. St Johnsbury Mr. E. F. Brown's
Conant, Helen M. Greensboro 14 South Hall
Copp, Abbie J. E. St Johnsbury 14 South Hall
Dailey, Jennie W. Coventry Academy Boarding House
Dea, Emma J. Granby Mr. Dea's
Dean, Ella F. Danville Mr. O. Bishop's
Doe, Lucia J. Newbury 34 South Hall
Follensby, Fidelia H. Victory 42 South Hall
Frye, Chattie L. Lower Waterford Mr. Marshall's
Gammell, Mary M. Barnet 28 South Hall
Gilbert, Florence West Concord Mrs. Stockwell's
Gilfillan, Lura M. Barnet 40 South Hall
Gilfillan, Minnie Norrisville 38 South Hall
Goss, Mary E. Lower Waterford 12 South Hall
Goss, Carrie M. Lower Waterford 38 South Hall
Hale, Abbie M. Lower Waterford 26 South Hall
Hale, Wilma F. West Waterford 28 South Hall
Harvey, Emily L. West Waterford 12 South Hall
Harvey, Helen M. West Waterford 12 South Hall
Hawkins, Abbie M. St Johnsbury Mr. Hawkins's
Hosmer, Mary L. St Johnsbury Center Mr. Hawkins's
Hubbard, Emma A. Lyndon Mr. Frost's
Kinney, Lovisa Craftsbury Mr. C. Kinney's
Knappen, Cora E. St Johnsbury Mrs. Knappen's
Lang, Ruby D. Barnet 38 South Hall
Leath, Mattie F. Memphis, Tenn. Academy Boarding House
Liddell, Mary J. St Johnsbury 36 South Hall
Lougee, Emma St Johnsbury Center Mr. Lougee's
Mason, Susie A. Passumpsic 40 South Hall
Mason, Ellen Passumpsic 42 South Hall
Mooney, Alice I. St Johnsbury Mr. Mooney's
Nichols, Julia A. St Johnsbury Mr. Pope's
Norris, Emily W. Norrisville 24 South Hall
Norris, Mary B. Norrisville 24 South Hall
Parker, Nettie A. Barton ?
Peck, Mary J. Danville Mr. O. Bishop's
Ramsay, Lillian A. St Johnsbury Mr. Ramsay's
Ross, Lizzie M. St Johnsbury Judge Ross's
Ross, Helen M. St Johnsbury Judge Ross's
Smith, Nettie Passumpsic 26 South Hall
Stone, Mary E. St Johnsbury Mr. C. M. Stone's
Townsend, Katie L. Upper Waterford 36 South Hall
Trescott, Laura St Johnsbury Mr. Trescott's
Ward, Miriam Danville Mr. T. Ward's
Whitcher, Lottie Walden Mr. Noye's
Williams, Mary L. E. St Johnsbury 22 South Hall
Willard, Carrie St Johnsbury Mrs. Willard's
Wood, Mary W. E. St Johnsbury 22 South Hall

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