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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus President
Thayer, Rev. William W. Secretary & Treasurer
Fairbanks, Horace  
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry  
Fairbanks, Franklin  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T.  
Fuller, Homer T.  
Fuller, Rev. Homer T., A.M. Principal & Teacher of Greek, Mental & Moral Science
Putney, Charles E., A. M. Teacher of Latin, and Higher Mathematics
Morse, Edgar L., A. B. Teacher of Rhetoric & Natural Science  
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of French, Geometry & Botany
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Mathematics & English Grammar
Marie, Madame Emma Teacher of French
Holbrook, Miss Susie A. Teacher of German & Mathematics
Taylor, Mrs. Emma J. Teacher of Instrumental Music
Goss, Sanford A. Teacher of Penmanship
Students - Males
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Boynton, Henry C. St Johnsbury D. Boynton's
Brooks, Lyman H. St Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Dunbar, Joseph H. North Hartland 60 South Hall
Dutton, George A. Norwich I. Dana's
Gibson, Benjamin A. Alstead, NH 31 South Hall
Harriman, Herbert J. Peacham A. S. Livingston's
Hastings, Frank W. West Waterford 33 South Hall
Humphrey, Horace B. Chicago, IL Boarding House
Jones, Charles P. Johnson Club House
Manchester, George E. McIndoes H. French's
Townsend, Clark Upper Waterford Academy
Walter, Edward H. St Johnsbury C. H. Walter's
Willard, Ashton R. Montpelier A. O. Baker's
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Abbott, William H. Keene, NH Mrs. L. C. Porter's
Adams, Charles H. St Johnsbury P. B. Adam's
Badger, David M. St Johnsbury W. M. Badger's
Benton, Charles A. Guildhall 15 South Hall
Brown, Oscar J. St Johnsbury Center 51 South Hall
Brown, Rollin J. Northumberland, NH 15 South Hall
Clement, Frank H. St Johnsbury 21 South Hall
Colby, Edward A. St Johnsbury Mrs. J. K. Colby's
Crossfield, Amasa S. Abbotsford, PQ A. W. Hawkin's
Elkins, Frank S. North Troy Mrs. J. Page's
Elliot, Andrew R. Keene, NH Mrs. L. C. Porter's
Flint, Charles G. St Johnsbury Mrs. L. M. Flint's
Foster, David J. Passumpsic 33 South Hall
Gaines, Alvin D. North Troy 39 South Hall
Goss, Herbert I. Lower Waterford Jonathan Ross'
Hall, Walter L. St Johnsbury Mrs. T. L. Hall's
Houghton, Edmund K. Keeseville, NY Dr. M. G. Houghton's
Jackman, Charles W. Bath, NH 29 South Hall
Lindsey, B. Abbott Lancaster, NH Mrs. J. Page's
Marsh, Arthur W. Cabot 31 South Hall
Meigs, J. Stanley Fredonia, NY Boarding House
Merrill, John F. Rutland 17 South Hall
Morse, Clarence S. South Danville 19 South Hall
Nesmith, Edward M. Reed's Ferry, NH Mrs. J. Page's
Patterson, G. Willis Hanover, NH H. T. Fuller's
Peck, Azro M. St Johnsbury Elisha Peck's
Robinson, Arthur S. Jacksonville, FL 56 South Hall
Scoville, Charles B. Chicago, IL Boarding House
Service, William A. Barnet Academy
Sullivan, Michael E. Hanover, NH 21 South Hall
Vaughan, George C. St Johnsbury W. H. Horton's
Warden, Albert W. Barnet 41 South Hall
Wheeler, William G. Keene, NH J. A. Moore's
Woodbury, Clarence E. West Concord J. E. Woodbury's
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Appleton, Fayette G. Victory 21 South Hall
Appleton, John A. Victory 21 South Hall
Ball, Robert D. L. Keene, NH Boarding House
Balch, Phineas S. St Johnsbury J. W. Balch's
Banfill, Preston D. St Johnsbury O. Severance's
Barker, Frank W. West Concord J. C. Barker's
Barton, Charles V. St Johnsbury Jarvis Bartlett's
Bedel, Hazen Colebrook, NH 23 South Hall
Bishop, Willie C. St Johnsbury Lendall Bishop's
Blodgett, Pearl F. St Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Butler, Clarence A. St Johnsbury Center Beauman Butler's
Carr, John L. West Glover Club House
Carrick, Bruce Barnet 25 South Hall
Chapman, Herman D. St Johnsbury David C. Chapman's
Clifford, Murry E. Danville 55 South Hall
Connal, Edson N. Newport Centre 43 South Hall
Cook, Edgar R. Glover 45 South Hall
Cook, Edwin A. Glover Club House
Cook, Walter G. St Johnsbury W. H. Cook's
Craigie, Henry St Johnsbury C. H. Abbott's
Dimick, George H. Lancaster, NH Mrs. L. M. Flint's
Eames, D. Byron Groveton, NH 23 South Hall
Field, Edwin D. Hanover, NH 27 South Hall
Follensby, Curtis C. Victory 35 South Hall
Gould, William N. West Concord W. D. Gould's
Gregory, Willie C. West Waterford 27 South Hall
Griffin, Willis L. Burke Hollow 37 South Hall
Guthrie, David L. L. Peacham J. M. Warner's
Hanson, William St Johnsbury Mrs. M. N. Hull's
Harvey, Walter C. East St Johnsbury Mrs. L. N. Harvey's
Hazen, James W. Woodstock 15 South Hall
Houghton, Pliny D. St Johnsbury Dr. M. G. Houghton's
Hovey, Fred M. East St Johnsbury M. W. Hovey's
Howe, Arthur B. North Thetford Mrs. Ide's
Howe, Frank H. St Johnsbury George E. Howe's
Huse, Horace E. East St Johnsbury S. Huse's
Johnson, Perley A. St Johnsbury W. B. Johnson's
Laird, Fred L. St Johnsbury P. B. Laird's
Larabee, Oscar S. Newport Centre 23 South Hall
Lindsey, Charles I. Lancaster, NH Mrs. J. Page's
Locke, John R. East St Johnsbury C. H. Locke's
Lund, Henry W. Granby 35 South Hall
Magoon, Edward D. St Johnsbury I. P. Magoon's
McLaren, Robert H. Passumpsic E. Meacham's
McLaughlin, John C. Bolton, PQ Mrs. Bugbee's
Miner, Ethan A. St Johnsbury C. H. Abbott's
Minot, Jonas Bath, NH 19 South Hall
Moore, Frank L. St Johnsbury Russell Moore's
Morrill, Charles A. North Danville 41 South Hall
Morrill, Corliss W. North Danville 41 South Hall
Morse, George H. Danville 41 South Hall
Nelson, Horace Norrisville 35 South Hall
Nelson, Wilbur Norrisville 25 South Hall
Nutting, Wallace H. St Johnsbury William Nutting's
Parker, Henry H. Hanover, NH H. T. Fuller's
Pierce, Edward C. St Johnsbury Center 31 South Hall
Porter, Edward F. Stowe Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Prescott, Charles H. Keeseville, NY Boarding House
Prescott, Prentice P. St Johnsbury J. W. Prescott's
Puffer, William M. St Johnsbury W. R. Puffer's
Randall, Eddie N. St Johnsbury Sias Randall's
Ranney, Charles S. West Concord S. M. Ranney's
Robinson, Charles F. St Johnsbury I. J. Robinson's
Scott, Wallace C. Glover 45 South Hall
Sias, Willie A. St Johnsbury Mrs. C. J. Sias'
Silsby, Edwin A. Lunenburg A. W. Hawkin's
Smith, Charles H. East St Johnsbury Ira G. Smith's
Smith, Edward E. East St Johnsbury Ira G. Smith's
Somers, Edward D. Norrisville 41 South Hall
Stanton, Jerry B. North Danville I. P. Hill's
Stanton, Isaac W. North Danville 52 South Hall
Stevens, Edward P. St Albans Academy Boarding House
Stiles, Justin E. Newport Centre 43 South Hall
Stockwell, Richard J. West Concord 55 South Hall
Stowell, Charles W. West Concord A. Hudson's
Streeter, Edward K. Upper Waterford 27 South Hall
Taylor, Bertie E. St Johnsbury Mrs. C. Thayer's
Tracy, Edson S. Brownington Centre 43 South Hall
Tyler, William C. West Brattleboro Academy Boarding House
Ward, Charles S. St Johnsbury Thomas Ward's
Ward, Hiram Danville 54 South Hall
Ward, Willie A. St Johnsbury Osborne Ward's
Warden, Milo J. Passumpsic 45 South Hall
Webster, George D. Passumpsic 47 South Hall
Weeks, Gordon C. St Johnsbury Center Hiram Weeks's
Wells, Joseph L. Granby 17 South Hall
West, Samuel B. Norwich 60 South Hall
Westgate, George H. Haverhill, NH 47 South Hall
Wheatley, Hannibal P. East Brookfield N. P. Bowman's
Woods, Harry Bath, NH 55 South Hall
Wright, Albert L. St Johnsbury Center T. H. Wright's
Wright, Fred B. Lunenburg 27 South Hall
Sub-Juniors Residence Rooms
Bishop, Edward E. Littleton, NH Eben Jones'
Brown, George N. St Johnsbury Center 51 South Hall
Carr, Gavin A. West Glover Club House
Cushing, Charles E. East Burke G. W. Spencer's
Danforth, Fred A. St Johnsbury H. C. Danforth's
Daniels, Fred S. St Johnsbury A. M. Daniel's
Dean, George E. Huntingville, PQ Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Drew, Willie L. North Danville 37 South Hall
Durlam, Frank B. East Concord 35 South Hall
Evans, Elmore E. St Johnsbury J. B. Evans's
Flint, George A. St Johnsbury R. B. Flint's
Folsom, Irving J. St Johnsbury Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Gilbert, George N. West Concord Lucius Freeman's
Gilfillan, Charles Passumpsic 49 South Hall
Gordon, Fred F. St Johnsbury W. R. Gordon's
Goss, Charles H. Lower Waterford 37 South Hall
Graves, Herbert H. West Concord R. B. Flint's
Grout, George S. St Johnsbury D. F. Grout's
Hale, George H. St Johnsbury J. O. Hale's
Hale, Joseph F. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Harrington, Wallace C. East St Johnsbury L. B. Harrington's
Hart, George W. St Johnsbury George A. Hart's
Hill, Frank D. West Concord D. H. Hill's
Hill, Minot W. Waterford Avenue House
Houghton, Julius H. St Johnsbury Dr. M. G. Houghton's
Hovey, Frank A. East St Johnsbury Mr. Chase's
Hutchinson, Warner J. Thetford G. Hutchinson's
Ingalls, Eddie B. North Danville E. T. Howard's
Kinne, Harvey C. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Kittredge, Fred L. St Johnsbury Mrs. C. L. Kittredge's
Moore, Alfred K. McIndoes Boarding House
Parker, Herbert H. Sutton F. Switser's
Peck, Charles E. Passumpsic William Peck's
Peck, George W. Passumpsic William Peck's
Scott, Frank A. Glover Club House
Service, Samuel L. Barnet 35 South Hall
Shattuck, Willie St Johnsbury B. B. Shattuck's
Spencer, Carl M. St Johnsbury G. W. Spencer's
Sprague, Silas I. North Danville L. Arnold's
Stanton, George H. North Danville William S. Hill's
Stone, Arthur F. St Johnsbury C. M. Stone's
Stone, Fred E. St Johnsbury Center E. H. Stone's
Tredrea, John M. North Danville W. R. Puffer's
Varnum, Byron Danville 49 South Hall
Warden, Charles S. Barnet 45 South Hall
Weeks, Frank D. North Danville 35 South Hall
Wilson, George H. North Troy 39 South Hall
Woods, Willis F. Passumpsic J. B. Woods'
Students - Females
Senior Advanced Class Residence Rooms
Alvord, Lucia M. St Johnsbury J. M. Alvord's
Gorham, Annie L. St Johnsbury I. B. Gorham's
Hall, Mattie J. St Johnsbury Emerson Hall's
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Abell, Carrie A. Wolcott R. B. Flint's
Adgate, Hattie W. East Hardwick F. F. Fletcher's
Arven, Gertie L. Hanover, NH 40 South Hall
Baker, Minnie F. St Johnsbury A. O. Baker's
Clark, Carrie E. St Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Clark, Emily L. St Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Clement, E. Belle Barnet J. W. Balch's
Colby, Zoe E. Bradford Ira Harvey's
Frost, Florence St Johnsbury Selim Frost's
Gilfillan, Lura M. Barnet 14 South Hall
Hancock, Alice M. St Johnsbury J. M. Hancock's
Howard, Carrie L. St Johnsbury L. D. Howard's
Norris, Emily W. Norrisville 40 South Hall
Ross, Helen M. St Johnsbury Jonathan Ross'
Ross, Lizzie M. St Johnsbury Jonathan Ross'
Stuart, Edna A. St Johnsbury Alex. Stuart's
Ward, Ida J. St Johnsbury Thomas Ward's
Waters, Charlotte L. Lower Waterford 28 South Hall
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Babcock, Nellie A. St Johnsbury H. C. Babcock's
Brown, Flora A. St Johnsbury O. T. Brown's
Chapman, Ella M. St Johnsbury D. Chapman's
Cheney, Cora C. Lunenburg H. Lucas'
Ford, Patie M. Barnet Gilbert Spencer's
Hancock, Nellie S. St Johnsbury J. M. Hancock's
Hawkins, Katie M. St Johnsbury A. W. Hawkin's
Harvey, Flora E. West Waterford 34 South Hall
Hibbard, Hortense B. Lisbon, NH George Cross'
Hosmer, Mary L. St Johnsbury A. W. Hawkin's
Hunter, Almedie D. St Johnsbury D. Hunter's
Jenness, Martha A. Glover 28 South Hall
Kinney, Helen C. Craftsbury D. Morrison's
Knappen, Cora E. St Johnsbury Mrs. L. Knappen's
Parker, Mary M. Sutton F. Switser's
Stribling, Lola R. San Antonia, Texas Boarding House
Underwood, Persis S. St Johnsbury E. L. Underwood's
Ward, Carrie A. Danville 46 South Hall
Wells, Hettie Granby 28 South Hall
Willard, Mary Montpelier A. O. Baker's
Williams, Minnie L. Glover H. Lucas'
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Abbott, Fannie S. Barnet J. W. Balch's
Abbott, Susie M. St Johnsbury C. H. Abbott's
Appleton, Lilla E. Victory 44 South Hall
Babcock, Lucretia West Concord 22 South Hall
Bagby, Sara E. St Johnsbury Mrs. L. M. Bagby's
Baker, Alida West Glover H. Lucas'
Beck, Daisy St Johnsbury Joseph Beck's
Bickford, Emma F. North Danville 12 South Hall
Bickford, Laura M. North Danville 12 South Hall
Bixby, Florence J. West Danville 24 South Hall
Blodgett, Maria E. Lisbon, NH J. H. Paddock's
Brooks, Laura L. St Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Brooks, Mary M. St Johnsbury Center John Brooks'
Brown, Julia A. St Johnsbury A. J. Willard's
Carr, Carrie E. St Johnsbury M. W. Carr's
Chapman, Jennie J. East St Johnsbury D. Chapman's
Cheney, M. Belle East St Johnsbury L. P. Cheney's
Coolidge, Kate A. Albany Centre Henry Dudley's
Couch, M. Lizzie St Johnsbury J. L. Couch's
Crossman, Addie R. St Johnsbury W. S. Hill's
Cutler, Edna E. West Glover H. Lucas'
Darling, Lucy B. Concord 14 South Hall
Darling, Mary R. Concord 14 South Hall
Dea, Carrie A. St Johnsbury Mrs. John Dea's
Dean, Ella T. St Johnsbury C. F. Dean's
Dibble, May E. North Danville Mrs. D. R. Hall's
Fairbanks, Agnes St Johnsbury Horace Fairbanks'
Fairbanks, Isabel St Johnsbury Horace Fairbanks'
Fairbanks, Mary F. St Johnsbury Franklin Fairbanks'
Freeman, Alice M. Chicago, IL P. D. Blodgett's
Gates, Isora A. East St Johnsbury Mrs. R. S. Grout's
Gibson, Emma J. Passumpsic 50 South Hall
Grant, Abbie E. St Johnsbury J. J. Grant's
Graves, Helen S. St Johnsbury Center A. W. Hawkin's
Green, Nellie A. Lower Waterford 42 South Hall
Harvey, Helen M. West Waterford C. E. Putney's
Hill, Ada R. Waterford Samuel Hill's
Houghton, Emily E. Lower Waterford 42 South Hall
Hovey, Lucy N. St Johnsbury R. Hovey's
Howe, Jeannie M. North Thetford Mrs. Ide's
Kinney, Elma Craftsbury Miss C. Thayer's
Knight, Nettie Franconia, NH Mrs. J. C. Bingham's
Ladd, Mary E. Waterford 36 South Hall
Letch, Mary A. Ryegate 34 South Hall
Letch, Mattie Ryegate 34 South Hall
Little, Cora A. St Johnsbury Mrs. R. Little's
Longee, Mary E. North Danville S. N. Houghton's
Mansfield, Nettie C. St Johnsbury Mr. Cowling's
Mason, Emily E. Waterford 26 South Hall
Mason, Martha J. Waterford 26 South Hall
Morrison, Callie T. Passumpsic 30 South Hall
Morse, Annie S. St Johnsbury Center Mrs. J. Morse's
Morse, Adelie E. Danville 30 South Hall
Moulton, Julia E. St Johnsbury 54 South Hall
Nelson, Lizzie B. Ryegate Club House
Nichols, Alice J. St Johnsbury Center R. Nichol's
Nichols, Julia A. St Johnsbury Center C. Riley's
Norris, Mary B. Norrisville 40 South Hall
Owen, Belle A. St Johnsbury William Owen's
Parker, Lizzie M. St Johnsbury Q. R. Parker's
Parlin, Ella West Charleston 24 South Hall
Pierce, Ella F. St Johnsbury Center Charles O. Pierce's
Randall, Bettie J. North Danville Mrs. E. Hutchinson's
Ranney, Nellie M. West Concord Sullivan Ranney's
Ross, Helen E. St Johnsbury Henry Ross'
Russlow, Katie W. North Danville 30 South Hall
Shattuck, Isabel E. North Danville Mr. Cowling's
Stanton, Carrie E. North Danville L. B. Flint's
Stanton, Clara E. North Danville L. B. Flint's
Stanton, Mabel A. North Danville Martin Drew's
Stearns, Nellie S. St Johnsbury Irving Frost's
Stevens, Abbie C. St Johnsbury Center S. D. Steven's
Stevens, Jessie St Johnsbury Center J. R. Stevens'
Stockwell, Irene A. West Concord 32 South Hall
Stone, Mary E. St Johnsbury C. M. Stone's
Trull, Addie I. West Burke David Trull's
Warden, Abbie A. Barnet 38 South Hall
Warden, Alice E. (deceased) Barnet 38 South Hall
Webster, Lora Lunenburg W. R. Puffer's
Weeks, Nellie J. Woodsville, NH Boarding House
Wetherbee, Mianda West Concord 32 South Hall
Willard, Carrie B. St Johnsbury Mrs. Williard's
Williams, Ida L. West Glover 24 South Hall
Williams, Mary L. East St Johnsbury George F. Hallett's
Woodward, Marcia M. West Concord H. C. Woodward's
Wright, Jennie F. Pepperell, MA N. P. Bowman's
Sub-Juniors Residence Rooms
Abbott, P. Ella Barnet J. W. Balch's
Baker, Cora E. West Glover 46 South Hall
Buckminster, Marianne E. Victory 44 South Hall
Currier, Ella M. South Danville 14 South Hall
Fairbanks, Mira St Johnsbury William P. Fairbanks'
Fairbrother, Emma C. St Johnsbury Mrs. G. W. Fairbrother's
Fairman, Jennie E. Wolcott 50 South Hall
Flint, Ella M. St Johnsbury R. B. Flint's
Follensby, Ambersine Victory 30 South Hall
Folsom, Nellie A. St Johnsbury Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Gilfillan, Mary B. Passumpsic 32 South Hall
Hibbard, Addie P. Lisbon, NH George Cross'
Hoyt, Hittie E. Lyndon S. N. Houghton's
Kingsbury, Ella S. Lyme, NH Mrs. Ide's
McLaren, Irene Passumpsic 50 South Hall
Owen, Inez E. Craftsbury Henry Dudley's
Persons, Winnie S. West Concord 32 South Hall
Sanborn, Jennie L. Lower Waterford 36 South Hall
Shattuck, Ida B. Danville 36 South Hall
Silsby, Mittie S. East St Johnsbury Mrs. H. Silsby's
Sylvester, Nellie M. St Johnsbury C. A. Sylvester's
Tilton, Jennie West Concord A. Stuart's
Underwood, Florence J. St Johnsbury 54 South Hall
Warden, Cora H. Passumpsic 30 South Hall
Weeks, Belle C. St Johnsbury Center 22 South Hall
Whipple, Etta A. Sutton J. W. Berry's
Williams, Etta N. Upper Waterford 38 South Hall

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