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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus President
Thayer, Rev. William W.  
Fairbanks, Horace  
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry  
Fairbanks, Franklin  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T.  
Fuller, Homer T. Secretary & Treasurer
Fuller, Rev. Homer T., A.M. Principal & Teacher of Latin, Greek, & Mental Science
Putney, Charles E., A. M. Teacher of Latin, Greek, and History
Brackett, Solomon H., A.M. Teacher of Natural Science, and Higher Mathematics
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of Latin, French, and English Literature
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Mathematics & English
Montgomery, Miss Margaret Teacher of Geometry and Moral Science
Marie, Madame Emma Teacher of French
Paddock, Miss Orris Teacher of Instrumental Music
Guy, Miss Tirzah M. Teacher of Drawing
Furman, William F. Assistant Spring Term
Stiles, William M. Teacher of Penmanship
Students - Males
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Anderson, Jens K. St Johnsbury H. K. Anderson's
Baldwin, Deo D. Sharon E. L. Wells', Lyndon
Barstow, John Haverhill, NH 33 South Hall
Bigelow, William H. St Johnsbury B. S. Hastings'
Blake, G. Frank Athol, MA 23 South Hall
Bryant, Frank D. St Johnsbury A. N. Bryant's
Denio, Herbert W. St Johnsbury 37 South Hall
Dodge, Willis E. Barton 25 South Hall
Drew, Holman A. Colebrook, NH Merrill Russell's
Gates, Owen H. St Johnsbury Rev. M. A. Gates'
Griswold, Charles S. Haverhill, NH 41 South Hall
Gulick, Edward L. Hanover, NH Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Ham, Judson B. Sandwich Centre, NH C. E. Emerson's
Jewett, George A. Swanton St Johnsbury House
Ray, Edward Lancaster, NH George Ranney's
Robertson, Samuel W. Tullahassee, I. T. Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Stiles, William M. Montgomery Centre Merrill Russell's
Truax, Harry L. St Johnsbury Leonard H. Truax's
Ward, Hiram St Johnsbury Mrs. Chamberlain's
Watson, Alfred E. Hartford J. A. Hadley's
Willard, Stephen R. St Johnsbury A. J. Willard's
Winch, George Langdon, NH 29 South Hall
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Adams, Charles S. St Johnsbury Mrs. C. E. Adam's
Anderson, Hans P. St Johnsbury H. K. Anderson's
Austin, Herbert J. St Johnsbury Rev. H. F. Austin's
Barber, William M. Montpelier C. E. Putney's
Billings, Parmly Woodstock Mrs. Mary Boles'
Bishop, Edward E. Littleton, NH Miss. L. J. Bishop's
Bishop, Leslie I. St Johnsbury Lendall Bishop's
Bishop, Willard C. St Johnsbury Lendall Bishop's
Bliss, William G. Constantinople, Turkey Club House
Carpenter, William Chelsea D. Carpenter's
Dearborn, Alonzo Nashua, NH Mrs. H. Thayer's
Dole, Charles S. Danville Eleazer J. Dole's
Drew, William L. North Danville 25 South Hall
Fairbanks, Arthur St Johnsbury Rev. Henry Fairbanks'
Folsom, Irving J. St Johnsbury Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Fuller, Elmer W. St Johnsbury William Fuller's
Gates, Charles W. Franklin 33 South Hall
Goss, Herbert I. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Hale, Edwin E. Orfordville, NH Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Hamel, Edward P. St Johnsbury David Hamel's
Hedding, Melvin E. Chazy, NY 27 South Hall
Herrick, Joseph T. Tirumangalu, S. Ind. Club House
Hinman, Jason West Charleston G. H. Taplin's
Hood, Frank C. Topsham 37 South Hall
Ide, George R. Philadelphia, Penn Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Knapp, Charles H. St Johnsbury B. D. Burnham's
Lane, Herbert E. West Derby F. F. Fletcher's
Lovell, Aldis Alstead, NH Dr. H. C. Newell's
Martin, Charles L. Montgomery Centre Merrill Russell's
Miller, David G. East Braintree, MA 29 South Hall
Moodie, Pliny M. E. Craftsbury N. P. Bowman's
Morse, Jenner E. Westboro, MA R. C. M. Howe's
Morse, Joseph F. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Noyes, William H. Periakulum, So. Ind. Rev. H. W. Jones'
O'Halloran, George F. Cowansville, Quebec Mrs. Mary Boles'
Peck, Charles E. Passumpsic William E. Peck's
Shurtleff, Fremont E. Massawippi, P. Q. Academy Boarding House
Spencer, Carl M. St Johnsbury G. W. Spencer's
Stone, Arthur F. St Johnsbury C. M. Stone's
Symonds, Irving F. Acworth, NH Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Tenney, Edward H. Claremont, NH Dr. H. C. Newell's
Thrasher, Bennett M. Coventry 47 South Hall
Trask, Leland New York City Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Turner, Arthur R. Charlestown, MA 31 South Hall
Upton, Warren H. Bakersfield Academy Boarding House
Weeks, James S. St Johnsbury C. F. Weeks'
Wheatley, Irving N. East Brookfield N. P. Bowman's
Wilson, Homer C. Lyndonville S. J. Wilson's
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Alden, R. Seabury Lyme, NH David Morrison's
Alvord, George R. St Johnsbury J. M. Alvord's
Andrus, George B. South Strafford George Ranney's
Appleton, John A. Victory Club House
Blodgett, Herbert W. St Johnsbury E. D. Blodgett's
Brackett, Frank P. St Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Bradley, William W. St Johnsbury G. L. Bradley's
Brooks, Arthur R. St Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Brown, George N. St Johnsbury Center F. F. Fletcher's building
Bugbee, Eugene M. Hartford 29 South Hall
Burnham, William E. St Johnsbury B. D. Burnham's
Buswell, Henry C. Danville Rev. C. S. Buswell's
Carpenter, Ora M. West Charleston G. H. Taplin's
Chaplin, Willie A. Lyndonville O. G. Chaplin's
Conant, Charles S. Greensboro D. Willey's
Dudley, Sydney A. St Johnsbury Henry Dudley's
Fairbanks, Robert N. St Johnsbury Rev. Henry Fairbanks'
Gibson, William A. Ryegate Dr. H. C. Newell's
Goodwin, Karl H. St Johnsbury H. S. Goodwin's
Gray, Fred S. Coventry 47 South Hall
Gray, George M. Ryegate Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Hale, Perley G. Passumpsic 37 South Hall
Hancock, John E. St Johnsbury John M. Hancock's
Hatch, Fred M. East Berkshire Academy Boarding House
Hazen, Lucius K. St Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Higgins, Charles St Johnsbury William Higgin's
Hovey, William C. East St Johnsbury J. G. Hovey's
Kinney, William L. St Johnsbury Mrs. A. Kinney's
Lane, Homer G. Newport Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Mattocks, Samuel J. Danville J. B. Mattock's
Morrill, Curtis Strafford Mrs. Charles Tilden's
Morrill, Elbert Danville Luther Morrill's
Nelson, George A. Barnet 39 South Hall
Nourse, Arthur W. Bethlehem, NH 33 South Hall
Page, Child L. Woodsville, NH Dr. Page's
Pierce, Charles S. St Johnsbury Center L. Clark's
Pierce, George H. St Johnsbury Center F. F. Fletcher's building
Remick, James W. Colebrook, NH C. V. Eastman's
Ross, Edward H. St Johnsbury J. Ross'
Seaver, Harley T. North Troy N. P. Bowman's
Simpson, George A. St Johnsbury A. W. Simpson's
Skiff, Lewis A. Bridport F. F. Fletcher's
Stanley, Herbert A. Barnet 39 South Hall
Stanton, Edwin M. North Danville 25 South Hall
Stevens, Truman E. St Johnsbury J. R. Stevens'
Stokes, Warren S. East Charleston 25 South Hall
Underwood, J. Clarence St Johnsbury Horace Underwood's
Walker, Wilbur S. St Johnsbury C. S. Walker's
Sub-Juniors Residence Rooms
Alger, John L. Passumpsic Rev. N. W. Alger's
Batchelder, William J. Cabot D. W. Batchelder's
Bridgman, Burt N. Umzumbi, So. Africa Rev. H. W. Jones'
Cushman, Henry O. Passumpsic George F. Cushman's
Drew, George M. North Danville 39 South Hall
Emerson, Harley J. St Johnsbury J. F. Emerson's
Estabrooks, Fred W. St Johnsbury Warren Estabrooks'
Gage, Josiah St Johnsbury L. L. Kendall's
Howe, Willie A. St Johnsbury Center W. C. Howe's
Mattocks, William D. Danville J. B. Mattock's
Patterson, Fred W. South Albany Ira Harvey's
Perkins, Isaac W. No. Centerville, N. B. Club House
Richard, John B. St Johnsbury L. O. Richard's
Ross, Fred R. St Johnsbury Henry Ross'
Ross, John C. St Johnsbury J. Ross'
Steele, William P. Passumpsic Mrs. Helen M. Steele's
Stanton, Walter P. North Danville L. Graham's
Strong, Henry B. St Johnsbury Mrs. L. S. Strong's
Thayer, John F. St Johnsbury Rev. Wm. W. Thayer's
Walker, Ferdinand L. St Johnsbury George B. Walker's
Webber, Frederic F. Troy, NY C. E. Putney's
West, Charles H. St Johnsbury Arza West's
Woodward, Ellsworth C. Danville Dr. C. Woodward's
Students - Females
Senior Advanced Class Residence Rooms
Folsom, Nellie A. St Johnsbury Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Hancock, Nellie S. St Johnsbury J. M. Hancock's
Morse, Annie S. St Johnsbury Center Mrs. J. Morse's
Preston, Willametta A. Danville L. Graham's
Ross, Julia St Johnsbury J. Ross'
Senior Class Residence Rooms
Baker, Alida West Glover H. Paddock's
Bickford, Laura M. North Danville 14 South Hall
Brooks, Laura L. St Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Brown, Abbie P. St Johnsbury E. F. Brown's
Clark, Susie E. St Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Darling, Mary R. Concord C. W. Thomas'
Evans, Mary E. St Johnsbury J. B. Evan's
Gates, Flora L. St Johnsbury Rev. M. A. Gates'
Gordon, Mary M. St Johnsbury W. R. Gordon's
Hallett, Sarah F. East St Johnsbury Russell Hallett's
Johnston, Lizzie J. Ryegate John Clark's
Nelson, Lizzie B. Ryegate S. H. Brackett's
Porter, Mary G. Neenah, Wisc. Emerson Hall's
Ross, Helen E. St Johnsbury Henry Ross'
Stevens, Abbie C. St Johnsbury Center S. D. Steven's
Thomas, Laura C. Stowe Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Underwood, Flora I. St Johnsbury E. L. Underwood's
Vaughan, Mary E. St Johnsbury Center J. Bacon's
Middle Class Residence Rooms
Cheney, Etta M. Lunenburg S. H. Brackett's
Crosby, Addie E. St Johnsbury Geo. R. Crosby's
Fairman, Jennie E. Wolcott R. B. Flint's
Gibson, Clara F. Ryegate L. G. Spencer's
Goss, Florence Greensboro D. D. Patterson's
Hall, Agnes H. St Johnsbury Mrs. C. C. Hall's
Higgins, Alice M. St Johnsbury S. Higgins'
Hinman, Jennie W. Concord R. S. Hinman's
Howe, Jennie M. North Thetford Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Johnson, Lilly M. St Johnsbury N. M. Johnson's
Kidder, Addie L. Bethlehem, NH 40 South Hall
Kilburn, E. Addie Littleton, NH A. O. Baker's
Kingsbury, Ella S. Lyme, NH Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Knapp, Alice R. St Johnsbury Uriah Knapp's
May, Jennie St Johnsbury George May's
Phelps, Fannie Chester Depot Mrs. R. Underwood's
Powers, Jessie M. West Burke J. D. Miller's
Ross, Mattie St Johnsbury J. Ross'
Root, Carrie A. North Craftsbury 40 South Hall
Rowe, Mary L. Springfield Mrs. R. Underwood's
Stiles, Lois St Johnsbury Center N. L. Harlow's
Thompson, Jennie R. Coos, NH 30 South Hall
Webber, Annie Troy, NY C. E. Putney's
Wilcox, Emily J. St Johnsbury John A. Ross'
Wilkinson, Jennie C. West Glover W. P. Smith's
Willey, Hattie P. St Johnsbury D. Willey's
Junior Class Residence Rooms
Adams, Annie F. St Johnsbury P. B. Adams'
Bagley, Mary B. St Johnsbury Ira A. Bagley's
Bartlett, Clara I. St Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Blodgett, Harriet E. St Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Brown, Julia A. St Johnsbury A. I. Bailey's
Browne, Nellie L. St Johnsbury Dr. H. S. Browne's
Bundy, Annie I. North Stratford, NH Alvah Harvey's
Campbell, Carrie C. Sutton Francis Switser's
Carpenter, May C. West Waterford J. Ross'
Carr, Flora J. St Johnsbury W. W. Carr's
Chamberlain, Marion P. St Johnsbury E. J. Chamberlain's
Clark, Alice G. St Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Conant, Alice T. Greensboro D. Willey's
Drew, Katie A. St Johnsbury Jerry Drew's
Dwinell, Myra L. St Johnsbury Charles Dwinell's
Fairbanks, Mira T. St Johnsbury W. P. Fairbanks'
Flint, Ella M. St Johnsbury R. B. Flint's
Gates, Libbie R. Franklin 26 South Hall
Gilman, Carrie V. Morrisville Rev. M. A. Gates'
Goss, Helen A. Lower Waterford 38 South Hall
Hallett, Carrie M. Buffalo, NY R. Hallett's
Ham, Clara L. St Johnsbury C. E. Emerson's
Harlow, Eva M. St Johnsbury L. C. Harlow's
Harvey, Abbie L. Craftsbury Mrs. R. Underwood's
Harvey, Carrie A. St Johnsbury Alvah Harvey's
Hubbard, Alice M. Sharon 22 South Hall
Huse, Maria A. East St Johnsbury L. Graham's
Ide, Katie D. Passumpsic E. T. Ide's
Ingram, Jeannie D. St Johnsbury Walter Ingram's
Knight, Grace E. St Johnsbury Thomas Knight's
Maplesden, Mary A. Morgan 28 South Hall
McDonald, Margaret St Johnsbury Wm. McDonald's
Morrill, Margaret E. Danville L. Morrill's
Nelson, Laura McLeran's ??? 26 South Hall
Noyes, Mary T. St Johnsbury Rev. H. W. Jones'
Parker, Clara E. Danville W. F. Morris'
Pearl, Alice E. St Johnsbury Mrs. L. E. Pearl's
Pierce, Sadie S. St Johnsbury Center C. O. Pierce's
Ranney, Jennie P. W. Concord L. Graham's
Ranney, May Pittsfield George Ranney's
Rounds, Ella D. Chester Mrs. R. Underwood's
Rust, Abbie O. St Johnsbury J. R. Rust's
Samson, Abbie A. East Berkshire 26 South Hall
Shorey, Agnes H. St Johnsbury Center Irving H. Frost's
Silsby, Jennie A. Lunenburg W. P. Smith's
Smith, Nellie G. Brunswick Mrs. C. Tilden's
Stanton, Mabel A. North Danville L. Graham's
Stevens, Corilla A. Danville J. D. Steven's
Stevens, Mary F. North Danville J. Hamilton's
Stevens, Nettie E. North Danville Mrs. Hutchinson's
Taplin, Carrie L. St Johnsbury G. H. Taplin's
Thayer, Susie H. St Johnsbury Charles Thayer's
Thompson, Edith E. Coos, NH 30 South Hall
Turner, Bessie I. White Oak Springs, Ala. H. T. Fuller's
Turner, Fannie B. Bethlehem, NH 40 South Hall
Turner, Mary I. C. White Oak Springs, Ala. H. T. Fuller's
Underwood, Lizzie L. St Johnsbury Mrs. R. Underwood's
Wakefield, Alice E. West Concord O. P. Wakefield's
Ward, Dora A. St Johnsbury Osborne Ward's
Ward, Matie N. St Johnsbury Thomas Ward's
Waters, Katie M. Albany 36 South Hall
Watson, Olive R. Hartford J. A. Hadley's
Weeks, Clara M. North Danville 28 South Hall
Wheeler, Nettie M. St Johnsbury Center H. A. Wheeler's
Worcester, Emma S. St Johnsbury A. Worcester's
Sub-Juniors Residence Rooms
Austin, Nellie St Johnsbury Rev. H. F. Austin's
Benton, Hattie M. Guildhall 42 South Hall
Clement, Emma L. Danville William Clement's
Coe, Alice M. Burke W. B. Johnson's
Eastman, Amanda Grand Haven, Mich. Rev. H. W. Jones'
Gould, Emma H. St Johnsbury G. G. Gould's
Hale, Addie D. St Johnsbury John O. Hale's
Harriman, Kate S. St Johnsbury David Harriman's
Hazen, Mary L. St Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hoyt, Emma E. Victory L. B. Flint's
Jewett, Helen B. St Johnsbury S. Jewett's
Nelson, Sarah J. Ryegate 30 South Hall
Peck, Ida E. Danville Simon Peck's
Smith, Jennie East St Johnsbury Ira G. Smith's
Strong, Ellen L. Victory O. L. Farnham's
Webber, Lucy Troy, NY C. E. Putney's
Willey, Nelle M. North Monroe, NH 26 South Hall

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