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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus Trustee, President  
Thayer, Rev. William W. Trustee  
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry Trustee  
Fairbanks, Franklin Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Trustee  
Fuller, Homer T. Trustee, Secretary & Treasurer
Fuller, Homer T., Ph. D. Teacher of Latin, Greek, and Political Economy Principal
Putney, Charles E., A. M. Teacher of Latin & Greek
Brackett, Solomon H., A. M. Teacher of Natural Science & Higher Mathematics
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of Latin, French & English Literature
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Mathematics & English
Montgomery, Miss Margaret Teacher of Geometry, German & History
Marie, Madame Emma Teacher of French
Paddock, Miss Orris Teacher of Instrumental Music
Guy, Miss Tirzah M. Teacher of Drawing
Ross, Miss Caroline C. Assistant
Stafford, Wendall P. Teacher of Elocution
Stokes, Warren S. Teacher of Penmanship, first term
Whittemore, A. T. Teacher of Penmanship, second term
Students - Post Graduates  
Names Residence Rooms
Goss, Herbert I. Lower Waterford 25 South Hall
Hinman, Jason West Charleston G. H. Taplin's
Moodie, Pliny M. East Craftsbury 25 South Hall
Vaughan, Mary E. St. Johnsbury Center 36 South Hall
Senior Advanced Class    
Names Residence Rooms
May, Jennie P. St. Johnsbury Geo. May's
Ross, Mattie E. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Names Residence Rooms
Alvord, George R. St. Johnsbury J. M. Alvord's
Andersen, Hans P. St. Johnsbury H. K. Andersen's
Appleton, John A. Victory S. H. Brackett's
Bacon, John L. Chelsea Mrs. S. Jewett's
Bailey, Charles F. East Hardwick 45 South Hall
Baker, Alvah S. Lowell, MA Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Bayley, Edwin A. Newbury Mrs. S. Jewett's
Blodgett, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury E. D. Blodgett's
Blodgett, Lloyd M. Pawtucket, RI 31 South Hall
Bradley, Welcome W. St. Johnsbury Geo. L. Bradley's
Burnham, William E. St. Johnsbury B. D. Burnham's
Fairbanks, Arthur St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Forbush, Frank D. Springfield G. H. Cross'
French, John Woodstock J. M. Warner's
Gray, George M. Ryegate W. H. Preston's
Higgins, Charles H. St. Johnsbury Wm. Higgins'
Hopkins, Frederick E. Montgomery Center 37 South Hall
Hulbert, J. Munsell Pineville, Wis. 31 South Hall
Ide, George R. Philadelphia, PA Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Luckadoe, W. Hiawatha Going Snake, Ind. Terr. 33 South Hall
Mattocks, Samuel J. Danville J. B. Mattock's
Newcomb, Luther Montpelier C. V. Eastman's
Phelps, Frederic W. East St. Johnsbury Rev. F. B. Phelps'
Putney, Charles Middletown, MA C. E. Putney's
Ross, Edward H. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Russell, Charles E. Davenport, IA C. V. Eastman's
Stokes, Warren S. East Charleston 33 South Hall
Stone, Arthur F. St. Johnsbury C. M. Stone's
Walker, Wilbur S. St. Johnsbury C. S. Walker's
Browne, Helen L. St. Johnsbury Dr. H. S. Browne's
Brown, Julia A. St. Johnsbury A. L. Bailey's
Fairbanks, Mira T. St. Johnsbury W. P. Fairbanks'
Gates, Libbie R. Franklin 14 South Hall
Gibson, Clara F. Ryegate L. G. Spencer's
Ham, Clara L. St. Johnsbury William Smith's
Hulbert, Gertrude New Haven 42 South Hall
Kidder, Addie L. (deceased) Bethlehem, NH 40 South Hall
Knight, Ella S. Irasburgh Mrs. S. Gibb's
Knight, Grace E. St. Johnsbury Thomas Knight's
Knapp, Alice R. St. Johnsbury Uriah Knapp's
Mathewson, Lillie B. Barton A. B. Matthewson's
Montgomery, Lizzie R. Saco, ME 34 South Hall
Noyes, Mary T. Periakulam, South India T. M. Howard's
Rust, Abby O. St. Johnsbury J. R. Rust's
Stiles, Lois St. Johnsbury Center L. D. Stiles'
Taplin, Carrie L. St. Johnsbury G. H. Taplin's
Thompson, Edith E. N. Stratford, NH 30 South Hall
Middle Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Abbott, Wallace C. Woodstock 35 South Hall
Alger, John L. Passumpsic Rev. L. W. Alger's
Baldwin, Ralph Wells River W. H. Preston's
Beattie, William J. Ryegate J. M. Warner's
Bickford, Selden F. Barton H. Bickford's
Brackett, Frank P. St. Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Bridgman, Burt N. Umzumbi, South Africa Rev. H. W. Jones'
Brooks, Arthur R. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Chamberlin, Edward Sharon 29 South Hall
Chamberlain, Harry B. Newbury G. W. Spencer's
Conant, Charles S. Greensboro Mrs. H. M. Thayer's
Drew, George M. North Danville 39 South Hall
Estabrooks, Fred St. Johnsbury Warren Estabrooks'
Fairbanks, Robert N. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Goodwin, Karl H. St. Johnsbury H. S. Goodwin's
Hatch, Fred M. East Berkshire 37 South Hall
Hazen, Lucius K. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hovey, Erastus G. St. Johnsbury J. G. Hovey's
Hovey, Harley M. Waterford 41 South Hall
Kinney, William C. East Hardwick H. Parker's
Ladd, George W. St. Johnsbury Alonzo Ladd's
Lloyd, Alfred H. Andover, MA Club House
Lloyd, Arthur D. Andover, MA Club House
Loveland, Frank O. Norwich 29 South Hall
Mattocks, William D. Danville J. B. Mattock's
McGaffey, Lucius K. Lyndon S. R. McGaffey's
Morse, Charles W. West Concord Rev. J. Morse's
Nelson, George O. McLeran's 27 South Hall
Packard, Elmer C. St. Johnsbury Charles Packard's
Prouty, George H. Newport Mrs. J. Page's
Quimby, William L. Lyndon L. K. Quimby's
Ranney, Nathan H. West Concord S. Ranney's
Richardson, Henry M. Broosa, Turkey Rev. S. Richardson's
Richardson, John L. Broosa, Turkey Rev. S. Richardson's
Ross, Fred R. St. Johnsbury Henry Ross'
Ross, John C. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Shattuck, Henry B. Bridgewater 35 South Hall
Silver, C. Alba Bloomfield 47 South Hall
Stanley, Herbert A. Barnet P. A. Stanley's
Stevens, Henry C. East Hardwick G. H. Taplin's
Vaughan, Frank T. Coaticook, P. Q. 27 South Hall
Waterman, Frank H. Johnson G. H. Cross'
Webber, Frederick F. Troy, NY C. E. Putney's
Alger, Ellen L. Johnville, P.Q. Rev. N. W. Alger's
Alger, Minnie J. Passumpsic Rev. N. W. Alger's
Bailey, Lucy C. East Hardwick 22 South Hall
Bartlett, Clara I. St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Bartlett, Phebe R. Barton Landing 24 South Hall
Blodgett, Harriet E. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Campbell, Carrie C. Sutton F. Switser's
Carpenter, May C. West Waterford A. B. Carpenter's
Chamberlin, Marian P. St. Johnsbury E. J. Chamberlin's
Cheney, Etta M. Lunenburgh S. H. Brackett's
Clark, Alice G. St. Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Cole, Adella P. (deceased) Stark, NH S. Humphrey's
Davis, Lizzie P. Chicago, IL G. B. Davis'
Eastman, Bessie Grand Haven, Mich Rev. H. W. Jones'
Gage, Hattie E. North Craftsbury 36 South Hall
Hale, Addie D. St. Johnsbury J. O. Hale's
Harriman, Kate L. St. Johnsbury D. E. Harriman's
Harvey, Abbie L. St. Johnsbury N. F. Harvey's
Hayden, Mary E. Underhill 14 South Hall
Hinman, Jennie West Concord R. S. Hinman's
Ide, Katie D. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Ingram, Jeanie D. St. Johnsbury W. Ingram's
Locke, Jennie M. Barton Landing 26 South Hall
McDonald, Margaret St. Johnsbury William McDonald's
Morse, Alice M. Cabot L. Graham's
Nelson, Mary A. McLeran's 22 South Hall
Northrop, Manda C. Fairfield Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Northrop, Mary M. Fairfield Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Perkins, Hattie F. Marlow, NH 26 South Hall
Silsby, Emma B. Lunenburgh S. Humphrey's
Silsby, Jennie A. Lunenburgh S. Humphrey's
Smith, Callie R. Passumpsic L. G. Smith's
Thayer, Susie H. St. Johnsbury C. H. Thayer's
Ward, N. Matie St. Johnsbury Thomas Ward's
Whipple, Etta A. Sutton 26 South Hall
Willey, Nora L. Glover I. B. Gustin's
Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Adams, Lewis H. S. Charlestown, NH 29 South Hall
Allen, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury D. S. Allen's
Badger, George F. St. Johnsbury W. W. Badger's
Bailey, Harry F. Colebrook, NH Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Bartlett, Harry A., 1st St. Johnsbury Jarvis Bartlett's
Bartlett, Harry A., 2nd St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Bates, Alvan E. Barton Landing Rev. J. A. Bates'
Bates, William A. Barton Landing Rev. J. A. Bates'
Bennett, Clarence A. St. Johnsbury O. P. Bennett's
Blanchard, Edwin C. Newport Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Brainerd, Fred E. Danville St. Johnsbury House
Brooks, Alfred H. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Carpenter, Herbert S. St. Johnsbury F. E. Carpenter's
Carpenter, Edward B. West Waterford A. B. Carpenter's
Carr, Harry H. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. F. Carr's
Chase, Frederick M. Concord T. C. Haynes'
Chedel, Charles A. Woodstock 2 Club House
Cushing, Alvin M., Jr. Lynn, MA G. W. Spencer's
Cushman, Henry O. Passumpsic 23 South Hall
Frost, George H. St. Johnsbury Selim Frost's
Gage, Josiah St. Johnsbury L. L. Kendall's
Gale, William R. Alexandria, NH Mr. Cole's
Gallup, Smith B. Barton Landing J. A. Hadley's
Goodell, Oliver F. St. Louis, MO C. E. Putney's
Harrington, Luther J. Randolph Academy
Harris, Frank E. St. Johnsbury Edwin Harris'
Hibbard, Harry West Concord D. W. Hibbard's
Hovey, Fred E. West Waterford 41 South Hall
Hutchinson, Charles E. South Pomfret J. M. Warner's
Ingalls, William S. Greensboro C. H. Horton's
LeGro, James D. Columbia, NH 47 South Hall
Locke, O. Willey Barton Landing 23 South Hall
Lombard, Darwin Colebrook, NH Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Miner, George E. St. Johnsbury George F. Miner's
Miner, Mark L. Richford G. W. Spencer's
Morse, Everett A. South Danville J. F. Emerson's
Montgomery, Arthur R. East Hardwick H. Parker's
Palmer, William H. North Danville Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Payne, George A. St. Johnsbury J. A. Payne's
Perkins, Henry M. A. South Royalton Mrs. S. K. B. Perkins'
Phelps, George H. Albany Rev. E. S. Locke's
Porter, John L. Corinth 57 South Hall
Ranney, Willie E. West Concord 41 South Hall
Simpson, George A. St. Johnsbury A. W. Simpson's
Skinner, James F. East Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Spencer, Alden I. Crescent City, FL Rev. E. T. Sandford's
Stanton, Walter P. North Danville 39 South Hall
Stoughton, Lemuel Jr. East Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Taplin, Arthur St. Johnsbury G. H. Taplin's
Turner, Charles C. Paris, France C. E. Putney's
Walker, Arthur F. St. Johnsbury F. Walker's
Ward, Chester L. St. Johnsbury Osborn Ward's
Ward, Wesley Danville S. H. Ward's
Webster, Eugene B. Lunenburgh 27 South Hall
Webster, Henry S. Barton Landing L. D. Webster's
Wilcox, Edwin H. St. Johnsbury H. J. Wilcox's
Woodbury, Frederick L. St. Johnsbury L. C. Woodbury's
Wright, Guy C. St. Johnsbury S. B. Wright's
Yeaza, James de Panama, U. S. C. Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Adgate, Almeria I. East Hardwick S. H. Brackett's
Bailey, Lottie A. Lyndonville Thomas Bailey's
Baldwin, Clara D. Coos, NH 30 South Hall
Berry, Alice J. Sutton 26 South Hall
Bowker, Alice M. Lunenburgh M. Bowker's
Brooks, Ida M. West Concord S. D. Brooks'
Carr, Flora J. St. Johnsbury M. W. Carr's
Coe, Alice M. Burke W. B. Johnson's
Coe, Katie G. Burke W. B. Johnson's
Damon, Julia H. Cabot L. Graham's
Davis, Clara E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. W. Davis'
Dutton, Hattie E. Norwich E. T. Howard's
Eaton, Jennie B. Sutton F. Switser's
Emerson, Belle M. St. Johnsbury John Emerson's
Fairbanks, Lucy St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
French, Lucy N. Barton Landing D. C. French's
Hale, Carrie E. Passumpsic L. Hale's
Hartshorn, Katie St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Hazen, Belle F. Hartford L. G. Spencer's
Herrick, Florence C. Cabot A. Smith's
Hibbard, Dora San Francisco, CA Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Hill, Cora L. West Concord D. H. Hill's
Howe, Della St. Johnsbury B. G. Howe's
Howe, Ina M. St. Johnsbury George E. Howe's
Ingalls, Harriet M. Sheffield George Cowling's
Jewett, Helen B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. S. Jewett's
Laird, Lizzie C. St. Johnsbury R. W. Laird's
Marshall, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury C. H. Marshall's
Morse, Flora L. West Concord L. B. Flint's
Morse, Lilla J. West Concord L. B. Flint's
Peck, Ida E. Danville Simon Peck's
Peck, Ida M. Passumpsic C. H. Marshall's
Perkins, Mary E. South Royalton Mrs. S. K. B. Perkins'
Ranney, Almira I. West Concord 38 South Hall
Ritchie, Jennie B. Topsham Charles Stanley's
Shaw, Nellie F. St. Johnsbury W. H. Shaw's
Shorey, Agnes H. St. Johnsbury Center H. A. Wheeler's
Stevens, Nettie E. North Danville Mrs. J. Hamilton's
Thompson, Martha H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Vredenburgh, Bessie St. Johnsbury C. V. Eastman's
Webster, Jennie L. Barton Landing T. M. Howard's
Wilder, Belle M. Bethlehem, NH 28 South Hall
Wilder, Nellie L. Bethlehem, NH 28 South Hall
Sub-Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Allen, John N. St. Johnsbury D. S. Allen's
Blodgett, Ernest A. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Carr, Charles B. St. Johnsbury M. W. Carr's
Fuller, Harry W. St. Johnsbury William Fuller's
George, James H. East Hardwick Asa Livingston's
Gilmore, Alexander H. Fairlee C. E. Putney's
Howe, Willie A. St. Johnsbury Center W. C. Howe's
Kinne, Nathan Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Locke, Charles C. Irasburgh Mrs. S. Gibb's
Lord, Edwin G. Union Village Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Moore, Ellis St. Johnsbury George P. Moore's
Phelps, Charles D. East St. Johnsbury Rev. F. B. Phelps'
Putnam, Graham F. St. Johnsbury Rev. N. F. Putnam's
Thompson, John H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Ward, Frank G. Grafton Rev. M. A. Gates'
Badger, Florence E. St. Johnsbury Center C. A. Clark's
Eaton, Jennie B. Sutton F. Switser's
Ewing, Mary C. Philadelphia, PA Mrs. E. H. Ewing's
Foster, Lenora E. Passumpsic 38 South Hall
Freeman, Lizzie B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. L. C. Ward's
Frost, Carrie E. St. Johnsbury I. H. Frost's
Gates, Bertha A. St. Johnsbury Rev. M. A. Gates'
Hastings, Clara A. Lunenburgh 38 South Hall
Howe, Cora E. St. Johnsbury Center J. Stafford's
Perkins, Isabel St. Johnsbury Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Skinner, Mary Barton Landing 24 South Hall

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