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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus Trustee, President  
Thayer, Rev. William W. Trustee (deceased)
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry Trustee  
Fairbanks, Franklin Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Trustee  
Fuller, Homer T. Trustee, Secretary & Treasurer
Fuller, Homer T., Ph. D. Teacher of Latin, Greek, and Political Economy Principal
Putney, Charles E., A. M. Teacher of Latin & Greek
Brackett, Solomon H., A. M. Teacher of Natural Science & Higher Mathematics
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of Latin, French & English Literature
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Mathematics & English
Mitchell, Miss Abby F. Teacher of German, History & English
Marie, Madame Emma Teacher of French
Paddock, Miss Orris Teacher of Instrumental Music
Guy, Miss Tirzah M. Teacher of Drawing
Barstow, John Teacher of Latin, English & Penmanship
Stafford, Wendall P. Teacher of Elocution
Students - Post Graduates  
Names Residence Rooms
Bacon, John L. Chelsea G. W. Spencer's
Burnham, William E. St. Johnsbury B. D. Burnham's
Forbush, Frank D. Springfield G. W. Spencer's
Goss, Herbert I. Lower Waterford Club House
Higgins, Charles H. St. Johnsbury W. Higgin's
Ross, Mattie St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Senior Advanced Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Browne, Helen L. St. Johnsbury Dr. H. S. Browne's
Fairbanks, Almira T. St. Johnsbury W. P. Fairbanks'
Rust, Abbie O. St. Johnsbury J. R. Rust's
Names Residence Rooms
Abbott, Wallace C. Woodstock Academy
Alvord, George R. St. Johnsbury J. M. Alvord's
Blodgett, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury E. D. Blodgett's
Bradley, Welcome W. St. Johnsbury G. L. Bradley's
Bridgman, Burt N. Umzumbi, South Africa Rev. H. W. Jones'
Chamberlain, Harry B. Newbury G. W. Spencer's
Darling, Edward L. So. Wheelock 55 South Hall
Fairbanks, Arthur St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
French, John Woodstock A. O. Baker's
Goodwin, Karl H. St. Johnsbury H. S. Goodwin's
Gray, George M. Ryegate W. H. Preston's
Hatch, Frederick M. East Berkshire 33 South Hall
Hazen, Lucius K. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hovey, Erastus G. St. Johnsbury J. G. Hovey's
Hovey, Harley M. Waterford W. M. Hovey's
Ladd, George W. St. Johnsbury A. Ladd's
Lloyd, Alfred H. Andover, MA Club House
Lloyd, Arthur D. Andover, MA Club House
Loveland, Frank O. Norwich Mrs. W. W. Thayer's
Mattocks, William D. Danville J. B. Mattock's
Marden, William E. Piermont, NH 23 South Hall
McGaffey, Lucius K. Lyndon S. R. McGaffey's
Morse, Charles W. Wolcott Rev. E. S. Locke's
Quimby, William L. Lyndon L. K. Quimby's
Redmond, John W. Burlington South Hall
Richardson, Henry M. St. Johnsbury Rev. S. Richardson's
Richardson, John L. St. Johnsbury Rev. S. Richardson's
Ross, Edward H. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Silver, C. Alba Bloomfield, NH Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Thompson, Philip S. Lyndon J. S. Thompson's
Vaughan, Frank T. Claremont, NH 27 South Hall
Vaughan, George H. Westford 23 South Hall
Waterman, Frank H. Johnson G. W. Spencer's
Bartlett, Clara I. St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Blodgett, Harriet E. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Chamberlin, Marrian P. St. Johnsbury E. J. Chamberlin's
Clark, Alice G. St. Johnsbury B. B. Clark's
Davis, Lizzie P. Chicago, IL L. B. Hartshorn's
Dixon, Clara C. Underhill J. A. Hadley's
Eastman, Bessie Grand Haven, Mich Rev. H. W. Jones'
Gage, Mary H. North Craftsbury 40 South Hall
Gage, Hattie E. North Craftsbury 40 South Hall
Hale, Addie D. St. Johnsbury J. O. Hale's
Hale, Mary G. Stowe W. P. Smith's
Hayden, Mary E. Underhill 14 South Hall
Hulbert, Gertrude Lyndonville 42 South Hall
Ingram, Jeanie D. St. Johnsbury W. Ingram's
Northrop, Manda C. East Fairfield J. Clark's
Northrop, Mary M. Fairfield J. Clark's
Pearl, Ida S. Lyndonville W. L. Pearl's
Whipple, Etta A. Sutton J. W. Berry's
Middle Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Alger, John L. Passumpsic Rev. N. W. Alger's
Bailey, Harry F. Colebrook, NH Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Blakey, J. Manson Underhill Academy
Brackett, Frank P. St. Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Bingham, George H. Littleton, NH C. Stanley's
Carlton, Ernest G. Amballa, No. India W. L. Pearl's
Chaplin, William A. Lyndonville O. G. Chaplin's
Cushman, Henry O. Passumpsic G. F. Cushman's
Dartt, William H. Ascutneyville South Hall
Denison, Harry W. St. Louis, MO A. O. Baker's
Dunklee, Harley K. West Burke 25 South Hall
Fairbanks, Robert N. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Frost, George H. St. Johnsbury S. Frost's
Goodell, Oliver F. St. Louis, MO H. Fairbank's
Harrington, Luther J. Randolph Academy
Harris, Frank E. St. Johnsbury E. Harris'
Hutchinson, Charles E. So. Pomfret Rev. E. S. Locke's
Hyde, William D. F. E. Hardwick 39 South Hall
Keyes, John L. Newbury C. C. Bingham's
Kinney, William C. East Hardwick A. Worcester's
Leonard, George L. Bellows Falls 27 South Hall
Milliken, Charles E. Maynard, MA W. L. Pearl's
Miner, George E. St. Johnsbury G. F. Miner's
Morse, Everett A. South Danville 37 South Hall
Nelson, Charles T. Barton E. S. Nelson's
Nelson, Samuel B. Barton B. M. R. Nelson's
Packard, Elmer C. St. Johnsbury C. Packard's
Perkins, Henry M. A. South Royalton Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Porter, John L. Corinth 33 South Hall
Robinson, George C. Underhill 47 South Hall
Ross, Fred R. St. Johnsbury H. Ross'
Ross, John C. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Skinner, James F. E. Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Stevens, Henry C. East Hardwick G. H. Taplin's
Stoughton, Lemuel E. Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Strong, Harry Eureka, Kansas Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Turner, Charles C. Paris, France S. Graves'
Walker, Arthur F. St. Johnsbury F. Walker's
Watkins, Harris R. Newbury C. C. Bingham's
Whipple, Harvey M. Lyndon Center C. A. Whipple's
Wild, Edward N. St. Johnsbury Rev. A. W. Wild's
Wild, Henry D. St. Johnsbury Rev. A. W. Wild's
Willard, Joseph M. Orford, NH W. L. Pearl's
Wright, Guy C. St. Johnsbury S. B. Wright's
Adgate, Almeria I. East Hardwick A. Worcester's
Bailey, Charlotte A. Lyndonville T. Bailey's
Campbell, Carrie C. Sutton J. P. Otis'
Cheney, Etta M. Lunenburgh South Hall
Cowles, Myra H. Albany Rev. E. T. Sandford's
Dutton, Hattie E. Norwich 36 South Hall
Eastman, Sadie L. Underhill 26 South Hall
Elliott, Edna N. Orford, NH 38 South Hall
French, Inez N. Barton Landing L. F. Gaskill's
Hartshorn, Katie E. St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Harriman, Kate S. St. Johnsbury D. E. Harriman's
Hazen, Belle F. Hartford D. Morrison's
Hazen, Mary L. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hill, Cora L. West Concord D. H. Hill's
Hopkins, Lillah L. Lyndonville C. H. Hopkins'
Ide, Katie D. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Jewett, Helen B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. S. Jewett's
Mathewson, Nellie K. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. B. Mathewson's
Morse, Alice M. Cabot L. Graham's
Nelson, Lizzie G. Barton B. M. R. Nelson's
Parker, Nettie A. Lyndonville W. P. Smith's
Robinson, Adelle A. North Underhill 26 South Hall
Shaw, Nellie F. St. Johnsbury W. H. Shaw's
Thomas, Mary R. Nashua, NH C. W. Thomas'
Thompson, Martha H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Tucker, Lila A. West Glover J. C. Paddock's
Vinton, Hattie A. Lyndon Center 38 South Hall
Webster, Jennie L. Barton Landing T. M. Howard's
Wilder, Belle M. Bethlehem, NH William Bancroft's
Wilder, Nellie L. Bethlehem, NH William Bancroft's
Winter, Helen L. Lyndon Center H. A. Wheeler's
Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Abbott, Willie T. Wells River I. H. Frost's
Adams, Lewis H. South Charleston 35 South Hall
Allen, John M. St. Johnsbury D. S. Allen's
Andersen, Christian P. St. Johnsbury H. K. Andersen's
Allison, George F. St. Johnsbury F. Allison's
Badger, George F. St. Johnsbury W. M. Badger's
Bartlett, Harry A. St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Benton, Benjamin Maidstone R. C. Knight's
Blanchard, James F. Pittsburgh, NH F. Switser's
Blanchard, H. Wilson Pittsburgh, NH F. Switser's
Blakely, Gilbert S. Campton, NH 31 South Hall
Bliss, Charles L. Constantinople, Turkey Club House
Blodgett, Ernest A. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Boynton, Stannard J. Stowe W. S. Boynton's
Brainerd, Fred E. St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury House
Bowen, Lawrence P. East Albany 57 South Hall
Carpenter, Herbert S. St. Johnsbury F. E. Carpenter's
Carr, Harry H. St. Johnsbury Miss E. F. Carr's
Case, George B. Woodstock 33 South Hall
Chamberlin, William G. St. Johnsbury E. J. Chamberlin's
Chase, Frederick M. Concord E. Chase's
Cheney, Clinton M. St. Johnsbury H. M. Cheney's
Churchill, Charles H. Mooers, NY R. C. Knight's
Cole, Edwin P. Lunenburgh L. B. Hartshorn's
Danforth, William R. North Stratford Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Dartt, Frank P. Ascutneyville 25 South Hall
Davison, William S. Lunenburgh M. Smith's
Delchoff, Marin D. Philippopolis, E. Roumelia 29 South Hall
Dodge, Fred W. Lyndonville G. E. Dodge's
Dow, Nelson L. Irasburgh 39 South Hall
Drew, George M. N. Danville 49 South Hall
Gallagher, James North Craftsbury 57 South Hall
Gates, Elmer S. Peacham 49 South Hall
Gillette, Ben B. Norwich Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Gilmore, Alexander H. Fairlee G. H. Taplin's
Glines, George M. Twin Mountain, NH J. L. Willard's
Grandy, Albion L. Lyndonville L. C. Grandy's
Grandy, Merton C. Lyndonville L. C. Grandy's
Green, Wilber M. Lower Waterford Mrs. G. Senter's
Haines, Charles Lower Cabot L. B. Flint's
Hartshorn, James E. St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Hibbard, Harry West Concord D. W. Hibbard's
Ide, George P. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Jewell, Carl H. Barton A. C. Jewell's
Kimball, William E. Albany Dr. S. H. Sparhawk's
King, Charles C. Lunenburgh W. H. Preston's
Locke, Charles C. Irasburgh Rev. E. S. Locke's
Manchester, Forest C. West Randolph J. M. Warner's
Manuel, William S. North Troy C. Flint's
Mead, John F. Randolph J. M. Warner's
Miner, Mark L. Richford G. W. Spencer's
Moore, Ellis W. St. Johnsbury G. P. Moore's
Morrison, Charles H. St. Johnsbury D. Morrison's
McFarland, Elden E. Lunenburgh J. L. Willard's
Montgomery, Charles East Hardwick A. C. Babbitt's
Orvis, Joseph E. Massena, NY R. C. Knight's
Palmer, William M. North Danville Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Payne, George A. St. Johnsbury J. A. Payne's
Phelps, Charles D. East St. Johnsbury Rev. F. B. Phelps'
Phelps, George H. Albany Rev. E. S. Locke's
Ranney, William E. West Concord S. Ranney's
Richardson, Arthur N. Lancaster, NH S. H. Brackett's
Silver, Fayette O. Coos, NH 25 South Hall
Spalding, Frederick D. Lunenburgh L. B. Hartshorn's
Stanton, Walter P. North Danville C. G. Flint's
Sherrill, Edmund A. Lisbon, IL Rev. N. W. Alger's
Taplin, Arthur St. Johnsbury G. H. Taplin's
Thompson, John H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Towne, Wavelie J. Lower Cabot A. Smith's
Ward, Frank G. Grafton Rev. M. A. Gates'
Wells, Merton D. Cabot G. H. Taplin's
Wetherbee, Elmer E. Lyndon South Hall
Wilcox, Edward G. C. Charleston G. H. Taplin's
Woodbury, Fred L. St. Johnsbury L. C. Woodbury's
Allen, Mary E. Lancaster, NH I. Frost's
Ayer, Nettie A. St. Johnsbury Center 24 South Hall
Bacon, Mary S. Chelsea D. Willey's
Barnard, Lotie A. Lunenburgh L. B. Hartshorn's
Barnette, Alice Lyndonville Mrs. F. E. Parker's
Bowker, Alice M. Lunenburgh M. Bowker's
Brooks, Helen L. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Burroughs, Bertha I. West Concord W. C. Lewis'
Buswell, Mary E. West Burke 36 South Hall
Clarke, Mattie Chelsea D. Willey's
Clark, Florence L. Quechee D. Morrison's
Currier, Alice Island Pond N. P. Bowman's
Davis, Clara E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. W. Davis'
Dudley, Lizzie E. West Concord C. H. Dudley's
Estabrooks, Kate L. Danville L. Graham's
Ewing, Mary C. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. H. Ewing's
Fairbanks, Lucy St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Fisher, Hattie F. Danville 38 South Hall
Folsom, Mary A. West Concord C. B. Folsom's
Freeman, Lizzie B. Lower Waterford M. F. Blake's
French, Laura E. St. Johnsbury H. French's
Frost, Carrie E. St. Johnsbury I. Frost's
Gates, Bertha A. St. Johnsbury Rev. M. A. Gates'
Goss, Anna G. Brooklyn, L. I. G. H. Taplin's
Grandy, Jessie F. Lyndonville L. C. Grandy's
Green, Carrie A. Lower Waterford M. F. Blake's
Hadlock, Ida North Troy C. H. Marshall's
Haines, Julia M. Lower Cabot Mrs. H. Thayer's
Haines, Minnie L. Lower Cabot Mrs. H. Thayer's
Harvey, Susie A. West Concord O. F. Harvey's
Howe, Dora F. St. Johnsbury A. Howe's
Howe, Ina M. St. Johnsbury G. E. Howe's
Hutchins, Percie Lancaster, NH 24 South Hall
Ide, Minnie M. St. Johnsbury Center D. Thompson's
Kinney, Belle A. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. A. Kinney's
Lane, Minnie B. Newport Mrs. J. Bowles'
Lyon, Ada E. North Craftsbury 40 South Hall
Marie, Henriette St. Johnsbury L. Marie's
Marshall, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury C. H. Marshall's
Miner, Mattie J. Lyman, NH B. S. Burt's
Morrison, Ann R. St. Johnsbury J. Morrison's
Morrill, Lizzie J. Danville L. Graham's
Merriam, May A. St. Johnsbury E. B. Merriam's
Paine, Minnie A. Jay R. C. Knight's
Packer, Katie L. Newark A. L. Hurlbutt's
Perkins, Isabel E. St. Johnsbury Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Powers, Katie M. Lunenburgh 26 South Hall
Ranney, Almira F. West Concord S. Ranney's
Savage, Frances J. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Sargent, Carrie B. St. Johnsbury C. Sargent's
Sherburne, May E. Lyndon Center I. Frost's
Shipman, Nellie M. Danville L. Graham's
Silsby, Emma B. Lunenburgh M. Bowker's
Stevens, Nettie E. North Danville Mrs. E. J. Hutchinson's
Stevens, Nellie P. St. Johnsbury G. L. Bradley's
Taylor, Alice B. St. Johnsbury T. W. Taylor's
Trull, Roa C. West Burke D. Trull's
Underwood, Etta W. St. Johnsbury S. Underwood's
Waters, Jennie F. Stratford, NH C. H. Marshall's
Webster, Gillian E. St. Johnsbury J. W. Webster's
Weeks, Carrie E. Lyndonville G. H. Week's
Willey, Jennie St. Johnsbury D. Willey's
Willey, Nora L. Glover L. Brooks'
Wiswell, Gertrude L. Cabot L. Graham's
Woodruff, Carrie S. West Burke D. I. Woodruff's
Woods, Lucy M. Bath, NH H. B. Davis'
Sub-Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Baldwin, Charles W. Norwich 35 South Hall
Blanchard, Charles M. Ashby, MA Mrs. G. W. Senter's
Brewer, George N. Keesville, NY R. C. Knight's
Brooks, George Haverhill, MA Mrs. O. T. Brown's
Bullard, Harry G. St. Johnsbury Dr. G. B. Bullard's
Bundy, Oscar E. Sutton J. L. C. Corliss'
Clark, William S. Holly Springs, Miss. Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Davis, Edward A. Chelsea G. W. Spencer's
Doud, Arthur V. Sutton S. S. Dowd's
Fletcher, Frank F. St. Johnsbury F. F. Fletcher's
Fuller, Harry W. St. Johnsbury William Fuller's
French, George A. Hollis, NH R. C. Knight's
Gorham, Frederick E. Kirby 47 South Hall
Gage, Edward E. East Lyndon 13 South Hall
Hazen, Frank J. Whitefield, NH Dr. H. C. Newell's
Hovey, Marcus J. St. Johnsbury J. G. Hovey's
Houghton, Wallace W. Lyndon 47 South Hall
Lougee, Herbert A. St. Johnsbury Center J. S. Lougee's
May, Preston E. St. Johnsbury D. E. May's
McNoll, Almer Lunenburgh A. D. Paddock's
Merriam, Frank D. St. Johnsbury E. B. Merriam's
Merriam, Frederick B. St. Johnsbury E. B. Merriam's
Nichols, William G. St. Johnsbury C. Ranney's
Pettigrew, Robert Lyndonville R. Pettiegrew's
Preston, Clarence W. St. Johnsbury W. H. Preston's
Remick, Harry H. Tamworth, NH R. C. Knight's
Russell, Walter S. Kirby 47 South Hall
Smith, Frederick N. St. Johnsbury A. Smith's
Stoddard, Willard J. Lower Waterford 39 South Hall
Wells, Frederick M. Victory 39 South Hall
Willard, Herbert J. St. Johnsbury A. J. Willard's
Wright, Herbert A. St. Johnsbury Center B. Wright's
Bennett, Flora B. St. Johnsbury O. P. Bennett's
Carr, Nettie I. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. W. Carr's
Chaffee, Hattie M. St. Johnsbury W. P. Chaffee's
Clifford, Hattie M. North Danville S. H. Brackett's
Corser, Lulu G. St. Johnsbury B. G. Corser's
Eastman, Hannah E. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. W. Jones'
Dean, Anna H. Lyndonville H. F. Balch's
Gallagher, Addie M. Alburgh Springs S. H. Brackett's
Howe, Cora E. St. Johnsbury Center G. T. Stafford's
Hovey, Edith L. St. Johnsbury E. L. Hovey's
Jenkins, Clara G. Brownington C. H. Marshall's
Kinney, Olive R. North Craftsbury 40 South Hall
Mason, Netta Jefferson, NH 14 South Hall
Mead, Lilly H. Metuchen, NJ 28 South Hall
Peck, Carrie E. Danville S. Peck's
Roberts, Helen D. North Danville W. Green's
Savage, Eleanor L. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Savage, Louisa St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Stiles, Abbie St. Johnsbury Center L. D. Stiles'
Stone, Ella M. St. Johnsbury Center E. H. Stone's
Thompson, Hattie W. Lyndonville E. Hall's
Wakefield, Alice M. St. Johnsbury H. Wakefield's
White, Mary A. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. L. Ide's
Wilder, Josie F. Bethlehem, NH 30 South Hall
Williams, Hattie E. East St. Johnsbury Edw. Pierce's
Williams, Ina E. East St. Johnsbury Edw. Pierce's

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