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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Rev. Henry President  
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee  
Fairbanks, Franklin Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Trustee  
Fuller, Rev. Homer T. Trustee  
Ross, Jonathan Trustee  
Lamson, Rev. Charles M. Trustee  
Putney, Charles E. Trustee  
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Secretary & Treasurer  
Putney, Charles E., Ph D Principal Teacher of Latin & Greek
Hardy, Audubon L., A.M. Teacher of Mathematics & Political Economy
Brackett, Solomon H., A.M. Teacher of Natural Sciences & Higher Mathematics
Dakin, Franklin A., A. B. Teacher of Latin & French
Mitchell, Miss Abby F. Teacher of History & English Literature
Ross, Miss Julia Teacher of Latin & English
Hewitt, Miss Persis D. Teacher of Algebra
Glines, Miss Welthea M. Teacher of German
Guy, Miss Tirzah M. Teacher of Drawing
Kenerson, Vertner Teacher of Penmanship
Hazen, Mrs. Minnie B. Teacher of Music
Students - Post Graduates Residences Rooms
Leonard, George L. Bellows Falls Francis Switser's
Morse, Everett A. St. Johnsbury L. W. Rowell's
Morse, Ira E. Cambridge South Hall
Smith, Harry G. Bridgewater Mrs. Emma Shattuck's
Whitney, Henry D. Wilmington South Hall
Robie, Addie St. Johnsbury W. H. H. Robie's
Students - Senior Class Residences Rooms
Bartlett, Charles J. Barton Landing South Hall
Bass, Joel A. Williamstown Mrs. Emma Shattuck's
Bliss, Sylvester S. Constantinople, Turkey George Ranney's
Bowles, Ralph A. Lisbon, NH I. H. Frost's
Brown, Frank D. West Rutland Mrs. J. M. Puffer's
Carpenter, Ezra P. West Waterford South Hall
Conant, David S. North Thetford South Hall
Crawford, Frank Colebrook, NH H. S. Goodwin's
Davis, Bliss N. St. Johnsbury C. H. Marshall's
Davison, Frank P. Lunenburg Y.M.C.A.
Eastman, Welcome B. Sutton South Hall
Eaton, Arthur W. Plymouth, NH C. H. Marshall's
Edson, Marshall O. Jersey City, NJ Mrs. Emma Shattuck's
Godfrey, Marshall H., Jr. Detroit, Mich. H. S. Goodwin's
Hale, George H. St. Johnsbury J. O. Hale's
Hincks, William T. Bridgeport, CT H. S. Goodwin's
Houghton, Bert Pittsfield South Hall
Johnson, Edwin L. St. Johnsbury Wm. B. Johnson's
Johnson, Elwin N. St. Johnsbury Wm. B. Johnson's
Kemp, Charles L. East Corinth A. L. Hardy's
Kenerson, Vertner Cambridge, MA South Hall
Keniston, Frank P. St. Johnsbury F. Perigo's
Leavenworth, Philip R. Castleton Dr. C. F. O. Tinker's
Matthews, Charles P. Fort Covington, NY G. H. Cross'
Niles, Edward H. West Fairlee South Hall
Puffer, William H. St. Johnsbury Academy
Richardson, Dan C. Waterbury O. Chase's
Romer, Irving J. New York, NY O. Chase's
Ruggles, Ray B. West Burke C. A. Humphrey's
Samson, William D. East Berkshire L. W. Rowell's
Stevens, Charles O. Coos, NH H. S. Goodwin's
Smith, Charles M. West Rutland South Hall
Smith, Willis O. Manchester Center South Hall
Sprague, Edward G. East Brookfield Mrs. Emma Shattuck's
Tinker, William H. White River Junction South Hall
Trull, J. Frank St. Johnsbury D. Trull's
Wild, Payson S. Newport A. W. Hawkin's
Willard, Charles W. Montpelier Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Willey, Clarence H. Barton Landing South Hall
Williams, Herbert D. West Randolph Francis Switser's
Woolson, William D. Springfield Mrs. A. L. Davis'
Brackett, Mabel S. St. Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Brooks, Helen T. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Burke, Eva S. St. Johnsbury Mrs. O. S. Burke's
Buswell, Ada M. West Burke South Hall
Carleton, Lena B. Haverhill, NH T. C. Haynes'
Chase, Henrietta H. Lyndon Henry Chase's
Clark, Kate B. East Cabot E. E. Carr's
Corriveau, Lucy C. St. Johnsbury E. Corriveau's
Drew, Mary A. J. McIndoes Falls South Hall
Fenno, Lula M. St. Johnsbury M. T. Fenno's
Gilfillan, Emily E. Barnet South Hall
Gove, Anna M. Whitefield, NH Emerson Hall's
Graham, Etta A. St. Johnsbury W. A. Graham's
Haines, Mattie D. Cabot Emerson Hall's
Hazen, Margaret E. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hazen, Maria F. Whitefield, NH John Clark's
Hibbard, Mary J. West Berkshire Mrs. L. A. Hibbard's
Hovey, Mabel F. Summerville E. L. Hovey's
Howe, Gertrude H. St. Johnsbury B. G. Howe's
Leighton, Anna M. Ascutneyville South Hall
Morrill, Thena St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. B. Morrill's
Paine, Mattie H. St. Johnsbury P. E. Paine's
Parker, Julia P. Waterbury Emerson Hall's
Potter, Sarah E. Acworth, NH Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Rankin, Mary P. St. Johnsbury A. E. Rankin's
Ross, Harriet W. Tontogony, O. S. H. Brackett's
Ross, Mary May St. Johnsbury Mrs. H. Ross'
Smith, Abbie M. St. Johnsbury L. F. Miner's
Thompson, Persis St. Johnsbury Daniel Thompson's
Underwood, Carrie St. Johnsbury E. Underwood's
Wakefield, Cornelia West Concord Mrs. P. N. Wakefield's
Walker, Anna L. St. Johnsbury R. M. Walker's
Warden, Myra A. Hanover, NH C. H. Marshall's
Wead, Fanny E. Sheldon Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Wood, Mabel A. Acworth, NH Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Students - Middle Class Residences Rooms
Aldrich, Walter J. Dover, Kansas Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Brock, Lyman S. Barnet C. A. Stanley's
Brooks, Frank H. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Closson, Charles W. St. Johnsbury C. F. Gibb's
Crosby, Fred M. St. Johnsbury G. R. Crosby's
Dodge, Austin R. So. Dennis, MA South Hall
Emerson, Harley J. St. Johnsbury L. W. Rowell's
Fletcher, Carl C. St. Johnsbury T. C. Fletcher's
Hall, Edward K. Hinsdale, NH L. W. Rowell's
Hodgdon, Clarence R. Boothbay, ME South Hall
Holton, Adolphus Hardwick G. H. Taplin's
Howard, Ervin W. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. W. Howard's
Hyde, Wallace E. Napa City, Cal. G. H. Taplin's
Ide, Philip S. St. Johnsbury H. K. Ide's
Jackman, Alfred C. East Corinth Mrs. A. L. Davis'
Jones, Levis O. Springfield Club House
Leach, Orrin A. Irasburgh L. W. Rowell's
Lutz, John A., Jr. Lincoln, IL D. D. Patterson's
McGaffey, Amasa B. W. Stewartstown, NH Mrs. A. L. Davis'
Nims, Myron A. Hinsdale, NH L. W. Rowell's
North, Julius B. Shoreham Mrs. J. M. Puffer's
Norton, Joseph M. Middletown Springs South Hall
Parker, S. Ridley Waterbury Emerson Hall's
Preston, Frank H. St. Johnsbury W. H. Preston's
Randall, Arthur C. St. Johnsbury S. Randall's
Rogers, Albert E. Piermont, NH O. Chase's
Sheldon, Augustus E. Rutland Mrs. J. M. Puffer's
Spaulding, Jesse C. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. M. Spaulding's
Stevens, Charles B. North Danville South Hall
Stevens, Charles E. Jonesville South Hall
Thompson, William A. St. Johnsbury Daniel Thompson's
Wakefield, Willard P., Jr. Brownington Academy
Ward, Earl J. Hyde Park South Hall
Williamson, William A. St. Johnsbury A. Williamson's
Wood, Clarence D. Northampton, MA Mrs. H. C. Boynton's
Wood, Lyman P. Northampton, MA Mrs. H. C. Boynton's
Bailey, Katharine M. East Hardwick South Hall
Balch, Daisie E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. I. M. Balch's
Buswell, Marion E. West Burke South Hall
Buswell, Nannie Acworth, NH J. A. Hadley's
Conant, Myrtie P. Bath, NH L. W. Rowell's
Cross, Jennie P. St. Johnsbury G. H. Cross'
Davis, Helen R. Troy G. H. Cross'
Farr, Loula E. St. Johnsbury C. W. Farr's
Fisher, Hattie F. Danville South Hall
Forrest, Hattie West Burke J. E. Forrest's
Glazier, Hattie E. Lisbon, NH Dr. C. F. O. Tinker's
Glazier, Julia E. Lisbon, NH Dr. C. F. O. Tinker's
Goodwin, Mabel E. St. Johnsbury H. S. Goodwin's
Graham, Mertie L. St. Johnsbury W. A. Graham's
Hall, Elizabeth L. South Ryegate Alex. Dunnett's
Harvey, May Louise Royalton H. M. Thayer's
Heyer, Estella F. St. Johnsbury J. H. Heyer's
Mann, Nellie E. Underhill A. J. Paine's
Moore, Louisa H. Barnet Misses Burton's
Nevers, Delia C. St. Johnsbury W. P. Smith's
Newell, Margaret F. St. Johnsbury Dr. H. C. Newell's
Parker, Juliette A. St. Johnsbury F. P. Parker's
Parkhurst, Fannie M. St. Johnsbury S. W. Parkhurst's
Patterson, Marion St. Johnsbury D. D. Patterson's
Peabody, Agnes St. Johnsbury R. W. Peabody's
Pearl, Annette St. Johnsbury C. S. Hastings'
Robbins, Hattie D. E. Brookfield S. H. Brackett's
Ross, Edith St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Savage, Eleanor L. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Smith, Alice M. St. Johnsbury A. Smith's
Soper, May A. St. Johnsbury L. Soper's
Warden, Frances L. Hanover, NH C. H. Marshall's
Warner, Mattie H. Chicago, IL H. Paddock's
Willard, Elisa May Montpelier Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Students - Junior Class Residences Rooms
Allison, George F. St. Johnsbury F. Allison's
Barrows, Delmar A. Barton Landing H. W. Barrow's
Bartlett, George E. Jay South Hall
Bates, J. Dickerman St. Johnsbury H. C. Bates'
Beane, Fred C. Candia Ville, NH D. A. Clifford's
Belknap, Pearl S. South Royalton South Hall
Benton, Joseph Maidstone South Hall
Blodgett, Winthrop W. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Boardman, William J. Barnet Jos. Boardman's
Borland, John C. West Glover South Hall
Braley, Charles G. St. Johnsbury J. B. Braley's
Brooks, Jonas H. St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Buswell, Jesse Acworth, NH South Hall
Cady, Edward L. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. F. Cady's
Chalmers, Calvin S. St. Johnsbury Mrs. Ella Chalmer's
Corliss, Allen T. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. R. Corliss'
Cummings, John R. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. F. Cady's
Curtis, John E. West Waterford South Hall
Dalton, Fred B. St. Johnsbury F. O. Clark's
Darling, Herbert F. Sutton Samuel Weeks'
Foss, Alvan F. Sherbrooke, Que. Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Furber, Edwin E. Bridgewater South Hall
Goodrich, Joseph A. East Hardwick South Hall
Goss, Edward R. Lower Waterford J. Ross'
Goss, Irving Lower Waterford South Hall
Gray, Carl E. St. Johnsbury J. C. Gray's
Grover, Edwin O. ST Johnsbury Center N. W. Grover's
Gustin, Eugene W. St. Johnsbury I. B. Gustin's
Harris, Charles E. Waterford South Hall
Harwood, Charles A. Pawlet South Hall
Hazelton, Robert H. Barnet L. D. Sulloway's
Heald, Harry L. Summerville L. B. Heald's
Heath, Everett S. West Fairlee Y.M.C.A.
Ide, Henry C. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Jennings, George Wolcott South Hall
Jewett, Luther S. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Kelsey, Charles A. North Danville H. A. Kelsey's
Lang, James S. Newbury South Hall
Lawton, Frank H. St. Johnsbury J. D. Lawton's
Leslie, George R. Wells River O. Chase's
Mason, Albert F. Waterford South Hall
McLeod, Charles H. St. Johnsbury A. H. McLeod's
Merrill, Sherman A. Kennebunkport, ME South Hall
Miller, Edward S. Ryegate South Hall
Montgomery, George R. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. R. Montgomery's
Montgomery, Marshall F. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. R. Montgomery's
Perkins, Carl D. St. Johnsbury Dr. J. L. Perkin's
Poole, Charles C. Summerville C. C. Poole's
Powell, Clarence C. Cambridge South Hall
Powers, Harry A. Summerville J. W. Powers'
Puffer, David E. St. Johnsbury South Hall
Puffer, James M. Richford E. J. Esty's
Raub, William L. New London, CT South Hall
Russlow, Louis A. North Danville South Hall
Smith, Ellis G. Greensboro Bend G. H. Taplin's
Smith, Walter W. Lower Cabot O. Chase's
Sprague, Charles W. St. Johnsbury W. W. Sprague's
Sprague, Oliver M. W. St. Johnsbury W. W. Sprague's
Staples, Carroll W. Lyndon H. G. Staples'
Stone, Jott. A. Kennebunkport, ME South Hall
Taylor, Frank L. East St. Johnsbury T. W. Taylor's
Teran, Oscar Panama, S. A. L. W. Rowell's
Thayer, Edwin E. St. Johnsbury C. H. Thayer's
Wallace, G. Ernest Dalton, NH South Hall
Woodruff, Dwight L. West Burke L. W. Rowell's
Woods, George H. St. Johnsbury H. I. Woods'
Abbott, Margaret H. Lennoxville, P. Q. Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Ayer, Nellie Summerville W. G. Ayer's
Beck, Bertha St. Johnsbury John Beck's
Blakely, Bertha E. Campton, NH C. E. Putney's
Blodgett, Carrie M. North Danville H. A. Wheeler's
Boright, Eva A. Richford Mrs. E. F. Cady's
Brown, Helen N. Newport C. C. Bingham's
Bullard, Rebecca St. Johnsbury Dr. G. B. Bullard's
Burbank, Viola E. St. Johnsbury D. V. Burbank's
Cady, Carrie C. St. Johnsbury Geo. A. Whitcher's
Carrick, Lillian M. Summerville F. F. Carrick's
Chamberlin, Ada M. St. Johnsbury E. J. Chamberlin's
Curtis, Julia H. Camden, NY S. H. Brackett's
Farrington, Julia A. Cabot O. Chase's
Fiske, Mary L. Whitefield, NH A. W. Hawkin's
Fulford, Maud A. Passumpsic South Hall
Goodall, May C. St. Johnsbury Mrs. G. E. Goodall's
Hall, Edith M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. C. C. Hall's
Harvey, Katie L. St. Johnsbury A. C. Harvey's
Hill, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. S. M. Hill's
Holder, Agnes M. St. Johnsbury J. H. Holder's
Houghton, Belle Pittsfield South Hall
Houston, Blanche J. Newport Mrs. E. M. Simonds'
Hovey, Myrtie M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. G. E. Goodall's
Humphrey, Marion Louise Pittsford J. H. Humphrey's
Jones, Annie L. Springfield South Hall
Kason, Carrie E. South Ryegate S. H. Brackett's
Lawrence, Addie B. St. Johnsbury A. F. Lawrence's
Leavens, Susie C. West Berkshire P. D. Blodgett's
Martin, Gertrude M. Summerville South Hall
McDonald, Agnes St. Johnsbury W. H. McDonald's
Merriam, Jennie M. Coos, NH John Clark's
Miller, Jennie M. St. Johnsbury S. W. Miller's
Miller, Maud E. Ryegate South Hall
Morse, Emma D. St. Johnsbury C. F. Morse's
Morse, Flora E. St. Johnsbury C. F. Morse's
Moulton, Mamie C. St. Johnsbury E. P. Moulton's
Nye, Annie B. Norwich C. E. Putney's
Paddock, Isabel M. St. Johnsbury H. Paddock's
Patterson, Belle J. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. J. Patterson's
Potter, Mary S. Acworth, NH Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Prior, C. Annie St. Johnsbury A. C. Prior's
Prior, Lelia A. St. Johnsbury A. C. Prior's
Putney, Mary P. St. Johnsbury C. E. Putney's
Randall, H. Myrtie St. Johnsbury G. D. Randall's
Reed, Susie D. West Concord N. D. Reed's
Reed, Winnie M. West Concord South Hall
Robie, Margaret St. Johnsbury W. H. H. Robie's
Ross, Ella D. St. Johnsbury Mrs. H. Ross'
Rowell, Winifred St. Johnsbury L. W. Rowell's
Sanborn, Birdie M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. C. C. Sanborn's
Savage, Annie M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Sawyer, Hattie V. Gaysville C. H. Marshall's
Simpson, Flora M. St. Johnsbury A. W. Simpson's
Somers, Jennie E. Passumpsic L. Q. Park's
Sprague, Maud H. St. Johnsbury W. W. Sprague's
Thomas, Minnie E. St. Johnsbury C. W. Thomas'
Tyler, Nellie C. St. Johnsbury W. C. Tyler's
Wells, Lillian L. Cabot O. Chase's
Wilder, Florence E. Lennoxville, P. Q. Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Wilmot, Lillian S. White River Junction L. W. Rowell's
Woods, Josie M. Passumpsic Mrs. E. E. Woods'
Students - Sub-Junior Residences Rooms
Allen, Walter B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. A. Allen's
Baker, Edwin A. Greensboro J. A. Haskell's
Balch, Frank A. Richmond South Hall
Carpenter, Harry B. St. Johnsbury F. E. Carpenter's
Carpenter, Joseph D. St. Johnsbury C. L. Carpenter's
Carpenter, Miner B. West Waterford J. Ross'
Clark, George R. St. Johnsbury H. S. Clark's
Finel, Bertie R. St. Johnsbury E. O. Finel's
Foster, Leon B. Bath, NH Dean Patterson's
French, Frank O. St. Johnsbury Henry French's
Frye, Freeman St. Johnsbury A. F. Nichol's
Gale, Albert J. Summerville John N. Gale's
Gilfillan, Bert N. Barnet South Hall
Grow, Albion E. Brownington Dr. T. R. Grow's
Harlow, John T. St. Johnsbury L. C. Harlow's
Harriman, Wallace S. St. Johnsbury V. W. Harriman's
Janes, Thomas I. Bethel South Hall
Lee, Charles C. St. Johnsbury R. H. Lee's
Lincoln, Benjamin Lyndon C. H. Marshall's
Mattocks, Charles H. Danville C. H. Marshall's
Merriam, Carroll B. Morrisville A. W. Hawkin's
Merriam, Clarence M. Morrisville A. W. Hawkin's
Nivin, Thomas F. Montreal C. E. Putney's
Rickaby, John St. Johnsbury Thomas Rickaby's
Robie, Eugene C. St. Johnsbury L. B. Robie's
Sherry, Ralph D. Lower Waterford South Hall
Salomon, Jacob West Burke R. Salomon's
Stone, Philip H. St. Johnsbury C. M. Stone's
Trainor, William St. Johnsbury P. Trainor's
Van Core, Fred G. Canaan O. Chase's
Walker, Herman G. St. Johnsbury H. J. Walker's
Badger, Cora M. St. Johnsbury South Hall
Braley, Carrie St. Johnsbury John B. Braley's
Cooley, Alice J. East Concord South Hall
Dodge, Sadie Webster South Dennis, MA South Hall
Drew, Carrie S. St. Johnsbury W. H. Robie's
Evans, Emma E. Montreal Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Fairbanks, Charlotte St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Fairbanks, Ellen H. St. Johnsbury Col. F. Fairbank's
Finley, Angie M. McIndoes C. H. Marshall's
Finlay, Alice S. McIndoes C. H. Marshall's
Fitzpatrick, Minnie J. St. Johnsbury South Hall
Goss, H. Genevia Lower Waterford South Hall
Grant, Helen East Concord Andrew Folsom's
Harris, Blanche B. St. Johnsbury W. H. Harris'
Harris, Lizzie M. Summerville Edwin Harris'
Hartshorn, Mary N. Wheelock Mrs. Emma Shattuck's
Hazelton, Chattie Barnet John Clark's
Holmes, Ada F. Webster, NH Avenue House
Hulbert, Frances Richardson, Wis. South Hall
Hunt, Jennie O. West Burke South Hall
Hyde, Lelia M. East Hardwick South Hall
Ide, Adelaide M. St. Johnsbury H. C. Ide's
Ide, Mary E. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Johnson, Flora M. St. Johnsbury W. B. Johnson's
Kendall, Alice M. St. Johnsbury Mrs. F. F. Kendall's
Miner, Mary St. Johnsbury L. F. Miner's
Nelson, Delphine S. St. Johnsbury S. A. Nelson's
Pike, Inez M. West Concord D. A. Pike's
Pope, Mabel J. St. Johnsbury W. S. Pope's
Stearns, Lettie B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. Wm. Stearns'
Stevens, M. Eloise St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. N. Stevens'
Wheaton, Mattie L. St. Johnsbury W. H. Harris'

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