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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Rev. Henry President St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Franklin Trustee St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Trustee St Johnsbury
Fuller, Rev. Homer T. Trustee Worcester, MA
Ross, Jonathan Trustee St Johnsbury
Lamson, Rev. Charles M. Trustee Hartford, CT
Putney, Charles E. Trustee St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Secretary & Treasurer St Johnsbury
Putney, Charles E., PH. D. Principal Teacher of Latin & Greek
Hardy, Audubon L., A.M. Teacher of Mathematics & Political Economy
Brackett, Solomon H., A.M. Teacher of Natural Sciences & Higher Mathematics
Frein, Frank P., A. B. Teacher of Latin
Emerson, Miss May Alice, A. B. Teacher of History & English Literature
Hewitt, Miss Persis Dana Teacher of Algebra
Morse, Miss Anna S. Teacher of Latin & English
Terrill, Miss Flora M. Teacher of German & Latin
Appleton, Mrs. Frank, B. S. Teacher of French
Stephens, Miss Eleanor Gertrude Teacher of Elocution
Ross, Miss Martha Teacher of Drawing
Paddock, Miss Isabel M. Teacher of Music
Students - Post Graduates Residences Rooms
Greene, Carl J. St. Johnsbury 4 Green St.
Slader, Walter Acworth, NH 55 Summer St.
Gile, Lizzie M. St. Johnsbury 12 Mt. Pleasant St.
Gorham, Margaret E. St. Johnsbury 112 Eastern Ave.
Senior Class Residences Rooms
Baldwin, Edward G. Barton 5 Main St.
Bennett, Ralph L. St. Johnsbury 38 Spring St.
Bishop, Fred L. St. Johnsbury 55 Pearl St.
Blake, Arthur W. Portland, ME Brantview
Brackett, J. Henry St. Johnsbury 23 Main St.
Butler, Arthur L. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Chamberlin, A. Burton Newport 35 Summer St.
Clark, Augustus R. Derry, NH 5 Main St.
Clark, Charles E. West Brattleboro 5 Main St.
Clark, Harry W. Derry, NH 5 Main St.
Cowles, Clarence P. Albany 16 Pearl St.
Dwight, Harry G. Constantinople, Turkey 5 Main St.
Fassett, Fred J. Waitsfield 14 Summer St.
Hamilton, Edmund P. St. Johnsbury 23 Summer St.
Harriman, Robert B. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Hawes, Alexander G. San Francisco, CA 12 Main St.
Hibbard, Charles M. St. Johnsbury 23 Cliff St.
Holbrook, Allan S. Newport 17 Church St.
Huckins, George L. Plymouth, NH 14 Summer St.
Johnson, George B. St. Johnsbury 77 Portland St.
Jones, Walter E. Waitsfield 14 Summer St.
Kimball, William A. Plymouth, NH 14 Summer St.
Lamson, Arthur D. Cabot 98 Main St.
Lyster, Herbert L. Kirkdale, Quebec 31 Summer St.
Lord, Frederic P. Hanover, NH 62 Summer St.
Miller, Elmer M. Ryegate 5 Main St.
Nelson, Willard B. St. Johnsbury 110 Main St.
Nye, Harry R. East Coventry The Bluffs
O'Malley, Henry St. Johnsbury 28 Mt. Vernon St.
Patey, H. Philip Keene, NH 11 Main St.
Richmond, Clarence W. Newport 17 Church St.
Rood, W. Hervey Brookfield 11 Main St.
Sykes, James E. Dorset 4 Main St.
Taplin, Roy C. St. Johnsbury 2 Spring St.
Thompson, Frank D. Irasburgh 5 South St.
Way, George F. St. Johnsbury 82 Main St.
Weaver, Carl New Boston, NH 4 Main St.
Weaver, Charles S. Manchester, NH 4 Main St.
Weston, Alfred S. Hammonton, NJ 5 Main St.
Whitney, John R. Coventryville, NY 5 Main St.
Adams, Mary E. St. Johnsbury 35 Pearl St.
Bagley, Blanche A. St. Johnsbury 116 Railroad St.
Baker, Jessica M. St. Johnsbury 28 Cliff St.
Balch, Grace R. St. Johnsbury 34 Eastern Ave.
Batchelder, Harriet H. North Danville 5 Main St.
Bingham, Katherine M. St. Johnsbury 8 Church St.
Bronson, Jessie L. East Hardwick 5 Main St.
Carrick, Sadie E. St. Johnsbury Pleasant St.
Crane, Jennie A. Greensboro 2 Spring St.
Dodge, Mabel A. St. Johnsbury 65 Concord Ave.
Harriman, Helen R. St. Johnsbury 27 Pleasant St.
Hunter, Margaret S. Ryegate 21 Spring St.
Keniston, Jennie L. East Hatley, PQ 4 Main St.
Lewis, Cora B. St. Johnsbury 31 Pearl St.
Lockwood, Nora I. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Lyons, Jennie M. East St. Johnsbury At home
McLam, Anna B. Ryegate 4 Main St.
Merrill, Margaret B. St. Johnsbury 18 Western Ave.
Morse, Lilla F. St. Johnsbury 22 Mt. Pleasant St.
Mossman, Gertrude C. Barton 20 Mt. Pleasant St.
Nelson, Lillias M. St. Johnsbury 2 Main St.
Patterson, Helen S. St. Johnsbury 96 Main St.
Perry, Mabelle L. McIndoes 14 South St.
Potter, Annie M. East St. Johnsbury At home
Putney, Ellen C. St. Johnsbury 1 Main St.
Rickaby, Georgie H. St. Johnsbury 9 Charles St.
Russell, May W. St. Johnsbury 21 Church St.
Simpson, Josephine A. St. Johnsbury 17 Church St.
Smith, Abbie E. East St. Johnsbury At home
Stevens, Fannie J. Jonesville 4 Main St.
Switser, Grace M. St. Johnsbury 32 Summer St.
Tinker, Grace E. White River Junction 2 Spring St.
Middle Class Residences Rooms
Armstrong, Don W. Leadville, CO 1 Main St.
Beckley, Chester C. Plainfield, NH 35 Summer St.
Bagley, Charles E. Lebanon, NH 35 Summer St.
Beck, Fred C. St. Johnsbury Mt. Vernon St.
Blodgett, Elbert H. Waterford 5 Main St.
Blodgett, Harley H. West Waterford 5 Main St.
Brock, Harry E. Barnet 5 Main St.
Cameron, John S. Salt Lake City, Utah 20 Main St.
Chase, George A. Lyndon At home
Chesley, William St. Johnsbury 2 Mt. Vernon St.
Clark, James P. Derry, NH 5 Main St.
Cloutman, John F. Farmington, NH 28 Main St.
Cobb, Eben W. St. Johnsbury 8 Pleasant St.
Craig, Moses S. St. Johnsbury 86 Concord Ave.
Cushman, James M. St. Johnsbury 20 Mt. Pleasant St.
Davis, George H. Farmington, NH 12 Western Ave.
Fletcher, Hugh P. St. Johnsbury 97 Main St.
French, Harold O. Hartford 28 Western Ave.
Galbraith, George T. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Gilman, Miles S. Willoughby 5 Main St.
Graham, Charles P. St. Johnsbury 12 Western Ave.
Hovey, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury 44 Portland St.
Hubbard, Ray S. Syracuse, NY YMCA
Ingram, Robert St. Johnsbury 1 Mt. Vernon St.
Johnson, Charles W. St. Johnsbury 38 Summer St.
Jones, L. Burton Island Pond 20 Mt. Pleasant St.
Knapp, Gaylord Mooers, NY 7 Main St.
Lamson, Charles E. Hartford, CT 85 Main St.
Morris, Carl M. St. Johnsbury Pleasant St.
Morse, Ernest B. St. Johnsbury 20 Mt. Pleasant St.
Newell, Selim St. Johnsbury 18 Church St.
Newton, Herbert B. Holyoke, MA 20 Main St.
Richardson, James P. St. Johnsbury 12 Park St.
Somers, Willis E. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Spencer, Albert R. St. Johnsbury 9 Belvidere St.
Stiles, Ned C. St. Johnsbury 10 Cross St.
Sweetser, Edwin S. Cumberland Ctr., ME Hastings St.
Taylor, Frank H. St. Johnsbury 17 Webster St.
Tinker, Wellington H. St. Johnsbury 4 Main St.
Trainor, Raymond J. St. Johnsbury 91 Main St.
White, George W. Sacramento, CA 17 Main St.
White, John L. Sacramento, CA 17 Main St.
Young, Albert N. St. Johnsbury 5 Ely St.
Austin, Emma S. Barton Landing 20 Mt. Pleasant St.
Berry, Grace I. St. Johnsbury 3 1/2 High St.
Brock, Elizabeth F. Barnet 1 Cherry St.
Brock, Mabel L. Barnet 1 Cherry St.
Buswell, Clara L. Littleton, NH 23 Main St.
Caldbeck, Emma M. St. Johnsbury 6 Harrison Ave.
Chalmers, Grace St. Johnsbury 108 Main St.
Douglas, Florence L. St. Johnsbury 18 Pearl St.
Fisher, Hattie A. Cabot 5 Main St.
Fisher, Julia F. Cabot 5 Main St.
Gibson, Jennie L. Barnet 5 Main St.
Gilfillan, May C. East Burke 5 Main St.
Heyer, Jessie W. St. Johnsbury 1 Jones St.
Ide, Fanny St. Johnsbury 1 Mt. Pleasant St.
Jones, Bessie Pelham, NH Concord Ave.
Lacasse, Myra L. St. Johnsbury 47 Main St.
Lauder, Helen S. (deceased) St. Johnsbury 96 Eastern Ave.
McDonald, Annie T. St. Johnsbury 4 Caledonia St.
McLam, Nellie M. Ryegate 4 Main St.
McLaughlin, Carrie M. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Morse, Lelia F. Danville 58 Summer St.
Owen, Julia F. Barton 1 Cherry St.
Ranney, Addie M. West Concord 5 Main St.
Richardson, Blanche A. Lawrence, MA Concord Ave.
Somers, May F. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Stevens, Nellie A. Passumpsic At home
Stevens, Lena F. Troy 35 Summer St.
Stevenson, Jennie M. St. Johnsbury 5 Pine St.
Thayer, Blanche P. St. Johnsbury 33 Mt. Vernon St.
Thompson, Helen M. Irasburgh 4 Charles St.
Ward, Lulu G. St. Johnsbury 5 State St.
Wells, Susie B. North Danville 15 Summer St.
Whitney, Jennie E. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Wright, Amy S. St. Johnsbury At home
Junior Class Residences Rooms
Arnold, Alfred C. St. Johnsbury 38 Central St.
Borland, Alexander St. Johnsbury 25 Church St.
Burnham, Carl St. Johnsbury 58 Main St.
Cameron, Donald P. Salt Lake City, Utah 20 Main St.
Cobleigh, Harry P. East St. Johnsbury At home
Drew, Dwight C. Stowe 5 Main St.
Dwinell, Carl M. St. Johnsbury 35 Pearl St.
Dwinell, William G. St. Johnsbury 5 Green St.
Elliot, George P. Manchester, NH 2 Main St.
Ellis, John St. Johnsbury 8 Valley St.
Gilfillan, Jonah C. Barnet 5 Main St.
Grant, William D. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Hall, Albert T. St. Johnsbury 24 Cliff St.
Hamilton, Ernest A. St. Johnsbury 23 Summer St.
Harvey, Harry E. St. Johnsbury 10 Pine St.
Hatch, Royal Strafford 62 Summer St.
Hazen, Walter E. Hartford 5 Main St.
Heald, Walter N. St. Johnsbury 29 Caledonia St.
Horton, Charles St. Johnsbury 2 Summer St.
Hovey, Guy W. West Waterford 5 Main St.
Job, Philip A. S. Walpole, MA 5 Main St.
Johnson, Charles E. St. Johnsbury 77 Portland St.
Lackie, Elmer H. Passumpsic At home
Lewis, Robert E. St. Johnsbury 91 1/2 Main St.
Lovejoy, Harry St. Johnsbury 16 Spring St.
Lucas, Willis A. St. Johnsbury 87 Concord Ave.
Macomber, Frank E. Westford 17 Main St.
Morrison, Charles A. Lower Waterford 5 Main St.
Moore, Burt P. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Nutter, Howard S. Thistle Terrace, Montreal 4 Belvidere St.
Perry, Francis P. Keene Valley, NY 4 Main St.
Powell, George F. St. Johnsbury 32 Mt. Vernon St.
Priester, William St. Johnsbury Center At home
Richards, Carl St. Johnsbury 34 Pearl St.
Shores, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury 32 Pleasant St.
St. Clare, Christopher New London, CT 5 Main St.
Stevens, Nelson C. West Glover Hastings St.
Tracy, Edward A. Island Pond 91 Main St.
Wheeler, Arthur H. St. Johnsbury 28 Central St.
Willey, George C. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Woodruff, Horace W. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Abbott, Ethel St. Johnsbury 2 Pearl St.
Albee, Helen M. St. Johnsbury 8 Pearl St.
Annis, Lena E. St. Johnsbury 20 Pine St.
Allen, Stella E. St. Johnsbury Center 5 Main St.
Babcock, Emma A. St. Johnsbury 21 Railroad St.
Barr, Margaret M. Cabot 5 Main St.
Barr, Grace B. Cabot 5 Main St.
Beck, Emma A. St. Johnsbury 22 Mt. Vernon St.
Beck, Lettie M. St. Johnsbury 22 Mt. Vernon St.
Blodgett, Adelle M. Waterford 5 Main St.
Bone, Nellie M. South Ryegate 9 Main St.
Bradley, Elva M. St. Johnsbury Center Boynton Ave.
Bragg, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury 5 Emerson St.
Buzzell, Lou E. Passumpsic At home
Bates, Julia Hartland 107 Main St.
Caldbeck, Lizzie St. Johnsbury 6 Harrison Ave.
Caswell, Laura St. Johnsbury 7 Harrison Ave.
Clifford, Bertha L. St. Johnsbury 2 Summer St.
Daniels, Maud F. St. Johnsbury 26 Pearl St.
Davis, Blanche M. Miles Pond 9 Summer St.
Davis, Myrtie M. Miles Pond 9 Summer St.
Donaghy, Mabel St. Johnsbury 2 Emerson St.
Fairbanks, Cornelia F. St. Johnsbury 6 Park St.
Flint, Maude V. Orford, NH 10 Winter St.
Galbraith, Jennie M. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Gates, Stella I. East St. Johnsbury At home
Gibson, Louise St. Johnsbury Pleasant St.
Gibson, Nettie L. Barnet 5 Main St.
Goss, Josie L. East Barnet 32 Pearl St.
Granger, Nellie L. St. Johnsbury 49 Summer St.
Grant, Annie St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Grow, Alberta St. Johnsbury 5 Willow Place
Hickie, Blanche S. St. Johnsbury 5 Main St.
Harris, Myrtie St. Johnsbury 12 Caledonia St.
Harrison, Harriet Buffalo, NY 23 Main St.
Harvey, May West Concord At home
Hill, Belle St. Johnsbury 4 Spring St.
Holt, Harriet M. Boston, MA 43 Spring St.
Hosmer, Mattie E. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Jewett, Mary L. St. Johnsbury 107 Main St.
Johnson, Florence West Derby St. Johnsbury Center
Jones, Annie C. Vicksburg, Miss 62 Summer St.
Kelsey, Mabel North Danville 60 Main St.
Lacasse, Bertha G. St. Johnsbury 47 Main St.
Lauder, Josephine M. St. Johnsbury 96 Eastern Ave.
Locke, Florence E. West Burke 49 Summer St.
Lyster, Junie B. Waterford Cliff St.
May, Beatrice St. Johnsbury 50 Pleasant St.
May, Emily A. St. Johnsbury 48 Pleasant St.
May, Eunice R. St. Johnsbury 50 Pleasant St.
McDonald, Belle St. Johnsbury 40 Caledonia St.
Merrill, Luella St. Johnsbury 18 Western Ave.
Morse, Florence M. Danville 16 Spring St.
Peabody, Marjorie St. Johnsbury 8 Western Ave.
Pierce, Ethel R. St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Quimby, Mary E. South Kirby 22 Railroad St.
Richardson, Emma S. Richmond 10 Winter St.
Richardson, Gladys M. St. Johnsbury 69 Concord Ave.
Russell, A. Gertrude St. Johnsbury 10 Lafayette St.
Sanborn, Fannie E. St. Johnsbury 4 Cross St.
Sargeant, Bella J. South Ryegate 4 Charles St.
Spencer, Celia M. Westmore 10 Winter St.
Taylor, Lillian St. Johnsbury 12 Caledonia St.
Thompson, Rosa A. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Weeks, Bertha J. North Danville At home
Willey, Margaret S. Monroe, NH At home
Wilson, Addie L. Granby 5 Main St.
Sub - Junior Class Residences Rooms
Bacon, Perley D. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Bullock, Otis E. Haverhill, MA 2 Main St.
Calderwood, Charles S. St. Johnsbury 11 Pearl St.
Cowles, H. Forest St. Johnsbury 16 Pearl St.
Dana, Harry St. Johnsbury Center At home
Eaton, Harvey W. St. Johnsbury 19 Summer St.
Goss, Willard L. Littleton, NH St. Johnsbury Center
Herrick, Merrill S. West Waterford 35 Summer St.
Hill, Guy W. Waterford At home
Howe, Forest W. North Thetford 35 Summer St.
Hoye, Fred J. St. Johnsbury 27 Elm St.
Jones, Horace Vicksburg, Miss 62 Summer St.
Kimball, Louis M. N. Haverhill, NH 129 Main St.
Lewis, Edwin C. St. Johnsbury 91 1/2 Main St.
Sanborn, Martin North Danville 5 Main St.
Simpson, Dwight G. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Smith, Pliny Cabot 5 Main St.
Willis, Sidney J. East St. Johnsbury 11 Main St.
Blodgett, Marcia F. Waterford 5 Main St.
Carruth, Jessie A. Passumpsic At home
Gould, Llewella K. Passumpsic At home
Grant, Mary J. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Harris, Bertha M. St. Johnsbury 5 Main St.
Hill, Harriete L. St. Johnsbury 4 Spring St.
Lockwood, Neva I. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Marshall, J. Addie St. Johnsbury 21 Cliff St.
Mastin, Mary E. St. Johnsbury 30 Central St.
McLeod, Elizabeth M. St. Johnsbury 16 Webster St.
McLeod, Grace A. St. Johnsbury 114 Railroad St.
McNeil, Laila A. St. Johnsbury 99 Main St.
O'Keefe, Annie St. Johnsbury 10 Ely St.
Pearl, Bertha St. Johnsbury 58 Summer St.
Ranney, Mabel H. Kirby 5 Main St.
Rickaby, Helen M. St. Johnsbury 9 Charles St.
Smith, Annie M. East St. Johnsbury At home
Stiles, Charlotte A. St. Johnsbury 26 1/2 Central St.
Warner, Emma M. St. Johnsbury 9 Mt. Pleasant St.
Watts, Helen L. West Barnet 130 Main St.
Graduates of 1893    
Blanchard, Randall H. Slader, Walter Griswold, Carrie M.
Forrest, Clarence A. Smith, Carl Harvey, Lulu M.
Greene, Carl J. Smith, Selden C. Hatch, Laura A.
Hawley, Herbert A. Stanton, John A. Higgins, Ellie B.
Howland, William C. Ward, Burton S. Hopkins, Ivy
Huckins, Theron H. Ward, Roy J. Hovey, Bertha E.
Lamson, Richard Batchelder, Annie D. Lee, Bertha M.
Lingham, Clarence H. Beck, Fannie V. Miles, Ida M.
Marshall, Benjamin T. Clement, Louise Miles, Mabel A.
Martin, Allen Creer, Emily Ranney, Edith E.
O'Malley, Arthur F. Currier, Florence L. Ranney, Elsie M.
Perkins, Harris E. Cushman, Ellen M. Ritchie, Emma G.
Prior, Arthur F. Durkee, Martha G. Robinson, L. Mae
Prior, Perley A. Gile, Lizzie M. Russell, Grace I.
Ranney, William B. Gorham, Margaret E. Skinner, Gertrude E.
Shattuck, Willard I. Goss, Ethel A. Weston, Adeline M.
    Wilcox, Katie

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