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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Rev. Henry President St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Secretary & Treasurer St Johnsbury
Fuller, Rev. Homer T. Trustee Springfield, MO
Ross, Jonathan Trustee St Johnsbury
Lamson, Rev. Charles M. Trustee Hartford, CT
Putney, Charles E. Trustee St Johnsbury
Heath, Rev. Albert H. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Merrill, Rev. Charles H. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Putney, Charles E., PH. D. Principal Teacher of Latin & Greek
Hardy, Audubon L., A.M. Teacher of Mathematics, Civics & Political Economy
Brackett, Solomon H., A.M. Teacher of Natural Sciences & Higher Mathematics
Emerson, Miss Mary Alice, A. B. Teacher of History & English Literature
Hewitt, Miss Persis Dana Teacher of Algebra
Terrill, Miss Flora M. Teacher of German & Latin
Stuart, Miss Edna A. Teacher of Latin & English
Goodwin, Miss Martha Chapin Teacher of French & Latin
Stephens, Miss Eleanor Gertrude Teacher of Elocution
Ross, Miss Martha Teacher of Drawing
Paddock, Miss Isabel M. Assistant
Students - Post Graduates Residences Rooms
Galbraith, George T. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Stiles, Ned C. St. Johnsbury 10 Cross St.
Caldbeck, Mary E. St. Johnsbury 6 Harrison Ave.
Douglas, Florence L. St. Johnsbury 106 Railroad St.
McDonald, Annie St. Johnsbury 4 James St.
Wells, Susie North Danville 15 Summer St.
Senior Class Residences Rooms
Arnold, Alfred C. St. Johnsbury 97 Eastern Ave.
Barnum, Harry H. Constantinople, Turkey 31 Western Ave.
Blount, Frederick A. Newport 4 Main St.
Boright, Sheldon R. Richford 16 Western Ave.
Burroughs, Thomas F. Stockbridge 4 Main St.
Cameron, Donald P. Salt Lake City, Utah 20 Main St.
Carr, William R. Orford, NH 16 Church St.
Chesley, William St. Johnsbury 2 Mt. Vernon St.
Cobleigh, Rolfe St. Johnsbury East At home
Crane, Mendell W. Providence, RI 5 Main St.
Drew, Dwight C. Stowe 5 Main St.
Grant, William D. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Hamilton, Ernest A. St. Johnsbury 23 Summer St.
Hatch, Royal Strafford 5 Main St.
Hubbard, L. Crescens Sivas, Turkey 5 Main St.
Hubbard, Ray S. Sivas, Turkey 5 Main St.
Job, Philip A. South Walpole, MA 5 Main St.
Perry, Francis P. Keene Valley, NY 4 Belvidere St.
Priester, William St. Johnsbury Center At home
Ricker, William G. Ryegate 18 Main St.
St. Clare, Christopher New London, CT 5 Main St.
Shores, Herbert W. St. Johnsbury 45 Pleasant St.
Somers, Willis E. Passumpsic 5 Main St.
Stickney, William Bethel 5 Main St.
Woodbridge, Russell W. Goffstown, NH 35 Summer St.
Albee, Helen St. Johnsbury 8 Pearl St.
Annis, Lena E. St. Johnsbury 20 Pine St.
Austin, Helen A. Barton Landing 1 Cherry St.
Beck, Emma A. St. Johnsbury 22 Mt. Vernon St.
Beck, Lettie M. St. Johnsbury 22 Mt. Vernon St.
Boker, Anna M. Waterbury 5 Main St.
Bone, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury 16 Webster St.
Burgess, Alexina P. Wareham, MA 23 Main St.
Fairbanks, Cornelia F. St. Johnsbury 6 Park St.
Granger, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury 49 Summer St.
Grant, Annie St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Grow, Alberta E. St. Johnsbury 5 Merriam St.
Jewett, Mary L. St. Johnsbury 107 Main St.
Locke, Florence E. West Burke 49 Summer St.
Martin, Ella B. New York City 10 Winter St.
Mattocks, Carolyn L. Lyndon 35 Summer St.
May, Beatrice S. St. Johnsbury 50 Pleasant St.
May, Emily A. St. Johnsbury 48 Pleasant St.
McLam, Nellie M. Ryegate 31 Western Ave.
Merrill, A. Luella St. Johnsbury 2 Western Ave.
Peabody, Marjorie St. Johnsbury 8 Western Ave.
Pierce, Ethel R. St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Richardson, Emma S. Richmond 10 Winter St.
Sargent, Belle J. South Ryegate 1 Cherry St.
Spencer, Celia M. West Burke 10 Winter St.
Thayer, Blanche P. St. Johnsbury 33 Mt. Vernon St.
Willey, Margaret S. Monroe, NH 1 Cherry St.
Allen, Homer Lancaster, NH 31 Western Ave.
Barr, John S. Cabot Underclyffe
Bolton, Morris A. New London, CT 5 Main St.
Childs, Irving H. Northbridge Ctr., MA 5 Main St.
Clark, Robert S. Derry, NH 9 Main St.
Eaton, Harvey W. St. Johnsbury 19 Summer St.
Ellis, John S. St. Johnsbury 8 Valley St.
Greenlaw, Joseph M. Pepperell, MA 11 Main St.
Goss, Willard L. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Hall, Albert T. St. Johnsbury 24 Cliff St.
Hatch, Lawrence Groveton, NH 4 Belvidere St.
Hill, Guy W. Passumpsic At home
Hutchinson, Joseph H. Norwich 17 Summer St.
Kimball, Louis M. North Haverhill, NH 129 Main St.
Lackie, Elmer H. Passumpsic At home
Ladd, Homer C. Brookfield 17 Summer St.
Lewis, Edwin C. St. Johnsbury 28 Central St.
McLaughlin, Charles St. Johnsbury Center At home
Mitchell, Edward H. Maumee, O. 4 Main St.
Moulton, Alfred D. St. Johnsbury 10 Pearl St.
Sanborn, Martin S. North Danville 5 Main St.
Smith, Pliny A. Cabot 5 Main St.
Stevens, Charles S. North Troy 31 Western Ave.
Washburn, Harry O. Hartford 5 Main St.
Williams, Ernest L. Mason, NH 11 Main St.
Wilcox, Frank H. East Brookfield 31 Summer St.
Woodruff, Horace N. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Barr, Grace B. Cabot 5 Main St.
Batchelder, Grace C. St. Johnsbury 74 Portland St.
Bean, Annie G. Coventry 31 Pearl St.
Bradley, Elva M. St. Johnsbury 18 Pearl St.
Burbank, Myrtie P. St. Johnsbury 42 Central St.
Carruth, Katherine Passumpsic At home
Davison, Florence M. St. Johnsbury 8 Winter St.
Gage, Mabel N. St. Johnsbury 42 Cliff St.
Gates, Stella I. St. Johnsbury East At home
Grant, Mary J. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Hall, Maude H. St. Johnsbury Winter St.
Harris, Bertha M. Waterford 5 Main St.
Hovey, Edna E. Waterford 5 Main St.
Johnson, Florence E. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Kelsey, Mabel St. Johnsbury 12 Mt. Pleasant St.
Knapp, Clara A. Danville At home
Lacasse, Bertha G. St. Johnsbury 47 Main St.
Learned, Ida F. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Lockwood, Neva I. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Marshall, J. Addie St. Johnsbury 21 Cliff St.
Mastin, Mary E. St. Johnsbury 30 Central St.
McLeod, Elizabeth M. St. Johnsbury 7 River St.
McLeod, Grace St. Johnsbury 114 Railroad St.
McNeil, Laila A. St. Johnsbury 45 Summer St.
O'Keefe, Annie St. Johnsbury 10 Ely St.
Pearl, Bertha M. St. Johnsbury 58 Summer St.
Pierce, Bertha M. St. Johnsbury 2 Cross St.
Rickaby, Helen St. Johnsbury 9 Charles St.
Rouse, Grace East Berkshire 7 Main St.
Selina, Clara F. St. Johnsbury 14 Tremont St.
Smith, Annie St. Johnsbury East At home
Stevenson, Gertrude M. St. Johnsbury 5 Pine St.
Stiles, Charlotte A. St. Johnsbury 26 1/2 Central St.
St. John, Myrtie St. Johnsbury 13 Emerson St.
Switser, Mabel E. St. Johnsbury 84 Eastern Ave.
Warner, Emma M. St. Johnsbury 9 Mt. Pleasant St.
Watts, Helen L. West Barnet 21 Spring St.
Wheeler, Jessie M. Waterbury 4 Main St.
Junior Class Residences Rooms
Abbott, Guy H. St. Johnsbury 2 Pearl St.
Allbee, Austin G. Gallup's Mills 13 Perkins St.
Annis, Arthur A. St. Johnsbury 20 Pine St.
Babcock, Fred J. St. Johnsbury 21 Railroad St.
Bacon, Perley D. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Brockway, Walter D. Passumpsic At home
Carpenter, Lewis H. St. Johnsbury 28 Webster St.
Chandler, Fred C. Barton Landing 35 Summer St.
Clark, Ernest L. St. Johnsbury 64 Summer St.
Cobb, Nathaniel Danville 13 Mt. Pleasant St.
Cobleigh, Paul R. Guildhall 10 Green St.
Cushing, John M. Bath, ME 5 Main St.
Fairbanks, Joseph P. St. Johnsbury Brantview
Farrington, Fayette F. West Danville At home
Fullington, Christopher C. Johnson 4 Main St.
Goodrich, Leslie St. Johnsbury 13 Charles St.
Harvey, Charles E. Passumpsic At home
Hazen, Edwin H. Hartford 5 Main St.
Holmes, Floyd W. St. Johnsbury 85 Portland St.
Hull, Robert M. West Concord 5 Main St.
Lord, Earl F. Norwich 5 Main St.
McLam, W. Lloyd Ryegate 9 Main St.
McLeod, Spurgeon S. St. Johnsbury 7 River St.
Mears, Warren C. Marshfield 9 Mt. Pleasant St.
Moore, Albert North Monroe, NH The Bluffs
Moore, Benoni North Monroe, NH 5 Main St.
Newell, Downer H. St. Johnsbury 18 Church St.
Orcutt, Willard V. St. Johnsbury 13 Perkins St.
Peterson, Carl O. St. Johnsbury 37 Cliff St.
Rogers, Frank R. Haverhill, NH 23 Main St.
Rowley, Guy N. Montgomery Center 31 Western Ave.
Sanborn, Allen C. North Danville 5 Main St.
Skinner, Fred C. Barton Landing 35 Summer St.
Smith, Robert H. St. Johnsbury 20 Summer St.
Sprague, Arthur G. St. Johnsbury 3 Cliff St.
Tinker, Ernest F. St. Johnsbury 31 Western Ave.
Wheeler, Theodore H. Beloit, Wis. 1 Main St.
Ward, Burt C. St. Johnsbury 31 Western Ave.
Adams, Fannie E. St. Johnsbury 76 Portland St.
Bailey, Rosa M. St. Johnsbury 5 Park St.
Barr, Margaret M. Cabot 5 Main St.
Bemis, Cornelia M. East Burke 115 Main St.
Caldbeck, Elizabeth St. Johnsbury 6 Harrison Ave.
Caldbeck, Maude St. Johnsbury 6 Harrison Ave.
Cameron, Sadie P. Salt Lake City, Utah 20 Main St.
Chickering, Mabel G. St. Johnsbury 19 Summer St.
Douglas, Helen St. Johnsbury 106 Railroad St.
Ellis, Clara E. St. Johnsbury 22 Cliff St.
Fairbanks, Marion St. Johnsbury 24 Western Ave.
Flood, Katie A. St. Johnsbury 137 Main St.
Forsythe, Edith St. Johnsbury Center At home
Forsythe, Susie St. Johnsbury Center At home
Gould, Bessie M. Cabot 5 Main St.
Griswold, Grace A. St. Johnsbury East At home
Heald, Nellie S. St. Johnsbury 29 Caledonia St.
Hill, Harriette L. St. Johnsbury 4 Spring St.
Hinsman, Grace E. St. Johnsbury 6 1/2 Cross St.
Hubbard, Faith Sivas, Turkey 24 Western Ave.
Hudson, Mattie M. St. Johnsbury 43 Portland St.
Hyde, M. Florence St. Johnsbury 13 Charles St.
Jenkins, Susie St. Johnsbury 52 Eastern Ave.
Lockwood, Ninan J. St. Johnsbury 9 Main St.
Lyford, Mary E. Lower Cabot 5 Main St.
Miner, Edna St. Johnsbury 9 Cherry St.
Moore, Marion F. St. Johnsbury 35 Spring St.
Montgomery, Grace E. St. Johnsbury 9 Harrison Ave.
Park, Nettie M. St. Johnsbury 32 Railroad St.
Pike, Lena M. Danbury, CT Brantview
Rickaby, Marjorie St. Johnsbury 33 Portland St.
Rogers, Lillian H. Walden 2 Spring St.
Russell, Florence M. St. Johnsbury 19 Pearl St.
Simpson, Cassie St. Johnsbury Center At home
Smith, Jeanette E. St. Johnsbury 6 Belvidere St.
Stevens, Helen C. St. Johnsbury 104 Main St.
Stuart, Grace M. West Burke At home
Tyrie, Martha D. S. St. Johnsbury 15 Central St.
Underwood, Myrtie L. St. Johnsbury 5 Main St.
Walbridge, Winnifred St. Johnsbury 43 Eastern Ave.
Warden, Alice B. St. Johnsbury 42 Spring St.
Woodbury, Grace J. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Sub-Junior Class Residences Rooms
Culver, Frank M. Stowe 5 Main St.
Cushman, Wesley Lower Waterford 5 Main St.
Davis, Roy F. Montgomery 31 Western Ave.
George, Edmund West Fairlee 23 Main St.
Harvey, Harry O. Passumpsic At home
Haviland, Stephen C. West Concord At home
Howe, Carl M. St. Johnsbury St Johnsbury House
Mackerman, William New York City 4 Main St.
May, Walter M. St. Johnsbury 17 Main St.
Nelson, Wardale St. Johnsbury 2 Main St.
Peck, John H. St. Johnsbury 2 Railroad St.
Pixley, George Norwich 5 Main St.
Randall, Harry J. St. Johnsbury 8 Pearl St.
Richardson, Howard L. Richmond 5 Main St.
Russell, Perley St. Johnsbury 19 Pearl St.
Shores, Ellsworth St. Johnsbury 32 Pleasant St.
Smith, Cheney St. Johnsbury 17 Main St.
Taylor, Fred St. Johnsbury 17 Webster St.
Abbott, Ellen M. St. Johnsbury 2 Pearl St.
Hills, Carlie E. Cabot 5 Main St.
Packard, Rose M. St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Richards, Grace St. Johnsbury 47 Main St.
Smith, M. Pansy Lower Cabot 5 Main St.
Stacey, Bessie G. West Concord 17 Spring St.
Wright, Ethel E. St. Johnsbury At home
Graduates of 1895    
Beck, Fred C. Newell, Selim Fisher, Julia F.
Beckley, Chester C. O'Malley, Henry Fisher, Harriet A.
Cameron, John S. Richardson, James P. Gilfillan, May C.
Chase, George A. Rood, William H. Gibson, Jennie L.
Clark, James B. Stiles, Don C. Ide, Fanny
Cloutman, John F. Stiles, Ned C. Jones, Annie C.
Cobb, Eben W. Tinker, Wellington H. Lewis, Cora B.
Cushman, James M. Tracy, Edward A. Lockwood, Nora I.
French, Harold C. Trainor, Raymond J. McDonald, Annie
Galbraith, George T. White, John L. McLaughlin, Carrie M.
Graham, Charles P. Wood, John H. Morse, Lilla F.
Hovey, Herbert W. Austin, Emma S. Owen, Julia F.
Johnson, Charles W. Bagley, Blanche A. Perry, Mabelle L.
Jones, L. Burton Berry, Grace I. Ranney, Addie M.
Lavelle, Frank R. Brock, Mabel L. Stevens, Nellie A.
Marriott, John H. Buswell, Clara L. Stevens, Fannie J.
Mulliken, Earl F. Caldbeck, Mary E. Thompson, Helen M.
  Douglas, Florence L. Wells, Susie B.

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