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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Henry President St Johnsbury
Ross, Jonathan Trustee St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Edward T. Secretary & Treasurer St Johnsbury
Heath, Albert H. (died on March 17, 1899) Trustee St Johnsbury
Merrill, Charles H. Trustee St Johnsbury
Colby, James F. Trustee Hanover, NH
Mackinnon, Robert Trustee St. Johnsbury
Brooks, Frank H. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Comstock, David Y. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Alumni Cooperating Committee    
Stafford, Wendell P.   St. Johnsbury
Boynton, William S.   St. Johnsbury
Bacon, John L.   White River Junction
Comstock, David Y., M. A. Principal Latin, Greek & History
Brackett, Solomon H., M. A. Teacher of Natural Sciences & Higher Mathematics
Cummings, Allen C., M. A. Teacher of Mathematics, History & Political Science
Barbour, Allison H. Bookkeeping, Banking, Business Practice & Penmanship
Johnson, Edward D., B. A. Teacher of Latin & Greek
Stuart, Miss Edna A. Teacher of Mathematics & Latin
Goodwin, Miss Martha C. Teacher of French & German
Carpenter, Miss Mabel A. Teacher of Rhetoric & English Literature
Shaw, Miss Agnes M., B. A. Teacher of English Composition & Author-Study
Danforth, Miss Kate G. Teacher of Stenography & Typewriting  
Frost, Mrs. Anna Spencer Teacher of Elocution
Arthur, Mrs. Emily J. Teacher of Art Study & Mechanical Drawing
Ryder, Delano R. Physical Director, St J., Y.M.C.A., Supervisor of Athletics  
Students - Post Graduates Residences Rooms
Fairbanks, Marion St. Johnsbury 24 Western Ave.
Miner, Edna St. Johnsbury 12 Summer St.
Senior Class Residences Rooms
Annis, Arthur A. St. Johnsbury 20 Pine St.
Batchelder, Charles K. Newport High Street
Beck, Arthur S. St. Johnsbury 2 Mt. Vernon St.
Carpenter, Lewis H. St. Johnsbury 28 Webster St.
Clark, Earnest L. St. Johnsbury 64 Summer St.
Culver, Frank Stowe 17 Main St.
Fairbanks, Joseph St. Johnsbury Brantview
Fullington, Moses A. Johnson 11 Main St.
Gibson, Ralph G. Ryegate The Bluffs
Harris, Asa H. St. Johnsbury 18 Main St.
Hatch, Jared P. St. Johnsbury 4 Spring St.
Houston, Alfred E. Bath, NH 28 Central St.
Kidder, Harry M. East Roxbury 17 Main St.
Moodie, Walter C. West Tisbury, MA 5 Main St.
Newell, Charles E. West Derry, NH 12 Summer St.
Pierce, George St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Randall, Harry J. St. Johnsbury 8 Pearl St.
Smith, L. Cheney St. Johnsbury 17 Main St.
Somers, Henry E. Irasburgh 17 Main St.
Stone, Charles B. St. Johnsbury 78 Eastern Ave.
Taylor, Fred W., Jr. St. Johnsbury 17 Webster St.
Abbott, Ellen M. St. Johnsbury 2 Pearl St.
Beck, Ida L. St. Johnsbury Mt. Vernon St.
Brush, Josephine E. Cambridge 35 Summer St.
Cameron, Sarah P. Salt Lake City, Utah 20 Main St.
Conly, Lottie B. St. Johnsbury 19 1/2 Pleasant St.
Flood, Katharine A. St. Johnsbury 137 Main St.
Ford, Mabel A. McIndoe Falls 1 Cherry St.
Gould, Blanche A. Plymouth, NH 1 Cherry St.
Gruber, Ines M. Hartford 4 Main St.
Hall, S. Helen St. Johnsbury 24 Cliff St.
Horne, E. Winifred St. Johnsbury 37 Pearl St.
Howard, Myrtie M. St. Johnsbury 35 Cliff St.
Hudson, Florence M. St. Johnsbury 2 Belvidere St.
Hudson, Nina P. St. Johnsbury 32 Mt. Pleasant St.
Hyde, Gertrude E. St. Johnsbury 3 Clinton Ave.
Johnson, Alice M. St. Johnsbury 38 Summer St.
Lacasse, Annie E. St. Johnsbury 53 1/2 Summer St.
May, Eunice R. St. Johnsbury 50 Pleasant St.
Nelson, Mary J. St. Johnsbury 94 Main St.
Packard, Rose M. St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Paige, Vernie M. St. Johnsbury At home
Reynolds, Mary W. Cambridge 35 Summer St.
Smith, M. Pansy Lower Cabot 28 Western Ave.
Somerville, Anna M. St. Johnsbury 3 Prospect Ave.
Stevens, Emma A. North Danville 14 Main St.
Warden, Alice B. St. Johnsbury 42 Spring St.
Woods, Lucy M. St. Johnsbury 26 Pleasant St.
Middle Class Residences Rooms
Carr, Edmund S. St. Johnsbury 129 Main St.
Cheney, Walter Stowe 5 Main St.
Darling, Richard F. Newbury 35 Summer St.
Gorham, H. Wilson St. Johnsbury 24 Spring St.
Lang, Arthur M. Topsham 11 Main St.
May, Walter West Concord At home
McFarland, Ernest A. St. Johnsbury 17 Main St.
Miner, James L. St. Johnsbury 7 Green St.
Robinson, Allan H. St. Johnsbury At home
Sault, Albert C. St. Johnsbury 49 Spring St.
Severance, Perley V. East St. Johnsbury At home
Stanley, Johnston St. Johnsbury 32 Spring St.
Stocker, Marshal M. Danville At home
Watson, John H. Jr. Bradford 4 Main St.
Willis, Sidney J. West Concord 17 Main St.
Blodgett, Edwina M. St. Johnsbury 72 Railroad St.
Carr, Alice M. St. Johnsbury 110 Railroad St.
Carr, Nellie J. St. Johnsbury 8 Lafayette St.
Craig, Sarah A. St. Johnsbury 86 Concord Ave.
Greenwood, Marion E. St. Johnsbury 58 Western Ave.
Hunt, Ruth W. St. Johnsbury 15 Central St.
Merrill, Grace M. St. Johnsbury 54 Spring St.
Merrill, Lucy A. St. Johnsbury 54 Spring St.
Patterson, Henrietta St. Johnsbury 150 Railroad St.
Ranney, Florence M. St. Johnsbury Mt. Vernon St.
Shields, Margaret C. St. Johnsbury 5 Jones St.
Smith, Lena M. St. Johnsbury 6 Belvidere St.
Stevenson, Ella R. St. Johnsbury 5 Pine St.
Wilkie, Eva C. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Wilson, Alice A. St. Johnsbury 110 Main St.
Junior Middle Class Residences Rooms
Carr, Frank St. Johnsbury 110 Railroad St.
Clark, Robert P. St. Johnsbury 62 Summer St.
Gage, George C. St. Johnsbury 34 Summer St.
Goodwin, Philip R. St. Johnsbury 99 Main St.
Hastings, Ira B. West Waterford At home
Hastings, S. Harold Passumpsic At home
Heath, George C. Danville At home
Ide, William A. St. Johnsbury 1 Mt. Pleasant St.
Meigs, Charles A. St. Johnsbury 26 Central St.
Morse, G. Harold Danville At home
Parks, Chester A. St. Johnsbury Center 10 Valley St.
Randall, Roy L. St. Johnsbury 21 Main St.
Sulloway, Ralph C. St. Johnsbury 14 Summer St.
Todd, John A. St. Johnsbury 16 Caledonia St.
Wells, Francis H. Sugar Hill, NH 6 1/2 Cross St.
Williams, John D. Danville At home
Albee, Bertha M. St. Johnsbury 8 Green St.
Ayer, Eva St. Johnsbury 9 Passumpsic St.
Badger, Ellen L. St. Johnsbury South Main St.
Bailey, Helen M. St. Johnsbury 5 Cliff St.
Boynton, Helen St. Johnsbury 130 Main St.
Bradley, Grace A. St. Johnsbury Center 16 Western Ave.
Buswell, Lillian M. St. Johnsbury 23 Mill St.
Carpenter, Orris St. Johnsbury 10 Clinton Ave.
Carr, Lelia F. St. Johnsbury 110 Railroad St.
Cutting, Elsie M. Plainfield 17 Emerson St.
Daniels, Alice M. St. Johnsbury 124 Railroad St.
Darling, Mary L. Newbury 35 Summer St.
Davis, Gladys C. St. Johnsbury 11 Caledonia St.
Flint, Agnes St. Johnsbury 63 Summer St.
Ford, Ethel M. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Gage, Saada M. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Galbraith, Ethel May Passumpsic At home
Herbert, E. Charlena Coventry 2 Prospect Ave.
Holmes, Maude M. St. Johnsbury 85 Portland St.
Howland, Glen West Burke At home
Jenkins, Susie E. St. Johnsbury 1 Mt. Vernon St.
Kelsey, Minnie B. St. Johnsbury 7 High St.
Kent, Florence A. St. Johnsbury 9 Belvidere St.
Lapage, Myrtie B. St. Johnsbury 123 Main St.
McLeod, Annie J. St. Johnsbury 7 River St.
Noyes, Lucy L. Sharon 38 Summer St.
Palmer, Agnes M. St. Johnsbury 33 Portland St.
Parkhurst, Alice M. St. Johnsbury 26 Railroad St.
Peck, Minnie E. St. Johnsbury At home
Perry, A. Belle Concord 5 Main St.
Poole, Jennie E. St. Johnsbury 4 John St.
Powell, Florence J. St. Johnsbury 32 Mt. Vernon St.
Ranney, Laura St. Johnsbury 5 South St.
Rickaby, Edith St. Johnsbury 9 Charles St.
Ross, Frances St. Johnsbury 12 Prospect St.
Ross, Mabel E. St. Johnsbury 17 Lafayette St.
Scott, Edna E. St. Johnsbury 35 Pearl St.
Spalding, Olive A. St. Johnsbury 49 Concord Ave.
Steady, Ellen F. St. Johnsbury 44 Summer St.
Stone, Agnes M. St. Johnsbury At home
True, Alma P. St. Johnsbury 39 Portland St.
Wicker, Daisy M. St. Johnsbury 80 Main St.
Wilkie, Belle I. St. Johnsbury 50 Western Ave.
Junior Class Residences Rooms
Annis, Roscoe M. St. Johnsbury 20 Pine St.
Bemis, William A. St. Johnsbury 32 Railroad St.
Brown, Harold P. St. Johnsbury 27 Spring St.
Carter, W. Henry St. Johnsbury 54 Spring St.
Dodge, Ernest L. East St. Johnsbury At home
Flint, Charles W. St. Johnsbury 63 Summer St.
Hall, Raymond St. Johnsbury 24 Cliff St.
Harvey, John W. St. Johnsbury 23 Pearl St.
Hastings, Elbridge G. St. Johnsbury At home
Hastings, Hugh W. West Waterford At home
Hawley, Arthur M. St. Johnsbury 47 Spring St.
Hill, Allen F. St. Johnsbury 35 Spring St.
Lane, Merrill C. South Strafford 5 Main St.
Magoon, Ralph P. St. Johnsbury 12 Pearl St.
McLaughlin, Fred A. St. Johnsbury 13 Mt. Pleasant St.
Newell, Charles H. Passumpsic At home
Nichols, Arthur P. West Derry, NH 12 Summer St.
Pearl, Raymond St. Johnsbury 58 Summer St.
Petty, William N. St. Johnsbury 8 Orchard St.
Pickering, Archie L. St. Johnsbury 82 1/2 Main St.
Pierce, Carl F. St. Johnsbury Boynton Ave.
Preston, Addison W. St. Johnsbury 123 Main St.
Ranney, Carlton A. St. Johnsbury 5 South St.
Richardson, Samuel E. East Barnet At home
Ritchie, James J. West Barnet 21 Spring St.
Sherburn, George W. St. Johnsbury 23 Summer St.
Sleeper, Finlay P. North Haverhill, NH 129 Main St.
Smith, Cary F. Lower Cabot St. Johnsbury
Stanley, Edgar C. St. Johnsbury 32 Spring St.
Stimson, James P. St. Johnsbury 27 Cliff St.
Swett, Frank G. St. Johnsbury 29 Cliff St.
Tinker, Franklin M. St. Johnsbury 81 1/2 Railroad St.
Watson, Hugh H. Bradford 4 Main St.
Wright, Allison M. Coventry 27 Central St.
Amidon, Ethel M. St. Johnsbury 28 Cliff St.
Babcock, Alice A. St. Johnsbury 21 Railroad St.
Barrett, Bertha D. St. Johnsbury 91 Portland St.
Clark, Margaret R. St. Johnsbury 62 Summer St.
Dodge, Martha B. Amherst, NH 33 Clark's Ave.
Hovey, Grace G. St. Johnsbury 9 Lafayette St.
Lewis, Katherine M. St. Johnsbury 28 Central St.
Marshall, Alice M. West Burke 28 Central St.
Marshall, Carrie I. West Burke 28 Central St.
McGill, Jessie C. East Barnet 5 Main St.
McLam, Carlotta P. Ryegate 87 Main St.
McLaughlin, Ella L. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Morrill, Esther I. St. Johnsbury 47 Main St.
Newcomb, Nina K. Waitsfield 17 Church St.
Nichols, Carrie E. St. Johnsbury Center 16 Western Ave.
Nutting, Delia E. Danville 24 Spring St.
Peck, M. Josephine St. Johnsbury 2 Railroad St.
Richardson, Ethel A. St. Johnsbury 64 Concord Ave.
Rudd, Edith M. Waterford At home
Rutherford, Blanche N. St. Johnsbury 16 Clark's Ave.
Salina, June A. St. Johnsbury 14 Tremont St.
Simpson, Maude E. St. Johnsbury 76 Portland St.
Spencer, Mabel L. St. Johnsbury 9 Belvidere St.
Squires, Iola I. St. Johnsbury 9 Jones St.
Steady, Cora M. St. Johnsbury 44 Summer St.
Stone, L. May St. Johnsbury At home
Stone, Nellie B. St. Johnsbury 1 Harvey St.
Swanson, Emma C. St. Johnsbury 35 Cliff St.
Wilson, Bessie A. St. Johnsbury Mt. Vernon St.
Woodside, Mabel A. St. Johnsbury 17 Cliff St.
Students Pursuing Commercial Branches
Bugbee, Leroy E. West Burke At home
Cushman, Wesley G. Lower Waterford 7 Clark's Ave.
Duncan, Robert H. Monroe, NH 14 Cliff St.
Goss, C. Lucius Williamstown, MA St. Johnsbury
Hicks, George H. St. Johnsbury 3 Mt. Pleasant St.
Holbrook, Harley W. Canaan 5 Main St.
Howard, Roy N. East Haven St. Johnsbury
Kenison, Fred S. West Burke At home
Lanctot, Archie E. St. Johnsbury 23 Pearl St.
Quimby, Ernest M. Kirby At home
Ranney, Clarence L. St. Johnsbury 14 Summer St.
Renfrew, Roscoe A. South Ryegate 82 Eastern Ave.
Shepherd, Ernest M. Passumpsic At home
Sherburn, Ernest F. St. Johnsbury 23 Summer St.
Spencer, Frank O. West Burke At home
Sprague, Arthur G. St. Johnsbury 3 Cliff St.
Woodbury, William C. St. Johnsbury 7 Caledonia St.
Beane, Elizabeth B. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Burns, Florence M. West Burke At home
Campbell, Jeannette M. Maples 16 Main St.
Dutile, Lena M. St. Johnsbury 4 North Ave.
Hansen, Florence M. St. Johnsbury 12 Orchard St.
Hazelton, Constance G. St. Johnsbury Center At home
Holton, Mabel E. Lyndon At home
McHarg, Edna C. Lancaster, NH 40 Caledonia St.
Rickaby, Helen St. Johnsbury 9 Charles St.

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