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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Prof. Henry, Ph. D. Trustee, President St. Johnsbury
Merrill, Rev. Charles H., D. D. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Colby, Prof. James F., LL. D. Trustee Hanover, NH
Mackinnon, Robert Trustee St. Johnsbury
Brooks, Frank H. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Stafford, Justice Wendell P., LL. D. Trustee Washington, DC
DeBoer, Hon. Joseph A., LL. D. Trustee Montpelier
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T., D. D. Trustee, Secretary & Treasurer St. Johnsbury
Hazen, Perley F. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Barnes, Rev. Stephen G., D. D. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Fleetwood, Hon. Frederick G., A. M. Trustee Morrisville
Benedict, Martin G., Ph. D. Trustee St. Johnsbury
Boynton, William S. Alumni Cooperating Committee St. Johnsbury
Silsby, Elwin A. Alumni Cooperating Committee St. Johnsbury
Stone, Arthur F., A. M. Alumni Cooperating Committee St. Johnsbury
Stevens, Charles H. Auditor
Clark, Col. John C. Auditor
Benedict, Martin G., A. M., Ph. D. Latin & Mathematics Principal
Barbour, Allison H. Bookkeeping, Banking, Business Practice & Penmanship
Wood, Harlan N., A. M. Latin, Greek and History
Doran, Eleanor A., A. B. Latin
Hough, Jean Winifred, A. B. German and French
Johnson, Beulah P., A. B. Rhetoric & English Literature
Watson, Abbie C. Stenography & Typewriting
Holton, Edith Austin, A. B. English
Smith, James Francis, A. B. Natural Science & Higher Mathematics
Nickerson, I. Leston, A. B. Mathematics
Nichols, Edith M. Art Study & Mechanical Drawing
Eklof, Maude L. Director of Music
Post - Graduates  
Names Residence Rooms
Atwood, Dale S. St. Johnsbury 24 Summer
Kilbourn, Carrie St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Lewis, Annie Louise St. Johnsbury 23 Summer
Mackinnon, Hugh Allen St. Johnsbury Boynton Avenue
Merrill, Winifred Salisbury St. Johnsbury 2 Western Avenue
Park, Nelson Renfrew Passumpsic At Home
Senior Class
Bailey, Ralph W. St. Johnsbury 84 Main
Barrett, Vera Alberta St. Johnsbury 94 Portland
Bean, Florence Margaret St. Johnsbury 84 Main
Burbank, Almon Carr St. Johnsbury 73 Concord Avenue
Carr, Maurice Frederick St. Johnsbury 129 Main
Comstock, Sylvia Chelsea C. F. Cottage
Copp, Charles Winthrop East St. Johnsbury At Home
Dimick, William Adolphus St. Johnsbury 56 Summer
Duke, Myra Sara Montpelier C. F. Cottage
Emery, Donald Newport South Hall
Flagg, Rowley Smith Newport South Hall
Frost, Joshua Collett Waterville, ME 15 Central
Gale, Lyman Henry St. Johnsbury 15 Portland
Gray, Rexford Edwin West Concord At Home
Hale, Harold Burns Newbury South Hall
Harvey, David St. Johnsbury 4 Railroad
Johnson, Raymond Perley Rapid City, SD 38 Summer
Kilbourne, Juanita St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Knapp, Horace Allen East St. Johnsbury At Home
McGill, Ethel May Passumpsic 18 Main
Nelson, Margaret Annette Ryegate C. F. Cottage
Peck, Elizabeth Sophia St. Johnsbury 2 Railroad
Porter, Mabel Electra West Burke C. F. Cottage
Porter, Maurice Pembroke West Burke South Hall
Potts, Beatrice Moore St. Johnsbury 15 Webster
Russell, Walter Hiram St. Johnsbury At Home
Salman, Bertha Marion St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Sargent, Elsye Lola St. Johnsbury 17 Church
Shepherd, Raymond Elwin Waterford At Home
Silsby, Mabel Gaskell St. Johnsbury Boynton Avenue
Simanton, Paul Edgerton St. Johnsbury 26 Pearl
Spencer, Carrie Belle South Lunenburg 23 Pearl
Stanley, Mildred Story St. Johnsbury 48 Spring
Stone, Edith Lincoln St. Johnsbury 1 Highland Avenue
Walker, Marion Palmer Cabot South Hall
Walter, Elizabeth Gregory Lyndon C. F. Cottage
Ward, Robert Turner North Concord Highland Farm
Warden, Henry Fairbanks Monroe South Hall
Welch, Helena Margaret St. Johnsbury 57 Pearl
Junior Class
Adams, Ruth Brown St. Johnsbury 54 Summer
Barrett, Ella Sybil Cabot South Hall
Carr, Mary Blunt St. Johnsbury 105 Main
Carr, Theodore Aldrich St. Johnsbury 72 Concord Avenue
Eliason, Lillian Josephine South Ryegate C. F. Cottage
Esdon, Marguerite Passumpsic 18 Main
Fisk, Charles Allen St. Johnsbury 9 Bank Place
Follensby, Isabel Frances St. Johnsbury 46 Summer
Gates, Edith Rebecca Franklin C. F. Cottage
Gibson, Clarissa East Ryegate C. F. Cottage
Gibson, Mary Helen East Ryegate C. F. Cottage
Gilfillan, Freda Jane St. Johnsbury 11 Portland
Greenwood, Mildred May Lowell C. F. Cottage
Hall, Abby Moore Barnet At Home
Hawkinson, Agnes Wilhelmina St. Johnsbury River Road
Lawler, Adine Louise McIndoes C. F. Cottage
Lloyd, Edith Fountain St. Johnsbury 56 Pleasant
McDonald, Jennie May St. Johnsbury 20 Mt. Vernon
Mills, Margaret Park St. Johnsbury 14 John
Mills, Samuel Perham South Ryegate South Hall
Morrison, Raymond Arthur St. Johnsbury 40 Pleasant
Nelson, James Fremont East Ryegate South Hall
Nelson, Marjorie East Barnet C. F. Cottage
Peterson, Helen May St. Johnsbury 34 Spring
Reed, Helen Emily Concord At Home
Seymour, Charles Floyd Lisbon, NH South Hall
Smith, Isabelle Ellen Waterford 18 Main
Spaulding, Lisle George St. Johnsbury 51 Summer
Spooner, Ralph Stevens St. Johnsbury 49 Western Avenue
Wells, Marjorie Lucille Cabot C. F. Cottage
Wright, Henrietta Florence St. Johnsbury 4 Union St
Sophomore Class
Adams, Russell Steele St. Johnsbury 54 Summer
Babcock, George Augustus, Jr. East St. Johnsbury At Home
Babcock, William Albert St. Johnsbury 15 Caledonia
Barbour, Maude Lida St. Johnsbury 25 Summer
Beck, Joseph Theodore St. Johnsbury 34 Mt. Vernon
Borland, Sidney James St. Johnsbury 82 Main
Burns, Helen Constance St. Johnsbury 2 Paddock
Carlton, Albert Louis St. Johnsbury Boynton Avenue
Carpenter, Clara St. Johnsbury 16 Western Avenue
Cassidy, Harry Edward St. Johnsbury 21 School
Chase, Ralph Hiram East St. Johnsbury At Home
Clark, Grace Amy St. Johnsbury 15 Pleasant
Cleveland, Walter Eugene Coventry South Hall
Cole, Emma Laura St. Johnsbury 22 Caledonia
Eaton, Maude Louise Wentworth, NH C. F. Cottage
French, Lindol St. Johnsbury 11 Charles
Gammell, George Cary East Barnet South Hall
Gammell, Harold Blake East Barnet South Hall
Genge, Val Francis St. Johnsbury 105 Railroad
Genge, Victor Patrick St. Johnsbury 105 Railroad
Goodrich, Vera Elizabeth St. Johnsbury 10 Harrison Avenue
Henderson, Marion Viola St. Johnsbury 21 Pearl
Hurley, Edith Louise St. Johnsbury 5 Portland
Lambert, George Adam St. Johnsbury 23 Cliff
Lee, Maria Isabella Waterford C. F. Cottage
Little, Arthur Perry St. Johnsbury 23 Main
Little, Mabel Mae Waterford At Home
Locke, Grace Winifred St. Johnsbury 37 Spring
Lucas, Ellen Sadie St. Johnsbury Upper Railroad
Lyon, Christie Belle East St. Johnsbury At Home
Morrison, Agnes Elizabeth St. Johnsbury 40 Pleasant
McGill, Portia Bassanio East St. Johnsbury C. F. Cottage
Peck, Frances Irene St. Johnsbury 2 Railroad
Perowne, Susie Clara St. Johnsbury 17 Winter
Smith, Pearl Ruth East Burke At Home
Stenson, Mary Angelina St. Johnsbury 20 Maple
Weeks, Madeline Elizabeth St. Johnsbury 3 Autumn
Wheeler, Ruth Demange Irasburg C. F. Cottage
White, Clarissa Annie St. Johnsbury Pleasant St
Wright, Virn Joseph St. Johnsbury 1 Jones
Freshman Class
Bailey, Archie Kenney West Burke At Home
Bailey, Frank Levi East Barnet At Home
Batchelder, Lena Julia St. Johnsbury 56 Pearl
Bole, Rita Lodoska Passumpsic At Home
Brigham, Dorothy St. Johnsbury 34 Pearl
Brill, Mary Lilla St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Brooks, Hazel Etta St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Brown, Harry James West Burke At Home
Burbank, Agnes Josephine St. Johnsbury 73 Concord Avenue
Burns, Alice Gertrude St. Johnsbury 2 Paddock
Chandler, Merle St. Johnsbury 19 Church
Cheever, Floyd Sawyer St. Johnsbury 13 Cherry
Chesley, Hazel Mae St. Johnsbury 5 Lafayette
Cox, Laura May St. Johnsbury 8 Perkins
Cox, Mary Rosetta St. Johnsbury 13 Concord Avenue
Davis, Alice E. Kirby 9 Main
Donahue, Dale Raymond East Haven At Home
Doty, Lawrence St. Johnsbury 36 Lafayette
Dufur, Frank Hiram Greensboro South Hall
Eastman, Beulah Frost St. Johnsbury Frost Avenue
Ellis, Helen Soule St. Johnsbury 13 Perkins
Fisk, Reginald Samuel St. Johnsbury 9 Bank Place
Flint, Ruth Mary St. Johnsbury 115 1/2 Railroad
Foye, Agnes Gertrude St. Johnsbury 11 Summer
Fuller, Glenn Kirk St. Johnsbury 28 Cliff
Gadapee, Jennie Melinda North Danville D. A. Houghton's
Gilfillan, Max Dole St. Johnsbury 11 Portland
Goss, Clara Helen St. Johnsbury 6 Mountain Avenue
Gray, Herbert Charles Concord West at home
Hall, Mildred Ruth Barnet At Home
Hallett, Lena Maria St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Hamilton, William Arthur St. Johnsbury 52 Western Avenue
Hemingway, Roy C. Lower Waterford South Hall
Henderson, Pearl Victor St. Johnsbury 21 Pearl
Henderson, William Henry St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Hill, Karl Merle St. Johnsbury 25 Spring
Hinman, George St. Johnsbury 2 Spring
Howe, Cora Rosaline St. Johnsbury 13 Cherry
Johnson, Ruth Eola St. Johnsbury Center At Home
King, Irma William Passumpsic At Home
Kirk, Kenneth Johnson St. Johnsbury 16 Summer
Ladd, Orange Scott Waterford At Home
Lamb, Gladys May Greensboro C. F. Cottage
Lane, Lena Evelyn St. Johnsbury 11 Summer
Leonard, Raymond John St. Johnsbury 44 Portland
Locke, William Giffin St. Johnsbury 37 Spring
Lucas, Ethel Anna St. Johnsbury 8 Hastings
May, Dorothy Lou St. Johnsbury 29 Concord Avenue
Meade, Barney Marsh Cambridge South Hall
Montgomery, Vera Margaret St. Johnsbury Pinehurst
Montgomery, Virginia May St. Johnsbury 14 Pleasant
Morrison, Harry Howard Lower Waterford South Hall
Mosher, Edward St. Johnsbury 12 Eastern Avenue
Noyes, Noel St. Johnsbury 6 Winter
Parker, Kezia Jane St. Johnsbury 5 Harvey
Porter, Dorothy Louise Greensboro C. F. Cottage
Porter, Robert Perry West Burke At Home
Potts, Katherine Louisa St. Johnsbury 15 Webster
Pratt, Ray Ellsworth St. Johnsbury Pearl & RR Streets
Reed, Harold Sidney Sheldon 67 Concord Avenue
Ross, Ralph Hersey St. Johnsbury 10 Church
Roundy, Bernice Mae West Burke At Home
Russell, Perley Ellsworth St. Johnsbury At Home
Sanderson, Harry McAllister Passumpsic At Home
Scott, Ethel Eugenia St. Johnsbury 82 Portland
Smith, Ralph Herbert St. Johnsbury 18 Main
Somerville, Paul Stevens St. Johnsbury 32 Cliff
Stearns, William Ayer St. Johnsbury 91 Main
Taplin, Carl H. St. Johnsbury 112 Main
Tolman, Harlan Anderson St. Johnsbury 106 Railroad
Ward, Henry Hall North Concord At Home
Ward, Willard, Harrison St. Johnsbury 25 Mt. Pleasant
Warner, Grace Edna St. Johnsbury 9 Mt. Pleasant
Way, Carl Herbert West Burke At Home
West, Leonard Herbert Waterford At Home
White, Robert McLane Ryegate South Hall
Wilder, Florence House Barnet C. F. Cottage
Wilder, Ruth Alice Barnet C. F. Cottage
Wright, George Earle St. Johnsbury 25 Cliff
Commercial & Shorthand Students
Braley, Helen Gertrude Hartford C. F. Cottage
Brown, Helena Mary St. Johnsbury 10 Spruce
Brown, Julia Ada St. Johnsbury Center At Home
Burbank, Laura May St. Johnsbury 7 Clark Avenue
Cade, Mildred Josephine St. Johnsbury 56 Pleasant
Clement, Mary Lucinda St. Johnsbury 8 Western Avenue
Day, Florence Helen Lunenburg 33 Summer
Dean, Helen Irene St. Johnsbury 7 School
Franklin, Gertrude May St. Johnsbury 5 Bagley
Gilman, Hazel Dell Waterford At Home
Hamblett, Caddie Emily St. Johnsbury 3 Roosevelt Avenue
Kittredge, Bertha Ione St. Johnsbury 15 Harrison Avenue
Lewis, Annie Louise St. Johnsbury 23 Summer
MacGregor, Ellen Mae St. Johnsbury Mt. Pleasant
McLaughlin, Rose Annie Lyndonville At Home
Merrill, Winifred Salisbury St. Johnsbury 2 Western Avenue
Olcott, Nila Electa Lunenburg 33 Summer
Severance, Gertrude Isabel St. Johnsbury 79 Railroad
Stanley, Flora Mary Olive St. Johnsbury 22 Lafayette
Stanley, Jessie Annie Maude St. Johnsbury 22 Lafayette
Ball, Clayton Osgood Newark 14 Concord Avenue
Blodgett, Edson Clarence Waterford At Home
Brooks, Claude Merton Westminster West South Hall
Cooper, Clinton Benjamin Morrisville 28 Central
Farr, Walter George St. Johnsbury South Main
Franklin, David Gaskell West Burke At Home
Plumley, Frank Edwin St. Johnsbury 58 Lafayette
Scott, Roy Frank St. Johnsbury 35 Pearl
Spencer, Roland Beckwith St. Johnsbury 44 Pleasant
Stinson, Russell R. St. Johnsbury 1 Clayton
White, Robert McLam Ryegate South Hall
Special Students
Cavanaugh, James Harrison Manchester, NH 20 Main
Worthen, Raymond Arthur St. Johnsbury 11 Cherry
Graduates 1908 Literary Department  
Anderson, James McEwen Nelson, George Miles Eastman, Helen Louise
Barnett, Harry Carlton Powell, Harold Gates Gibson, Anna Lourene
Beck, Aloysius Joseph Richardson, Earle Wayne Powell, Anna Loena
Burt, Arthur Araunah Walker, William Chester Randall, Madeline Isabel
Clark, Arthur Dana Wells, Dwight Loomis Randall, Pauline Eola
Dole, Eleazer Johnson Wesley, Walter William Simpson, Mary Jean
Farman, Wallace Harry Willson, John Hubert Smith, Loula Parker
Gibson, William Martin Woods, John Burton Wells, Edna Adeline
Hill, Charles Francis Aiken, Bertha Susan Whitaker, Clara Daggett
Lachance, Eugene Drew, Vera Lucille Willson, Dora Maybelle
  Drew, Winifred Maude  
Commercial Department Bookkeeping Course  
Alexander, Maynard Robert Gaskell, Arthur Leon Boardway, Bertha May
Bailey, Horace Clark Hill, Benjamin Calet Fitzpatrick, Alice Edith
Blodgett, Otto Earle McDonald, William, Jr. Newell, Helen Ruth
Clifford, Benjamin Levi Perley, Henry Albert  
Crane, Nelson Herbert Worthley, Lester Lewis  
Commercial Department Shorthand Course  
Babcock, John Cochrane Fraser, Goldie Beatrice Manning, Eva Daisy
Carrick, Raymon Henry Hooker, Julia Mildred Richards, Hazel Grace
Knapp, Horace Allen Humphrey, Oris May Salmon, Jennie May
Brewer, Helen May Kellogg, Annie Madge Stiles, May Edna
Graduates 1909 Literary Department  
Atwood, Dale Simpson McKirahan, Joseph Edwin Hastings, Dora Emilie
Barrett, Benjamin Walter Park, Nelson Renfrew Kellogg, Myrtle Lavina
Bolton, Plynn Mortimer Penniman, Harold Lewis Kilbourne, Carrie
Borland, John Hay Barrett, Ione Leola Lewis, Anna Louise
Boynton, William Clement, Mary Lucinda Merrill, Winifred Salisbury
Hastings, Hubbard Gaskell, Ilabel Roundy, Glen Ella
Mackinnon, Hugh Allan Goss, Ethel Mae Walker, Annette
    Willey, May Evelyn
Commercial Department Bookkeeping Course  
Burnham, Paul Pope Burns, Blanche Isabel Drew, Clara May
French, Wallace Eldredge Cade, Mildred Josephine Hastings, Nellie Inez
Gibson, Paul Miller Cox, Irene Elizabeth Severance, Gertrude Isabel
Menut, William Gerald Dean, Helen Irene Stanley, Jessie Annie Maude
Watchie, Lee Maynard Dennison, Helena Rose Wallace, Charity Belle
Brown, Julia Ada    
Commercial Department Shorthand Course  
Alexander, Maynard Robert Drew, Vera Lucille Savage, Ida Rebecca
Moore, Frank James Hunt, Katherine Annette Wheeler, Bessie Jane
Beck, Helena Lucy Morey, Agnes Evelyn Wilmarth, Juana Cyrene
Brown, Helena Mary Parker, Mae Lucie  

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