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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Eightieth Commencement
of the
St. Johnsbury Academy
South Congregational Church
Tuesday, June 12, 1923
Processional Ruth Flint Tolman, 1913
Prayer Rev. Ambrose Clark DeLapp
Salutatory Mildred Elizabeth Allen
Hail to the Beautuful Morning of May from Joan of Arc A. R. Gaul
Glee Clubs
Commencement Address Senator Frank L. Greene
The Lake Abt-Lewis
Glee Clubs
Valedictory Dorothy Eliza Roy
Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Charles W. Gates, President of the Board of Trustees
Announcement of Class Honors
Presentation of University of Vermont Scholarships
Presentation of Colonial Daughters' Medal
Presentation of Daughters' of the American Revolution Medal Gold Piece
Benediction Rev. J. H. Klaren
Recessional Ruth Flint Tolman, 1913
Class of 1923
Irene Aldrich Mary Chase
Mildred Allen Elizabeth Curtis
Beatrice Bailey Elva Darling
Marion Bell Mylrea King
Christine Braley Charles Malam
Priscilla Brooks Ruth Pinney
Helen Brough Margaret Ricker
Beulah Brunelle Dorothy Roy
Sylvia Burton Florence Wild
Class of 1924
Dorothy Carpenter Florence Hartwell
Leigh Cramer Harvey Powers
Cleave Earle James Puffer
Edward Farmer Ethel Simpson
Dorothy Follansby Harold Smith
Class of 1925
Lucille Brunelle Rex Palmer
Eleanor Goss Ruth Parks
Thelma Harran Helen Randall
Josephine Laughton Nathan Ricker
Class of 1925
Lorraine Asselin Dorothea Jacques
Priscilla Axtell Edwin Lenton
Danna Baxter Grace McKee
Royce Beck Edwina Macomber
Annice Busby Mildred Nickerson
May Carruthers Madeline Palmer
Ruth Cary Lucille Paul
James Cosgrove Ruth Ruiter
Julia Cross Laura Shields
Donald Darling Dorothy Spencer
Dorothy Dunton Dorothea Towne
Dorothy Goss Elwin Trombly
Harriet Grady Alice Walter
Lillian Heyer Ellen Whitehill
GRADUATES of the CLASS of 1923
Mildred Elizabeth Adams Paul Jack Leonard
Irene Henrietta Aldrich Paul Marvin Leonard
Mildred Elizabeth Allen Norman Joseph MaGill
Elma Rosa Armstrong Charles Frederick Malam
Edward Donald Asselin Leo V. James Moyles
Elzear Francis Asselin Elsie Mae Orton
Beatrice Lena Bailey Victor Stuart Perry
James Gordon Baldwin Ruth Frances Pinney
Marion Adine Bell Charlotte Electra Porter
Christine Ross Braley Helen Elizabeth Porter
Priscilla Fairbanks Brooks Malcolm Alanson Ramsdell
Helen Gertrude Brough Mary Grout Rathburn
Beulah Helen Brunelle Esther Ardell Reed
Sylvia Lee Glenday Burton Mary Ella Reed
Mary Luella Chase Margaret Henderson Ricker
Madeline Diantha Clement Beryl Lina Ripley
Elizabeth Curtis Dorothy Eliza Roy
Elva Marie Darling Jeanette Pearl Russell
Mary Lucile Davis Richard Edward Sampson
John James Dickinson Priscilla Gertrude Scott
Dorothy Ann Doolittle George Maxwell Shields
Vera Evelyn Doyle Alburtis Franklin Scruton
Grace Frost Eleanor Lincoln Steele
Clarence Oliver Gaskell Bertha Viletta Streeter
Ralph Henry Gaskell Margaret Whitmore Vant
Lindol Hoyt Gilman Florence Mae Wild
Richard Leo Goss Paul Colby Willard
Margaret Evelyn Gould Adelaide Williams
Hope Grant Gladys SarahWilliams
Mary Elizabeth Ide Nina Pearl Willson

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