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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Copied from the 1930 year book.
The Academy Student
A Picture of the Senior Class
A Picture of the Glee Club
A Picture of the State Champions
Back Cover of the 1930 Year Book
Theodore Halbert Wilson, Principal
Graduates of Class 1930
Virginia Aldrich "Gin" Margaret Fuller "Muggee" Eulalie Powers "Ulie"
Ellen Barrett "Stub" Edwin Gammell "Ed" Rena Prescott "Rena"
Sigmond Beck "Sig" Maurice Gaskill Hazen Russell
Ella Brill "Ella" Joseph Gibson "Joe" Marion Russell "Teddy"
George Brodien John Grady Olga Searles "Olgie"
Anna Frances Burke "Anne" Ruth Impey "Impey" Ruth Searles "Ruthie"
Wesley Calderwood "Wes" Ivy James Alfred Sparrow "Al"
Richard Carpenter "Dick" Phyllis Kent "Phil" Catherine Spencer "Kay"
Allan Carter "Flatfoot" Lester Lanctot "Les" Howard St.Louis "Aushie"
Dorothy Crowe "Dot" Wayne Lewis Laura Sunberg "Babe"
Rachel Clark "Rach" Marion McDonald "Micky" Frances Taylor "Fanny"
Aline Cleary Donald Mathews "Toby" Elizabeth Thurber "Eliz"
Harry Cohen Cornelia Marlowe "Babe" Marion Tripp "Trippy"
Marion Countryman "Mango" Eleanor Menut "Bill" John Tubman
Dorothy Cross "Dot" Dorothy Merrill "Dot" Phyllis Warrell "Phyl"
Cosbie Cutting "Cob" Herbert Olliver "Herbie" Frank Wardwell "Franky" "Wally" "Ethelbert"
Laura Dolloff Normand Ouimet "Norm" Elmer Willey "Elm"
Helen Estabrooks "Helen" Carlotta Palmer "Bobbie" Pelham Withers "Pel"
Doris Fleming "Dot" Phyllis Phillips "Phil" Robert Vernon "Raff"
Clifton Foan "Clif" Eugenia Powers "Gene" Amie Vigneault "Eddie"

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