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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Saint Johnsbury Academy
Copied from the 1936 Academy Student. <br> Graduation Issue
Class Picture Editorial Board Track Team
Glee Club Green & White Players  
Graduates of Class 1936
Norman Atwood "Norm" Delina Fournier Doris Roberts
Albert Bahrt "Popeye" Henry Fuller "Hank" Fleurette Roy
Virginia Ball "Ginny" Martin Granger Woodrow Roy
Ruth Bean "Ruthie" Arthur Hafner "Art" Maye Safford
Frederick Bean "Fred" Emily Healy "Em" Luella Sanborn
Paul Benoit Dorothy Lee Higgins "Dottie Lee" Eva Simpson
Donald Black "Blackie" Gordon Hopper "Red" Kathleen Smith "Kate"
Barbara Blodgett Irene Howland "Speedball" Margaret Sprague "Margie"
Aileen Blodgett Ronald Hudon "Ronnie" Harriette Stanton "Hattie"
Donald Bovee "Scoop" Mildred Irwin Marjorie Stevens "Marje"
Leighton Bradley "Pat" Ruth Jennie "Ruthie" Homer Stuart "Stewey"
Edward Brough "Eddie" Dorothy Kilburn "Dot" Barbara Sumner "Barb"
Anne Brown Ralph Kipp Priscilla Sylvester
Joseph E. Brown "Jeb" "Joe" Lillian Lindsley "Jim" Anna Tilden "Lyn"
Harriett Calderwood "Hattie" Marion Lumbra Verona Tripp "Trippy"
Arthur Chase "Art" Randall MacDonald "Mac" William Tripp "Bill"
Ralph Chase Donald MacDowell "Chink" "Mac" Reginald Turner "Reggie"
Ralph Conly "Fat" Althea McFarland Loretta Veilleux
Sheila Cordeau Frances Marshall "Frank" Samuel Weiner "Sam"
Kevin Cosgrove "Mike" "Cabbage" Fred Mehlman "Freddie" Clarence Wheelock "Pat"
Eleanor Dahlbergh "Turkey" Jack Miltimore Robert White "Bob"
Barbara Dow "Bob" Gratia Nolin "Junie" Paul Wilkie
Robert Dresser "Bob" Edmund Olliver "Eddie" Betty Lou Witters "Betty"
Muriel Drown Margaret Ovitt Gordon Woods "Sonny"
Eleanor Drown Isabell Renfrew Maurice Zabarsky
Myrtle Firestone Maybell Renfrew  

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