The Saint Johnsbury Academy
Listing of students with nicknames & pictures
Academic Year Ending June 1944
Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, Vt

Saint Johnsbury Academy
The Academy STUDENT
Commencement Issue
Class of 1944
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# = Left school before graduation to enter service
June Adams "Muse" Margaret Kittell "Margie"
Helen Albiser "Alby" Bernard Kbobalski "Bernie"
Carlos Anez "Pancho" Virginia Leavitt "Ginny"
Sara Ashworth "Sa" Ruth Legendre "Ruthie"
Ruth Babcock "Ruthie" Earl Long  
Franklin Bailey "Frankie" Joyce Lord "Cuddles" "Jo"
Dale Barber "Ding" Clifford Lovering "Clif" "Fat"
Margaret Bean "Beansy" Rebecca MacKenzie "Becky"
Alice Bedor   Gerald McCormick "Gerry" "Bud"
Priscilla Bijolle "Prissy" Kenneth McGill "Kenny"
Jean Blais   Katheline McRae "Kay" "Red"
Theron Blodgett "Pete" Dorothy Mansfield "Dot" "Squeezy"
Geraldine Bolton "Gerry" Elaine Mayo "Bambi"
Medora Boucher "Bush" Helen Miller  
Frederick Brown # "Freddie" George Newell  
Katherine Brown "Kay" Priscilla Osgood "Pussy"
Beverly Buck "Bev" Palmer Paine "Palm"
Jean Buck   Richard Paine "Dick"
Lina Bullock "Lib" Everett Parker "Ev"
Verginia Burwell "Ginny" Arlene Pederson "Pete"
Prescilla Canning "Pussy" Sally Pettit "Sal"
John Canty "Doc" Edward Plumley "Eddie"
Gloria Cassady   Elaine Plumley  
Carroll Church #   Robert Rafferty "Bob"
Marion Conly "Con" Rosalie Rancour "Rosy"
Loretta Cook "Cookie" Catherine Rash "Kay"
Henry Corra # "Hank" Dorothy Rich "Dot"
Aline Demers "Laddie" Natalie Ruggles "Nat"
George Dezell "Diz" Elaine Scott "Scottie"
Catherine Douglas "Kay" Rodney Stanton "Red"
Irene Drouin   Morris Stevens  
Barbara Emmons "Emmy" "Barb" Ann Tony "Annie"
Blossom Fairbanks "Bloss" Dorothy Traynor "Red" "Dot"
Althea Flanders "Al" Patricia Wallace "Pat"
Jean Fleming "Jeanie" Lydia Wemmelman "Wemmy"
Edna Fontaine   Shirley Weymouth "Peanut"
Charles Gibson "Chuck" Jean Whitcomb "Whitty"
Katherine Gleason "Kay" Edmund White # "Ned"
Richard Grady "Nero" "Dick" Leslie White  
Lucille Guyer "Lou" Jean Wilson "Pepper"
Marion Hamilton "Hammy" Lucille Worster "Lucy"
Solomon Handy # "Sully" Reginald Worthen "Reggie"
Arlene Henderson   Lorraine Wright "Shorty"
Dorothy Jenne "Ninnie" "Dot" Patrick Donahue # "Pat"
Elizabeth Keach "Betty"    
In memory of Pfc. Paul Lacroix Marine Corps, Paul left the Academy as a sophomore and entered the Marine Corps as a volunteer and was recently killed in action in the Pacific Theatre.

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