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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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The Academy STUDENT
Commencement Issue
Principal David Tirrell (Group Picture)
Miss Barbara Counsell Mrs. Harold Powell
Miss Anita Tegu Mr. Elwin Twombly
Mrs. Stanley Witt Mr. Hall Buzzell
Mr. Carl Ranger Mr. Lyman Otis
Mrs. Guilea Kenney Miss Ernestine Brown
Miss Mildred French Mrs. Celia Goss
Miss Lucinda Hamilton Mrs. Wesley Steele
Mr. Leo Messier Mr. Foster Slayton
Mr Graham Newell Miss Mary Beech
Miss Dorothy Clark Miss Mary Root
Mrs. Adelaide Lanphere Mr. Panos Ghikas
Miss Mary Bailey  
Class of 1946
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Frances Adams "Fran" 87 Summer St.
George Allen "Buddy" 2 Autumn St.
Jeannette Allen "Jan" R.F.D. No. 3, Bethel, Vt
Paul Bassett "Hummy" 10 Clayton St.
Elizabeth Baxter "Betty" 17 Wolcott St., West Medford, Mass
Jane Francis Benny   New Hartford, Conn
Ronald Henry Benoit   147 North Main Street
Francis K. Briggs   1 Cross St.
Brenda Buckland "Randy" 15 Central St.
Raymond Cassidy "Carney" 10 Morris Square
Albert Caswell "Al" 17 Pearl St.
Catherine Chase "Chasie" East Saint Johnsbury
Paul E. Burrows "Goofy" 31 Spring St.
Florence Buxton   R.F.D. No. 4
Martha Jean Canning "Marth" 36 Perl St.
Claire A. Cheney   8 Richmond St., Dover, N.H.
Oliver E. Clubb "Ollie" So. St. Paul, Minnesota
Joan Marie Cook "Cookie 601 East 239 St., Bronx 66, N.Y.
Mary Coombs   R.F.D. No. 1
Joseph S. Cotton "Fiddler" 53 Hawland Terrace, Worcester 2, Mass
Marjorie Cramton "Marge" 20 Boynton Ave.
Roger C. Cramton "Rog" 20 Boynton Ave.
Althea Teresa Creighton "Cassey" 6 Cliff St.
Betty Jane Cuttings "Bet" 107 Concord Ave.
Adrien Paul Daigniault   5 Duke St.
Irene M. Descoteaux   7 North Ave.
Janet F. B. Douglas "Jan" "Doug" 20 Concord Ave.
Ethel Arlene Fifield   1 High St.
John W. Flanders   165 Railroad St.
Marjorie Louise Gaffney "Margie" 35 North Ave.
Beverly Elaine Gibson "Bev" "Gibby" 4 Cross St.
Stewart Gibson "Hooper" South Ryegate, Vt
Gerald Goldberg "Gus" 55 Cliff St.
Henry Goss   5 South St.
Jeanette Gregoire   118 Railroad St.
Stanley Hall   45 Cliff St.
Anne Haney   43 Wiman Ave., Great Kills, Staten Island, N.Y.
Paul A. Hawley "Hawley" 40 Caledonia St.
Jeremiah J. Hayes "Jerry" 22 Boynton Ave.
Diane Heidger "Di" Greensboro Bend, Vt
Lola Belle Hodgdon "Lola Belle" Granby, Vt
Beverly J. Holbrook "Buzz" 6 Mountain Ave.
Richard Hovey "Dick" "Hickey" 78 Summer St.
Avis Elaine Hoyt "Av" 20 Perkins St.
Eunice L. Hubbard "Eunie" "Eun" R.F.D. No. 3
Laura M. Irwin   6 Barker Ave.
Barbara Johnson "Barb" Monroe, N.H.
Beverly Elaine Johnson "Bev" "Johnny" 20 Caledonia St.
Consuella Johnson "Connie" 8 Spruce St.
Lucille Jones "Jonse" 12 Park St.
Beverly E. Kennison "Slim" "Bev" 13 Mt. Pleasant St.
Carolyn Kimball "Kim" Gilman, Vt
Charlotte Helen Kimball "Kimmy" Off Pleasant St.
Dorothy Larma "Dot" R.F.D. No. 1
Marjorie E. Leavitt "Margie" 2 Mountain Ave.
Bertha D. Lefevre "Bert" 17 Hastings St.
Gloria Marie Legendre "Go" 59 Pearl St.
Barbara M. Longmore "Barb" 30 Eastern Ave.
Lorraine McGinnis "Lorry" East Saint Johnsbury
Howard McLaren "Mac" Barnet, Vt
Irene B. Marcotte   38 Cliff St.
Frederick C. Mayo   22 Concord Ave.
Kathryn Mears "Kathy" Marshfield, Vt
Laura Lou Merriman "Lou" 20 First Ave., Seymour, Conn
Nathalie Spence Miller "Herc" 11 Claflen Place, Newtonville, Mass
Nathalie Mitchell "Nat" 18 Orchard St.
Nancy Mollica   11 Costa Ave.
Eleanor Moore "Ellie" 7 Belvidere St.
John D. Morrill "Jack" 26 River St., Woodstock, Vt
Lillian Jane Morris "Lil" Pleasant St.
Marian Morris "Mare" Pleasant St.
Robert Allan Muir "Bob" 13 Jones St.
Charlotte Nelson   Hilltop, East Burke, Vt
Lawrence A. Nelson "Nels" Ryegate, Vt
Mary Alice Nolan "Irish" 5 Portland St.
0 "J" 79 Summer St.
Dorothy M. Poole "Dot" "Dottie" 4 John St.
Bernice Quimby "Bernie" Barnet, Vt
Chester King Quimby "Chet" Passumpsic, Vt
Jetta Ruth Ramsey "Jet" 3 Spring St.
Bessie Reynolds "Bess" 4 Simons Ave.
Pauline Rice   West Burke, Vt
Marvin G. Sheffield   26 Main St.
Buddenae Smith "Buddy" Box 42, Groton, Vt
Irene Marion Smith "Smitty" 4 Prospect Ave.
Robert L. Smith   18 Church St.
Stanley W. Smith   East Barnet, Vt
Rose Mary Traynor "Rodeo" 27 Perkins St.
Mary Lou Turner "Merrily" "Lou" 701 West Ave., Norwalk, Conn
Margaret H. Vear "Bridget" 23 1/2 Maple St.
Nancy Wallis "Nan" Laconia, N.H.
Ruth Warrell "Warrellie" East Barnet, Vt
Marjorie Warren "Marge" Danville, Vt
Stanley White "Stig" 5 School St.
Christie Whitehill   Passumpsic, Vt
Sidney J. Zabarsky "Sid" 5 Cary Place
Myron Caplan   Joined the Marine Corps in sophomore year. Died on Iwo Jima on Feb. 26, 1945.

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