Westfield Grammar School
1857/58 Listing of trustees, teachers, and students
Westfield, Orleans Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Sumner, Samuel President
Hitchcock, A. C. Treasurer
Richardson, William H. Secretary
Braley, Carnot Executive Committee
Sumner, Samuel Executive Committee
Hitchcock, A. C. Executive Committee
Sumner, Samuel Trustee
Braley, Carnot Trustee
Hitchcock, A. C. Trustee
Richardson, Henry Trustee
Kennedy, Michael Jr. Trustee
Richardson, William H. Trustee
Stebbins, Jacob Trustee
Miller, E. H. Trustee
Brown, Thomas O. Trustee
Wooley, James S. Trustee
Chase, Newton Trustee
Annis, Dr. A. W. Trustee
Webber, L. R., A. B. Principal - Fall Term 1857
Winslow, Miss Ann M. Teacher - Spring Term 1858
Varney, Moses F. Principal - Fall Term 1858
Flint, Miss R. M. Preceptress - Fall Term 1858
Hamilton, C. S. Assistant
Gentlemen Residence
Annis, Jerre W. Westfield
Braley, Frederick W. Westfield
Barnes, Philo Westfield
Boynton, Edwin Westfield
Buck, Charles Westfield (deceased)
Bartlett, George W. Jay
Bailey, Harry J. North Troy
Clough, Henry A. North Troy
Chaffee, Palmer E. Westfield
Dubois, Nelson W. North Troy
Elkins, Riley A. North Troy
Farman, Jewett Westfield
Farman, Julius Westfield
Gilman, J. Clark Shelburne Falls, MA
Heaton, Solomon G. Island Pond
Hamilton, Charles S. North Troy
Houston, Bradley Troy
Hutchins, Franklin Westfield
Hitchcock, Charles Westfield
Hitchcock, Edwin O. Westfield
Johnson, Darius T. Jay
Kay, Andrew J. South Troy
Kent, Ryland E. Westfield
Kent, Charles H. Westfield
Miller, Oscar C. Westfield
Miller, Hiram O. Westfield
Pickett, Albert Westfield
Ramsdell, William Westfield
Ramsdell, Isaac Westfield
Rockwell, William T. Westfield
Stebbins, Edwin Westfield
Stebbins, Eugene W. Westfield
Stebbins, Jesse Westfield
Spaulding, Burley F. Westfield
Sawyer, Lyman Westfield
Sumner, Samuel Jr. South Troy
Thurber, Enos W.  
Ward, Samuel R. North Troy
Ladies Residence
Annis, Laura R. Westfield
Allen, Jane Agnes Westfield
Braley, L. Ellen Westfield
Braley, Lovisa L. Westfield
Boynton, Mary B. Westfield
Blake, Emma Westfield
Brown, Isabell Westfield
Brown, Elma Westfield
Brown, Sarah Westfield
Bailey, Nancy A. Westfield
Corey, Rebecca T. Westfield
Corey, Ella M. Westfield
Farman, Lois Westfield
Farman, Julia Troy
Green, Eveline L. Berkshire
Gilpin, Floretta Westfield (deceased)
Hitchcock, Lucia S. Westfield
Hitchcock, Lydia A. Westfield
Hitchcock, Mary O. Westfield
Hitchcock, Addie A. Westfield
Hitchcock, Emma Westfield
Hitchcock, Augusta A. Westfield
Hitchcock, Elizabeth Troy
Hovey, Augusta A. Jay
Hutchins, Harriet Westfield
Kendall, Martha M. Troy
Lovell, Abbie M. Troy
Lee, Anna A. Fletcher
Miller, Josephine M. Westfield
Miller, Fannie M. Westfield
Miller, Lucinda P. Westfield
Ordway, Mary Westfield
Pickett, Auril C. Westfield
Phillips, Ruth Westfield
Parmerlee, Frances Lowell
Ramsdell, Emma A. Westfield
Ricker, Ellen Lowell
Richardson, Henrietta Stockbridge
Smith, Mary H. Troy
Souther, Ellen Lowell
Stebbins, Mary E. Westfield
Wooley, Electa Lowell

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