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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Adams George R., (Brownington Center) r 15, farmer 120.
Adams Edwin R., (Brownington) r 16, farmer.
Adams William P., (Brownington Center) r 15, farmer.
Alden Evelyn, (Brownington) off r 5, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 175.
Aldrich George W., (Westmore) r 31, farmer 90.
Aldrich Willard, (Westmore) r 31, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 130.
Alexander Alfred P., (Brownington Center) r 26, dairy 11 cows, farmer 32, and leases of James Wilson 171.
Alexander Fred W, (Evansville) r 34, stationary engineer, farmer 118.
Alexander Harris, (Evansville) r 34, farmer 15.
Alexander Irvin, (Evansville) r 31, farmer 118.
Alexander Robert, (Westmore) r 29, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 180.
Alexander Wilford, (Evansville) r 31, farmer 100.
Algier William, (Brownington) r 7, farmer 100.
Allard Alanson H., (Westmore) r 29, carpenter and farmer 60.
Allen Charles, (Westmore) r 30, laborer.
Ames Luman E., (Westmore) r 29, farmer 80.
Austin Orin (Barton Landing) r 23, with Wm. G. Durston, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.
Baker George, (Brownington Center) off r 28, manuf. of eave-spouts, and farmer 3.
Barnes Drusilla D., (Brownington) r 10, widow of Asa, farmer, with Owen Bickford 80.
BARTLETT SILAS S., (Brownington) r 16, lumberman, constable and collector, dairy 18 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 130, and in Barton 75.
Bassett Henry C., (Brownington Center) r 13, dairy 12 cows, 20 head young stock, 30 sheep, and farmer 250.
Bassett Warren, (Brownington Center) r 24, farmer.
Bates John N., (Evansville) r 34, works in stone mill.
Beede Hilas, (Brownington) r 5, selectman, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 135.
Belville Alexander, (Brownington) r 10, laborer.
Belville John, (Brownington) r 5, farmer.
Berry Solomon, (Brownington Center) r 15, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 130.
Bickford George W., (Evansville) r 10, farmer 17.
Bickford George W., (Evansville) r 37, whetstone grinder.
Bickford Ira, (Evansville) r 32, laborer.
Bickford Owen, (Brownington) r 10, with Drusilla D. Barnes, farmer 80.
Blake Samuel C., (Brownington Center) r 31, farmer 208, h and lot at Barton Landing.
Blandin Hardin, (Brownington) r 17, farmer 60.
BODEN BENJAMIN C., (East Coventry) r 6, blacksmith, owner of Morgan stallion ,"Young Nimrod," breeder of horses, 13 head, wool grower 30 sheep, sugar manuf. 1,000 trees, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 250.
Bolduc George, (Brownington Center) r 26, shoemaker.
BREWSTER HORACE G., (Brownington) r 21, farmer 20.
Brooks Jasper L., (Brownington Center) r 29, cooper and farmer 60.
Brown James W., (Evansville) r 34, (J. W. B. & Son) carpenter.
Brown J. W. & Son, ( Evansville) r 34, (James W. and Urbin W.) dealers in dry goods and groceries.
Brown Lucius, (Evansville) r 32, grinder in stone mill.
Brown Urbin W., (Evansville) r 34, (J. W. & Son) carpenter.
Bruce William, (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 32.
Bryant Gilman E., (Brownington) r 3, sugar manuf. 700 trees, grand juror, farmer 150.
Bryant Lucinda, (Brownington) r 9 cor 17, widow of John, h and lot.
Bryant Lizzie A., (Brownington) r 9 cor 17, resident.
Burrows Benjamin, (Brownington) r 9, farmer 30.
Burrows Stephen, (Brownington Center) r 16, farmer 8.
Buxton Recta, (Brownington) r 9, widow of Aaron P., farmer 62.
Cady Edson C., (Evansville) r 36, farmer.
Cady Sidney C., (Evansville) r 36, farmer 62.
Campbell John, (]Brownington Center) r 14, cor 28, dairy 12 cows, 25 sheep, and farmer 118.
Caron Frank, (Brownington Center) r 14, sawyer.
Caron Fred, (Brownington Center) box maker.
Caron Nelson, (Brownington) r 8, farmer 125
Carter Joseph, (Barton Landing) r 24, farmer 25.
Chase David C., (Brownington Center) r 10, farmer 80.
Cheney John, (Brownington) r 5, farmer 103.
Cleveland Milo, (Westmore) r 29, farmer 100.
Cleveland Milo H., (Westmore) r 29, carpenter.
Clifford Rufus J., (Evansville) r 34, sawyer, and farmer in Newark, Cal. Co., 70.
Colby J. Freeman, (West Charleston) off r 12, farmer 150.
Colley Daniel, (Brownington Center) r 16, laborer.
Colley David I., (Brownington Center) r 16, laborer.
Colley Nathaniel S., (Brownington Center) r 26, farmer 42.
Colley William, (Brownington Center) r 16, h and 2 acres.
Conway Henry, (Brownington) r 7, dairy 10 cows, 27 sheep, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 150.
Crandall Laura P., (Barton Landing) r 20, widow of Ezra S., farmer 200, and in Lowell 50.
Day Ira T., (Brownington Center) r 15, wheelwright, and farmer 83.
Denison Avery E., (Brownington Center) r 35, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 65.
Doubleday James E., (Westmore) farmer, leases of L. Elliott of Jay, 57.
Doubleday Meric E., (Westmore) r 29, leases of L. Elliot, of Jay, 57 acres.
Drown Adin, (Westmore) r 33, farmer.
Drown Job, (Westmore) r 33, farmer.
Drown Lemuel G., (Evansville) r 31, farmer, with George Sheldon 130.
Drown Lucius, (Evansville) r 37, whetstone grinder.
Drown Samuel, (Westmore) r 33, and farmer 150.
Dunham N. Beede, (Evansville) r 34, teamster.
Dunham Ebenezer, (Evansville) r 34, laborer.
Dunham Henry, (Evansville) r 37, laborer.
Dutton David I., (Brownington) r 10, farmer 160.
Dutton Ernest E., (Brownington) r 10, son of David I.
Dutton Chauncy, (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 55.
Dutton William G., (Barton Landing) r 23, with Orin Austin, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.
Dwier John O., (Brownington Center) r 11, farmer, leases of H. H. Tracy, dairy 16 cows, and farm 180.
Eddy James B., (Evansville) r 37, farmer 50.
Eddy Tisdel, (Evansville) r 36, farmer 50.
Emerson Amos, (Brownington Center) off r 29, farmer 50.
Evans Joseph H., (Evansville) r 34, 40 sheep, and farmer 125.
Fairbrother Henry, (Brownington Center) r 26, general blacksmithing.
FAY HARRIET N., (Evansville) r 37, (Mrs. M. C.,) postmistress.
FAY MICHAEL L., (Evansville) r 37, dealer in groceries, produce and stock, and farmer 50.
Fletcher George A., (Brownington) r 2, farmer, leases of Henry E. Preston 65.
Foss Moses, (Evansville) r 34 cor 31, farmer 30.
FOSS MOSES A., (Barton Landing) r 27, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 118.
FOSTER ELISHA, (Evansville) r 34, prop. of saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in hard and soft wood lumber, farmer 55, and 200 acres timber land in Westmore.
Foster Harvey, (Evansville) r 34, manuf. of shingles, planing-mill, custom grist-mill, sawyer.
Fuller Nelson H., (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 80.
Gallup Albert, (Evansville) r 27, mail carrier from Barton Landing to Westmore.
GALLUP NELSON, (Barton Landing) r 14, prop. steam saw-mill and manuf. of lumber, shingles, box shooks, and chair stock, and farmer 1600.
Gibson John A., (Brownington Center) r 13, retired Wesleyan Methodist preacher, and farmer 54.
Gilfillan Ethan B., (Westmore) r 33, dairy 8 cows, with John, farmer 118.
Gilfillan Frank, (Evansville) r 37, butcher, and farmer 11½
Gilfillan John, (Westmore) r 33, farmer, with Ethan 118.
Going Amanda E., (Brownington) r 10, widow of Daniel M., farmer, with George 140.
Going Alfredah E., (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer, with G. W.
Going George, (Brownington) r 10, farmer, with Amanda E. 140.
Going George W., (Brownington Center) r 28, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 148.
Going Loren B., (Brownington Center) r 16, sugar orchard 650 trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 150.
Gray Abram, (Brownington Center) off r 11, farmer 50.
Gray Andrew, (Brownington) r 23, farmer 100, and leases of Margaret Nichols 95.
Gray Herbert, (Brownington Center) r 35, works for Andrew 100.
Gray Hiram, (Brownington Center) r 29, farmer 285.
Gray Selden, (Brownington Center) r 13, laborer.
GREGORY DANIEL, (Brownington) r 2, Second Advent preacher, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 54.
Griswold Elisha, (Brownington Center) r 15, farmer.
Griswold Oscar, (Brownington Center) off r 15, farmer 50.
Gross Gilbert J., (East Coventry) r 4, selectman, sugar orchard 600 trees, wool grower 40 sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 275, and in Charleston 130.
Grow Arthur H., (Brownington) r 21, farmer.
Grow Fanny, (Brownington) r 21, widow of Orson A., lives with her son, Lorenzo, aged 79.
Grow Lorenzo, (Brownington) r 21, cancer doctor, sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 14 cows and farmer 180.
Grow Orson A., (Brownington) r 9, mail contractor, and farmer 200.
Grow Samuel A., (Brownington) r 21, teamster, farmer 30, and in Morgan 30.
Guild Winslow B., (Evansville) r 37, hop-yard 2 acres, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 115.
Hanson Wallace, (Brownington Center) r 31, leases of S. C. Blake dairy 14 cows and farm of 208 acres.
Heath Cyrus P., (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 35.
Henry Matthew, (Brownington Center) r 14, engineer, and runs band saw.
Hodges Ellen, (Brownington) r 21, widow of Edmond M.
Howe George, (Brownington) r 3, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 100.
Howe James, (Brownington) r 3, farmer.
Humphrey John O., (Brownington Center) r 35, stationary engineer, and farmer 10.
Humphrey Laura, (West Charleston) off r 12, widow of James, farmer 100.
Hunt Frank, (Evansville) r 36, farmer.
Hyde Horace H., (Brownington) r 5, farmer 23.
Ingalls William, (Brownington Center) r 29, farmer 80.
Jenkins Elmer E., (Brownington) r 22, son of Samuel R.
Jenkins Samuel R., (Brownington) agent for Quinapiac phosphate, dealer in all kinds of farm produce, 30 Sheep, 21 head cattle, and farmer 700.
JOSLYN AHIRA O., (Barton Landing) r 20, (Bartlett, Joslyn & Co.,) with Jared A. Joslyn, farmer 260.
JOSLYN CHARLES H., (Brownington) r 1, sugar manuf. 800 trees, 25 sheep, 25 head young stock, dairy 12 cows, and farmer, works estate of Amariah C. Joslyn 200.
Joslyn Harriet H., (Brownington) r 1, widow of Amariah C.
Joslyn Jared A., (Brownington) r 9, dairy 9 cows, and farm 260.
JOSLYN WILDER S., (Barton Landing) r 20, son of A. O.
Kathan Isabella, (Brownington Center) r 26.
Kettle John, (Westmore) r 29, laborer.
King Edward, (Evansville) r 37, whetstone grinder.
King William, (Evansville) r 37, whetstone grinder.
Kinne George L., (Brownington) r 5, farmer 125.
Knapp William, (Brownington) r 9, farmer 50.
Knapp William H., (Brownington) r 21, notary public, and clerk for Charles Wheeler.
Lamoille Whetstone Manufactory, (Evansville) r 36, A. F. Pike, of Pike Station, prop.
Lapierre Hector, (Brownington), r 8, blacksmith, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 95.
Leonard Elmer L., (Evansville) r 37, teamster.
Leonard Nathan D., (Evansville) r 37, teamster.
Lewis Myron A., (Brownington) r, 16, farmer, leases of Mrs. S. S. Priest 127.
Libby Tamson, (Brownington Center) widow of Elijah, resident.
Lowrey Thomas, (Brownington Center) r 29, farmer, leases of Thos. Crandall, of Lyndon, 65.
Lund Leonard A., (Brownington Center) r 24, farmer 14.
Magoon Frank, (Brownington Center) off r 28, farmer, works for Reuben 78.
Magoon Reuben, (Brownington Center) off r 28, night watchman in steam mill, and farmer 78.
Marsh Orvin, (Brownington) r 21, cooper, and farmer 50.
MARSHALL JOHN, (Evansville) r 32, carpenter, and farmer 118.
Marshall John L., (Evansville) r 36, farmer 71.
Marshall Thomas, (Evansville) r 34, teamster.
Maxwell Samuel, (Brownington Center) off r 15, farmer.
Maxwell Thomas, (Brownington Center) off r 15, farmer 50.
McDaniels Samuel, (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 12.
McKay James, (Brownington Center) r 28, carpenter.
McKay Norman, (Brownington Center) off r 28, farmer 118.
Mead Susan, (Brownington) r 22, widow of Calvin.
Miles Arthur, (Evansville) r 29, farmer 120.
Miles John, (Brownington Center) r 24, dealer in eggs, hides and berries, farmer 81.
Miles Lida B. Miss, (Brownington) r 16, teacher.
Monteith William, (Brownington Center) r 14, box maker.
Morehouse Linus H., (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer.
Morehouse Nelson J., (Brownington Center) r 28, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 120.
MURRAY ANDREW J., (Brownington) r 7, agent for mowing machines and horse rakes, peddler and farmer.
Murray Erving L., (Brownington) r 7, farmer 90.
Murray Flora A., (Brownington) r 7, dressmaker.
Nichols H. Meric, (Brownington Center) r 15, retired Methodist preacher, and farmer 24.
Nichols James J., (Brownington) r 3, farmer.
Nichols Margaret, (Brownington) r 23 farmer 95.
Nichols Willard T., (Brownington) r 3, sugar orchard 450 trees, and farmer 100.
Norton Charles, (Brownington Center) off r 28, laborer.
NOYCE CHARLES H., (Brownington) r 22, in Canada farmer 50.
Page George W., (Brownington) r 21, sawyer and farmer.
Parker Carlos A., (Brownington) r 21, postmaster, carpenter, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.
Parker Israel H., (Brownington) r 21, carpenter, and farmer 20.
Perkins Harvey, (Evansville) r 36, cooper, and farmer 50.
Philbrick David B., (Barton Landing) r 23, farmer 25.
Pierce Andrew M., (Brownington) r 2, farmer 135.
Pierce Carlos W., (Brownington) r 2, farmer.
Pierce Daniel, (Brownington Center) r 35, wheelwright, and farmer 110.
Pierce Wm., (Brownington Center) r 35, farmer, works for Daniel Pierce 110.
Pike A. F., (Pike Station, N.. H.,) r 36, manuf. of scythe-stones, S. R. Potter, manager.
POTTER SANFORD R., (Evansville) r 37, manager of A. F. Pike's scythe- stone mill.
Preston Henry E., (Brownington) r 2, saw-mill, and farmer 65.
PRIEST LYDIA G., (Brownington) r 16, widow of S. S., dairy 10 cows, and farm 127.
RANDALL JAMES M., (Evansville) r 37, carpenter and box maker for Lamoille whetstone manufactory, farmer 55, owns house and lot in Hyde Park.
Rice George, (Brownington) r 17, farmer 2.
Richardson Emily, (Brownington) r 21, widow of Truman.
Richmond Ruth, (Brownington) r 9, widow of Elijah, aged 97.
Robinson Ellis A., (Brownington Center) r 25, school teacher and farmer.
Robinson Ruth S., (Brownington Center) r 25, (Mrs. John J.,) farm 10.
Robinson Solomon J., (Brownington Center) r 24, farmer 1.
Seavey S. Cutler, (Brownington Center) r 14, laborer.
SEAVY AMHERST W., (Brownington Center) r 35, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 96.
Seavy Carrie H., (Brownington Center) r 35, teacher.
Seavy Sarah G., (Brownington Center) r 35, teacher.
Seavy Moses, (Brownington Center) r 35 retired farmer, aged 75.
Sheldon George, (Evansville) r 31, farmer, with L. G. Drown 130.
Skinner Cyrus, (Westmore) off r 29, farmer 150.
Skinner John, (Brownington Center) r 29, farmer 80.
Smith Chauncy W., (Brownington Center) r 24, general blacksmithing.
SMITH FANNY A., (Brownington) r 21, widow of A. K., resident.
Smith Fred E., (Brownington Center) r 24, farmer, house and lot.
Smith George, (Brownington) r 21, farmer, 90.
Smith George R., (Brownington Center) r 28, farmer 20.
SMITH HENRY B., (Brownington) r 21, (I. C. & H. B.)
Smith Horace, (Brownington Center) r 14, farmer 50.
SMITH ISAAC C., (Brownington) r 21, (I. C. & H. B.) town representative.
SMITH I. C. & H. B., (Brownington) r 21, (Isaac C. and Henry B.) dairy 15 cows, and farmers 170.
Smith Jasper A., (Brownington Center) r 24, teamster, and farmer 20.
Smith Mary P., (East Coventry) r 6, widow of Rev. Anson, manuf. Eclogm Elixir for Sciatica.
Smith Robert L., (Brownington) r 22, farmer.
Smith Simon A. A., (Brownington Center) r 22, farmer.
Smith William P., (Barton Landing) r 23, sawyer for J. C. Bartlett, owns farm 23 in Barton.
Spencer Lucius, (Barton Landing) off r 20, farmer 100.
SPENCER WILLIAM, (Brownington) r 20, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 140.
Thomas Amos, (Brownington) r 22, farmer 10.
Thomas Clarence, (Brownington) r 22, farmer.
Thrasher Eliza G., (Brownington) r 17, widow of Clement.
TINKHAM SAMUEL S., (Brownington) r 9, justice of the peace, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 160.
Tinkham Scott E., (Brownington) r 9, farmer 50.
Tite James H., (Brownington) r 22, cooper, and farmer 50.
TOWNSEND STEPHEN, (Brownington) r 22, agent for Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, and farmer 100.
Tripp Charles R., (Evansville) r 34, teaming, and works in whetstone factory.
Tripp John C., r 20½, refused to give name or information.
TRIPP RUFUS D., (Evansville) r 34, laborer.
Twombly Albro J., (Brownington Center) r 23, laborer.
Twombly Edgar, (Brownington Center) r 13, laborer.
Twombly George, (Brownington) r 22, refused to give any information.
Twombly John, (Brownington) r 20½, farmer.
Uttin George, (West Charleston) off r 12, farmer.
Uttin Samuel, (West Charleston) off r 12, farmer 50.
Verbeck Hannah M., (Brownington) r 17, widow of Calvin.
Wakefield Willard P., (Brownington) off r 5, trapper, and farmer 115.
Wells Albert, (Brownington Center) r 25, town lister, with Edgar S. dairy 25 cows, and farmer 436.
Wells A. & E. S., (Brownington Center) r 25, (Albert and Edgar S.) dairy 25 cows, farmers 436.
Wells Edgar S., (Brownington Center) r 25, with Albert, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 436.
Wells Franklin B., (Evansville) r 36, farmer 161 in Westmore.
Wheeler Amie, (Brownington Center) (Mrs. Charles,) postmistress.
Wheeler Charles, (Brownington Center) town clerk, justice of peace, dealer in general merchandise, patent medicines, etc., branch store at Brownington village, and custom shoe shop.
Wheeler George W., (Brownington) r 17, farmer 60.
Wheeler Hosea, (Brownington Center) r 15, miller, and farmer 4.
Wheeler Oscar A., (Brownington Center) r 15, grain thresher, and farmer.
Wheeler Phineas, (Brownington) r 21, deputy postmaster, and manager of Chas. Wheeler's store at Brownington.
White George D., (Brownington Center) r 28, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 145.
White Moses W., (Brownington) r 19, miller, and farmer 56.
Wilcox Julius, (Brownington Center) off r 28, farmer 88.
Willey Aaron W., (Brownington Center) r 15, dairy 14 cows, breeder of horses, sugar manuf. 700 trees, farmer 130, and in Irasburgh 40.
Willey Micajah, (Barton Landing) r 19, farmer 49.
Willey Stephen E., (Barton Landing) r 19, farmer, works for Micajah 49.
Wilsey William, (Brownington Center) r 14, laborer.
Wilson James, (Brownington Center) r 26, retired farmer 171.
Wood Lewis, (Brownington Center) r 14, laborer.
Wright Francis, (Brownington) r 3, cooper.
Wyman Isaiah A., (Brownington Center) r 26, dairy 17 cows, 16 head young stock, and farmer 166.
Wyman James M., (Brownington) r 7, farmer 75.
YOUNG LOUIS, (Brownington) r 21, allo. physician and surgeon.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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