We have an alternitave way to login. It's done with a
activation process. By using this activation process, the
requirement of logging in with a username / password
will be simplified. The activation process will load and store
a small app in your browser and will preform the login
for you. Every time you open your browser and go to
NEKG, you will be automatically logged in. To let you
know that you are a logged in as a member, you will see
a gold star on the NEKG home page. If you don't see it,
all you need to do is re-activate it with the activation
code that was sent to you. Should you choose not to
activate at this time, click on 'Cancel' at the bottom
of the activation page. Or should you at any time
choose to de-activate, use the 'de-activate' button
and the app will be removed.

Send us questions or request a activation code

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