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Vermont Town Clerks
A Microsoft Excel file that contains all
Vermonts Town Clerks
names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

Vermont Land Records (Early-1900)
75% complete as of Oct 2007
This is a FamilySearch site.
Vermont Probate Records (1791-1919)
For Chittenden and Essex Counties
Additional counties will be added later.
This is a FamilySearch site.
Vermont Obituary Index
Newspaper Obituaries from Legacy.com
Vermont's Upper Connecticut River Valley Page
1901 City Residential and Business Directory
St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont
Brighton, Essex County, Vermont
Lists of Scholars (1841-1864)
Lists of Deaths (1812-1852)
Lists of Marriages (1831-1858)
Lists of Births (1809-1852)
Springfield, Windsor Co., Vermont
Marriages to 1834
surnames A to K        surnames L to Y
Burke, Caledonia Co., Vermont
Residence names which Appear on a 1853 map
Burke, Caledonia Co., Vermont
1887-1888 Business Directory
Orleans Co., Vermont
1883-1884 Business Directory
Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont
History, List of Prominent families,
Windsor in the American Revolution, Tax List of 1785

Catalogue of Officers and Students
Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Military Records
Old Vermont Civil War Cemetery Database
from the Vermont in the Civil War web page

Revolutionary War
Indexes and Records
War of 1812
Indexes and Records
Mexican War
Indexes and Records
Civil War
Indexes and Records
Spanish American War
Indexes and Records
World War I
Indexes and Records
World War II
Indexes and Records
Korean War
Indexes and Records
Vietnam War
Indexes and Records
Resources Search Military Records
Lower Waterford Cemetery
Headstone Listings
Row 1-13     Row 14-24
Social Security Death Index
Searching about 6 different sites.
by Stephen P. Morse
Troy New York Newspaper Project
Index of Death and Marriage Records
transcribed from various Troy, NY newspapers (1812 to 1885)

Find a Grave Search Engine
Old Vermont Newspapers
from the Library of Congress

BillionGraves Site

Genealogy Help Center
A Guide to Genealogy   
The beginners guide by HomeAdvisor
This page also has many very useful links
Thanks to Courtney Phillips and the great kids at the AfterSchoolCareProgram
A Guide Cemetery Symbolism
A Guide to Free Genealogy Websites

Danville, Caledonia Co., Vermont - Census
1790    1800    1820
Vermont Census Records For Addison - Franklin Counties
FamilySearch - United States Census

Immigration Records
The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island
Passenger Search
National Archives
Ship Passenger Arrival Records
Library and Archives Canada
Arrivals to Canada at ocean and border ports
FamilySearch Web Site
New York Emigration and Immigration

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