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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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Newbury, VT - Alice Violet (Sawyer) Ames ....show

Warren, NH - Leslie Irwin Wright ....show

Pike, NH - Andrew Scott Cummings ....show

East Ryegate, VT - Robert Allen Yaroshevich, Sr. ....show

Dorchester, NH - Butch Andrews (Clarence Henry III) ....show

Barnet, VT Calvin Sherman Bogie, Sr. ....show

Lisbon, NH Lorna Joyce Boutin ....show

Woodsville, NH Floyd R. Gib Gibson ....show

Woodsville, NH - Pauline Mildred Polly Clark ....show

East Ryegate, VT Jasmine Lilyanne Marie Paye ....show

Newbury, VT Henriette Maria Burroughs ....show

Bradford, VT Michael Lee Goss ....show

Bethlehem, NH - Anna Margaret Smith ....show

Groton, VT - William Marvin Herbert, Sr. ....show

Haverhill, NH Isabelle R. Thayer ....show

North Haverhill, NH Winthrop Woodman Wimp Klark ....show

Bath, NH Ernest A. Roy ....show

Groton, VT Robert William Herdman ....show

Lisbon, NH – Janet Elaine Ackerman ....show

North Haverhill, NH Mary Lockwood Pat Bartkowski ....show

Bath, NH Norman David Roy ....show

Glencliff, NH - Kevin Sean Ball ....show

Warren, NH - Richard Armand Dick Martin ....show

Newbury, VT Bertha R. Burroughs ....show

Bath, NH- Gail Ann Simano ....show

Northfield, NH - Jacob Seth Conrad ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Kevin John Kennedy ....show

Woodsville, NH Mary (Stebbins) Hobbs ....show

North Haverhill, NH – Lillian Elizabeth (Koch) Schurr ....show

Woodsville, NH - Linda Lou Downer ....show

Woodsville, NH Thedora Dora Maone ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Michael Todd Bishop ....show

Warren, NH – Anthony Joseph Kelley ....show

West Lebanon, NH BAILEY, Janet Morse ....show

Haverhill, NH Patricia Lavoie ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Ernest Wayne Ernie Pratt ....show

Naples, FL Patricia Patty (Page) Ricker ....show

Kenneth Stewart "Stew" Gibson ....show

North Haverhill, NH Gertrude A. Heilemann ....show

Swiftwater, NH John Edwin Paye ....show

Ryegate, VT – Maxine Helen (Hunt) Hoisington ....show

Bath, NH Retired Lt. Col. (USAF) Paul A. Bailey ....show

Groton, VT Ruth Evelyn Fifield ....show

Ryegate, VT - Pierre Joseph Peter Beaulieu ....show

North Haverhill, NH - June Roberta Chamberlin ....show

Orford, NH - Edward Wallace Pierson ....show

Ryegate, VT Winona B. Dolly Phelps ....show

Bath, NH - New Hampshire Executive Councilor and Grafton County Commissioner Raymond S. Burton ....show

West Newbury, VT Joanne Linda (Peavey) Wheeler ....show

McIndoe Falls, VT Allan Ross Davis ....show

East Ryegate, VT Harvey Fay Hatch ....show

Dalton, NH - Therese Poulin Grenier ....show

North Haverhill, NH – Patricia Abbie Haskell ....show

North Haverhill, NH Bertha Reed Farnham ....show

Woodsville, NH Henry Francis Young ....show

Haverhill, NH – Ada (Hall) Guck ....show

Groton, VT - Mary Molly (Birch) Eastman ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Mary Elizabeth Hesseltine ....show

Warren, NH - Nelson Leo Kennedy, Jr. ....show

Groton, VT Erla (Darling) Daniels ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Patricia "Pat" Richie Locke ....show

Warren, NH Grover A. Libby ....show

East Ryegate, VT Marie Theresa (Stevens) Williams ....show

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