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Rita Griggs

Hello –

I hope one of your website visitors can help me locate this person.
My Mom (who lives in Greenfield, MA) was having some remodeling work done on her home,
and the contractor found an old letter that was purposely tucked into the rafters above
the kitchen ceiling. Addressed to “The Finder Of This Note,” it was written in May of 1954
by Rita Griggs, whose father had apparently built the house. In the letter, Rita mentions
that she is 13 years old, and was born in Newport, Vt. in 1941. She is clearly NOT happy about
recently moving to Greenfield, and writes openly about how much she loved the farm she lived on
in Coventry, Vt. – and how much she missed it.

If anyone out there knows where Rita Griggs is today, I would love to let her know that
the letter she wrote 53 years ago has been found and is treasured by my Mom and family.
Rita would be 65 or 66 years old today. My family is also very interested to hear how the
then-very-sad teenager’s life turned out!

My contact information is below – many thanks!
Chris Kenny

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