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I am searching for a long-lost cousin whose maiden name was Marilyn Dunn.
Her mother, my aunt, and my father (Pearl and Sumner Austin) were from
the Hardwick, Vt. area. My father died in l938, and the last I heard of
my aunt was in the early 40's.

She was married to Gil Dunn; they had lived in Dallas, Texas, but I
understand the last time my mother spoke with Pearl, Pearl was about to
be divorced. I believe she was living in Massachusetts at that time.
Gil Dunn worked with the National Cash Register Company.

I believe my aunt is now deceased, but I would like to find a copy of her
obituary in the hopes that I might discover my cousin Marilyn's name now
if she married and where she is living.
Pearl and Sumner's parents were James Gordon and Bessie Austin.
Thank you very much for any direction or help you can give me.
Maggie Austin Faneuf

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