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Could you please help me find out who were the parents and grandparents of
“John Stoddard Smith”, and of “Perley Rogers Holbrook”?

Here is a short genealogy I have assembled which shows you some of what I know about him so far:

Genealogy of Robert Holbrook Smith M.D.
Cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous

Robert Holbrook Smith M.D. (Born on August 8, 1879, in St. Johnsbury, Died 1950)
          Walter Perrin Smith (Born: Nov. 4, 1841, in Hardwick, VT)
                    John Stoddard Smith
                                        Married: to Sophronia Maria Perrin (1831 or earlier, in Randolph?)
                                        Moved to Hardwick from Randolph in 1831
                                        Died May 5, 1886
                    Sophronia Maria Perrin
          Susan Amanda Holbrook (aka: Susie A.) Born: June 26, 1855, in Hardwick, VT
                    Perley Rogers Holbrook, M.D.
                    Louise Maria Lawrence (aka: Louise, Maria Louisa, Louisa M., Laura M.)
                                        Born: January 6, 1834
                                        Married: to Perley Rogers Holbrook, M.D., on Jan. 25, 1854                                                             Otis Lawrence
                                        Born: May 28, 1797, in Killingly, Conn.
                              Betsey Houghton
                                        Born: Feb. 21, 1798, in St. Johnbury, VT
                                        Married: to Otis Lawrence on March 15, 1825, at Lyndon

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