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I am searching for DARLING FAMILY. My Name is Rosaline Riley (nee Smith).
I am writing on behalf of my father (Kenneth Smith).
His Cousin Kathleen (nee-Wilkinson), who was born in Leicestershire, England.
Kathleen Wilkinson married a guy from Saint Johnsbury, Vermont - by the name of Stephen Darling.
I guess they met and married in WW2, and returned back their afterwards.

I believe that Kathleen and Stephen Darling had a daughter and that she too was named Rosaline
(possibly born late 1940's or early 50's). They may have had further children, I am not sure.
We would very much like to know if our relatives are still living in the town, and if so,
it would be really good to make contact.
Thank you for your help.

Kindest regards

Rosaline Riley
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