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Background: My Great Grandfather's name was Winfield Mosher according to family records.
He was born 19 Nov 1861 in Holland, VT, died 13 May 1945, Caledonia Co., VT.
According to his obituary, his father was Timothy Mosher but last name could be spelled Mosier.
According to a relative, Winfield went to live with his uncle & aunt, William Wallace and Dorothy Mosher Wallace.
The town clerk of Holland tells me she can find no record of Winfield Mosher being born in Holland.

Today, I located the 1871 Canadian Census for Barford, Stanstead, Quebec.
Listed are William and Dorothy Wallace along with Mary J. Worster, age 31,
William Worster, age 20 and Winfield Worster, age 9.
According to Winfield's obit, he was orphaned at an early age.

I am attaching his obit for reference.
Any help in sorting this mess out will be most greatly appreciated.

Don Lawton

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