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I am looking for ANY information on David N Page gggg-grandfather
(I think ... hard to keep up with the greats!)
his wife was Sarah (Priest) middle name either M or W
records are different but the right person.
She was born Dec 3 1825 and died Sep 24 1915
she is buried in the Irasburg Village Cemetery in VT
His sons were Austin Nelson and Orlando/Alando George
I am a direct descendant but David seems to have dropped off the face of the planet
his wife (Sarah/Sally) remarried on Dec 11 1852
I can only find his marriage certificate, NOTHING of his birth or death
and back then, people only remarried when a spouse died, they didn't have divorce?
On a guess, I'm guessing his middle name is Nelson as his son has the same middle name? Just a guess!!.

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