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I am searching for the surname Hines.
I am searching for information on my great-grandmother,
Thelma/Myrtle Beatrice Hines (b. 1910 in location unknown,
but the rest of her siblings were born in Northern VT, Walden and Newark areas).
She is the daughter of Grace Sophia Wade Hines Peavey (b. 1885 in Quebec)
her other siblings born before her have the father Ora Carrol Hines (b. Dec 1886 in Wheelock).
Her half siblings have the father Arthur L. Peavey.
One half sibling states that Myrtle's last name should have been Stevens.
And it is also stated that in VT they called Myrtle, Thelma, but in Canada she goes by Myrtle.
Hope someone can help and give us more information on our family.

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