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PIERRE, SENIA (LUCINDA?). I'm looking for any information on my 3rd great grandmother Senia (Lucinda?)
Pierre born in Vermont in 1828. I have no information on her other than she married William Jones
and shows up in Racine, Wisconsin records in the 1850's, where she died.

LANGWORTHY, JAMES. b.1752 Newport, RI , d. 1800 Windsor, VT.
(Spouse's 4th great grandfather) m. DEAN, ANNA (1798-1839)

LANGWORTHY, BENJAMIN b.1790 Windsor, VT (Spouse's 3rd great grandmother) m. HAMLIN, PHOEBE (1798-1872)
Married 7 September 1827 in Cornwall, Addison, VT

PERKINS, RUFUS. d. 1803 Chester, Windsor, VT m. DUTTON, SUSANNAH, d. 1826, Chester, VT
(4th great grandfather/grandmother)

PERKINS, OLIVER. Son of Rufus Perkins and Susannah Dutton b. 1792 Windsor, VT
(3rd great grandfather) m. JEREMIAH, ELIZABETH (3rd great grandmother).
I have no information on the Jeremiah family other than Elizabeth's name.

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