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I'm trying to find Goodwin family who were the children or grandchildren of my great aunt
Kathleen Fox Goodwin.
She died in 1928 in Lyndon, VT. I believe her husband's name might have been Ray?
She was born in Quebec in 1890 to George and Martha Fox.
Gender: - Female  
   Birth Date: - 28 Jan 1890
Birth Location: - Dixville, P Que
Death Date: - 6 Aug 1928
      Death Location: - Lyndon, Caledonia
Cause of Death: - Tuberculosis     
       Residence: - Lyndonville, VT
Mother's Maiden Name: - McNeal                        
Mother's Name: - Martha           
Father's Name: - Geo Fox        
      Vital Event Type: - Certificate of Death

Thanks,    Cindy

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