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I'm looking for documentation to confirm Walter Smith Wells birth in St. Johnsbury
on 24 Nov 1824 to Paul Wells Jr. and Mary (Polly?) Mason Wells. Walter's older siblings
(Welcome, b. 1808, Arad b. 1809, Saphrona b. 1810, Olive b. 1812, and Lydia b.1813)
are documented in the Danville Registration Records 1747-1877 (image# 153)
Some of the children were born in Barnet.
Additional siblings were (probably) Ann, Conrad, Emma, Sarah, John and
Luke Ford (aka Lewis Franklin?). Some of these siblings probably had a
different mother. Mary and Polly were very possibly two different women.

Walter and Luke became prolific poets. Luke Ford Wells became well known
as a California poet during the gold rush. Walter wrote for a small-town
newspaper in central Wisconsin.

Thank you much for any assistance that you can offer.
I will be glad to pay for a researcher's time.

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