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I am writing a book about a psychic con man
who appears to have married many women.
One of these women was Martha Adaline Hill, of Irasburg.
Martha shows up on the 1860 census in Irasburg,
living in the home of E. B. Hill and Helen.
The Martha living in the E. B. homestead is the same age as
the Martha who is eventually married to my con man.

However, her wedding certificate from 1873 in Brattleboro,
clearly states that her father is C. B. Hill,
and her mother is Adaline Allen, deceased.
At one point, I came across a Carley Baxter Hill when doing research.

I can find no record of her mother Adaline Allen.
Any and all information relating to Adaline Allen,
would be great appreciated. Is she a descendant of Ira ?
She does not appear to be from what I have been able to glean,
but I would of course be glad to be wrong.

Secondly, poor Martha was eventually abandoned by my con man, and
she filed for divorce. This was granted in Orleans County in 1881.
Martha had moved back to Irasburg, according to the divorce decree.
However, that is the last information I have for her. She falls off the census lists.
I don't know whether she remarried in Orleans County, or died,
or anything that happened to her. I don't find in in the cemeteries in Irasburg.

Thanks for any information that you can provide.

Rolf Parker - Houghton

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