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I am investigating a possible relative who may have been a
descendant of Samuel and Hezekiah Ayer, who were the first
two heads of the Ayer Homestead at Goss Hollow, near St J.

Hezekiah's son, John Ayer(s), b. 1796, was my
3g-grandfather. I have a family Bible that lists the names
and birth dates of his 8 known children. Mary (Polly), b.
1822; Abial b. 1824, George b. 1826; Julia Ann, b. 1828;
Luman b. 1832; Martha, b. 1833; Peter, b. 1835, and Lorenzo
D. b. 1839.

The first seven of these children were born in Caledonia
County, after that (sometime around 1835-1839) the entire
family relocated to Erie County, NY. However, there are no
records for their births (nor for their father, John) in the
online versions of Vermont Vital Records. Additionally,
there are no other records for them in Vermont that I have
been able to find as of yet.

However, on the preceding page of the Bible there is one
additional entry, written in a different handwriting, and
using a different color ink. That is the person I am
researching at this time.

The handwritten text says:
[Illegible] Ayer
born December 17, 1817

The illegible word appears to resemble "Admiral." For some
time, I did not expect to find out anything about this
person, because I did not think that Admiral Ayer could
have been his (or her) actual name. However, a few
investigations revealed to me that the given name Admiral,
while uncommon, was occasionally used in the 18th/19th

The 1830 census in VT, and the 1840 census in NY, show this
family with a male of the appropriate age range, along with
the other 8 children, so if this was indeed an older child,
he apparently did leave VT with the rest of the family in
the 1830's. The early records in western NY are mostly lost,
or they never existed at all, so there is little to learn by
searching there.

My searches for anyone named "Admiral Ayer," or any Ayer
born in VT on 12/17/1817, have not uncovered anything yet.

If anyone could suggest a place to look for information on
this person, I would be very grateful.

Michael Ayers

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