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I have an ancestor that did oil paintings of which I have three.
I have discovered and recently viewed thanks to memories of my
grandfathers (paternal) stories two other paintings by this same lady
in the West Burke library. Somehow (well I am 72 and did not listen
close enough back in the 1950's) I can not identify this ancestor.
The paintings I have and those viewed are signed Fogg between the years
1892-1903. Can you shed any light on just who this individual might be? I have direct ancestors named Fogg and can provide more information
if that will assist you.

My great grandfather Alonzo Bemis Howland (my paternal grandmothers parents)
lived on the Darling Hill Road and I visited the homestead just two weeks back.
That was a treat but was unable to track down the artist on two trips over from NH.
There is a connection there to the artist.
MY great grandmother was Hannah Bean (Orne) Howland.
Thank you for any help you may provide.

Paul Dillaway

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