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I'm looking for parents of William Scott Bailey b. abt 1800 in Peacham
who married Laura Ann McCauley about 1820 in NY.
I have a DNA match with a person who has Benjamin Bailey as an ancestor.
In one pedigree Benjamin has a son, William, b. 1793.
I am considering that this is my William.
Unfortunately there is no other mention of any William anywhere.
I am also considering that Scott might not be the correct middle name;
maybe it should be Smith because there are multiple Smith first and
middle names in Benjamin's descendants and also in my William's extended family/descendants.
There are no Scotts anywhere. Benjamin married 2nd Mary Smith.
In addition, my William's children have many of the same names as is in this family.
Lambert seems to be specific to them. Benjamin might have had a son, John,
and William probably had a brother named Jonathan..


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