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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Originally printed as "Vermont Marriages, Volume 1,
Montpelier - Burlington - Berlin"
by William T. Dewey & James F. Dewey,
Printed Burlington, VT 1903
(No further Volumes were compiled)

Recorded from the town clerk's office
and the Unitarian Church Records.

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Groom Groom Residence Bride Bride Residence Married Married at
Abbott, Gregory John   Burgess, Donna Mae   June 16, 1967  
Abel, John H. Newport Mason, Bertha M. Brownington June 30, 1973 Newport
Aldrich, Alden Carl   White, Frances Dale   June 23, 1956  
Aldrich, Alden Carl, Jr. Brownington Chapdelaine, Shari Lee Brownington Dec 5, 1981 Sutton
Aldrich, Edwin J.   Gray, Marilyn   Jan 5, 1945  
Aldrich, John E.   Longley, Charlotte Joyce   July 16, 1960  
Aldrich, Michael Francis   Jacobs, Janice Vetaline   July 18, 1965  
Aldrich, Roderic Francis   Fox, Marion Annie   March 29, 1941  
Aldrich, Roderic Francis Lebanon, NH Choiniere, Danielle M. Lebanon, NH April 11, 1998 Jay
Allen, Henry   Vadnais, Alice   Sept 20, 1941  
Ames, Franklin George   Wiggins, Minnie B.   Oct 17, 1945  
Amyot, Andre F.   Morin, Jean   May 10, 1943  
Amyot, Roland   Monfette, Shirley   June 5, 1945  
Armstrong, Jack Robert Brownington Lowell, Claudia Baxter (Groom) Brownington March 15, 1991 Orleans
Audet, Paul Henry   Lafoe, Jacqueline Ann   Nov 9, 1968  
Audet, Roger Michael Joseph Newport Willson, Peggy Ellen (Glodgett) Brownington July 8, 1989 Brownington
Ball, Harold E. Contoocook, NH Whitehill, Karlene E. (Hall) Contoocook, NH Aug 22, 1987 Brownington
Bapp, Charles Frederick Jr. Brownington Griffin, Diane Claire Brownington June 16, 1984 Barton
Bapp, George Allen Brownington Chase, April Lynn Brownington July 9, 1988 Irasburg
Barber, Kenneth Brownington Cherington, Marsha Lynn (Rossier) Brownington Nov 17, 1995 Newport
Barrup, Everett Lee   Jacques, Denise Helen   June 25, 1960  
Barrup, James E. Brownington Hall, Linda I. Island Pond Aug 25, 1973 Island Pond
Barrup, Lee James Brownington Marsh, Amy Gail Brownington July 10, 1999 Irasburg
Barrup, Robin Douglas Brownington Davis, Christina May Brownington July 28, 1990 Brownington
Barry, Richard   Wright, Geraldine   Dec 3, 1947  
Barton, Barry Roger   Wright, Ellen Dorcas   Jan 4, 1967  
Beaton, Thomas Nelson   Rodrigue, Pauline Diane   Sept 4, 1971  
Beauregard, Wilfred   Perry, Florence   July 1, 1935  
Belanger, Romeo   Lebeau, Clarabelle   Dec 26, 1934  
Bennett, Norman R.   Leblanc, Linda L.   Feb 15, 1969  
Bergeron, Paul J.   St. Pierre, Anita M.   May 25, 1953  
Bickford, Shane Alan West Glover Morse, Maria Judith Brownington Aug 30, 1980 Orleans
Birch, Kent C. Brownington Daniels, Jeannette R. Albany July 25, 1981 E. Albany
Bishop, Gordon A.   Brown, Kathleen I.   April 5, 1945  
Blair, Enest   Herman, Betty   Sept 3, 1952  
Blair, Ernest Armand   Leland, Edna Grace   Sept 19, 1959  
Blake, Harley R.   Fox, Marjorie H.   Sept 16, 1939  
Bowen, Cory Michael Brownington St. Laurent, Denise Florence Brownington Sept 9, 1995 Brownington
Bowen, Eben Edgar   Young, Ruth Vera   Feb 12, 1937  
Brill, George W. Springfield Dutton, Joyce A. (Cook) Brownington March 30, 1991 Brownington
Britch, Francis Oryen, Jr. Brownington Oak, Kathleen Louise (Busta) Brownington Feb 21, 1981 Bakersfield
Broe, Gorden Wayne   Young, Dorothy T.   June 25, 1957  
Broe, Larry J.   Messier, Claire C.   Sept 4, 1964  
Broe, Norman Carl   Desmarais, Marie Claire   Sept 15, 1957  
Brooks, Charles L.   Putney, Beatrice M.   Aug 13, 1941  
Broome, David W.   Davignon, Ethel Mae   Oct 31, 1964  
Broughan, Richard Charles Woodsville, NH Beaber, Brenda Sue (Bullen) Woodsville, NH Aug 20, 1994 Brownington
Brouillard, Leo   Cushman, Ruth   April 18, 1944  
Brown, Bristol T.   Chase, Phyllis B.   Nov 21, 1951  
Brown, Floyd Charles   Austin, Doris A.   Aug 6, 1948  
Brunelle, Adam Isaac Brownington Burdick, Debbie Lynn Brownington Feb 29, 2008 Westmore
Brunelle, Armand George Brownington Robillard, Janet C. G. Brownington Aug 3, 1973 Orleans
Brunelle, Victor, Jr.   Paquette, Theresa A.   Aug 11, 1942  
Brunelle, Victor, Sr.   St. Pierre, Mary A.   Aug 15, 1970  
Bullock, Lyle   Lafoe, Bernice   May 10, 1946  
Burdick, Edwin Frank Orleans Jenness, Susan Mabel (Blair) Brownington July 12, 1975 Brownington
Burdick, Robert Arnold Brownington Blay, Robin Marjorie Brownington Jan 1, 1994 Island Pond
Callahan, George William Brownington Mosher, Doris Yvette (Wilcox) Brownington July 22, 2000 Holland
Campbell, Maurice Bernard   Guillette, Rachel Georgette   Aug 29, 1964  
Caron, Harold Joseph   Wood, Mildred Lena   June 15, 1932  
Carpenter, Harvey C.   Langevin, Evelyn   Aug 3, 1935  
Carter, Alex Bruce Barton Kittredge, Connie Sue Brownington Sept 13, 1980 Holland
Carter, James Kevin Brownington Gray, Rachel Louise West Charleston July 3, 2004 Orleans
Castonguay, Arnold P. Brownington Lyon, Janet L. (Welcome) St. Johnsbury Feb 28, 1981 St. Johnsbury
Castonguay, Jeffrey Joseph Brownington North, Rose Marie Brownington Nov 10, 1978 Brownington
Chapdelaine, James Robert Brownington Young, Nancy-Jo Brownington Dec 28, 1994 Brownington
Chapdelaine, Wilfred Maurice   Bly, Beverly Janice   Aug 1, 1970  
Chase, David Larry Brownington Burdick, Donna Sue Brownington Jan 1, 1988 Charleston
Chase, David Larry Brownington Wiswell, Marcia Lynn Brownington Jan 18, 1997 Brownington
Chase, David Larry West Charleston Bickford, Julie Ann (Tarbox) Brownington May 1, 2008 Brownington
Chase, Larry George   Shaw, Linda Ann   Dec 7, 1963  
Chase, Richard C.   Davis, Grace Mary   Feb 21, 1951  
Chase, Robert David   Leland, Edith Sarah   July 12, 1958  
Chilafoux, Cornel Kent   Moffatt, Ann Louise   Oct 5, 1968  
Chilafoux, Starlyn Brent   Keement, Ila Alice   Nov 1, 1969  
Choiniere, Alcide W.   Lewis, Barbara M.   June 27, 1959  
Choiniere, Germaine A.   Racine, Ruby Ann   June 25, 1945  
Choiniere, Raymond   Chalifoe, Evelyn   July 16, 1949  
Choiniere, Reynold   Leland, Tillie M.   June 1, 1949  
Choiniere, Victor A.   Brouillard, Florette   Sept 7, 1942  
Chouinard, Emile Alfred   Davignon, Nancy Lee   July 26, 1969  
Christman, John W. Brownington Corliss, Tammy M. Brownington Oct 14, 1979 Brownington
Chuck, Robert Eugene   Greenwood, Patricia Jean   Jan 29, 1966  
Churchill, Benjamin S. Brownington Hannigan, Terese M. Brownington Oct 30, 1982 Barton
Cleveland, Frederick Ralph Scottsdale, AZ Hall, June Yvonne (Baker) Scottsdale, AZ July 31, 1993 Orleans
Cleveland, Harvey L.   Holmes, Joyce E.   Nov 30, 1960  
Clough, Harry R.   Niles, Viola Grace   Dec 9, 1939  
Collette, Mark D. Brownington Butler, Diana M. Orleans Sept 6, 1986 Barton
Collins, Gordon Paul Brownington Bettis, Donna May Brownington Nov 26, 1988 Rochester
Connor, F. T. Brownington Cook, Kathleen D. Brownington April 18, 1980 Newport
Cook, Ronald H.   Davignon, Anita Y.   Dec 31, 1958  
Cross, Philip Howard Newport Shanahan, Pamela Dale (Hazlehurst) Brownington Dec 18, 1993 Orleans
Currier, Alfred M. Brownington Perry, Rebecca L. Brownington Jan 26, 1979 Orleans
Currier, Theodore B.   Bouthillier, Florence   May 13, 1935  
Curtis, Lee John Brownington Cornell, Audrey Leigh (Peck) Newport City May 19, 1984 Brownington
Curtis, Lee John Brownington Liberty, Lorene Ann Brownington Dec 17, 1994 Morgan
Curtis, Lyle Mark Brownington Royer, Susan May Brownington Sept 1, 1984 Orleans
Curtis, Ricky Shawn Brownington Trucott, Dawn Marie Brownington July 28, 2001 Brownington
Curtis, Terrance Fern   Faust, Cecile Valentine   July 5, 1969  
Curtis, Tony Leigh Newport Souliere, Deborah Jeanne Newport Aug 14, 1993 Orleans
Cushman, Darwin E.   Hunt, Thelma Alversa   June 4, 1932  
Danforth, Michael Richard Newport    Smith, Becky Ann (Hoadley) Brownington July 9, 1988 Orleans
Danforth, Paul R.   Wright, Elaine L.   Nov 8, 1952  
Daniels, Robert Ira William Brownington McAllister, Daniele Diane Brownington June 11, 2005 Newport
Danneau, George Paul   Marsh, Shirley Barbara   July 31, 1970  
Dansereau, Wilfred R.   Turcotte, Irene C.   Sept 6, 1938  
Darling, Raymond Earl   Perry, Mary Ann   Sept 29, 1967  
Davies, Arthur W.   Ross, Linnie Newton   Nov 27, 1946  
Davignon, Ernest Joseph   Perron, Cecile Ellen   Oct 2, 1971  
Davignon, Francis L.   Pettengill, June G.   June 16, 1945  
Davignon, Gerald Leo   Durocher, Marie Alice Jeanine   Aug 29, 1970  
Davignon, Karl F. Brownington Petit, Linda Ann Brownington May 31, 1980 Orleans
Davis, Robert Arthur   Granai, Sherry Ann   Jan 30, 1969  
Delaney, Timothy Paul Brownington Bowman, Janet Anne (MacKenzie) Brownington Dec 30, 1989 Brownington
Denning, Joseph H.   Davignon, Elizabeth M.   March 19, 1953  
Desmarais, Rene Marcel   Robinson, Kathleen   Oct 30, 1965  
Dion, Norman Francis   Lacoss, Marion   Nov 3, 1941  
Dominick, Joseph Stanley, Sr.   Maynard, Irene Harriett   Aug 25, 1962  
Dow, Preston   Ingalls, Samira V. (Loukx)   Oct 29, 1943  
Duby, Raymond Tyrone   Chapdelaine, Iris May   Dec 21, 1970  
Duchesneau, Philip Roland Brownington Morse, Janet Rose Brownington Oct 19, 1985 Orleans
Dufour, Keith Richard Brownington Lagasse, Sandra Lynn (Podgurski) Brownington July 15, 1993 Brownington
Dutton, Donald Robert Brownington Lamont, Susan Raylene Brownington Aug 19, 1989 Brownington
Elliott, Ron Hugh Brownington Chapdelaine, Amy Lynn Brownington Sept 8, 2001 Barton
Ellis, Wesley James   Conley, Ruth Irene   May 2, 1935  
Emerson, Richard Ovis   Thompson, Lennie Mae   Feb 29, 1936  
Emmerson, Ernest D.   Flynn, Diana L.   May 11, 1968  
Falconer, Geoffrey Herbert Brownington Lunna, Renee Margaret Brownington Dec 18, 1999 Coventry
Falconer, Michael G. Brownington Thompson, Loretta Lynn Brownington July 31, 1999 Lowell
Falconer, William Paul Brownington Davignon, Angie Rejeanne Brownington June 20, 1998 Barton
Farrow, Michael Wesley Brownington Fagan, Melanie Fay Beebe Plain Aug 10, 1991 Derby
Faust, Clayton Alton Brownington Haney, Valerie Lynn Brownington Oct 25, 1997 Orleans
Faust, Larry Romeo  Brownington Young, Sharon Louise Brownington Aug 25, 1973 Orleans
Favreau, Mark Alan Brownington Pepin, Christine Marie Brownington Sept 15, 2001 Orleans
Feeley, Jay Bryant Brownington Comtois, Rachel Ann Brownington Sept 1, 2001 Brownington
Folsom, Allen Lewis Brownington Bensenhaver, Sarah Ellen Brownington Dec 21, 1985 Newport
Foster, Glendon A.   Tangue, Helen A.   June 1, 1935  
Fox, Claude Augustus   Woods, Thelma Mae   Feb 27, 1932  
Gage, Leon E.   Gray, Lorraine I.   June 28, 1947  
Gage, Leon Elwin    Blake, Beatrice Nina   July 19, 1971  
Gallup, Charles A.   Manley, Lois   June 15, 1943  
Gallup, Weldon   Whitcomb, Glee B.   May 17, 1945  
Garfield, Mark Russell Scott, Jr. Brownington Carroll, Jessica Marie Brownington July 31, 2004 Derby Line
Gerrow, Timothy E. Brownington McDonald, Laura L. Brownington March 2, 1985 West Charleston
Gibson, Bruce Allen Brownington Dewing, Linda Marie Brownington Oct 23, 1999 Orleans
Gilfillan, Gilbert Edwin   Thayer, Marlene Alice   June 7, 1963  
Gilfillan, Nye John   Moore, Marion Frances   June 7, 1934  
Gillis, Andrew Vincent   Chabot, Yvonne Marie   Aug 15, 1932  
Girouard, Louis   Lussier, Geralda   Feb 18, 1952  
Glodgett, Christopher Allen Brownington Barrup, Christy Marie Brownington May 27, 1995 West Charleston
Glodgett, David Augustas Brownington Lucas, Sherry Lynn Newport Center July 4, 1998 Barton
Glodgett, Forest George   Rounds, Marjorie Louise   June 7, 1957  
Glodgett, Forest T. Brownington Roberge, Susan M. Brownington May 6, 1978 Orleans
Glodgett, John Michael Brownington Verge, Tracy Lynn Brownington Aug 16, 1997 Brownington
Glodgett, Joseph Terry Hanover, MA Chicoine, Alicia May Hanover, MA Aug 14, 1999 Orleans
Glodgett, Louis A. Brownington Glodgett, Marjorie L. (Rounds) Brownington May 5, 2004 Brownington
Glodgett, Michael Steven Brownington Viens, Denise Marie Brownington June 17, 1989 Barton
Glodgett, Reginald A. Brownington Ticehurst, Carla R. Brownington July 11, 1981 Brownington
Glodgett, Reginald A. Brownington Lancaster, Joanne Louise Brownington Sept 9, 1989 Brownington
Glodgett, Richard    Squires, Louise Alice   May 12, 1956  
Glodgett, Terrance Frederick Brownington Daniels, Stacey Lillian Derby Sept 2, 2000 Brownington
Glodgett, Terrance Roy   Blouin, Carolyn Geneva   April 29, 1968  
Glodgett, Terry Carl   Begin, Christine Marie   May 4, 1968  
Glodgett, William Archie Barton Perry, Linda June Brownington Dec 1, 1978 Orleans
Goddard, Albert Charles   Menard, Gisile   March 21, 1938  
Gonyaw, Randy Mason Brownington Campbell, Kimberly Anne-Marie Brownington Dec 18, 1999 Newport
Grady, Arthur Frederick   Lewis, Ella May   June 15, 1955  
Granai, Bruce William   Heinlen, Pamela Sue   April 6, 1966  
Grant, Donnie Rae Brownington Coslett, Theresa Joanne Brownington July 20, 2002 Brownington
Graves, Richard Theodore   Hunt, Elizabeth Ellen   April 6, 1968  
Gray, Clayton Theodore   Lyon, Earline Grace   Oct 27, 1947  
Greene, George Andrew Haskell, NJ Parker, Jana Marie Brownington April 17, 1982 Brownington
Greenwood, George Walter Brownington Griggs, Jacqueline Carol (Coville) Brownington Feb 14, 1989 Brownington
Greenwood, James H.   Therriault, Gloria J.   Jan 4, 1964  
Greenwood, Owen Patrick   Provoncha, Georgiana J.   Oct 15, 1934  
Greenwood, Paul Sarto   Newborn, Barbara Sue   Sept 11, 1971  
Greenwood, Sarto A.   Whitehill, Myrtle M.   Dec 30, 1939  
Griggs, Roderick Alfred Bedford, NH Kittredge, Linda Ellen Brownington Sept 16, 1973 Brownington
Gross, David Thomson Brownington Martin, Tracy Nichae Brownington Sept 24, 1994 Marlboro
Gross, Gilbert C.   Woodward, Harriet E.   June 20, 1933  
Guyette, Merrill Edward   Waterman, Ruby Ione   Sept 21, 1937  
Hadvab, Matthew Dale East Albany Aldrich, Katie Lee Brownington Sept 16, 1989 Westmore
Hall, Travis Aaron Irasburg Young, Michelle Lynn Brownington May 17, 1998 Brownington
Hannan, Thomas Joseph Newport Tuthill, Mary Katherine Brownington Nov 28, 1998 Newport
Hardie, Howard Candish   Powers, Phoebe Mae   Oct 27, 1934  
Hastings, Mark G. Brownington Stewart, Kim P. Brownington Aug 14, 1976 Brownington
Hemenway, Hale F.   Emmerson, Sandra J.   Feb 1, 1964  
Herman, Allan R.   Rock, Carolyn A.   Sept 25, 1954  
Herman, Allan Ronald   Coapland, Linda Rita   May 4, 1962  
Herman, Arnold Robert   Gelo, Evelyn Ruth   March 14, 1934  
Herman, Michael Wayne Brownington Rowell, Penny Louise Albany July 13, 1984 Albany
Herman, Norman   Chase, Patricia   Oct 31, 1959  
Hill, Dean Warren, Jr. Brownington Nolan, Theresa Ann (Bowen) Brownington April 2, 1994 Newport
Hill, James Maurice Brownington Liberty, Gloria Jean (Shover) Brownington June 24, 1978 Brownington
Hilliard, Charles R.   Glodgett, Violet   Oct 4, 1958  
Hinton, Mark Shane Brownington LaClaire, Melissa Ann Brownington July 6, 2002 Brownington
Hoadley, Stephen John Brownington Miller, Roberta Sue Brownington Dec 21, 1984 Orleans
Hogan, John A.   Davignon, Lorita   June 20, 1959  
Houston, John F.   Smith, Arvilla R.   June 12, 1948  
Hudson, Charles H.   Fleming, Bertha Goldie   Aug 6, 1932  
Hull, Clyde R.   Brooks, Joyce P.   Aug 31, 1956  
Humphrey, Russell Wayne West Burke Blair, Roberta Jean Brownington Feb 15, 1975 Newark
Hunt, Paul L.   Boutin, Pamela A.   Dec 19, 1964  
Hunt, Raymond H.   White, Mavis G.   Jan 31, 1944  
Hunt, Richard H.   Lafoe, Hilda V.   April 27, 1945  
Hunt, Warwick Evans   Boutin, Gertrude   June 20, 1936  
Hurlbut, Donald Lee Brownington Butler, Gailene Marie (Marckres) Albany May 26, 2001 Albany
Irizar, John Charles Miami, FL Gonzalez, Ana Mercedes Miami, FL Sept 21, 2005 Brownington
Jenness, Donald Fredrick   Blair, Susan Mabel   Jan 17, 1970  
Jensen, Harry C., Sr.   Gibson, Florence   Sept 3, 1947  
Jensen, Richard James   LaBounty, Priscilla Ann   July 21, 1962  
Johns, Henry Albert   Buck, Jessie   July 8, 1934  
Johnson, Robert James   Tougas, Diane Marie   Dec 31, 1966  
Jones, Elwin Fred, Jr.   Hart, Brenda Joyce   June 14, 1958  
Jones, Gerald Enos Brownington Davis, Frances Jean (Dumas) Newport City Dec 18, 1987 Derby Line
Kahlstrom, Douglas M.   White, Nancy May   June 10, 1961  
Kahlstrom, Edgar Lewis   Gilfillan, Clarice Vera   March 19, 1955  
Kalinen, John Vietti Brownington Ellison, Llyn Marie Brownington Aug 31, 1985 Ludlow
Kalinen, John Vietti Brownington Swasey, Mary Ellen (Silloway) Brownington Jan 17, 1998 Orleans
Kearns, Robert New Milford, CT Johnson, Diane M. (Tougas) New Milford, CT July 10, 1982 Brownington
Kelby, Olin   Vadnais, Regina   Aug 30, 1943  
Kennedy, Jason Brownington Altman, Johanna Laurie Wheelock Dec 7, 1996 South Wheelock
Kennison, John M.   Clark, Annie   Dec 7, 1938  
Kettle, Clarence Orra   Jacobs, Helen Katherine   April 3, 1933  
Kilby, William John   Reid, Erma Ethel   June 26, 1942  
Kittredge, Albert A.   Aldrich, Elin M.   Aug 12, 1944  
Kittredge, Albert Andrew Brownington King, Joan Esther (Davis) Winooski June 24, 1985 Brownington
Kudla, John Raymond Brownington Keement, Linda Marie Newport June 16, 1990 Orleans
Laberge, Jeffrey Alan Brownington Bruns, Cindy Sue Brownington Oct 18, 2003 Newport
Labor, Harold Walter   Labounty, Madeline Beatrice   Jan 4, 1937  
Labor, Harry Curtis   Decker, Elizabeth Mary   Nov 25, 1937  
Labor, Maurice   Geoffroy, Elmeria   June 28, 1943  
Labounty, Arthur Henry   Lucas, Lillian   Feb 16, 1940  
LaBounty, Laurence Louis   Leonard, Lavinia Velia   Oct 13, 1949  
LaBounty, Paul L. Essex Jct. Williams, Kim M. Brownington Jan 31, 1982 Brownington
LaClair, David Gerard Brownington McCoy, Morgan Eileen Brownington Sept 24, 2005 Brownington
LaCoss, Kenneth   Gray, Charlotte   May 24, 1937  
Lacoss, Leon William   Dane, Hazel Marie   June 22, 1933  
LaFlam, Dean Edmund   Provoncha, Isabelle Sarah   Sept 24, 1937  
Lafleur, Richard Joseph   Pollander, May Genevieve   May 24, 1958  
Lafoe, Bernie   Labor, Marjorie E.   May 30, 1942  
Lafoe, E. Alfred   Farrel, Doris   June 1, 1946  
Lafoe, Elwin Alfred   Bennett, Phyllis Winifred   March 20, 1940  
LaFoe, Vernal H.   Jensen, Alice E.   Nov 1, 1946  
Lafoe, Wesley   Yake, Lillian Ruth   March 19, 1944  
Lafoe, Wesley E.   Crawshaw, Esther M.   Dec 4, 1949  
Lajoie, David Henry Newport Parker, Jana Marie Brownington Aug 31, 1991 Brownington
Lamarche, Laurier Bernard   Robillard, Flora Yvonne   June 24, 1939  
Lamarre, Alfred   Paquette, Evette   May 17, 1943  
Lamarre, Robert Roland Brownington Dagasse, Annette Anita West Charleston July 5, 1975 Orleans
Lamere, Kevin Robert Brownington Sanville, Sharon Ruth Brownington July 19, 2003 Brownington
LaMonda, Harry   Lafoe, Greta   Jan 17, 1948  
Lamoureux, Daniel Arthur Southington, CT Lagasse, Laura Marie Southington, CT Oct    1998 Orleans
Lamphere, James Charles Brownington Washer, Tanya Dorcas Barton July 19, 1975 Passumpsic
Lamphere, Jay Freeman   Moore, Margery   Aug 11, 1951  
Lancaster, Maurice D.   Reid, Alice M.   Nov 9, 1946  
Landry, Ronald Alphonse   Dewing, Mary Ann   Oct 2, 1971  
Lanoue, John N. Brownington Chase, Marcia L. (Wiswell) Brownington Sept 23, 2005 Brownington
Lantagne, Joseph C.   Aldrich, Elin   Feb 16, 1957  
Laplante, Cleon Merton   Patrick, Ruth Evelyn   Sept 21, 1938  
LaRoche, David A. Brownington Chiru, Mihaela Nicoleta Bucharest, RO Oct 8, 2005 Brownington
Larocque, Clayton Harley   Allard, Yvonne A.   Oct 20, 1932  
LaValley, Arthur W., Jr.   Brunelle, Alida G.   Dec 20, 1969  
Lawes, Carroll C.   Reid, Phyllis Esther   April 16, 1938  
Lawes, David A. Brownington Parenteau, Debra A. Newport City Aug 1, 1976 Brownington
Lawes, Dean Merle   Gadwah, Betty Leah   Dec 23, 1968  
Lawes, Ernest W.   Fairbanks, Arline M.   Nov 2, 1945  
Leblanc, Louis P.   Patenaude, Lucille J.   July 4, 1959  
LeBlond, John Guy   Perry, Clemence Annette   Sept 1, 1956  
LeGrand, Jason Robert Plano, IL Neuman, Victoria Marie Plano, IL Oct 6, 2007 Westmore
Leland, Harold   LaCourse, Beatrice   Dec 23, 1935  
Leland, Kenneth E.   Bowen, Ruth L.   Oct 14, 1936  
Leland, Richard H.   Broe, Charlene E.   Oct 4, 1956  
Leland, Wayne   Nadeau, Fernard   Aug 21, 1948  
Leonard, Eustis M.   Drew, Muriel J.   May 23, 1959  
Leonard, Francis A.   Lafoe, Lavinia V.   Jan 19, 1937  
Libbey, James Paul Jr. Brownington Howland, Suzanne Anita Brownington July 24, 1993 Derby Line
Libby, Darcy David Brownington Perry, Rosa Leigh Brownington Oct 18, 1986 Brownington
Locke, Travis Bruce Brownington White, Jennifer Lynn Brownington Oct 1, 2005 Irasburg
Lothian, Bryant B.   Young, Marion G.   July 30, 1941  
Lyon, Harold   Perry, Claire   Jan 20, 1945  
Lyon, Jesse James Brownington Wright, Rossann Lee Barton May 5, 1973 Brownington
Lyon, Robert A. Brownington Cyr, Rose M. Brownington June 10, 1995 Newport
Lyon, Robert Arthur Brownington Stevens, Cindy Lee Newport City Sept 3, 1978 Brownington
Lyon, Robert Arthur Brownington Tabor, Jeannette E. Brownington Aug 28, 1982 Brownington
Maclure, Marcel Pierre Newport Herman, Mary Ann Brownington July 2, 1988 Charleston
Marcotte, Gary D. Barton Thompson, Alicia H. Brownington Jan 1, 1976 Brownington
Margolla, Remberto Miguel Brownington Glodgett, Rhoda Lynn Brownington April 26, 1997 Brownington
Marotte, Lester Paul   Houston, Monna   April 15, 1933  
Marsh, Herbert Metcalf   Young, Caroline Goldie   Feb 19, 1955  
Marsh, Larry Robert Brownington Aubin, Suzanne Rose Newport Nov 23, 1973 Brownington
Marsh, Orvin A.   Cote, Doris I.   Oct 15, 1960  
Marsh, Slayton R.   Daley, Patricia   Nov 2, 1947  
Martel, Thomas Allen Brownington Rowell, Holly Ann (Marsh) Brownington Sept 23, 1994 Brownington
Martinez, David Brownington Adams, Renee J. Brownington June 9, 2001 Orleans
Martinez, David Perez Martinez, TX Williams, Marilyn Jean Brownington April 21, 1973 Brownington
Mason, Michael Jon Brownington Johnson, Jolene LaNelle Brownington March 4, 1994 Westmore
Mason, Richard Ray, Sr. Brownington Lamarre, Annette Anita (Dagesse) Brownington May 25, 1996 Orleans
McAlister, Dale Wade Brownington Trucott, Dawn Marie Brownington June 27, 1992 Irasburg
McCoy, Dale Chester   Perry, Loretta Simone   Feb 11, 1956  
McCoy, Peter Dean Irasburg Bosquet, Linda Susan Evansville Dec 21, 1978 Evansville
McCoy, Peter Dean Brownington Libby, Connie Rae Brownington April 14, 1990 Irasburg
McCoy, Peter Dean Brownington Rice, Carla Faye Brownington Sept 28, 2002 Brownington
McCoy, Steven Andre Orleans Herman, Sheryl Ann Brownington July 6, 1979 Orleans
McDonough, William Michael Brownington Blake, Judy A. Brownington Oct 4, 2001 Brownington
McNeal, Baxter Shane Brownington Griffin, Dulissa Lynn Brownington April 14, 1995 Burlington
Menard, Raymond J. Derby Chilafoux, Christina C. Brownington June 28, 1980 Newport
Messier, George   L'Esperance, Maxine   July 23, 1966  
Messier, Leopaul A.   Bates, Clara J.   Oct 10, 1964  
Messier, Michael John Irasburg Herman, Jean Marie Brownington Aug 1, 1981 Orleans
Miller, William Clyde Jr. Brownington Hartery, Kristin Kelly Brownington July 31, 1999 Lyndon
Monaghan, Thomas G. Lowell, MA McCarthy, Lisa Anne Chelmsford, MA Jan 13, 1990 Brownington
Monette, Andre Philip Winooski Doyon, Margaret Rose Brownington Nov 7, 1981 Brownington
Monniere, Robert Alfred, Jr. Laurel, MD Joyce, Janice Marie Laurel, MD July 4, 2002 Averill
Montgomery, Roderick Frank Barton Chouinard, Nancy Davignon Brownington Feb 3, 1973 Hardwick
Moore-Lamphere, John Jay Brownington Fotiou, Constance Raye Brownington Dec 24, 1985 Brownington
Moore, Brian Clark Island Pond Moore, Leona May (Perry) Brownington Oct 16, 2004 West Charleston
Moore, Charles M.   Simard, Bertha M.   Jan 25, 1934  
Moore, Gary Edward Brownington Twofoot, Leona May (Perry) Brownington Sept 8, 1990 Brownington
Morehouse, Brett Robert Brownington Young, Janel Patricia Brownington June 27, 1992 West Charleston
Morley, John Maynard, Jr.   Marsh, Nancy Mae   Jan 10, 1969  
Morrison, Clarence Howard Brownington Herman, Hazel Ida Brownington Aug 4, 1973 Brownington
Morrison, Douglas Paul Brownington Wilcox, Donna Irene (Verge) Brownington July 3, 1982 Brownington
Morrow, Cecil Maurice   Bashaw, Dorcas Ellen   Sept 26, 1937  
Morse, Everett L.   Amyot, Judith   May 19, 1956  
Morse, James Robert North Troy Pray, Marie Ann Brownington May 24, 1986 Charleston
Morse, Michael Phillippe Brownington Woodard, Elizabeth Rae Glover June 27, 1981 Barton
Mosher, Casey Lee Brownington Bauer, Michelle Lynn Brownington May 23, 1991 Brownington
Murray, Walter Andrew   Clark, Minnie   March 23, 1937  
Nadeau, Armand Gerard   Besaw, Theresa Ann   Aug 30, 1958  
Nadeau, Emelien   Vachon, Lea   May 17, 1937  
Nadeau, Leopaul C.   Niles, Beverly R.   Sept 2, 1961  
Nadeau, Lucien   Vachon, Maryege   May 17, 1937  
Neil, Arthur   Still, Laura   Nov 15, 1934  
Newland, Ralph Nelson II Brownington Lakin, Christina Marie Brownington July 27, 2002 Brownington
Newton, Roland W.   Coffey, Beulah H.   Oct 14, 1945  
Nichols, Stephen Craig Brownington Libby, Deborah Mae Brownington Nov 10, 1973 Brownington
Norris, Reginald Orson Brownington Chase, Marcia Lynn (Wiswell) Brownington Sept 20, 2008 Barton
O'Brien, John H.   Greenwood, Ann   Aug 12, 1961  
O'Keefe, William Mather   Emmerson, Ruth Margaret   Feb 23, 1963  
Orne, Karlton Edward Brownington Lawson, Geraldine Marie (Allen) Brownington July 4, 1975 Derby
Orne, Robin Wallace Brownington Moses, Nan Arletta (Saltus) Newport Sept 14, 1991 Brownington
Parenteau, Edward J., Sr. Brownington Whipple, Shirley Ada (Manning) Brownington March 11, 1989 Orleans
Patenaude, Roger Abel Brownington Bickford, Donna Marie (Ingersoll) Brownington May 6, 2000 Brownington
Patenaude, Timothy Mark Brownington Thompson, Crystal Marie Brownington Aug 27, 2005 Brownington
Patrick, Harold   Martin, Olive   Oct 26, 1937  
Patrick, Rush Vernon, Jr.   Lucas, Helen   Dec 30, 1933  
Patten, Randy Ray Brownington Rose, Kristina Lynn Brownington Sept 5, 1992 Newport
Peck, Stephen Taylor Brownington Martin, Nina Mildred Brownington March 9, 1997 Orleans
Pepin, Alphonse   Turcotte, Aurora   May 31, 1937  
Pepin, Armand G.   Bowen, Lorraine M.   Jan 25, 1964  
Pepin, Edward O.   Broome, Linda A.   Dec 2, 1961  
Pepin, Raymond   Brown, Beverly   July 8, 1967  
Periad, Raymond   Woodbeck, Marion   Aug 22, 1940  
Perkins, Gerald H.   Leland, Carrie E.   Oct 15, 1949  
Perry, Andre Ezekiel Brownington Vallieres, Nicole Annette Newport City July 19, 1975 Newport
Perry, Chester Mathew Brownington Callaway, Deborah Lee Newport City Sept 29, 1984 Newport
Perry, Dean Paul Brownington Barrup, Laurie Ann Brownington Aug 2, 1986 Barton
Perry, Everett Francis Brownington Guillette, Debbra Lynn Derby June 7, 1986 Derby Line
Perry, Everett Francis Brownington Jensen, Dawn Elizabeth Brownington Feb 20, 1993 Glover
Perry, Ezekiel Maurice   Pelletier, Irene C.   May 1, 1948  
Perry, Francis S.   Young, Shirley A.   Dec 28, 1960  
Perry, Larry Maurice   Sanville, Patricia Yvonne   Feb 1, 1969  
Perry, Leon Andre Brownington Mitchell, Mary Estella (Carpenter) Sutton Aug 9, 1986 Brownington
Perry, Mark Noel Brownington Carriere, Carlene Jean Brownington July 14, 1990 Holland
Perry, Michael Gean   Gendron, Linda Lee   Jan 16, 1971  
Perry, Neal Richard Brownington Galipeau, Cheryl Lynn Brownington Aug 4, 1990 Jay
Perry, Noel A.   Folsom, Anita May   Oct 19, 1957  
Perry, Robert David   Hartwell, Reta Inez   Oct 19, 1940  
Perry, Travis Andre Brownington Webster, Amanda Lyn Georgia Aug 7, 2004 Fairfield
Perry, Wilfred Shawn Brownington Hall, Ginny Lyn Glover June 17, 1989 Barton
Pierce, Jeffrey Scott Portland, CT Compton, Adrianne Marie Portland, CT Dec 2, 1989 Brownington
Piette, Normand Pierre   Perry, Dianne Cecile   Aug 14, 1971  
Pingree, Eric John Brownington Pray, Laura Lee Brownington Nov 5, 1988 Irasburg
Piper, Neal Albee   Patrick, Marjorie Thelma   Feb 5, 1938  
Plucas, Edward T. Brownington Tribul, Broni L. Brownington July 4, 1997 Brownington
Poutre, Robert Maurice Brownington Charles, Jillian Marie Brownington Sept 13, 2008 Albany
Powell, William Scott Brownington Wilcox, Doris Yvette Brownington Dec 22, 2007 Orleans
Powers, Benjamin H.   Turcotte, Rose   May 18, 1940  
Powers, David R. Brownington Miller, Roberta Sue Brownington Nov 25, 1979 Brownington
Powers, Manville Frank Jr. Brownington Desroches, Julia Ann Brownington July 18, 1998 Barton
Powers, Raymond   Fisher, Anna Rebecca   April 25, 1942  
Powers, Reginald C.   Ashe, Barbara J.   Nov 16, 1944  
Powers, Stephen Maurice Brownington McCarthy, Theresa Marie Brownington March 18, 1984 Brownington
Pray, Michael Lee Brownington Morse, Jeannie Sue Derby Sept 17, 1983 West Charleston
Prue, Reginald J.   Rushlow, Martha   Jan 17, 1959  
Prue, Sheridan Wayne, Jr.   Provost, Pauline Nancy   Jan 27, 1968  
Prue, Terrill Reginald   Robinson, Patricia E.   Nov 21, 1964  
Ragusa, Raymond James Brownington Jordan, Kathleen A. Brownington Feb 23, 2005 Newport
Reynard, Andrew Roy Brownington Sargent, Elaine Marie Jay Aug 11, 1999 Newport
Rice, Merrick Merle   Herman, Leona Mable   March 21, 1936  
Rice, Robert Lyle Brownington Kahlstrom, Mary Elizabeth Brownington Sept 8, 1973 Brownington
Rice, Robert Lyle Brownington McCoy, Laurie Jean Brownington June 25, 1994 Brownington
Rice, Wayne A.   Wright, Frances L.   Feb 10, 1942  
Riegel, Michael Gerard Brownington Keement, Sandra Jane Brownington Feb 4, 1983 Brownington
Rielly, Richard William   Glodgett, Delia Adelaide   June 4, 1960  
Robbins, Frank Minot   Norrie, Esther Rosanna   Oct 3, 1937  
Roberge, John   Amyot, Georgette   June 6, 1959  
Roberts, Ernest Vernon   Lussier, Madeline   Sept 17, 1951  
Robillard, Florian   Houston, Janine   June 25, 1949  
Robillard, Paul Henry Brownington Brown, Darlene Ann Eden Sept 15, 1979 Eden
Robillard, Zachary Ethan Brownington Lyon, Brandy Ann Brownington Nov 5, 2005 Orleans
Rogers, Jason Michael Glover Tears, Leah Marie Brownington Sept 18, 1999 Barton
Romsey, Maxwell Samuel   Nelson, Doris Belle   Aug 18, 1934  
Rowell, Allan M. Brownington Kittredge, Wanda L. Brownington July 1, 1978 Barton
Rowell, Allan Maynard Brownington Lavoie, Elaine M. St. Johnsbury May 22, 1992 Orleans
Rowell, Jimmy Nick Brownington Tears, Susan Marie (Linehan) Brownington Oct 10, 1992 Brownington
Roy, Paul Robert   Marsh, Christine Lee   Oct 23, 1970  
Royer, Homer   Beausoliel, Elenore   Jan 31, 1933  
Royston, Dale Avery Brownington Leighton, Terry Ann Brownington May 11, 1985 Brownington
Ryan, Richard   Pollander, Pauline   May 26, 1962  
Sanders, James Courage   Terhume, Laura Joy   Oct 29, 1965  
Sarmiento, Anthony Scott Brownington Kahl, Deborah Ann (Chicoine) Brownington July 19, 1991 Franklin
Schirrmacher, Ray   Marsh, Christine   May 14, 1966  
Seavey, Amherst F.   Morrissette, Eleanor   June 19, 1940  
Seymour, Burton Lyman   Lower, Mae Isabell   Dec 16, 1940  
Shatney, Steve Rex Greensboro Bennett, Christine Eva Brownington June 25, 1983 Greensboro Bend
Shelton, Mark Keith Newport Lawson, Donna Marie (Whiting) Brownington Jan 1, 2000 Coventry
Sheperd, Douglas Glen   Granai, Laura Mae   Feb 14, 1970  
Sheperd, Rex O.   Provost, Mary Lou   Jan 27, 1968  
Sherman, Brad M. Brownington Carbee, Brenda L. (Bourtelle) Brownington Oct 20, 1990 Glover
Shover, Harry Clayton Brownington Marsh, Cindy Jane Barton Oct 24, 1987 Brownington
Simard, Alvin Adrien   Monfette, Paulette Elizabeth   April 24, 1971  
Simons, John Wallace, III Brownington Wolfe, Eileen Marie Brownington Oct 10, 1987 Brownington
Simpson, Dennis Roland   Hodgdon, Wanda May   July 7, 1971  
Skinner, Myron Robert   Goodfellow, Marjorie Isabel   Feb 26, 1938  
Smith, Aaron David Brownington Mickelboro, Janet Louise Brownington Aug 6, 1994 Brownington
Smith, Brian James Barton Hoadley, Becky Ann Brownington June 12, 1982 Brownington
Sokolis, Thomas Anthony, Sr. Brownington Simpson, Cindy Lee Brownington June 12, 1999 Coventry
Soulier, Joseph Roland   Follander, Joan   Feb 27, 1954  
Spaulding, James Milton   Barry, Beverly A.   Aug 3, 1949  
Spooner, Armand   Mayhew, Harriette   July 31, 1937  
St. Pierre, Delphis Joseph   Dow, Ruth Anna   Feb 8, 1937  
Stevens, Dana H. Brownington Powell, Amanda Lynn Brownington May 10, 2008 Lyndon
Stevens, Edward Charles West Glover Powell, Sarah Charlotta (Chadburn) Brownington April 21, 2001 Orleans
Stevens, Fred Ellie Brownington Wetmore, Lila Jennette Brownington Feb 22, 1989 Lyndon
Stinson, Rodney Alan Brownington Klunder, Joan A. H. (Hurt) Brownington June 4, 1988 Glover
Stone, Frank   Jacobs, Bella   April 9, 1936  
Stroehlein, Robert Edward Brownington Pray, Paula Jean Brownington March 13, 1999 Brownington
Swanson, Edward   Woods, Lillian   Aug 14, 1937  
Swett, Andrew Paul Brownington Chaffee, Kelly Ann Brownington May 12, 1990 Orleans
Swett, Daniel H.   Lawes, Esther Joan   June 17, 1961  
Swett, Ralph S.   Baker, Jackie J.   June 27, 1964  
Tabor, Lawrence Charles   Lebeau, Ida Ella   April 10, 1940  
Tarbox, Walter   Beauregard, Lorraine   Jan 27, 1962  
Taylor, Scott Robin East Hartford, CT Davis, Cathy Ann Brownington March 15, 1980 Brownington
Tessier, Eugene Leon   Limlaw, Yvonne Joy   June 26, 1971  
Tetreault, Wilfred   Cloutier, Rita   May 8, 1954  
Thomas, Ronald Lucien   Emmerson, Micki-Ann   July 2, 1966  
Thompson, David Daniel   Greenwood, Susan Myrtle   June 6, 1970  
Thompson, Elwin Arthur   Hancock, Roxie Jean   April 6, 1957  
Thompson, Ernest Glendon   Shannon, Lois Jane   April 24, 1955  
Thompson, Harry E.   Kelley, Florence J.   June 6, 1945  
Thompson, Roland F.   Mason, Earla   Oct 7, 1955  
Todd, Durward Duane   Royer, Maxine Melina   April 24, 1955  
Todd, Michael Duane Brownington Young, Georgia L. Glover June 20, 1975 Brownington
Todd, Micheal Duane Lisbon, NH Chase, Allyn Rae (Dube) Lisbon, NH June 21, 1997 Brownington
Tougas, Roland   Marsh, Gail   Nov 24, 1967  
Trucott, Donald George Sheffield White, Brenda Arlene Brownington Dec 1, 1973 Brownington
Turgeon, Lawrence Norman Brownington Hoadley, Kelly Lynn Brownington July 17, 1999 Orleans
Turgeon, Thomas Leo Brownington Pray, Paula Jean Brownington Feb 8, 1988 Orleans
Twofoot, Gregory Noel Brownington Kempton, Angela Renee Brownington Aug 12, 2000 Brownington
Twofoot, Keith Brownington Fortin, Rachel Lucille Newport July 21, 2007 Brownington
Twofoot, Travis Kevin Brownington Tyler, Ciera Diane Brownington July 19, 2008 Newport
Valley, Wayne Lawrence   Lafoe, Beverly Jean   Feb 21, 1970  
Vallieres, J. L. Michael Barton Jensen, Catherine Ann Brownington July 28, 1984 Barton
Vallieres, Lucien Robert Brownington Pare, Jeannine Monique Newport July 16, 1994 Brownington
Vanasse, Denis Jean-Nil Brownington Bickford, Amber Lyn Glover Aug 27, 1984 West Glover
Vanasse, Donald Rosaire Brownington Patenaude, Susan Marie Derby Sept 14, 1985 Derby Line
Vanasse, Gaston Renaud Brownington Ingersoll, Gail Louise Brownington May 10, 1986 West Charleston
Veysey, Justin Ronald Brownington Sullivan, Molly Kathleen Johnson Jan 12, 2008 Johnson
Viens, Raymond Joseph   Young, Marie Rose   Sept 19, 1955  
Vigario, Feliciano S.   Trucott, Barbara Jean   Nov 5, 1966  
Vigario, Manuel D.   Sawyer, Beverly   April 21, 1956  
Vos, Jeffrey N. East Albany Wiggett, Susan M. Brownington Aug 12, 1979 Albany
Vreeland, Tracy Wayne Brownington Whiting, Yvonne Michelle Brownington Oct 17, 1998 Brownington
Walters, Melvin Curtis Brownington Chase, Eliza Jo Brownington May 2, 1992 Irasburg
Warren, Walter Neal Brownington Rydeski, Stacie Marie Brownington Dec 21, 2002 Brownington
Waterman, Gerald   Davis, Grace   Oct 16, 1945  
Waterman, Gerald Frederick, Jr.   Hatch, Christie Ann   July 30, 1966  
Waterman, Herbert H.   Matten, Ramona E.   June 19, 1952  
Webb, James Peter   Greenwood, Sheila Bernice   June 6, 1970  
Webster, James L.   Provoncha, Doris M.   Dec 31, 1937  
Weymouth, Clifford   Gallup, Jeannette   Sept 19, 1948  
Wheeler, Alton Dean Brownington Young, Janet Marie (Piercy) Brownington Aug 8, 1998 Derby
Whitcomb, Alan Frank Hyde Park Morley, Nancy Mae (Marsh) Brownington June 23, 1989 Brownington
Whitcomb, Glen   Disco, Maria   Aug 8, 1943  
White, Bernard Alvin   Ward, Beverly Jean   May 15, 1963  
White, Brian D Newport City Hall, Patricia A. Brownington May 30, 1981 Brownington
White, Earl Dean   Mason, Paulette Lorraine   July 6, 1968  
White, Gary Scott Brownington McKelvey, Elyzabeth Ann Rock Island, Que. July 16, 1988 Charleston
White, Randy D. Brownington Libby, Pamela F. Brownington Oct 9, 1976 Brownington
Whiting, Hazen Vern   Barrup, Leora Jane   March 24, 1956  
Wilcox, Calvin C. Brownington Hilliard, Dawn E. Orleans July 5, 1975 Brownington
Wilcox, Craig Allen Brownington Berg, Pamela Jean (Luca) Brownington Oct 10, 1992 Westmore
Wilcox, Kermit Douglas Brownington Kurpik, Barbara Ann Brownington Sept 13, 1986 Brownington
Wilcox, Timothy Joe Brownington Driver, Beckylee Marion Brownington Sept 15, 2001 North Troy
Willard, Luke Andrew Brownington Kempton, Debie Lea (Lawson) Brownington Sept 15, 2007 Burke
Williams, Michael J. Morgan Thompson, Miriam J. Brownington May 14, 1983 Brownington
Woodard, Reginald   Maniatty, Mary   Dec 9, 1966  
Woodruff, Edward Alden Brownington Palmore, Linda Faye (Heath) Brownington Dec 8, 1978 Brownington
Wright, Arvid David   Fales, Karen Mae   Nov 25, 1967  
Wright, Ernest Edgar   Geoffroy, Rachel Ann   June 20, 1970  
Wright, Frank Harry   Simpson, Ruth L.   April 27, 1949  
Wright, George        McConnell, Pamela   July 8, 1967  
Wright, George Charles, Jr.   Malshuk, Linda Marie   Jan 27, 1962  
Wright, Ross Burton   Herman, Barbara Ann   May 30, 1953  
Wright, Ulric Benjamin   Jensen, Marry Ellen   July 8, 1967  
Young, Alfred J.   Faust, Anna F.   Feb 27, 1960  
Young, Don William Brownington Vanasse, Carmen Pauline Brownington June 25, 1988 Orleans
Young, Edward Allen Brownington Simard, Jennifer Lynn Brownington Aug 2, 2008 Brownington
Young, Graham Owen Glover Martinez, Sylvia Brownington July 12, 1997 Jay
Young, Leon N. Brownington Valley, Valerie M. Barton July 31, 1976 Barton
Young, Napoleon N.   Turcotte, Beatrice E.   June 17, 1934  
Young, Richard Alan   Austin, Janet Marie   Aug 29, 1970  
Young, Richard Alan Brownington Jackson, Karen G. (Forgitano) Brownington May 30, 1992 Brownington
Young, Wilfred Alton   St. Pierre, Eva Agnes   Oct 28, 1937  
Young, Wilfred Alton, Jr. Brownington Keefe, Laura Anne Brownington Feb 1, 1975 Barton

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