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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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A special thanks goes to Jeanne Spaulding for her help.

The Burke Meeting-house Company met on 2 April 1825, with Daniel Wellman as moderator and Isaac Denison as clerk. A committee reported as to site. George W. Denison, Timothy Fisher, Isaac Denison and Roman Fyler were chosen to draw a plan and draft a constitution. The new meeting house was to be constructed on land owned by Roman Fyler. Four denominations gathered together to form this house of worship. Each denomination was to use the Meeting House every fourth Sunday. The contract for the work was given to Ira Armington of St. Johnsbury Center. He employed Seth Clark, Jr. of Burke, a master carpenter. Mr. Clark, his wife and daughter, Mahala, moved to the Hollow in 1825 and stayed there while Clark built the Meeting House. William Godding, then 10 years old, & Henry Darling were at the "raising," where Elder Palmer said a prayer. The mason work was done by Noah Allen & Mr. Armington made the inside woodwork & the finishings. Payment was made by Squire Coe of young cattle, driven to the Hollow by Almon Smith
Elder Cheney of Derby Baptist Preacher Presided at Dedication
Squire Hall   Led Singing
Martin Doyle   Played Clarinet
Matthew Cushing   Played Double Bass
Electra, Eliza & David Hall   Singers
Seth, Mary, & Lorenzo Clark   Singers
Charles & Almon Smith   Singers
Marcus & Adeline Fyler   Singers
John, Philip, Nathaniel & Oren Kibby   Singers
Catherine, Emily and Fabian Blair   Singers
Sally Walter   Singer
Maria Jones   Singer
Chloe Newell   Singer
Fanny Bundy   Singer
Anson Eggelston   Singer
Erastus Humphrey   Singer
Flossy White   Singer
Henry Cushing   Singer
Fyler, Barton N. Clerk  
Denison, George W. Chairman of Committee  
Fisher, Timothy for Congregationalists  
Fyler, Roman for Methodists  
Hall, Sylvester for Universalists  
Denison, Isaac for Baptists  
Newell, Titus Treasurer  
Walter, Ira Collector  
1. Seth Clark, Jr. 21 Ira Humphrey 41. George Fyler
2. Roman Fyler 22. Isaac Martin, Jr. 42. Mason Esterbrooks
3. Erastus Humphrey 23. John Martin 43. Horace R. Fyler
4. Ozias Humphrey 24. Orrin Hubbard 44. Romanta Humphrey
5. Daniel Walter, Jr. 25. Abel Hale 45. Anson M. Eggleston
6. Isaac Denison 26. Phillip W. Kibby 46. Rufus Newell
7. Timothy Fisher, Jr. 27. Jonathan W. Parker 47. Reuben Wood
8. Ira Walter 28. Truman Newell 48. John Sleeper
9. Isaac Bundy 29. Elam White 49. Urial Humphrey
10. Rufus Godding 30. George W. Denison 50. Matthew Cushing
11. Benjamin F. Belden 31. Gideon J. Lamb 51. Abel R. Humphrey
12. Jedediah Coe 32. Titus Newell 52. Allen Coe
13. George W. Denison 33. Daniel Wellman 53. Asabel Burrington
14. Samuel Stanford 34. Joel Trull 54. Reuben Farmer
15. Ebenezer Darling 35. Martin Doyle 55. Ira Walter, Jr.
16. Barton N. Fyler 36. Sylvester Hall 56. Joel Trull
17. Roman Fyler and son 37. Orsamus R. Fyler 57. Osborn Davis
18. Barnabus Thurber, Jr. 38. Abner Coe 58. Uzziah Farmer
19. Daniel M. Gleason 39. Abel Bugbee 59. Public
20. Sheldon Coe 40. Lot P. Woodruff 60. Public
THE SINGER SEATS   Point of Interest:
Matthew Cushing Chorister While teaching singing school at St. Johnsbury East Village, Matthew Cushing came upon the song "Arnon". The next Sunday, Mr. Cushing let to Arnon". Electra Trull became so involved in the song, that she dropped her baby. The Smith girls giggled and Electra finished the song. Matthew won the day.
Martin Doyle Violin or Clarinet
Daranzel Cushing Double Bass
William Denison's daughters Melodeon
13 Children of Squire Hall Singers
William Godding Bugler - Yodeler
Smiths: Sophie, Wealthy, Frinda, Almon, & Charles Singers
Capt. Lem Hall Singer
the Fylers Singers
the Trulls Singers
Electra Hall Trull Singer
Lyman Heath Singer
The Burke singers were well known and often requested for church dedications.
Rev. Daniel Wellman He lived in Burke. He was originally Baptist. He was the first pastor, served five years & then moved West. Universalist
Rev. John E. Palmer He was first minister ordained in Burke on 6 June 1810. He served for fifteen years after Rev. Wellman left. He was originally a Baptist. Universalist
Rev. L. H. Tabor 1848-1854 Universalist
Rev. Palmer & Rev. Scott 1854-1871 Universalists
The Universalist Society moved to West Burke in 1871.  
Rev. Healy 1871-1881 Universalist
Rev. L. H. Tabor 1881- ? Universalist
The General Baptists were organized in 1830 with six members. In 1840, the Old Baptist Society, having been reduced to 8 members, joined the General Baptists. The Baptist Church soon became the most influential in Burke. In 1855, the Baptists moved to East Burke, where a new church was built. After the death of Rev. Godding, the Baptist Society sold the East Burke Church. Some years later, several members tried to re-establish themselves but to no avail. The Baptist Society disappeared from Burke.
Rev. Jonathan Woodman 1830-1834 Baptist
Rufus Godding was ordained in 1834 & became Pastor. Died 1865 Baptist
Rev. Nathan Denison was ordained & baptized into this Church Baptist Preacher in Vt., NY. and IL.
Matthew Cushing Augustus Walter Romanta Humphrey
At first the Methodist Church was part of the Lyndon circuit, which was comprised of Lyndon, Sutton, Burke, and Newark. Later Sutton and Burke came under a different circuit. In 1843, the Methodists built a new church in East Burke, but, by 1858, the Methodists had withdrawn from Burke Hollow. They continued Sabbath services at Edom Meeting House. Services in Edom were held for 18 years. Then, in 1870, the Society divided, with residents of the Western part of the town building a new church in West Burke.
James Young Methodist He as early as 1804.
Sampson Hollis Methodist He as early as 1804.
Father Wheelock Methodist  
Father Scott Methodist  
John Lord Methodist Presiding Elder 1828
Rev. P. N. Granger Methodist  
Rev. David Packer Methodist  
This Church was organized in 1807 by members seceding from the Baptists. The Church was received into communion with other Congregational Churches by Rev. John Fitch, the pastor at Danville, 1 March 1807.
William Barbour George Nichols Orentus Brownson
Ruth Barbour Betsey Nichols Abia Brownson
Anna White Mary Cooley Kezia Severance
Mary Burrington Elizabeth Palmer  
Rev. Thomas Duncan installed 1837 dismissed 1839 own request
Rev. S. M. Wheelock 1839 dismissed 1841
Rev. John Clark 1841 dismissed 1851
Rev. Thomas Hall Waterford  
Jonah Carpenter Waterford  
Rev. Josiah Morse St. Johnsbury  
Charles Hosmer St. Johnsbury First Church ST. J
Rev. James Johnson St. Johnsbury Second Church St. J
Rev. William Scales Lyndon  
Deacon Charles Stone Lyndon  
Rev. David Jones Danville  
Simeon Griffith Lunenburg  
Rev. Solon Martin Concord  
Deacon John Frye Concord  
Services seemed to have been discontinued for a period of time after the Rev. Clark moved on. In 1856, the Church re-assembled under Rev. Wellington. The Missionary Society sent men to help after interest in the Church increased. They were as follows:
Rev. Richard Cordley Thomas Kidder F. D. Ayer
Henry Fairbanks E. Mix O. Pearson
Edwin P. Goodwin, a young divinity student from, NY, came and preached the summer of 1858 and returned the next year. Ordained at East Burke 10 Nov 1859. Sermon by: Rev. H. N. Burton; ordaining prayer by: Rev. J. Eastman; the charge by Rev. J. Underwood; and right had of fellowship by Rev. W. W. Thayer.
Rev. Owen E. Hardy 1904 left 1909 for Massachusetts
Rev. Mr. Porteus 1909  
Mr. Keeling 1909  
Rev J. W. Norris of East Burke held meetings in July August 1924  
Meetings were held one-fourth time at East Burke and three-fourth time at Burke Hollow. In 1865, the new Baptist Church at East Burke was bought for the Society by Mr. Alfred B. Darling of NY., a member of the Church for years. In 1894, Miss Jennie Gale and Miss Martha Brokaw, Evangelists, came to Burke and visited door-to-door to drum up interest in the Church. The Church began to open every Sunday for services but was in need of repair. Mr. Darling again donated substantial monies for repair. The Church was rededicated 28 June 1895. In 1904, the Churches were again united with preaching every Sunday afternoon. A Second Congregational Church was organized in 1909. The Church was without meetings for six years.
Rev. C. H. Merrill St. Johnsbury Benediction
Eugene Jenkins East Burke Music
Rev. J. C. Bodwell East Burke Congregational Church Invocation
Rev. Mr. M. Austin East Burke M. E. Church Reading
Rev. M. C. Henderson St. Johnsbury Dedication Sermon
Rev. Henry Fairbanks Preached Burke 1857 and 1858 Dedicatory Prayer
Mr. Smith & Mr. Bugbee Church Members  
Miss Martha Brokaw Missionary 1894-1896  
Miss Jennie Gale Missionary 1894-1896  
Mrs. Beeman Missionary 1896  
Mrs. Langdon Missionary 1896  

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