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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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North Church

Additions to the Church, 1887  
Nelson, Delphine S. Jan 2, 1887 confession of faith  
Nelson, Willard B. Jan 2, 1887 confession of faith  
Somerville, Charles E. Jan 2, 1887 confession of faith  
Closson, Charles W. Jan 2, 1887 Cong., Thetford  
Smith, George N. March 6, 1887 Meth., St. Johnsbury  
Smith, Mrs. Mary March 6, 1887 F. W. Bapt., St. Johnsbury  
Montgomery, Marshall F. March 6, 1887 Cong., Phoenix, NY  
Montgomery, George R. March 6, 1887 Cong., Phoenix, NY  
Flint, Mrs. Mabel A. May 1, 1887 confession of faith  
Bickford, Maitland S. May 1, 1887 confession of faith  
Bickford, Mrs. Rhoda D. May 1, 1887 Cong., Strafford  
Wilder, Mrs. Mary S. May 1, 1887 S. Cong., St. Johnsbury  
Robinson, Fred W. May 1, 1887 Meth. E., St. Johnsbury  
Robinson, Mrs. Helen M. May 1, 1887 Meth. E., St. Johnsbury  
Hurd, Lyman D. May 1, 1887 Cong., Bellows Falls  
Dakin, Franklin A. May 1, 1887 Cong., Natick, MA  
Nevers, Cordelia July 3, 1887 confession of faith  
Orcutt, Mrs. Anna M. July 3, 1887 confession of faith  
Jenkins, Mrs. Jennie V. July 3, 1887 Free Baptist, St Johnsbury  
Sanborn, Mrs. Eva W. July 3, 1887 Free Baptist, St Johnsbury  
Higgins, Mrs. Bessie B. Sept 4, 1887 Cong., E. St. Johnsbury  
Farrow, Abbie J. Sept 4, 1887 Cong., Peacham  
Chamberlin, Mrs. Martha J. Nov 6, 1887 Baptist, Fitchburg, MA  
McLeod, Mrs. Effie Jan 1888 confession of faith  
Wood, Clarence D. Jan 1888 confession of faith  
Wood, Lyman P. Jan 1888 confession of faith  
Farwell, Albert L. Jan 1888 Park St., Boston, MA  
Dismissed to other Churches:    
Bradley, George L.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Bradley, Mrs. Jennie M.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Stevens, Nellie P.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Stevens, Fannie C.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Stevens, Charles B.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Herrick, Mrs. Mary F.   1887 to Hope Ch., Springfield, MA  
Carpenter, Charles M.   1887 to Meth E. Ch., White River Jct.  
Carpenter, Mrs. Harriet E.   1887 to Meth E. Ch., White River Jct.  
Ward, Mrs. Laura C.   1887 to E. Los Angeles, CA  
Brown, Ellen M.   1887 to Plymouth Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.  
Bradford, Mrs. Ellen N.   1887 to Epis. Ch., Sherbrooke, PQ  
Hancock, Nellie S.   1887 to 1st Pres. Ch., Toledo, OH  
Wolstrom, Hilda   1887 to 1st Cong., Springfield, MA  
Hale, George H.   1887 to College Ch., Amherst, MA  
Williams, Herbert D.   1887 to College Ch., Amherst, MA  
Hale, Milo W.   1887 to Centre Meth. E., Lowell, MA  
Stanton, Mrs. Jane C.   1888 to Cong. Ch., Athol, MA  
Stanton, Anna M.   1888 to Cong. Ch., Athol, MA  
Stanton, Lyle F.   1888 to Cong. Ch., Athol, MA  
Henkel, Mrs. Carrie H.   1888 to Cong. Ch., Winter Park, FL  
Andersen, Hans P.   1888 to Presby ch., New York City  
McArthur, Mrs. Mary Northrop   1888 to Church in Waukegan, IL  
Removed by Death:      
Newell, Mrs. Emeline D.   Jan 7, 1887, age 70 years  
Balch, Mrs. Louisa S.   Feb 11, 1887, age 59 years  
Atwood, Lyman B.   March 14, 1887, age 50 years  
Morrill, Mrs. Eliza J.   May 13, 1887, age 50 years  
Nelson, Mrs. Louisa C.   July 29, 1887, age 79 years  
Hastings, Mrs. Myra C.   Nov 16, 1887, age 81 years  
Rankin, Andrew E.   Jan 14, 1888  
Deaths not previously recorded:    
Billings, L. M.   Sept 9, 1883, age 77 years  
Andrews, Solomon   July 22, 1881  
Andrews, Mrs. Ann M.      
Deaths in families of the congregation:    
Crosby, Allan H.   April 27, 1887, age 2 years  
Vaughan, Mrs. Catherine C.   May 27, 1887, age 54 years  
Hastings, Lambert   July 7, 1887, age 80 years  
McLeod, May   Oct 1, 1887, age 13 years  
Baptisms: Children of the church    
Wright, Marion Abby   Whitcher, Louise  
Humphrey, Ethel Julia   Whitcher, Lyman Page  
Wilder, William Franklin   Clark, Robert Puffer  
Janes, Cornelia   Clark, Margaret Robinson  
Flint, Agnes   Newell, Franklin Dennison  
Flint, Charles William   Newell, Gertrude Frances  
Brown, Joseph Edward   Herrick, Paul Fairbanks  
Bennett, G. W. White, Mary A. Jan 1, 1887  
Morse, William Heyer, Stella F. April 5, 1887  
Henkell, M. H. Hale, Carrie B. Aug 25, 1887  
Sheldon, Joseph M. Harris, Nellie A. Aug 31, 1887  
McArthur, A. Northrop, Mary Sept 28, 1887  
Belknap, Simeon E. Blodgett, Harriet E. Oct 11, 1887  
Gray, George M. Ide, Katie D. Oct 24, 1887  
Membership Directory 1888
Albisser, Magdalena 77 Main Ide, Elmore T. Mt. Pleasant
Aldrich, George 104 Main Ide, Mrs. Cynthia L.  
Aldrich, Mrs. Lurany S.   Ide, George P.  
Andersen, Christina   Ide, Henry C., 2nd  
Annis, Austin A. So. Ave. Ide, Mary E.  
Annis, Mrs. Estella   Ide, Fanny  
Annis, Mabel E.   Ide, William A.  
Annis, Lena E.   Ide, Henry C., 2nd 9 Church
Annis, Arthur A.   Ide, Mrs. Mary M.  
Annis, Roscoe M.   Ide, Addie  
Annis, Josa J.   Ide, Annie  
Atwood, Mrs. Lavinia M. 20 Main Ide, Margie M.  
Atwood, Simeon D. Pearl Ide, Horace K. 2 Summer
Bagby, Mrs. Louisa M. S. Park Ide, Mrs. Margaret H.  
Baker, A. O. W. Ave. Ide, Philip S.  
Baker, Mrs. Pamela   Irish, Nelson F. Pearl
Balch, John W. 97 Main Jenkins, William H. Water
Balch, Daisy E. Railroad Jenkins, Mrs. Jennie V.  
Barney, Mrs. Nancy T. 9 Spring Jenkins, Susie E.  
Bartlett, Louise L. 94 Main Jones, Mrs. Viola A. 28 Cliff
Batchelder, Annie D. 5 Cliff Jones, Ernest  
Baxter, Mrs. A. W. 6 Winter Karr, Jane 88 Main
Baxter, Harriet   Kendall, Mrs. Louise B. 13 South Park
Beck, Conrad Fairbanks Village Kendall, Walter  
Beck, John   Kendall, Alice M.  
Beck, Walter   Kendall, Carl  
Beck, Wenner   Kendall, Roy F.  
Beck, Lizzie   Kendall, Foster  
Beck, John   Kidder, Mrs. Nancy (Ann) F.  
Beck, Conrad   Kidder, Catherine B. 8 Prospect
Beck, Mary   Kimball, Mrs. Lois G. 111 Main
Beck, Bertha   King, Belle M. 11 Summer
Beck, Henry Fairbanks Village King, Delia Fairbanks Village
Beck, Fanny   King, Benny  
Beck, Freddy   Kinney, Henry W. 23 Church
Beck, Oscar   Kinney, Mrs. Lucinda G.  
Beck, Ida   Kinney, Mabel  
Beck, Joseph   Kinney, William L. 7 Summer
Beck, Gregory W.   Knapp, Mrs. N. F. 50 Spring
Beck, Mrs. Lena M.   Knapp, Belle J.  
Beck, Lettie M.   Lauder, David Fairbanks Village
Beck, Emma A.   Lauder, Mrs. Janette  
Beck, Arthur S.   Lauder, John B.  
Beck, Herbert J.   Lamson, Charles M. 77 Main
Beck, Carl   Lamson, Mrs. Helena F.  
Bennett, Ezra B. 38 Spring Lamson, Marion H.  
Bennett, Mrs. Hydie L.   Lamson, Theodore  
Bennett, Ralph L.   Lamson, Richard  
Benton, Mrs. Sally M. 10 Clark Ave. Lamson, Carl  
Bickford, Mrs. R. D. W. Ave. Lamson, Kenneth W.  
Bickford, Maitland S.   Lauder, David Jr. 86 Railroad
Bingham, Charles C. 8 Church Lauder, Mrs. Maggie G.  
Bingham, Mrs. Mary E.   Lauder, Helen s.  
Bingham, Katie M.   Lauder, Mabel Josephine  
Bingham, Mrs. Lauraette 8 Church Lauder, Katie  
Bissell, Frances 28 Main Lauder, Elizabeth Cliff
Blossom, E. H. 11 Church Learmouth, Lizzie Railroad
Blossom, Mrs.. Elgie E.   Lee, R. Henry 52 Summer
Blossom, Mellen T.   Lee, Mrs. Martha E.  
Blossom, Nellie L. 11 Church Lee, Charles C.  
Boles, Mrs. Mary 6 Winter Lewin, Henry 119 Railroad
Boles, Joseph   Lewin, Mrs. Alma M.  
Borland, John T. 25 Church Lovering, Mrs. Adelaide W. 106 Main
Borland, Mrs. Christina   Mackey, David Passumpsic
Borland, Hugh   Mackey, Mrs. Gertrude T.  
Borland, Aleck   Marie, Louis 81 Main
Bowker, F. D. 96 Railroad Marie, Mrs. Emma  
Bowker, Mrs. Electa A.   Marie, Henriette  
Bowman, H. A. Fairbanks Village McDonald, James Caledonia
Bowman, Millie Ethel   McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth  
Brooks, Samuel T. 81 Main McDonald, Annie  
Brooks, Mrs. Lucy C.   McDonald, James  
Brooks, Helen T.   McDonald, George R.  
Brooks, Frank H.   McDonald, Agnes M. Forest
Brooks, Jonas   McFarland, Mrs. E. School
Brown, E. F. 18 Summer McFarland, Ernest  
Brown, Mrs. Elia A.   McLeod, Donald Valley
Brown, Abby P.   McLeod, Mrs. Effie  
Brown, Frank N. 19 Spring McLeod, Lizzie  
Brown, Mrs. Mary E.   McLeod, Spurgeon  
Brown, Harold P.   McLeod, Anna  
Brown, Maud E.   McLeod, Ralph G.  
Brown, Joseph Edward   Meecham, Eli Mt. Pleasant
Burke, Mrs. Alice A. 96 Railroad Meecham, Ida  
Burroughs, Mrs. A. S. Railroad Meecham, Mark  
Cady, Carrie C. 2 Pearl Meecham, Eli  
Calder, Flora 97 Main Meecham, Bessie  
Cameron, John S. 20 Main Miles, A. A. Four Corners
Cameron, Don P.   Miles, Mrs. A. A.  
Cameron, Sadie P.   Miles, Harley  
Carpenter, Charles P. 18 Spring Miner, F. H. 7 Green
Carpenter, Mrs. Elizabeth J.   Miner, Mrs. Ida B.  
Carpenter, Horace   Miner, James L.  
Carpenter, Daniel 15 Church Miner, Mrs. Katie H. 60 Summer
Carpenter, Mrs. Joanna   Moffat, Mrs. Aurilla Portland
Carpenter, Fred E. Winter Moffatt, Willie  
Carpenter, Mrs. Kate L.   Moffatt, Herbert  
Carpenter, Herbert S.   Moffatt, Mary  
Carpenter, Harry B.   Montgomery, Marshall F. 20 Main
Carpenter, Mrs. Helen 1 Cherry Montgomery, George R.  
Carpenter, Horace 11 Summer Morrill, Ella J. 5 School
Carpenter, Mrs. Helen A.   Morrill, Carrie School
Carr, Mrs. Margaret A. Concord Ave. Morrill, Esther  
Carr, Nettie I.   Morris, Mrs. Martha B. Concord Ave
Carr, Frances G. 114 Railroad Morris, Walstein F. Concord Ave
Carr, Charles B. Concord Ave. Morris, Mrs. Ellen  
Carr, Mrs. Gertrude E.   Morris, Lindoff Pleasant
Chadwick, Mrs. Helen M. 88 Main Morris, Mrs. Maria  
Chamberlain, Mrs. M. J. 80 Main Morse, Everett A. 4 Main
Chamberlin, Ellery J. 2 Emerson Moulton, Arthur S. Harrison Ave.
Chamberlin, Mrs. Martha S.   Moulton, Mrs. E. H.  
Chamberlin, William G.   Nelson, S. A. 30 Central
Chamberlin, Marion P.   Nelson, Mrs. Emma J.  
Chamberlin, Adah M.   Nelson, Delphine S.  
Chandler, John N. Concord Ave. Nelson, Willard B.  
Chandler, Mrs. Emma C.   Nelson, James R. 24 Main
Chandler, Edward C.   Nelson, Mrs. Lillias A.  
Cheney, George F. 24 Cliff Nelson, Lillias M.  
Cheney, Mrs. Persis H.   Nelson, S. Wardale  
Clark, Charles C. 3 Spring Nevers, Cordelia C. 20 Summer
Clark, Mrs. Anna T.   Newell, Charles D. Centre
Clark, Alice Fletcher   Newell, Mrs. Lizzie K.  
Clark, Carrie E. 5 Clark Ave. Newell, Franklin D.  
Clark, John 45 Summer Newell, Gertrude E.  
Clark, Mrs. Anna T.   Newell, Etta M. 12 Church
Clark, John C. 62 Summer Newell, Henry C. 18 Church
Clark, Mrs. Lida E.   Newell, Mrs. H. Maria  
Clark, Robert Puffer   Newell, Margaret F.  
Clark, Margaret Robinson   Newell, Selim  
Clark, Mrs. Mary D. 8 Church Newell, Downer H.  
Clemens, Nellie S. 30 Cliff Nichols, Albro F. 5 Mt. Pleasant
Closson, Charles W. 2 Paddock Nichols, Mrs. Lucella S.  
Cobb, Robert 53 Main Norton, C. A. 32 Mt. Pleasant
Cobb, Mrs. Susan G.   Norton, Mrs. Abby F.  
Cole, Mrs. Mary B. 11 Church Norton John C.  
Converse, William L. Concord Ave. Noyes, A. B. 6 Winter
Converse, Mrs. Georgiana   noise, Mrs. Emily B.  
Converse, Mildred G.   Noyes, Leigh  
Converse, Luther Henry   Orcutt, O. W.  
Cook, Walter G. Danville Orcutt, Mrs. Annie M.  
Cook, Mrs. Clara A.   Orcutt, Willard  
Cook, Carlton Kenneth   Packard, Lambert Concord Ave
Cook, William Centre R. Packard, Mrs. Amanda  
Cook, Mrs. Roxana E.   Packard, Mary E.  
Cook, John E.   Paddock, Mrs. Mary 101 Main
Cook, William H. 46 Summer Paige, Mrs. Mary B. Prospect Ave.
Cook, Mrs. Louisa S.   Parker, Mrs. Adelia K. 115 Main
Cook, Lucy E.   Parker, William F.  
Cowdery, Hervey 29 E. Ave. Parker, Juliette  
Cowdery, Mrs. Hannah M.   Parker, George W.  
Cowdery, Alice A.   Parker, Bertie  
Crosby, George R. 33 Cliff Parker, Minnie  
Crosby, Mrs. Agnes W.   Parker, Mrs. E. B. 6 Winter
Crosby, Fred M.   Patterson, Mrs. A. J. 54 Main
Crosman, Sarah T. W. Ave. Patterson, Belle J.  
Cross, George H. Church Patterson, Fred  
Cross, Mrs. Ellen   Peabody, R. W.  
Cross, Jennie P.   Peabody, Mrs. Hannah P.  
Cross, Harry   Peabody, Agnes  
Cushman, Rosella L. School Peabody, Hannah G. 3 Mt. Pleasant
Dakin, Franklin A. 3 Main Pearl, Annette 46 Spring
Dakin, Mrs. Stella T.   Pearl, William L. 58 Summer
Dakin, Margaret   Pearl, Mrs. Lucina S.  
Dana, Mrs. Almira L. 3 Mt. Pleasant Pearl, Lillie M.  
Davis, Mrs. Aurora L. 59 Summer Pearl, Bertha  
Davis, Clara E.   Pearl, Raymond A.  
Davis, H. B. 10 Green Penniman, Leonard 18 Mt. Pleasant
Davis, Mrs. Sallie M.   Penniman, Mrs. Mary J.  
Davis, Nellie M.   Penniman, Homer  
Dea, Mrs. Sarah 4 Prospect Ave. Penniman, Ida M.  
Dickey, George W. Main Perkins, Joseph L. Prospect Ave.
Dickey, Mrs. Annie   Perkin, Mrs. Abby J.  
Donaghy, Richard Railroad Perkins, Isabel E.  
Donaghy, Mrs. Lizzie   Perkins, Carl D.  
Donaghy, Mabel   Peterson, Carl 37 Cliff
Doying, Mrs. Martha A. Railroad Porter, Alice 29 Central
Doying, Maud   Preston, William Henry 113 Main
Doying, Louise   Preston, Mrs. Martha M.  
Durkee, Horace Winter Preston, Martha L.  
Durkee, Mrs. Mary S.   Preston, Addison W.  
Dutton, Annette S. 3 Mt. Pleasant Prescott, Prentice P.  
Ellis, Henry Hastings Prescott, W. P.  
Ellis, Mary   Rankin, Mrs. Isabel P. 10 Prospect
Ellis, Willie   Rankin, Mary P.  
Ellis, John   Rankin, Walter  
Ellis, Arthur   Rankin, Isabel  
Emery, William Water Robb, James Main
Emery, Mrs. Jane   Roberts, Edgar F. Caledonia
Emery, Rosa M.   Roberts, Mrs. Alice K.  
Emery, Walter A.   Robinson, Fred W. 35 Summer
Emery, Alfred S.   Robinson, Mrs. Helen M.  
Emery, William C.   Robinson, Kenneth  
Evans, Emma E. 30 Mt. Pleasant Robinson, Matthew 13 High
Fairbanks, Franklin Cliff Robinson, William D. School
Fairbanks, Mrs. Frances A.   Rowell, Almon B. 35 Cliff
Fairbanks, Ellen H.   Rowell, Mrs. Mabel S.  
Fairbanks, Horace W. Ave. Rowell, A. Dana 29 Cliff
Fairbanks, Mrs. Mary E.   Rowell, Mrs. Flora E.  
Fairbanks, Agnes   Russell, May W. 80 Main
Fairbanks, Isabel   Salina, Julius C. Tremont
Farr, Charles H. Concord Ave. Sanborn, James S. 43 Spring
Farr, Mrs. Jessie   Sanborn, Mrs. Eva W.  
Farr, Ella P.   Sanborn, Fanny  
Farrrow, Abbie Portland Sanborn, W. J. Clark Ave.
Farwell, Albert L. 15 Main Sanborn, Mrs. Julia E.  
Finel, Egbert O. 4 Charles Sargent, Mrs. Irene Fairbanks Village
Finel, Mrs.. Cora A.   Sargent, Frank B.  
Finel, Nelson M.   Savage, Mrs. A. J. Mt. Pleasant
Finel, Egbert R.   Savage, Mrs. M. M. 30 Mt. Pleasant
Flint, Charles G. 44 Spring Savage, Louisa B.  
Flint, Mrs. Mabel A.   Savage, Eleanor L.  
Flint, Agnes   Savage, Annie M.  
Flint, Charles W.   Savage, Mary M.  
Flint, Mrs. Lucinda 103 Main Sheldon, M. C. 40 Spring
Flint, A. W.   Sheldon, Eva S.  
Flint, Kate   Sheldon, Joseph M. 40 Spring
Folsom, Frank E. 23 Cliff Sheldon, Mrs. Nellie A.  
Folsom, Mrs. Flavia P.   Silsby, Elwin A. 40 Main
Forrest, Joseph S. Elm Smith, George N. Fairbanks Village
Forrest, Mrs. Emeline   Smith, Mrs. Mary P.  
Forrest, Clarence A.   Smith, Mary Cliff
French, Nathan B. 12 Summer Smith, Lewis P. Green
French, Mrs. Lilla   Smith, Mrs. Clara E.  
French, Orrin L.   Smith, Walter P. 20 Summer
Frost, Mrs. Emily S. 16 Summer Smith, Mrs. Susan H.  
Frost, Florence   Smith, Robert H.  
Frost, George H.   Smith, William R. Charles
Frye, Freeman 5 Mt. Pleasant Smith, Mrs. Isabel M.  
Frye, G. Clinton   Smith, Ruth  
Fuller, Mrs. Jane M. 104 Main Somerville, C. E. 15 Main
Gaffney, James H. 55 Main Somerville, John R. 107 E. Ave.
Gaffney, Mrs. Margaret   Somerville, Mrs. Maggie L.  
Gaffney, Eleanor   Somerville, Jennie B.  
Gaffney, James H.   Sparhawk, S. H. 31 Summer
Gaffney, William E.   Sparhawk, Mrs. Maggie L.  
Gaffney, Florence M.   Somerville, Jennie B.  
Gaffney, Arthur H.   Sparhawk, S. H.  
Gallagher, Elizabeth Cliff Sparhawk, Mrs. Kate H.  
Gaskill, Katie Spring Sparhawk, Carrol Earl  
Gibbs, Charles F. 2 Paddock Spencer, George W. 34 Summer
Gibbs, Mrs. Sarah E.   Spencer, Mrs. Emily R.  
Goodrich, A. Melvin 9 Cliff Spencer, Annie E.  
Goodrich, Mrs. Carrie A.   Spencer, Carl M. 34 Summer
Goodrich, Leslie M.   Spencer, Mrs. Mary  
Goodrich, Henry J. Harrison Ave. Spencer, Robert L.  
Goodrich, Mrs. Julia E.   Spencer, L. G. 22 Summer
Goodrich, Freda May   Spencer, Mrs. Eliza N.  
Gorham, Isaac B. 13 Church Spooner, Willard F. 2 School
Gorham, Mrs. Louisa P.   Spooner, Mrs. Corilla A.  
Gorham, Augusts   Stanley, Charles A. 32 Spring
Gorham, Annie S.   Stanley, Mrs. Elizabeth J.  
Graves, Mrs. Frinda C. Centre R. Stanley, Johnston  
Graves, Helen   Stanley, Edgar C.  
Graves, R. B. Waterford Stanley, Marion E.  
Green, Estelle E. 57 Main Stanley, Jean Laura  
Griswold, Edward F. 40 Main Stanley, Herbert A. 17 Spring
Guy Tirzah M. 14 Church Stanley, Mrs. Amy L.  
Hadley, J. Addison 38 Summer Staples, Marcia I. Hastings
Hadley, Mrs. Caroline B.   Staples, Don A.  
Hale, John O. 15 Summer Steele, Belle Concord Ave
Hale, Mrs. Laura A.   Stewart, John Railroad
Hale, John O.   Stiles, Lottie School
Hale, Arthur E.   Stone, C. M. Western Ave.
Hale, William H.   Stone, Mrs. Sarah F.  
Hall, Emerson 20 Main Stone, Mary E.  
Hall, Mrs. Mary M.   Stone, Philip H.  
Hall, Martha J.   Stone, Mrs. Clarissa B. 17 Spring
Hall, Winnie D. 43 Spring Streeter, William S. 75 Main
Hallett, Ephraim Mt. Pleasant Streeter, Mrs. Jessie E.  
Hallett, Mrs. Viola   Streeter, Britanne W.  
Hallett, Mrs. Sophronia Mt. Pleasant Streeter, Arthur E.  
Hallett, Mrs. Ascenath 15 Mt. Pleasant Suiter, Emma Fairbanks Village
Hamilton, Mrs. Ann 46 Summer Suiter, Ella  
Hancock, Mrs. Freedom Pleasant Suiter, Henry  
Hardy, Audubon L. 3 Main Switser, Gracie 32 Summer
Hardy, Mrs. Gertrude M.   Symonds, Mrs. E. M. 16 Main
Harlow, E. D. 108 Main Symonds, Minnie E.  
Harlow, Mrs. Julia A.   Taylor, James E. 13 Clark Ave.
Harriman, Victor W. Pleasant Taylor, Mrs. Emma J.  
Harriman, Mrs. Mary R.   Taylor, Samuel Horace  
Harriman, Wallace   Thayer, Catherine L. 16 Main
Harriman, Helen   Thomas, Abby F. 9 Summer
Harris, Albert Harrison Ave. Thompson, James H. 17 Cliff
Harris, Mrs. Lucy A.   Thompson, Mrs. Maria P.  
Harris, Edwin Portland Thompson, Frank E.  
Harris, Mrs. Fanny A.   Tilden, Mrs. Louisa S. Passumpsic
Harris, Frank E.   Tinker, C. F. O. 13 Main
Harris, Lizzie M.   Tinker, Mrs. Annie E.  
Hartshorn, Levi B. 60 Summer Tinker, Wellington H.  
Hartshorn, Mrs. Sylvia B.   Tinker, Ernest Francis  
Hartshorn, J. Earnest   Todd, Mary C. 94 Main
Hartshorn, Fanny F.   Truax, Mrs. Ella S. 22 Summer
Harvey, Flora E. 22 Summer Tyler, Nellie C. 21 Church
Hastings, Charles S. 46 Spring Tyler, William C. 21 Church
Hastings, Mrs. Mary M.   Tyler, Mrs. Laura B.  
Hastings, Hubbard 46 Spring Walcott, E. H. 15 Main
Hastings, Mrs. Betsey   Walker, Chauncey S. 14 Church
Hastings, Henry C. 81 Main Walker, Wilbur S.  
Hawley, Charles F. East Ave. Walker, Francis Summer
Hawley, Mrs. Helen M.   Walker, Mrs. Louise H.  
Hawley, Herbert A.   Walker, Arthur F.  
Hawley, Arthur M.   Ward, Belle 2 Prospect
Hazen, Lucius K. 110 Main Ward, William H.  
Hazen, Mrs. Laura K.   Ward, Mrs. Sarah A.  
Hazen, L. Downer 111 Main Warden, John W. 42 Spring
Hazen, Mrs. Orinda G.   Warden, Mrs. Jennie B.  
Hazen, Mary L.   Warden, Herbert J.  
Hazen, Charles D.   Warden, Alice Bell G.  
Hazen, Margaret D.   Weeks, Charles F. Lafayette
Hazen, George E. 11 Summer Weeks, Mrs. Ann C.  
Hazen, Mrs. Hattie E.   Weeks, Rossie B.  
Hazen, John D.   Weeks, James S.  
Hazen, Perley F. West Ave. Weeks, Hiram Centre
Hazen, Mrs. Minnie B.   Wells, George G. 9 Summer
Herrick, William H. 15 Main Wells, Mrs. Martha E.  
Heyer, Charles A. 5 Cliff West, Arza Tremont
Heyer, Mrs. Tilda L.   West, Mrs. Marietta  
Heyer, Albert S.   West, Charles H.  
Hibbard, Harry 62 Summer Wheeler, Hiram A. 9 Spring
Higgins, Mrs. Bessie B. Portland Wheeler, Mrs. Phimilla  
Higgins, Julia B.   Whitcher, George A. 2 Pearl
Higgins, William Concord Ave. Whitcher, Mrs. Mary K.  
Higgins, Mrs. Julia C.   Whitcher, Louise  
Higgins, Charles H.   Whitcher, Lyman Page  
Higgins, Albert J.   Wilcomb, Gracie Jacob's Ladder
Higgins, Ellie B.   Wilder, Arthur 100 Main
Hobart, Mrs. Martha J. Clark Ave. Wilder, Mrs. Mary S.  
Horne, Mrs. Mary A. 39 Pearl Wilder, Ruth  
Horne, Willie P.   Wilder, William Franklin  
Horne, Emma Winnifred   Wilder, Mrs. Joanna 20 Railroad
Howard, Myrtie 35 Cliff Wilder, Mary Ann  
Howard, Mrs. A. F. 4 Charles Winn, Albert C Danville Road
Howard, T. M. West Ave. Winn, Mrs. Clara A.  
Howard, Mrs. Olive W.   Winn, Ertel M.  
Howard, Mrs. J. T. Lafayette Wise, Willie F. 57 Main
Hoyt, Mary Elizabeth 20 Main Wood, E. T. School
Humphrey, E. G. 23 Summer Wood, Mrs. Sarah A.  
Humphrey, Mrs. Almedia D.   Wood, Gracie E.  
Humphrey, J. H. 80 Main Wood, Mrs. Lois P. 87 Main
Humphrey, Mrs. Cora C.   Wood, Clarence D.  
Humphrey, Ethel Julia   Wood, Lyman P.  
Hunt, Ralph J. 30 Mt. Pleasant Wright, George A. Fairbanks Village
Hunt, Fred E.   Wright, Mrs. Sarah W.  
Hurd, Lyman D. 83 Main Wright, Frank C.  
Hurd, Leon D. 83 Main Wright, Amy S.  
Hurd, Mrs. Julia   Wright, Ethel E.  
Hurd, George L.   Wright, Guy C. Fairbanks Village
Hurd, Gertrude   Wright, Mrs. Carrie E.  
Hutchinson, Eddie Walter Wright, Marion Abby  
Hutchinson, Mary Water Wright, Mrs. Wealthy A. 106 Main
Ide, Jacob Passumpsic Wright, Solon B. Four Corners
Ide, Mrs. Lodoska   Wright, Mrs. Abby  
Non - resident students Members of North Church in previous list.
Abbott, Margaret H. 81 Main Merriam, Jennie M. 45 Summer
Aldrich, Walter J. 7 Cherry Moore, Jean P. 22 Summer
Bishop, Robert S. 18 Spring Pope, Avis G. 45 Summer
Brock, Lyman S. 17 Main Potter, Mary S. 81 Main
Buswell, Nannie 81 Main Powers, Jessie M. 81 Main
Drury, Wirt B. Clark Ave. Raub, William L. South Hall
Finlay, Angie M. 35 Summer Sawyer, Hattie V. 20 Spring
Harvey, George W. Centre R. Warden, Frances L. 35 Summer
Hastings, Walter H. 81 Main Watson, Mary S. 38 Summer
Hunt, Jennie O. 30 Mt. Pleasant Wilder, Florence L. 20 Spring
Jones, Constance N. 28 Main Woolson, Charles A. 42 Summer
Lutz, John A. 20 Spring    
Absent members
Aegler, Charles Milwaukee, Wisc. Kittredge, Fred L. Bay City, Mich.
Andersen, Carl H. Henry, Dakota Loomis, Mrs. Sarah D. Brooklyn, NY
Andersen, Mrs. Anna M.   Magoon, Mrs. A. J. Muckegon, Mich
Arnold, Sarah A. Saratoga, NY May, Mrs. Jane F. Bradford
Balch, Phineas S. Marshalltown, Iowa McKinnon, Robert Minneapolis, Minn.
Beecher, William Stewartstown, NH McKinnon, Mrs. M. E. Minneapolis, Minn.
Bennett, Mrs. Mary A. Nashua, NH Merriam, Everett B. Morrisville
Benton, Mrs. Julia D. Chicago, IL Merriam, Mrs. S. P. Morrisville
Bishop, Mrs. Amanda Montclair, N. J. Merriam, Mary E. Morrisville
Breath, Mrs. Amanda B. Boulder, Col. Merriam, Carroll B. Morrisville
Brooks, Lyman H. Ashland, Montana Merriam, Clarence M. Morrisville
Brown, Orrin Peacham Millen, James Barnet
Brown, Mrs. Susan E.   Morrill, Alfred Benton, NH
Chamberlin, Mrs. Mary A. Lincoln, IL Morrill, Mrs. Alfred Benton, NH
Chickering, Mrs. Phebe P. Danville Morrill, Nettie Worcester, MA
Clement, Mrs. Eliza Chicago, IL Morse, Lucy J. Hanover, NH
Clough, Mrs. Mary A. Concord Nelson, William H. National City, CA
Coburn, Mrs. J. E. Auburn, Maine Nelson, Mrs. L. S. National City, CA
Collins, Ira A. Rochester, NH Northrop, Amanda C. Northfield, MA
Collins, Mrs. E. S. Rochester, NH Noyes, Mary T. Wellesley, MA
Conant, H. J. Worcester, MA Nugent, Joseph Maple Grove, PQ
Conant, Mrs. E. L. Worcester, MA Nugent, Mrs. J. Maple Grove, PQ
Conant, Fred R. Worcester, MA Oughtred, Bessie Sherbrooke, PQ
Crosman, Addie Springfield, MA Owen, Mrs. Melissa Worcester, MA
Cummings, Rev. E. C. Portland, ME Palmer, Willis Topsham
Dodge, Nathan P. Grant's Pass, OR Poland, Mrs. Delia H. Waterville
Dodge, Mrs. Mary E. Grant's Pass, OR Powers, Mrs. Lauretta Lyndon
Doying, C. E. Nashua, NH Preston, Frank H. Monrovia, CA
Farnsworth, Mrs. M. T. Sherwood, CA Putnam, Mrs. Helen E. Louisville, KY
Farrington, Mrs. E. B. Lawrence, MA Robertson, S. W. Gilmanton, NH
Finel, Fay D. Minneapolis, Minn Robinson, William S.  
Fleming, Mrs. A. H. Somerville, MA Rut, Mrs. Mary M. Lumbrota, Minn
Frost, Edward C. Lunenburg Sargent, Genie Medford, MA
Frost, Mrs. Emma B. Lunenburg Sheldon, Mrs. Eliza P.  
Forest, Mrs. Delia H. West Burke Smith, Charles H. Winona, Kan
Gates, Owen H. Barton Landing Smith, Mrs. C. H. Winona, Kan
Gilbert, Mrs. S. S. West Charleston Somers, Mrs. Jane H. Lowell, MA
Gilmore, Marcia A. Malden, MA Soper, Lafayette Morrisville
Goss, Mrs. Lizzie Carbondale, Kan. Soper, Mrs. P. P. Morrisville
Gray, Mrs. Katie I. Gates Ctr., Kan. Soper, May A. Morrisville
Grout, Mrs. T. D. Bellows Falls Stephens, Mrs. Frances A. Montreal
Hancock, John M. E. Hardwick Stoddard, Josephine Washington, DC
Hancock, Mrs. J. M. E. Hardwick Stone, Mrs. Almira C. Seattle, W. T.
Hancock, Alice M. E. Hardwick Stone, Arthur F. Fall River, MA
Hanna, Mrs. Hattie W. Boston Stone, Rev. G. Mansonville Station, PQ
Harlow, Mrs. Martha Los Angeles, CA Templeton, Mrs. P. L. East Craftsbury
Hill, William S. Wakefield, MA Truax, Mrs. Catherine B. Hartland
Hill, Mrs. W. S. Wakefield, MA Truax, Harry L. Bennington
Houghton, Mrs. M. E. Waltham, MA Walker, E. A. National City, CA
Hull, Mrs. S. L. K. West Concord Walker, Mrs. E. M. National City, CA
Hutchins, Mrs. M. L. Concord, NH Weeks, Mrs. Mary H. Lancaster, NH
Kendall, Fred. Brattleboro Willey, Frank N. Lowell, MA
Keyes, Mrs. Lucy R. Pierre, Dak. Willey, Mrs. Ida E. Lowell, MA
Keyes, John L. Pierre, Dak. Willey, Mrs. Harriet N. Centre
Kilburne, Mrs. Mary J. San Francisco Willey, Jennie Centre
Kinney, Mrs. Kate M. Grant's Pass, Or Woods, Lucy M. Bath, NH
Kinney, Isabel A. East Craftsbury Woods, William A. Bath, NH

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