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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Note#1: The Administrator can be one of the following; spouse, child, parent, other relative, or other trusted person. In some cases the place for the "meeting for accounting of outstanding debts" is listed in this column. This could be the attorney's office or other meeting place such as the local inn.
Note #2: After the first notice to present debts it could take years to settle the estate, normally followed by an auction of goods and properties.

Deceased Administrator Town Issue Date
Abbot, George   St Johnsbury 8/19/1819
Abbott, Job Abbott, John Barnet 3/14/1817
Adams, Eliphalet   Cabot 2/13/1827
Adams, Eliphalet Adams, Widow Sinday Cabot 3/7/1826
Albee, Silas   Barton 3/14/1826
Alby, Silas Wiggin, Benjamin Barton 9/30/1828
Alby, Silas   Irasburg ? 9/18/1827
Alden, Daniel Coburn, Elihu Cabot 11/6/1813
Alden, Daniel Jr. Stone, Moses Cabot 4/10/1818
Aldrich, Ebenezer   St Johnsbury 4/14/1820
Aldrich, Ebenezer Inn of Capt. John Barney St Johnsbury 3/29/1821
Aldrich, Samuel Aldrich, Widow Betsey St Johnsbury 3/18/1815
Allen, Abner     12/12/1836
Allison, William Allison, Widow Janet Barnet 6/19/1837
Allyn, Abner Allyn, Alpha Charleston 12/29/1834
Ames, Aaron Ames, Charles Lunenburg 6/8/1824
Ames, Edmund   Montpelier 12/25/1813
Andrews, Benjamin   Cabot 7/18/1822
Andrus, Jared Andrus, Widow Abigail Cabot 8/7/1827
Andrus, Jared Warner, Horace Cabot 9/16/1828
Arnold, Samuel Green Arnold, Frances R. Lyndon & Providence 12/31/1832
Ashley, Oliver Hubbard, Isaac Claremont, NH 2/19/1819
Ashley, Oliver Hubbard, Isaac Esq. Claremont, NH 6/22/1820
Atkins, Avery   Cabot 4/25/1822
Atkins, Avery Fisher, Joseph Cabot 6/10/1823
Atkins, Avery Fisher, Joseph Cabot 3/6/1827
Atwood, Elijah Atwood, Widow Rebecca Glover 10/24/1822
Atwood, Elijah Atwood, Rebecca & David Atwood Glover 6/1/1824
Avery, David   Coventry 8/30/1831
Bacon, Charles H. Hinman, Isaac Derby 4/24/1813
Badcock, Solomon Badcock, Sylvanus & Isaac Little Concord 9/4/1827
Badcock, Solomon Badcock, Capt. Jason Concord 12/25/1827
Bagley, Dr. Moses Bagley, Sergeant St Johnsbury 4/13/1824
Bagley, Moses Paddock, Ephraim St Johnsbury 2/7/1826
Baihup, John Jr. Baihup, Widow Jean Barnet 2/3/1815
Bailey, Aaron Bailey, Aaron Jr. Woodbury 6/1/1824
Bailey, Christopher S. Cushman, Seth Lemington 9/12/1826
Bailey, Christopher S. Bailey, Abigail Lemington 3/6/1827
Bailey, Jesse Martin, Moses Peacham 12/29/1838
Ball, James Ball, Pearly Newark 9/28/1835
Ballou, Aaron Ballou, Mrs. Catharine Concord 5/12/1807
Barber, A.D. (auction) St Johnsbury 9/14/1816
Barber, Amaziah D. Carlton, Widow Hannah St Johnsbury 12/24/1814
Barber, Amaziah D.   St Johnsbury 2/20/1818
Barber, Azariah D.   St Johnsbury 8/19/1819
Barker, John French, William Peacham 1/2/1823
Barnes, Amos Palmer, Oliver Calais 8/21/1813
Baxter, William   Brownington 12/11/1827
Bayley, Charles Dea. Bayley, Widow Dolly Hardwick 10/26/1839
Bayley, James Bayley, Capt Luther Peacham 7/2/1808
Bean, David Bean, Stephen F. Sutton 8/3/1835
Beaton, John   Walden 5/18/1839
Beech, Samuel Cushman, Seth Canaan 7/25/1817
Beecher, Nathan Beecher, Lucy see 1/26/39 Canaan 3/10/1838
Beede, Abigail Inn of Samuel Brown Danville 9/30/1819
Beede, Abigail Senter, Dearborn Danville 3/22/1821
Beede, Joshua Beede, Widow Abigail Danville 2/25/1815
Belden, Benjamin   Burke 8/10/1820
Bemis, Joel Bemis, Widow Nancy Lyndon 2/12/1814
Bennett, Humphrey Shaw, George B.'s office Danville 1/20/1824
Bennett, Humphrey Shaw, George B. Danville 1/18/1825
Bennett, Humphrey Shaw, George B. Danville 12/20/1825
Benton, Jacob Esq.   St Johnsbury 10/7/1828
Berry, Joseph Dea.   Guildhall 4/9/1819
Berry, Joseph Dea. Berry, Joseph Guildhall 7/3/1818
Berry, Woodard Hall, Henry Guildhall 9/26/1817
Berry, Woodard Berry, Joseph Guildhall 4/9/1819
Bickford, Ebenezer Bradley, Ward Esq. Wheelock 8/22/1807
Bidwell, Isaac Bidwell, Widow Rhoda Middlesex 8/21/1813
Bingham, Elias Bingham, Levi Barton 2/8/1825
Bingham, Elias Bingham, Levi Barton 4/19/1825
Bingham, Perry Goodwin, Afa Lyndon 12/7/1820
Blair, Robert Blair, Widow Margaret Barnet 7/19/1821
Blake, Enoch Blake, Widow Sukey Sutton 4/24/1813
Blake, John   Sutton 2/6/1837
Blanchard, Amos   Greensboro 3/31/1829
Blanchard, David Cranny, Gad Hopkinville 5/28/1808
Bonney, Peter Bonney, Widow Eleanor Waterford 3/6/1837
Bowman, Bela Grey, Dan Glover 7/8/1828
Brackett, Levi   Wheelock 9/26/1817
Bragg, Abigail Nelson, Jonathan Wheelock 1/29/1828
Brainard, David Fellows, Samuel Esq. Wheelock 4/24/1813
Brainard, Rhoda Brainard, Prudence Danville 11/8/1825
Brainerd, Rhoda Brainerd, Prudence Danville 11/8/1825
Brewer, Ephraim   Danville 4/24/1813
Brewster, Ephraim   Danville 4/24/1813
Brewster, Ephraim   Danville 11/9/1816
Brigham, Abner Capt. (auction) Morristown 10/30/1818
Brigham, Elias Brigham, Levi Barton 2/15/1825
Brock, Andrew Brock, Widow Mary Newbury 8/19/1819
Brock, Andrew Brock, Mary & Reubin Blanchard Newbury 12/13/1825
Brock, Walter Chamberlin, William Barnet 11/25/1823
Brock, Walter Esq. Chamberlin, W[illia]m Barnet 9/28/1824
Brockway, William Brockway, Widow Ruth St Johnsbury 4/3/1818
Brooks, James   Lunenburg 11/25/1823
Brown, Abel Brown, Widow Olive Lyndon 8/26/1823
Brown, Amos Brown, Widow Nancy Wheelock 1/7/1809
Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Mary Peacham 4/22/1828
Brown, Josiah Brown, Widow Susannah Kirby 12/25/1827
Brown, Josiah Brown, Widow Susannah & Samuel Brown Kirby 11/11/1828
Brown, Moses Esq. Danville Post Office Newburyport, MA 7/31/1827
Brown, Robert Fiefield, Col. Edward Wheelock 12/18/1813
Brown, Robert Brown, Lois Wheelock 6/10/1823
Brown, Robert Elkins, John Wheelock 3/29/1825
Brown, Samuel Brown, Widow Abigail Danville 3/7/1822
Buchanan, Andrew Buchanan, Widow Jane Ryegate 3/10/1838
Buchanan, Henry Buchanan, Widow Hannah Barnet 10/9/1827
Buchanan, Peter Buchanan, James Barnet 11/11/1828
Buchanan, Peter Buchanan, James Barnet 9/23/1828
Bugbee, Caleb Bugbee, Alpheus Waterford 11/1/1821
Bugbee, Frederick   St Johnsbury 3/24/1820
Bugby, Caleb Bugby, Alpheus Waterford 11/22/1821
Burbank, Mercy Burbank, Betsey Peacham 5/13/1828
Burt, Arunah Harrington, Leonard Derby 10/23/1813
Burt, Arunah   Kirby 6/17/1815
Burt, Sylvenus Burt, Widow Eunice Kirby 10/9/1813
Butler, Abel Butler, Abel St Johnsbury 9/8/1829
Butler, Abel Maj. Butler, Widow Rebecca St Johnsbury 11/10/1829
Cahoon, Samuel Silver, Levi Billymead 2/8/1808
Cahoon, Samuel Clark, Elias Jr. Sutton/Billymead 1/8/1814
Caldwell, James Caldwell, William Ryegate 3/30/1839
Carlton, Willard Carlton, Widow Hannah St Johnsbury 11/19/1814
Carter, Andrew   Groton 5/14/1819
Carter, Andrew Jr. Heath, Jesse Esq. Groton 11/19/1814
Carter, Ezra Carter, Martha Peacham 4/4/1812
Carter, Ezra   Peacham 11/27/1813
Carter, Ezra Carter, Martha Peacham 12/13/1811
Carter, William Chamberlin, Ephraim Wheelock 2/3/1815
Carter, William Mary Carter (auction) Wheelock 5/4/1816
Cass, Ebenezer   Sutton/Billymead 10/23/1813
Cass, Ebenezer Way, James Esq. Sutton 10/30/1813
Chamberlain, Caleb Chamberlin, Widow Lucretia Danville 3/15/1821
Chamberlain, Mary Sias, Samuel Danville 5/4/1824
Chamberlain, Nathaniel Chamberlain, Widow Lucy Derby 12/21/1830
Chamberlin, Asher Esq. Samuel Chamberlin Troy 3/24/1820
Chamberlin, Caleb Chamberlin, Widow Lucretia Danville 6/24/1819
Chamberlin, John Chamberlin, John Jr. Waterford 1/24/1826
Chamberlin, Mary Wait, Capt. M. Danville ? 1/11/1825
Chamberlin, William Chamberlin, Ezra & Jane Peacham 10/14/1828
Chandler, Daniel Chandler, Widow Mary Hardwick 9/30/1828
Chapman, David   Danville 11/24/1829
Cheney, John Cheney, Widow Elizabeth Lyndon 10/4/1825
Chesley, James Chesley, Widow Sally Sheffield 1/25/1831
Chick, Nathaniel Stevens, Henry Esq. Barnet 3/16/1824
Chick, Nathaniel Chick, Widow Deborah Barnet 8/26/1815
Chick, Nathaniel Stevens, Henry Barnet 5/13/1823
Chick, Nathaniel Stevens, Henry Barnet 7/26/1825
Chickering, Samuel Chickering, Esther Danville 4/11/1817
Chickering, Samuel Morrill, Joseph 2d Danville 7/3/1827
Chickering, Samuel Morrill, John 2d Danville 2/19/1828
Choate, Jacob Brown, Samuel Danville 7/10/1818
Clark, Ira Clark, Sally Coventry 6/7/1825
Clark, Ira Clark, Sally Coventry 6/22/1824
Clark, Ira Clark, Sally Coventry 4/26/1825
Clark, Stephen Coburn, Elihu Esq. Cabot 3/28/1826
Clark, Stephen Clark, Almon Cabot 11/14/1826
Clark, Thomas Shearer, William Peacham 4/17/1827
Claugh, Samuel Claugh, Ala Ryegate 4/3/1813
Clefford, Luther Gilkerson, William Danville 4/13/1824
Clement, Jonathan Merrill, Abel Wheelock 10/14/1823
Clement, Jonathan Morrill, Abner Wheelock 10/17/1822
Clough, Samuel Clough, Widow Ruth Ryegate 6/20/1826
Clough, Samuel   Ryegate 6/17/1815
Coburn, Clement   Cabot 12/11/1813
Coburn, Joseph   Cabot 11/6/1813
Coburn, Joseph E. David Coburn Cabot 12/10/1814
Coburn, Mary Mrs. Fisher, Joseph Esq. Cabot 8/17/1824
Cochran, Alexander Cochran, Widow Ann Ryegate 4/1/1815
Cogswell, Thomas Cogswell, Ruth Gilmantown, NH 12/25/1813
Colby, John Colby, Thomas Sutton 2/20/1818
Colby, Jonathan Colby, Widow Delia Sutton 6/10/1823
Colby, Jonathan Colby, Widow Delia Sutton 9/23/1823
Colby, Page Farr, Hosea Danville 4/18/1836
Collier, Chapman   Hardwick 10/10/1817
Collins, Samuel Rev. Olds, Jesse Esq. Craftsbury 5/19/1807
Collyer, Chapman Underwood, Silas Hardwick 12/16/1815
Cook, Calvin Atwood, Elijah Glover 10/30/1818
Cook, Nancy   Coventry 12/25/1827
Cook, Nancy Widow   Coventry 8/28/1827
Cook, Rapheal   Guildhall 2/8/1840
Cook, Seth Sias, Samuel & Davis, Salma Danville 6/9/1838
Cook, Warren (husbandman)   Lunenburg 11/19/1808
Cooke, Nathaniel Cook, Widow Nancy Waterford 12/18/1818
Cooke, Nathaniel Hurlbutt, Alba (sale) Waterford 2/1/1821
Cooke, Nathaniel Dr. (land auction) Waterford 8/26/1819
Cooke, Nathaniel Jr. Dr Cook, Widow Nancy Waterford 3/17/1820
Cooke, Nathaniel Jr. Dr Cook, Widow Nancy (auction) Waterford 4/14/1820
Cory, Job Cory, Widow Anna Derby 10/9/1813
Courser, Jonathan Hibbard, Lyman Concord 6/29/1830
Covill, Phil Covill, Widow Nancy Cabot 7/29/1823
Covill, Philip   Cabot 5/18/1824
Covill, Philip Esq. Covill, Philip Cabot 9/7/1824
Crawford, John Crawford, Oramel Guildhall 7/3/1837
Cree, Joseph Cree, Benjamin R. Canaan 12/9/1823
Crosby, Reuben   Goshen Gore 1/25/1831
Cross, Ann Summer, William Barnet 5/25/1835
Cross, James Somers, Hugh 2d Barnet 5/23/1826
Cross, James Somers, Hugh 2d Barnet 6/26/1827
Crossman, Abner   Peacham 9/24/1814
Culver, Nathan   Sutton 12/10/1832
Cummings, Daniel Cummings, Hannah Maidstone 2/12/1828
Cushman, Delano   Waterford 2/23/1835
Cushman, Thankful   Waterford 6/6/1836
Cutler, John F. Cutler, Widow Sarah P. Danville 9/29/1838
Cutler, Nathan Cutler, Widow Martha Glover 6/12/1818
Cutler, Nathan Blanchard, Amos Glover 5/13/1823
Dale, Silence Scott, William in Craftsbury Albany 4/18/1817
Dana, Daniel P.   Peori, Ill 9/8/1838
Dana, Polly Dana, David Pomfret & Cabot 10/12/1820
Danforth, Jonathan Danforth, Leonard Danville 3/2/1839
Daniels, Abraham Sias, Samuel Danville 8/14/1827
Daniels, Samuel   Danville 6/24/1823
Daniels, Samuel Wait, Marmaduke Danville 4/12/1825
Daniels, Samuel Sias, Samuel Esq. Danville 12/6/1825
Daniels, Samuel Sias, Samuel Danville 8/28/1827
Darling, Aaron Darling, Widow Judith Groton 3/16/1839
Darling, Jonathan Darling, Widow Hannah Groton 5/10/1821
Darling, Moses Darling, David Wheelock 3/28/1822
Darling, Thomas W.   Brunswick 9/9/1823
Darling, Thomas W. Darling, Mary Brunswick 8/10/1824
Darling, Thomas W. Darling, Mary Brunswick 2/21/1826
Davis, Elisha (auction) Hardwick 11/20/1813
Davis, Timothy Davis, Widow Deborah Hardwick 6/22/1816
Davis, Timothy   Hardwick 4/4/1817
Davison, Paul Davison, Elder Silas Waterford 3/8/1821
Day, Joseph Day, Luke Coventry 3/9/1816
Day, Samuel   Guildhall 2/6/1837
Dean, Dr. Edward   Barnet & Bath, NH 8/27/1824
Dean, Dr. Edward Goodall, Solomon Bath, NH 7/26/1825
Dean, Edward Goodell, Solomon Bath, NH 7/17/1827
Dean, Edward Doct.   Bath, NH 8/17/1824
Deming, Benjamin Houghton, Silas Danville 8/17/1835
Dennett, John Ingham, Micajah Esq. Canaan 7/1/1815
Denny, Isaac French, Samuel Esq. Hardwick 5/8/1813
Densmore, William Densmore, Widow Olive Sutton 12/16/1815
Dexter, William   Irasburg 6/29/1830
Dickson, Robert   Ryegate 4/1/1823
Dickson, Robert Dickson, Robert Ryegate 2/17/1824
Dickson, Robert Dickson, Robert Ryegate 1/25/1825
Dike, Ebenezer   Morristown 5/7/1814
Doolittle, Jesse St John, Johnson Lyndon 4/14/1807
Dorr, George Ide, Capt Daniel Coventry 7/31/1818
Dow, Job Jr. Foster, Enoch Walden 1/10/1822
Dow, John Jr.   Walden 5/13/1823
Dow, Richard Dow, Moses Danville 9/1/1829
Dow, Richard West, Stutson Danville 10/25/1825
Dow, Richard Dow, Moses Danville 9/26/1826
Dow, Sanford (auction) Hanover, NH & Hardwick 5/6/1815
Downing, John   Newington, NH 8/10/1835
Drew, Erastus Drew, Lydia Danville 5/5/1838
Duncan, Adam Stevens, Henry at Barnet Lyman, NH 2/27/1827
Duncan, Adam Stevens, Solomon Lyman, NH 3/4/1828
Dunham, Micajah Boardman, Elisha Morristown 6/17/1823
Dunham, Micajah Dunham, Widow Morristown 4/24/1813
Dunham, Micjah Boardman, Elisha Morristown 10/31/1822
Dunning, William   Canaan 6/26/1827
Durgen, Gregory Kelfey, James at Peacham Holderness, NH 2/22/1821
Durgin, Gregory Leavenworth, Jesse at Wheelock Holderness, NH 5/21/1819
Durgin, Truworthy Durgin, Widow Maria Cabot 4/3/1818
Eames, William Pickett, Edmund Newbury 1/15/1828
Eaton, Calvin Esq. Scott, W[illia]m Esq. Kelleyvale 12/11/1813
Eaton, Jonathan Flanders, Philip Brownington 3/31/1820
Ebenezer White White, Widow Ruth Topsham 9/19/1807
Edgerton, John Edgerton, Widow Lydia Cabot 4/24/1813
Edgerton, John Edgerton, Widow Lydia Cabot 5/8/1813
Egery, Dr Daniel Egery, Widow Fanny & Daniel D. Lunenburg 11/23/1835
Eggleston, Anson M.   Burke 4/27/1835
Elkins, Salmon (auction) Greensboro 4/3/1813
Ellsworth, John Ellsworth, Widow Sally Greensboro 8/3/1816
Ellsworth, John   Greensboro 10/10/1817
Ellsworth, John Esq. Ellsworth, Widow Sally (auction) Greensboro 10/19/1816
Elmer, Aaron   Marshfield 5/8/1813
Emerson, Jno. S. Cushman, Deleno Barnet 9/9/1828
Emerson, John S. Cushman, Delano Barnet 7/24/1827
Everett, Richard Hunkin, Benj & Persis Everett Lancaster, NH 2/18/1820
Farewell, Isaac Farewell, Henry Waterford 2/27/1827
Farewell, Isaac Hemingway, Sylvanus Waterford 3/25/1828
Farley, Amos F. Aiken, Sarah Hardwick 5/26/1838
Farnum, Luther Wheelock, Gideon Calais 1/8/1814
Farr, Asahel Farr, Levi R. Waterford 3/13/1823
Farrington, Thomas Farrington, William Walden 12/8/1834
Farwell, Isaac Farwell, Henry Waterford 4/17/1827
Felch, Edmund Felch, Mrs. Sarah Waterford 8/30/1825
Felch, Edward Felch, Widow Sarah Waterford 2/1/1825
Finney, Abijah Finney, Widow Esther Burke 1/29/1819
Fisher, Joseph A. Sally Fisher Danville 12/6/1821
Fisher, Joseph A. Inn of M. Waite Danville 5/10/1821
Fiske, Aaron   Guildhall 1/2/1823
Fitch, John Fitch, Lydia Guildhall 1/29/1828
Fletcher, Mrs. Lucy Dickerman, Jery Lyndon 10/5/1824
Flood, Daniel Morfe, Ephraim Jr. Craftsbury 12/13/1811
Foss, John Farrington, Abner Walden 11/13/1818
Freeman, Rowland Inn of M. Waite at Danville Lewiston, ME 11/21/1822
Freeman, Rowland Shaw, George B. Danville 11/11/1823
Freeman, Rowland Shaw, George B. Lewiston, ME 1/6/1824
French, Haines French, Sally Brunswick 8/10/1824
French, Haines French, Sally Maidstone 6/24/1828
French, Jonathan French, Widow Catherine Hardwick 11/11/1823
French, Jonathan W. French, Daniel Hardwick 11/9/1824
Frizzle, Benjamin Frizzle, Benjamin Jr. Canaan 8/12/1819
Frost, Moses Heath, Jeffe Groton 2/8/1808
Frost, Nehemiah Gray, Dominicus Groton 4/24/1813
Frost, William Frost, Sarah Groton 5/12/1838
Fuller, Martin Fuller, Thomas Hardwick 12/21/1816
Fuller, Martin Fuller, Timothy (auction) Hardwick 2/27/1818
Fuller, Martin   Hardwick 4/25/1817
Fuller, Martin Fuller, Timothy P. Hardwick 6/10/1823
Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Timothy P. Hardwick 12/16/1823
Fulsom, Theophilus Chase, Col. John Wheelock 9/19/1818
Fyler, Roman   Burke 5/27/1828
Gage, Asa Gage, Widow St Johnsbury 3/5/1814
Gage, Stephen   Cabot 3/30/1824
Gage, Stephen Gage, Simeon Cabot 3/29/1825
Gardiner, John Cobb, Col. Nathaniel Coventry 12/6/1825
Gardner, Hugh Gardner, Widow Mary Ryegate 4/1/1815
Gardner, Mrs. Mary Miller, Edward Ryegate 11/15/1825
Garland, George   Barnet 7/19/1821
Garland, George Remick, Isaac Barnet 5/15/1822
Gay, George C. Gay, Widow Fanny Hardwick 12/13/1825
Gennes, George Gennes, Widow Sally Sheffield 9/6/1831
Gilbert, Jesse   Hamden, CT 11/10/1834
Gilchrest, Alexander   Barnet 11/7/1826
Gilchrist, Alexander   Barnet 3/30/1824
Gilchrist, Alexander   Barnet 1/18/1825
Gilfillan, Jane Gilfillan, William Barnet 7/21/1838
Gilfillan, John Shearer, William Esq. Barnet 3/29/1825
Gilfillan, John Esq. Shearer, William & Thomas Gilfillan Barnet 1/27/1824
Gilfillan, John Esq. Gilfillan, Thomas Barnet 6/10/1823
Gilfillan, Robert Gilfillan, Widow Jane Barnet 3/6/1827
Gilfillan, William Gilfillan, Widow Jane Barnet 6/30/1829
Gilfillan, William Gilchrist, James Ryegate 3/14/1836
Gilman, Joseph C. Scott, W[illia]m Esq. Craftsbury 6/4/1814
Gleason, Amon Gleason, Daniel M. Burke 1/12/1835
Gleason, Samuel   Barnet 11/14/1822
Going, John Martin, Hez'h Waterford 2/13/1818
Going, John   Waterford 2/14/1822
Going, John Furnam, Eben Esq. (auction) Waterford 11/14/1817
Going, John Farnam, Ethan Esq. Waterford 11/21/1817
Goodell, John Norton, Nathan Glover 3/30/1816
Goodenough, Levi Wright, Nehemial Esq. Derby 2/27/1818
Goodwillie, David Goodwillie, Thomas Barnet 8/31/1830
Goodwillie, David Rev. Goodwillie, William M. Barnet 10/12/1830
Goodwillie, Joseph Goodwillie, David Barnet 4/4/1808
Gorden, Joseph T. Gordon, Widow Betsey Danville 10/9/1827
Gorham, Silas   Danville 10/6/1829
Goss, Abel French, Samuel Esq. Hardwick 6/18/1808
Goss, Abel Goss, Abel Waterford 9/6/1825
Goss, John Huntington, Samuel Greensboro 7/2/1808
Goss, Levi Goss, Lock Waterford 11/28/1826
Gould, Edward Gould, Widow Susannah Walden 6/9/1807
Grant, Jonathan Hapgood, Hutchins Lunenburg of Petersham, MA 3/1/1825
Graves, Eliphas Graves, Mrs. Lucy Lyndon 4/26/1825
Graves, Ichabod   Concord 10/17/1822
Graves, Ichabod P. Graves, Widow Concord 3/31/1820
Graves, Isaac Graves, Widow Rosannah Lyndon 4/3/1813
Gray, Andrew Gray, Widow Jane Groton 8/10/1835
Gray, Capt. John Gray, William Ryegate 1/2/1818
Gray, Henry   Sheffield 9/15/1829
Gray, John Capt Gray, William Ryegate 5/9/1817
Green, Samuel Green, Widow Olive Waterford 5/28/1808
Gridley, William Gridley, Norman Burke 11/7/1807
Grout, Levi Smith, Sanford Morristown 11/30/1820
Grout, Susan   Lunenburg of Petersham, MA 10/19/1824
Haines, John Haines, Matthias Greensboro 4/4/1812
Haines, Thomas Chamberlin, Ephraim Wheelock 12/13/1811
Haines, Thomas (auction) Wheelock 2/13/1818
Haines, Thomas   Wheelock 1/16/1818
Hall, Capt. Elias French, Daniel Hardwick 6/14/1825
Hall, Ephraim Hall, Widow Esther Waterford 7/18/1836
Hall, John     1/26/1839
Hall, Moses   Maidstone 8/8/1817
Hall, Moses Cushman, Seth Maidstone 5/18/1824
Hall, Samuel Mills, Daniel Orange 3/21/1808
Hall, Samuel   Holland 3/29/1825
Hall, William   Newark 1/25/1831
Haman, John Rowell, William Albany 1/15/1828
Hand, Reubin   Peacham 11/21/1822
Hand, Reubin Martin, Isaac Peacham 5/27/1823
Hand, Reubin Hand, Widow Electa Peacham 10/14/1823
Hanson, John   Albany 5/5/1829
Hanson, John Rowell, William Albany 1/29/1828
Hapgood, Andrew   Greensboro 12/10/1832
Hapgood, Andrew Sherman, Stephen Greensboro 4/13/1835
Hardy, Andrew Hardy, Widow Susanna Concord 3/28/1822
Harren, Thomas Drew, Geo W. Danville 3/13/1823
Harriman, Enoch Scott, W[illia]m Esq. Craftsbury 5/14/1814
Harris, Abner Carpenter, Abel Lyndon 10/14/1823
Harris, Abner Harris, Widow Martha Lyndon 11/15/1821
Harris, Abner Harris, Widow Martha Lyndon 9/19/1822
Harris, Joseph Matthewson, Charles Wheelock 3/13/1827
Harris, Joseph Matthewson, Charles Wheelock 3/18/1828
Hartshorn, Alanson Parker, Edward Lunenburg 4/1/1823
Hartshorn, Alanson Brooks, James & Samuel Grace Lunenburg 4/8/1823
Harvey, Alexander   Fayetsville, GA 3/23/1839
Harvey, Archbald   Barnet 2/7/1822
Harvey, Archibald Gillfillan, John Barnet 1/30/1823
Harvey, Daniel Harvey, Widow Judith Wheelock 4/2/1814
Harvey, Duncan   Barnet 3/6/1823
Harvey, Levi Harvey, Levi New London, NH 4/4/1812
Harvey, Levi Esq. Harvey, Joseph Danville 7/21/1807
Harvey, William Harvey, Stewart Ryegate 4/13/1816
Haskell, Micah Haskell, Widow Betsey Lyndon 6/7/1825
Haskell, Micah   Lyndon 8/22/1826
Hastings, Joel Hastings, Lemuel St Johnsbury 2/20/1827
Hastings, Joel Barney, John St Johnsbury 5/12/1820
Hawen, John Willard, Rev. Joseph Lancaster, NH 6/18/1814
Hawes, Daniel Parks, Levi Esq. Barnet 2/23/1835
Hazeltine, John M. Widow Abigail Barnet 3/10/1820
Hazeltine, Joseph Widow Abigail Barnet 3/10/1820
Hazeltine, Timothy Hazeltine, Thomas Barnet 9/5/1817
Heath, David P. Elinwood, Ralph Johnson 11/16/1816
Heath, Levi Osgood, Thomas Cabot 4/4/1808
Heath, Thomas   Groton 5/14/1819
Heaton, Noah Phillips, Amos Walpole, NH 11/9/1816
Heaton, Solomon Dr. Heaton, Mary Brunswick 5/16/1836
Hemingway, Asa   Bridport 1/8/1814
Henderson, James Henderson, William 2d Ryegate 6/22/1835
Hendrick, Joseph   Lunenburg 8/22/1826
Hibbard, Silas Hibbard, Widow Olive Lyndon 8/1/1836
Hill, James Jr. Hill, Richard Greensboro 2/3/1815
Hill, Peleg Hill, Mary Greensboro 9/20/1831
Hill, Samuel Hannah Hill   11/15/1821
Hill, Thomas Hill, Widow Susanna Danville 4/30/1814
Hitchcock, Asa Hitchcock, Widow Betsey Hardwick 5/28/1814
Hitchcock, Asa Esq.   Hardwick 1/27/1816
Hoit, Enoch   Cabot 12/27/1821
Hoit, Enoch   Cabot 3/23/1824
Hoit, Mary Perry, Nathaniel Cabot 4/4/1826
Holden, William Holden, Widow Hannah Middlesex 4/24/1813
Holmes, Alexander Homes, Agnes Ryegate 4/26/1831
Holmes, Samuel Holmes, Sallena Cambridge 4/24/1813
Holt, Luomi     10/24/1836
Homan, William Holman, Widow Mahala Hardwick 6/14/1825
Homan, William   Hardwick 1/10/1826
Hopkins, Stephen Brown, John Peacham 2/13/1827
Hopkinson, David G.   Hardwick 3/27/1837
Hopkinson, Joshua Hopkins, Wm & Mary Guildhall 9/28/1839
Horton, James Kimball, Asa (auction) Barton 4/12/1821
Horton, James Kimball, Asa Barton 1/20/1824
Houghton, Abel Houghton, William Barnet 7/7/1807
Houghton, Abner   St Johnsbury 3/30/1824
Houghton, Jonathan Houghton, Widow Polly Kirby 12/28/1820
Hovey, Asa Hovey, Widow Mary Waterford 10/30/1818
Hovey, Asa Hovey, Widow Mary Waterford 3/22/1821
How, Jedediah   Lunenburg 7/11/1817
How, William Whitney, J. Barnet 4/12/1821
Howard, Jotham Olds, Jesse Esq. Westfield 9/17/1808
Howe, Hollis Howe, Lucinda Lunenburg 11/4/1828
Howe, Jedediah Howe, Lydia & Azuriah Webb Lunenburg 6/5/1818
Howe, W[illia]m   Barnet 8/29/1822
Howe, William Child, Marcus Derby 1/20/1829
Hoyt, Samuel Hoyt, Widow Elenor Cabot 8/15/1822
Hubbard, Ephraim Hubbard, Betsey Lyndon 11/11/1815
Hughs, Jesse   Maidstone 2/15/1840
Humphrey, Abel Humphrey, Widow Deborah Burke 4/23/1814
Humphrey, Ozias Humphrey, Erastus Burke 12/4/1827
Humphrey, Ozias Esq. Humphrey, Widow Cynthia Burke 2/27/1827
Hunt, Joshua Hunt, Widow Elizabeth Ryegate 5/6/1815
Huntington, Bethiah Huntington, Henry Greensboro 5/6/1828
Huntington, Dr. Samuel Stevens, Levi Esq. Greensboro 12/30/1823
Huntington, Samuel Stevens, Levi Esq. Greensboro 12/28/1824
Huntington, Samuel Stevens, Levi Greensboro 4/26/1825
Huntington, Samuel Stevens, Levi Greensboro 12/27/1825
Huntington, Samuel Dr Stevens, Levi Greensboro 1/16/1827
Huntoon, Joseph Morrill, Abel Esq. Danville 4/24/1813
Hurlbutt, Hezekiah Hurlbutt, Rufus Waterford 1/12/1835
Huse, Dr. James   Danville prob 4/3/1818
Huse, James Jr. Brown, Samuel Wheelock 8/31/1816
Huse, James Jr. Brown, Samuel Wheelock 5/9/1817
Hutchins, Amasa   Sutton 1/2/1823
Hutchins, Amasa Bartlett, Thomas Esq. Sutton 3/29/1825
Hutchinson, Benjamin Hutchinson, Farewell J. Waterford 3/13/1827
Hutchinson, Benjamin   Waterford 6/10/1828
Hutchinson, Jonathan Hutchinson, Widow Ruth Concord 1/18/1808
Hutchinson, Parley Capt. M. Wait's Inn Danville 12/7/1820
Hyde, Anna Hyde, David Brunswick 2/20/1823
Hyde, Elisha Waterman, Thomas in Johnson Norwich, CT 2/24/1816
Hyde, Elisha M'Daniel, John in Hyde Park Norwich, CT 12/14/1816
Hyde, Elisha Waterman, Joseph Johnson, Vt & Norwich, CT 11/9/1816
Ide, Israel Ide, Daniel Coventry 2/24/1824
Ide, Isreal Ide, Daniel Coventry 1/9/1823
Ide, John Ide, Jacob St Johnsbury 6/17/1815
Ingalls, Samuel Ingalls, Anna Ryegate 4/13/1816
Ingalls, Samuel Ingalls, Widow Anna Ryegate 6/17/1815
Jenison, William Hall, Timothy Peacham 2/24/1816
Jennis, William Stevens, Henry Barnet 12/18/1827
Jennison, William Buswell, Nicholas Peacham 6/6/1817
Jewett, James   Alton, NH 4/20/1824
Jewitt, James Hill, Joshua Danville of Alton, NH 4/13/1824
Johnson, Caleb of Portland, ME Deming, Julius (auction) Greensboro 8/20/1808
Johnson, David Peandal, Jonathan (auction) Danville 9/26/1817
Johnson, David Sinclair, Joseph Danville 5/9/1817
Johnson, John Gage, Josiah St Johnsbury 4/5/1825
Johnson, John Johnson, Josiah A. St Johnsbury 11/8/1825
Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, Haines Bradford 12/21/1816
Joslyn, Martin Cummings, Isaac Granby 2/16/1835
Keating, William Gates, George W. Lunenburg 7/3/1837
Keech, Benjamin Keech, Sebe Waterford 1/5/1835
Keeler, Aaron Esq. Keeler, Glorianor & Frederick Keeler Hydepark 1/11/1817
Kelsey, Moses   Wheelock 11/11/1815
Kendall, Nathaniel   Derby 11/7/1822
Kendall, Nathaniel Carpenter, Chester Derby 4/1/1823
Kendall, Nathaniel Carpenter, Chester Derby 1/10/1822
Keniston, Asa Fisher, Joseph Esq. Cabot 12/9/1823
Kennedy, Ronald   Ryegate 2/6/1837
Kinnaston, Asa Fisher, Joseph Esq. Cabot 7/2/1824
Kinney, Rufus   Newark 5/25/1835
Knight, Colman Knight, Widow Ann Concord 3/27/1837
Lackie, Andrew   Barnet 7/19/1821
Ladd, Caleb Ladd, Widow Betsey Corinth 9/19/1807
Ladd, Timothy Ladd, Pascal P. Lunenburg 7/26/1825
Lane, Ebenezer Lane, Widow Anna Lunenburg 11/13/1827
Lang, Alexander Lang, John Barnet 1/10/1826
Lathrop, Gordon Chamberlin, Oliver Troy 12/24/1814
Lawrence, Hubbard Lawrence, Widow Polly St Johnsbury 12/14/1816
Leach, James Conant, A. Esq. Irasburg 10/21/1815
LeBaron, Ansel Wheelock, Gideon Calais 8/21/1813
Leland, Joseph Leland, Widow Abigail Barton 11/25/1823
Leland, Joseph B. Leland, Widow Abigail Barton 2/10/1816
Leland, Luther Rev. Camp, David M. Derby 2/20/1823
Lincoln, Willard Lincoln, Elizabeth Greensboro 10/5/1839
Lindsey, Andrew Lindsey, Isabel Barnet 7/21/1838
Littlefield, Ithimer Tassie, Robert Groton 4/15/1815
Locklin, Levi Houghton, William Lyndon 6/9/1807
Lovewell, Joseph Dennison, David Esq. Lunenburg 7/12/1821
Lovewell, Nathan   Lunenburg 1/29/1820
Lowell, Daniel Hanson, Asa (auction) Gilmanton & Danville 11/9/1820
Lowell, Daniel Hanson, Asa Gilmanton NH 11/28/1822
Lowell, Daniel   Gilmanton 11/15/1821
Lowell, Daniel Hanson, Asa Gilmantown, NH 7/15/1823
Lowell, Daniel   Gilmanton, NH 7/17/1827
Lowell, Ebenezer   Danville 6/21/1831
Lyford, David Lyford, Widow Judith Cabot 5/8/1813
MacLachlin, Christian Bufwell, Nicholas C. Peacham 3/5/1814
Magoon, Rufus Leveanworth, Jesse Wheelock 10/9/1818
Mallard, Mary Norton, Nathan Glover 4/13/1816
Marshall, Rufus Newhall, Merrit Newport, NH 12/7/1835
Marstin, Josiah Fisher, Joseph Cabot 10/6/1810
Martin, Elisha (auction) Peacham 2/27/1818
Martin, Nathan Martin, Capt Ashbel Peacham 8/29/1807
Mason, Philadelphus Mason, Hiram Craftsbury 4/8/1823
Mason, Philadelphus Scott, W[illia]m Craftsbury 4/11/1822
Mason, Philadelphus Mason, Hiram Craftsbury 12/19/1822
McClure, Theophilus Milligan, James Ryegate 7/14/1838
McDole, Thomas   Guildhall 4/5/1825
McDole, Thomas Doc. Cutler, Royal Guildhall 11/25/1823
McDonald, Alexander Harvey, Walter Esq. Ryegate 4/12/1825
McDonald, Alexander   Ryegate 3/21/1826
McFarland, John McFarland, Widow Ruth Barnet 11/30/1835
McKeith, Thomas Brown, John Peacham 6/20/1826
McKeith, Thomas Bloss, Chester W. Peacham 6/12/1827
McKinstry, Dr. Nathan McKinstry, John Newbury 3/11/1815
McMenas, Patrick West, Pres St Johnsbury 6/25/1808
Meigs, Dr. John Meigs, Widow Abigail Lyndon 11/28/1822
Merriam, William Robinson, Jonathan Barton 1/20/1816
Merrick, Pliny (auction) Brookfield, MA & Westfield 3/20/1818
Merritt, Joseph Hinmon, Benj Derby 10/9/1813
Miller, Alexander Quint, Josiah Ryegate 3/9/1835
Miller, Veniah Hotchkins, Jere Westfield 1/29/1819
Minor, Samuel Minor, Abigail Peacham 12/24/1814
M'Leran, William M'Leran, Elijah Barnet 7/13/1816
Moor, Caldwell Mass, John Barnet 1/23/1823
Moor, Jehoida Campbell, James Jr. Sutton 10/31/1826
Moor, John Moor, Samuel Barnet 10/29/1808
Moore, Stephen Moore, Holland & Abigail Lunenburg 1/11/1836
Morehead, Janet Clark, Thomas Peacham 4/11/1822
Morrill, Ira Morrill, Mary R. Danville 8/31/1835
Morrill, Isaac Morrill, Widow Polly Danville 3/22/1831
Morrill, Joseph K.   Newton, MA 7/6/1839
Morrill, Nathaniel Stone, Walter of Danville Boston, MA 10/22/1808
Morrill, Samuel Morrill, Sally Danville 10/18/1831
Morrill, Samuel Morrill, Samuel Jr. Danville 4/12/1825
Morrison, Alexander Jr. Morrison, Alexander (auction) Canaan 11/9/1816
Morrison, Robert David Morrison Wheelock 2/8/1821
Morrison, Robert Morgan, Stephen Wheelock 8/10/1820
Morse, Amasa Warner, Samuel Hardwick 1/17/1822
Morse, Amasa Dr. French, Daniel Hardwick 7/13/1820
Morse, David Haines, David Cabot 8/24/1835
Morse, John Morse, Widow Jane Barnet 3/25/1823
Morse, John   Barnet 3/1/1825
Morse, Nixon Morse, Widow Barnet 7/8/1823
Morse, Nixon Gilberson, William Esq. Barnet 1/11/1825
Moulton, Zebina   Cabot 12/29/1838
Mullen, Ephraim Mullen, Widow Burke 1/16/1818
Murray, John   New York City 1/22/1828
Murray, John   New York 10/14/1828
Nelson, William Nelson, Samuel Ryegate 2/15/1831
Nelson, William   Ryegate 4/6/1835
Newhall, Daniel Newhall, Merrit Kirby 1/11/1836
Norris, Benjamin     12/22/1829
Norris, Zebulon Way, James Sutton 2/15/1821
Nutter, Joel   Peacham 10/26/1830
Nye, Hon. George Nye, Capt. George Irasburg 12/27/1825
Orcutt, Ephraim Jr. Hale, Abel Burke 2/26/1828
Orcutt, Samuel Orcutt, Bela Sutton 12/9/1815
Osgood, Joshua   Cabot 6/8/1820
Page, Ebenezer Stanley, Timothy at Greensboro Newburyport, MA 4/22/1823
Page, Ebenezer Stanley, Timothy Newburyport, MA 2/10/1824
Page, Ebenezer Stanley, Timothy of Greensboro Newburyport 9/28/1824
Page, Jonathan Page, Widow Elizabeth Ryegate 7/26/1831
Page, Josiah Esq. Page, Widow Lydia Ryegate 2/11/1815
Page, Leverett   Groton 7/6/1839
Page, Widow Mary by Jude Kimball & Mary Lawton Lyndon 6/14/1821
Page, William 2d Davis, Charles Ryegate 1/18/1836
Parker, Frederick Green, Capt Elias Cambridge 7/21/1807
Parker, James Parker, Mrs. Salina Troy 8/22/1826
Parker, Samuel Drew, George W. Danville 2/20/1827
Parker, Samuel Parker, Widow Martha Danville 4/12/1825
Parker, Samuel Drew, George W. Danville 5/2/1826
Parlin, Abel   Charleston 10/4/1831
Pattridge, Joseph Silver, Josiah at Peacham Chesterfield, NH 6/26/1818
Paul, Amos Mattocks, S. B. Danville 8/8/1836
Perham, Frederick B. Perham, Widow Matilda Burke 2/15/1836
Perkins, John Perkins, Daniel C. Irasburg of Unity, NH 8/5/1823
Perman, Frederick B.   Burke 9/19/1836
Perry, Ferdinand Perry, Widow Lois (now at poor farm) Woodbury 4/15/1815
Perry, Oliver Perry, Micah Concord 4/17/1818
Perry, Oliver   Concord 12/18/1818
Perry, Oliver   Concord 4/9/1819
Pettengill, Jonathan Scott, William Craftsbury 7/1/1819
Pettengill, William Pettengill, Widow Danville 11/30/1816
Pettengill, William Pettengill, Susannah (auction) Danville 1/23/1818
Pettibone, Theodore Pettibone, Theodore Burlington & Farmington, CT 2/6/1823
Pettingill, William   Danville 10/3/1817
Phelps, Oliver   New York 8/18/1829
Phelps, William Phelps, Sarah Lunenburg 3/25/1828
Philbrook, Zenas   Hardwick 1/12/1835
Phillips, Paul Dodge Stanton, William J. Danville 2/29/1840
Phipps, John Stanley, Timothy Esq. Greensboro 6/25/1808
Pierce, Daniel Pierce, Willard A. Lyndon 2/1/1840
Pike, David Pike, Widow Cynthia Newark 1/16/1827
Pike, David   Newark 10/17/1826
Pilsbury, Merrill Pilsbury, Widow Peacham 2/3/1815
Piper, Simeon Peandal, Jonathan Glover of Gideod, MA 8/15/1817
Piper, Simon French, Nathanial at Glover Gilead, Mass & Glover 9/21/1816
Piper, Simon   Gideon, MA & Glover 8/15/1817
Pitkin, Caleb Pitkin, Stephen Peacham 5/13/1815
Plastridge, Asa Plastridge, Widow Betsey Brownington 1/31/1826
Pope, Jeffe [Jesse] (auction) Kirby 6/23/1821
Porter, Amos Scott, Dr. William in Craftsbury Greensboro 3/16/1816
Porter, Amos Lincoln, Willard (auction) Greensboro 1/9/1818
Porter, Amos   Danville ? 11/11/1815
Porter, Amos Scott, Dr. Wm. Greensboro 5/16/1817
Porter, Amos (payment to creditors 60 cents on $) Greensboro 7/29/1819
Porter, Amos Lincoln, Willard Greensboro 10/11/1825
Porter, David Denison, Isaac Esq. Hartford 5/6/1828
Porter, David Chamberlain, Aaron Albany 4/27/1824
Potter, Barnabas Potter, Widow Mary Waterford 5/9/1826
Powers, Abraham Fuller, Thomas Efq. Hardwick 2/24/1816
Powers, John Powers, Rhoda Lyndon 2/6/1837
Powers, Sarah H. Brackett, A. N. Esq. Lunenburg 4/13/1835
Pratt, William   Cabot 6/26/1837
Prouty, John Adams, Martin Newport 12/16/1819
Putnam, Andrew Putnam, Stephen St Johnsbury 6/18/1814
Randall, Joses True, Thomas Sutton 7/15/1819
Ransom, James Ransom, Thomas Goshen Gore 8/17/1839
Raze, Joseph Raze, Benjamin Cumberland, RI 9/6/1825
Reid, David Widow Mary Ryegate 4/19/1821
Reid, Rebecca   Ryegate 3/7/1817
Renfrew, James Renfrew, Widow Margaret Groton 5/5/1820
Rice, Aaron Rice, Widow Sarah Greensboro 9/12/1822
Rice, Sarah Rice, Harvey Greensboro 3/23/1824
Rich, Henry Rich, Daniel Maidstone 5/6/1828
Rich, Henry   Maidstone 5/6/1828
Rich, Jacob   Maidstone 4/1/1828
Rider, Stevens Stevens, Henry Barnet 11/24/1829
Riley, Halsey   Lyndon 12/22/1834
Roberts, Stephen Roberts, Lydia Groton 5/13/1815
Rogers, William Jones, Jofiah in Johnson Johnson 3/16/1816
Rollings, John Rollings, Benjamin Danville 5/29/1827
Rollins, James Rollins, Widow Sarah Danville 9/19/1822
Rollins, James (auction) Danville 4/8/1822
Rollins, James Merrill, Joseph 2nd Danville 8/12/1823
Rosbrook, James Rosbrook, Widow Mary Guildhall 10/18/1825
Ross, Elijah Ross, Willard & Lucy Lyndon 12/29/1838
Ross, Hugh Shearer Wm. & John McCallum Barnet 5/16/1817
Ross, Jonathan Ross, Widow Lucy Waterford 12/7/1820
Rowell, Caleb   Walden 7/6/1835
Rowland, Hopkin   St Johnsbury 1/20/1824
Rowland, Hopkins   St Johnsbury 10/3/1822
Rowland, Hopkins   St Johnsbury 12/5/1822
Rowland, Widow Violette Rice, Abel M. St Johnsbury 1/24/1826
Russell, John Sias, Samuel Barnet 9/8/1838
Sabin, Joel Sabin, Widow Susan Walden 3/7/1840
Sanborn, Benjamin Morrill, Calvin Kirby 6/30/1838
Sanders, Charles Conant, Charles Esq. Troy 10/24/1822
Sargeant, Christopher   Danville 8/8/1817
Sargent, Christopher Sargent, Widow Mary Danville 9/16/1815
Sargent, Stephen Sargent, Widow Fanny Barton 2/14/1826
Sargent, Stephen Kimball, John H. Esq. Barton 3/18/1828
Saunders, Charles Hawxhurst, Walter Troy 7/22/1823
Saunders, Charles (auction) Troy 1/20/1824
Saunders, Charles Jr. Hauxhurst, Walter Troy 10/26/1824
Scott, John   Newbury 10/14/1828
Scott, William (auction) Greensboro 4/3/1813
Seabury, Elias Seabury, Irena Cabot 4/3/1813
Sharer, William Sr.   Barnet 12/18/1818
Shattuck, Obel Shattuck, Widow Polly Wheelock 4/3/1827
Shattuck, Obil Shattuck, Polly Wheelock 1/15/1828
Shattuck, Obil Shattuck, Polly Wheelock 12/4/1827
Shaw, Alanson Shaw, Widow Gratis H. Lyndon 5/23/1826
Shaw, Alanson Cahoon, George C. Lyndon 5/8/1827
Shaw, Alanson   Lyndon 5/13/1828
Shaw, Daniel Shaw, Fenel Barnet 8/17/1820
Shaw, Francis   Albany 1/20/1829
Shaw, Nason   Cabot 3/10/1838
Shaw, William Shaw, William Jr. Barnet 7/12/1825
Shaw, William   Barnet 6/20/1826
Shelden, Heze F. Shelden, Widow Abigail Danville 7/12/1821
Sheldon, Pardon Sheldon, Widow Mary Lyndon 7/26/1825
Sheldon, Pardon Sheldon, Moses Lyndon 8/22/1826
Shepherd, Ashbel Shepherd, Widow Mary Greensboro 7/2/1808
Shipman, Butler   Hardwick 1/9/1827
Silas, Ziba   Kirby of Leominster, MA 4/20/1824
Skeele, John   Peacham 3/6/1837
Skeele, Timothy C. Skeele, Benjamin Danville 6/1/1839
Smith, Benjamin Smith, Elizabeth Walden 1/26/1835
Smith, Cyrus Smith, Widow Rosanna Waterford 3/14/1808
Smith, Daniel Smith, Widow Polly Cabot 2/19/1828
Smith, Daniel B. Esq. Smith, Thankful & Amherst Steward Esq. Barton 10/11/1825
Smith, Ezra Wright, Jacob Concord 1/18/1808
Smith, Isaac Smith, Widow Mercy Brownington 8/30/1831
Smith, John Smith, James Ryegate 1/30/1818
Smith, Joseph 2d   Cabot 7/16/1814
Smith, Nathan Smith, Widow Elisheba (auction) Kirby 3/26/1814
Smith, Samuel Smith, Widow Greensboro 2/10/1816
Smith, Samuel Jr.   Brownington 3/21/1826
Smith, Samuel Jr. Smith, Widow Lucinda Brownington 3/29/1825
Smith, Silas Smith, Sally Sutton 11/11/1828
Smith, Stephen Snow, Leland Lunenburg 6/19/1837
Somer, Claud Somer, Capt Hugh Barnet 7/24/1818
Somers, Claudius Somers, Widow Margaret Barnet 10/26/1839
Somers, William 3d Shearer, William Barnet 6/10/1823
Sommer, Bartholomew Sommers, Wm 2d & Robert Barnet 3/26/1814
Sommer, William 3'd Bart'w Sommer Barnet 9/13/1821
Spear, Elijah   Cabot 6/29/1820
Spencer, John (auction) Greensboro 4/3/1813
Stanford, John   Newark 3/16/1835
Stanley, Curtis Esq. Inn of Marmaduke Wait Danville 9/2/1819
Stanley, Curtis Esq. Stanley, Timothy Danville 10/26/1820
Stanley, Curtis Esq. Stanley, Timothy Esq. Danville 7/12/1821
Stanley, Hon. Timothy Stanley, Eunice Greensboro 4/4/1826
Stanley, Timothy Esq. Stanley, Widow Eunice Greensboro 6/14/1825
Stevens, Enos Willard Stevens Barnet 6/17/1819
Stevens, Enos Stevens, Harry Barnet 3/16/1824
Stevens, Enos Stevens, Widow Sophia Barnet 7/16/1808
Stevens, Enos Stevens, Henry Barnet 7/12/1821
Stevens, John Barnet 10/3/1817
Stevens, Jonathan Jr. Fuller, Timothy Hardwick 6/7/1821
Stevens, Jonathan Jr. Stevens, Jonathan Hardwick 9/14/1820
Stevens, Josiah Danville Post Office Claremont, NH 8/1/1827
Stevens, Otho Williams, James Waterford 11/23/1820
Stevens, Samuel Stevens, Widow Puah Hardwick 6/16/1838
Stevens, Widow Sophia Stevens, Willard Barnet 3/9/1816
Stewart, James Rice, Abel M. St Johnsbury 6/7/1825
Stewart, James G. Orcutt, Leonard Cabot 12/24/1814
Stewart, James G. Orcutt, Leonard Danville ? 1/4/1817
Stiles, Caleb Jr. Stiles, Widow Elizabeth Barnet 12/28/1807
Stiles, Charles P. Stiles, Widow Barnet 2/13/1823
Stiles, Isaac   Malden 2/16/1835
Stiles, Peter   Kirby 8/29/1836
Stiles, Ziba Stiles, Theodore L. Leominster, MA 3/28/1826
Stilling, Isaac Moss, John Barnet 1/30/1823
Stocker, John Stocker, Elizabeth Danville 8/24/1835
Stoddard, Clemment   Morristown 5/7/1814
Stoddard, Ezra Knapp, Peter Lyndon 3/28/1812
Stoddard, Ezra Stoddard, Jerusha Lyndon 4/11/1812
Stone, Richard   Lyndon 2/23/1835
Strobridge, Turner Brown, John Peacham 8/21/1827
Stuart, James   St Johnsbury 6/7/1825
Stuart, John   Peacham 9/15/1838
Sweatland, John Sweatland, Widow Lydia Derby 6/19/1818
Taisey, William Sr. Heath, Jesse Groton 12/11/1813
Temple, Cybele Page, Pritchard Glover 10/5/1824
Temple, Sibbyl   Glover 11/7/1822
Tenny, Samuel Hon Tenney, Tabitha & Arthur Gilman Exeter, NH & Lyndon 2/13/1818
Thayer, John Gorham, Silas Peacham 3/31/1820
Thayer, John   Barnet 7/26/1821
Thayer, John Gorham, Silas Peacham 5/17/1821
Thomas, John Page, Nathan B. Ryegate 5/28/1814
Thomas, Judith Thomas, Joshua Ryegate 8/15/1836
Tibbetts, Peter Tibbetts, Widow Lyndon 12/25/1813
Tilton, Sherburn Tilton, Timothy Wheelock 10/30/1813
Tuttle, Reuben Gorham, Silas Peacham 3/31/1820
Utley, Levi Utley, Widow Sally (auction) St Johnsbury 3/16/1816
Utley, Levi   St Johnsbury 5/9/1817
Vance, James Vance, Widow Betsey E. Greensboro 11/13/1818
Varney, Thomas Varney, Samuel Danville 2/16/1839
Varney, Thomas Varney, Widow Danville 7/26/1825
Varney, Thomas Varney, Widow & Samuel Varney Danville ? 3/28/1826
Vilas, Noah Vilas, Widow Lavina Concord 1/18/1821
Wakefield, Abel Wakefield, Widow Betsey Hardwick 11/11/1823
Wakefield, Abel   Hardwick 11/9/1824
Wakefield, Abel Wakefield, Mrs. Betsey Hardwick 7/26/1825
Walter, Norris Walter, Elam East Haven 8/31/1824
Walter, Stephen Cahoon, George C. Lyndon 4/11/1836
Ward, Chancy Ward, Hannah (auction) Derby 7/25/1817
Ward, Chauncey Ward, Hannah Derby 3/20/1818
Ward, Chauncy Ward, Hannah (auction) Derby 1/30/1818
Ward, Chauncy Esq. Ward, Hannah Derby 5/14/1814
Ward, Jonathan Ward, Samuel H. & Sally Hardwick 6/26/1837
Ward, Samuel Ward, Widow Tamson Goshen Gore 6/22/1835
Warden, William Warden, Widow Margaret Barnet 6/13/1836
Ware, Maj. John West, Sutton Danville 4/12/1825
Ware, Maj. John Dana, Isreal P. Danville 3/28/1826
Warner, Luther   Hartford, CT 5/26/1838
Warren, Lemuel Warren, Widow & Thomas Waterman Belvidere 6/17/1823
Warren, Luther Hibbard, David Jr. Esq. Hartford, CT 12/29/1838
Watson, Jacob   NY 7/6/1830
Watson, Leonard Watson, Charles & Bemiss, Welcome Burke 8/10/1839
Watson, Levi Watson, William Barnet 2/20/1827
Way, Stephen Way, Widow Clarisa Peacham 3/26/1814
Webber, Levi Fuller, Timothy Hardwick 2/23/1839
Webster, Stephen Webster, Mrs. Mary Danville 10/25/1825
Weeks, John Weeks, Widow Susannah Wheelock 1/9/1823
Weeks, John Chase, John Wheelock 4/13/1824
Weeks, Jonathan Cahoon, George C. Lyndon 7/21/1838
Weeks, Martha Chase, John Wheelock 7/26/1825
Welch, Aaron Welch, Widow Betsey Danville 11/23/1816
Welch, Aaron Lois & Sally & Samuel minors Danville 7/5/1821
Welch, Aaron Welch, Moses Danville 10/17/1817
Welch, Jacob   Lyndon 8/30/1831
Welch, Jonathan Welch, Jonathan Groton 4/15/1828
Wesson, Aaron   Barnet 4/30/1814
Wesson, Ephraim Walker, Joel Groton 3/9/1835
Wetherbe, Samuel James Wetherbe Concord 3/31/1820
Wetherbee, Samuel Hill, Elijah Concord 1/30/1823
Wheaton, James Rice, Abel M. St Johnsbury 4/27/1828
Wheeler, John   Concord 12/29/1838
Wheeler, Samuel West, Stutson Barnet 11/20/1827
Wheeler, Samuel Wheeler, John Danville 7/15/1828
Whipple, Edmund Woodbury, Jonathan Esq. Concord 5/14/1808
Whipple, Francis Whipple, Joel Hardwick 7/8/1823
Whipple, Francis Whipple, Rufus P. Hardwick 3/22/1831
Whipple, Joel Whipple, Widow Martha Hardwick 7/10/1827
Whipple, Joel Strong, Elnathan Hardwick 7/1/1828
White, Abram   Kirby 3/23/1839
White, Dan White, Elam Danville 4/8/1823
White, Dan White, Elam Danville 9/23/1823
White, Dan White, Elam Danville 4/20/1824
White, James Scott, W[illia]m Greensboro 4/11/1822
White, Lucy   Cabot 6/30/1838
White, Marcy Stevens, Widow Sophia Barnet 2/3/1815
White, William Wooster, Daniel Walden 7/4/1836
Whitehill, Abraham Whitehill, Elizabeth Ryegate 9/30/1815
Whitehill, Abraham Whitehill, Widow Elizabeth Ryegate 10/9/1813
Whitehill, James Sr. Whitehill, James & Abraham Ryegate 8/17/1835
Whitney, James Tavern of William Scott Craftsbury 4/8/1823
Whitney, James Whitney, Clarissa Craftsbury 3/30/1824
Whittier, John   Cabot 12/10/1814
Wiggin, Benjamin Wiggin, Widow Margaret Barton 5/5/1829
Willard, John   Lunenburg 1/1/1828
Willard, John Chandler, John Lunenburg 4/1/1828
Willard, Rhodolphus   Waterford 2/12/1814
Willey, Aaron   Sheffield 6/16/1838
Willey, Abel Newton, Elnathan Waterford 11/20/1813
Willey, Jeremiah Taylor Drew, Theophilus Danville 12/17/1832
Willey, Nathan Willey, Widow Agnes Barnet 8/19/1815
Willey, Seth Willey, John Peacham 7/27/1824
Willey, Seth Willey, Widow Jennet Peacham 10/31/1822
Williams, Col. James Clark, Elias Jr. Lyndon 8/21/1813
Williams, Col. James Carpenter, Abel Lyndon 5/1/1818
Williams, James Carpenter, Abel Lyndon 10/7/1815
Wilmouth, Abel Wilmouth, Widow Lucy Lyndon 10/11/1821
Wilson, David Wilson, John Danville 11/21/1826
Wilson, Hannah   Danville 6/5/1837
Wilson, James Blake, Ephraim Salem 7/8/1823
Wilson, James Hopkinson, Noyes Esq. Salem 3/23/1824
Wilson, Jesse Wilson, Widow Betsey Danville 4/17/1827
Wilson, Jesse   Danville 4/1/1828
Wing, Enoch Wing, Widow Mary Lyndon 2/17/1838
Winsor, William Winsor, Samuel W. Lyndon 6/8/1820
Witham, Levi Hoyt, Barnard Wheelock 8/31/1816
Woodbury, Asa Woodbury, Widow Betsey Hardwick 5/10/1831
Woods, Esther Elmore, Martin Elmore 1/18/1821
Wright, Abither Denton, Thomas Barnet 2/3/1815
Wright, Daniel     6/29/1830
Wright, Ebenezer Curtis, Chauncey Minehead 11/11/1815
Wyman, Elijah Gregory, Daniel Concord 3/20/1818
Wyman, Elijah May, James Concord 8/26/1819

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Notice To be sold, by order of the Judge Probate for the District of Orleans, the real estate of Chaucy Ward, late of Derby, deceased, consisting of an upright house, 36 by 18 with a cellar under the whole house. A forty foot barn, both well finished and in good repair, a good well of water near said house, and about seventy square feet of land well cultivated as a garden. The sale will be on the premises, on Monday the first day of September next, at three o'clock, P. M. to the highest bidder, for cash.
William Howe
Hannah F. Ward - Adm.
Derby, July 18, 1817
(issue of July 25, 1817)

Notice Chauncey Ward's Estate:
By order of the Hon. Joseph Scott, Judge of Probate for the District of Orleans, will be sold at public auction on the 27th day of April next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, all the real estate of Chauncey Ward, Esq., late of Derby, deceased consisting of a two story house, a forty feet barn, and about one half acre of land. Likewise some saddler's tools, and some notes and accounts belonging to the estate. Said sale will be on the premises.
William Howe
Hannah H. Ward - Adm.
Derby, March 13, 1818
(issue of March 20, 1818)

Notice William Pettengill's Estate:
We the subscribers, being appointed by the Hon. William A. Palmer, Judge of Probate for the district of Caledonia, Commissioners to receive, examine, and adjust the claims of the creditors to the estate of William Pettengill, late of Danville, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and six months from the 26th day of November instant being allowed for that purpose: Do hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, on Tuesday the 24th day of December next, and the 3d Thursday in May next, at the dwelling house of the Widow of the deceased, at 9 o'clock A. M. on each of said days.
Mitchel Davis
Abner Harris - Commissioners
Danville, Nov 26, 1816
(issue of Nov 30, 1816)

Notice Notice:
By order of the Hon. John Rankin, Judge of Probate for Caledonia District, will be sold at public auction, at the dwelling house of the subscriber, on the 7th day of February next, all the real estate of William Pettengill, late of Danville, deceased, consisting of about twenty five acres of land, being a part of Lot No. 4, in the first division in said Danville: also, a few articles of personal property. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock noon of said day. Terms six months credit.
Susannah Pettingill, Admin.
Danville, Jan'ry 14, 1818

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