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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Died Town Issue Date
Houghton, Abijah, age 84, Dec 24th Keene, NH 1/25/1832
Houghton, Abijah, age 85, Dec 24th (obit) Keene, NH 3/8/1832
Colby, Emily, last Friday, dau of Dr. M. F. Colby In this town [Derby] 3/15/1832
Child, Mary Ann, Feb 15, dau of Levi B. Child In this town [Derby] 3/15/1832
Hicks, Janet Fisher, age 47, wife of Rev. John Hicks Stanstead, L.C. 3/15/1832
Baxter, William, son of James Baxter Esq. M.P.P. Stanstead, L.C. 3/15/1832
Shirtliff, Nancy Elderkin, age 57, wife of Capt A. Shirtliff Compton, L.C. 3/15/1832
Whitcher, Isaac Dr., age 62, 10th inst (obit) Stanstead, L.C. 3/22/1832
Saunders, Amanda M., age 18 mos Charleston 3/29/1832
Fuller, Louisa Alice, age 3 y 3 m, March 21 Charleston 4/5/1832
Married - Groom Bride Town & Date Issue
Newcomb, Leonard C. Wilder, Miss Eliza In this town [Derby] 12/15/1831
Thrasher, Henry of Morgan Pinic, Miss Rhoda of Morgan Morgan 12/15/1831
Walker, Shubael Grow, Miss Caroline F. of Hartland Brownington 6th inst 2/16/1832
Mason, Abel of Albany Grimes, Miss Emiline Newport 2/23/1832
Pease, George Abbey, Miss Laura In this town [Derby] 2/23/1832
Spencer, William of Brownington Stipson, Miss Samantha of Melbourne, L.C. 26th inst 3/1/1832
Mitchell, Rev. Edward Cheney, Ruth of Rev. Moses Cheney In this town [Derby] 3/15/1832
Hannan, Josiah of Compton Brown, Miss Mary Ann of Melbourne, L.C. In this town [Derby] 3/15/1832
Reed, Thomas of E. Hatley Little, Miss Eliza of E. Hatley Stanstead, L.C. 3/22/1832
Hitchcock, Sumner Bacon, Miss Prudence Stanstead, L.C. 3/22/1832
Bowker, Gilman Adams, Mrs. Eliza Derby 3/29/1832
Smith, Joshua of Stanstead, L.C. Chamberlin, Mrs. Lucy of Derby Derby 4/5/1832
Page, Joseph of Wentworth, NH Peck, Nancy of Ebenezer Peck Esq. Lyndon 14th inst 4/19/1832
Probate Administrator or Widow or meeting held at persons home Residence Issue
Rice, Asahel Rice, Polly Holland 12/15/1831
Brigham, Elisha Brigham, Fanny & Chester Cook Morristown 2/2/1832
Seaver, Daniel Hidden, Col. Wm. Craftsbury 2/23/1832
Goodenough, Hiram Blake, Samuel Derby 3/1/1832
Smith, Isaac Eaton, Cyrus Brownington 3/29/1832
Chamberlin, Nathaniel Chamberlin, Lucy Derby 3/29/1832
Merrill, Mary Wells, Thomas Hydepark 4/5/1832
Bartlett, Ebenezer Clark, Asahel Morgan 4/5/1832
Took off / forbid to trust
Brown, Ira Brown, Daniel Morgan 2/16/1832
Letters at Derby - 1/19/1832
Tracy, Gilman Derby Moon, William Jr. Derby
Lord, Thos. H. Derby Saltmarsh, Samuel B. Derby
Way, James Derby Barnard, James G. Charleston
Smith, George W. Derby Spaulding, Andrew Charleston
Kingsbury, Charles Derby Hutchinson, Hiram Charleston
Ward, Eunice Derby Wolcott, Emerson Charleston
Miller, Irene Derby Bingham, Elisha Charleston
Bayley, John H. Derby Nye, Lewis Charleston
Meecham, Daniel Derby Allyn, Ann Charleston
House, Hiram Derby Hidden, Joel R. Charleston
True, Reuben Derby Brigham, Aaron E. Charleston
Wood, Uriah Derby Townsend, Silvester Holland
Vining, Naomi Derby Robinson, Eber Holland
Swetland, Ira A. Derby Holbrook, Mrs. R. M. Holland
Abbey, Daniel Derby Bryant, Robert Holland
Gould, Maria Derby Rogers, Harvey Holland
Smith, Oliver H. Derby Willard, John Morgan
Williams, Joel Derby Davis, Priscilla Morgan
Abbott, James C. Derby Moor, John Morgan
Richmond, Loring Derby Davis, Joseph Morgan
Fish, Ira Derby Ingerson, Hesekiah Morgan
Barber, Miranda Derby Cargill, Ithiel Morgan
Arnold, Calvin Derby Wilkinson, David Salem
Cunningham, C. E. Derby Lyon, Josiah Salem
Ward, Moses Derby Hancock, Betsey Salem
Nye, Nathan Derby Sterns, Shubael Newport
Percival, Lodema Derby Scott, Jno. M. Newport
Holmes, Frederick Derby Whipple, Azariah Newport
Cheney, Moses Derby Davis, Asa Random
Stevens, Jas. M. Derby Washburn, William Random
Clark, Asahel Derby    
Letters at Derby - 4/5/1832
Bradley, Abijah Derby Hall, Jonathan Holland
Severens, Sally Derby Hackett, Daniel Holland
Foss, Amanda Derby Spaulding, Andrew Charleston
Smith, Joseph Derby Sweet, Lucretia Charleston
Smith, Stephen Derby White, Henry B. Charleston
Healy, Darius Derby Watson, Enoch T. Charleston
Johnson, Charity Derby Mead, Daniel Charleston
Patch, Samuel Derby Colby, Thomas Charleston
Mero, Isaiah Derby Adams, James F. Charleston
Sias, John Derby Alden, Calvin Charleston
House, Frederic Derby Cole, Stephen Charleston
Sias, Cyrus Derby Cole, W. Charleston
Hitchcock, Jane Derby Allyn, Alpha Charleston
Hill, Laura Derby Allen, Jonas Charleston
Burr, Daniel Derby Gaskell, Silas Charleston
James, Mary Derby Mellendy, William Charleston
Hackett, Charles Derby Redding, Lemuel Morgan
Canfield, Pearl Derby Bean, James Morgan
Osborn, Alexander Derby Thrasher, Henry Morgan
Perkins, Henry B. Derby Tone, Sileam Morgan
Blake, Moses Derby Swain, John Morgan
Cheney, Nathaniel Derby Brown, Daniel Morgan
Williams, Daniel Derby Dwyer, Barzillai Salem
Mix, Esther Derby Grow, John Salem
Blodget, Joshua Derby Ainsworth, Calvin Derby Line
Goodenough, Malinda Derby Goodwin, Rufus D. Derby Line
Stewart, John Derby Labera, Clarisa Derby Line
Robins, William B. Derby Lyons, Alexander Derby Line
Houghton, A. O. Derby Emerson, Daniel Derby Line
Robins, Isaac Derby Langdon, John B. Derby Line
Blodgett, Lucretia Derby Rogers, Philip Derby Line
Davis, Sampson Derby Merick, Ezra Derby Line
Clark, William Derby Sprague, Daniel Derby Line
Spencer, James M. Derby McGaffy, John Derby Line
Sheed, Alvin Derby Morrill, Thomas Derby Line
Bickford, Tristram Holland Hackett, Daniel Derby Line
Clark, Leonard Holland Drescole, Cornelius Derby Line
Kent, Bushnel Holland Martin, Clarisa Derby Line
Bryant, Joseph Holland Waterman, Thomas Derby Line
Robinson, Eber Holland Bingham, Benjamin Stanstead
Watson, Parmenus Holland Bean, Fanny Stanstead
Barry, Morrill Holland Barkley, Robert Stanstead

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