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This cemetery was transcribed and compiled by has generously donated this listing to the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page. A special thanks goes to Linda Williams from the Middlebury Cemetery Association for making this possible.

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This cemetery is on a bluff above a river; several years ago when the river rose, some graves
dropped into the water and were washed away. The owners of the property related
this story to the current tenant of the property, Prof. Timothy Billings of Middlebury College.
  Name Died Comments
1     A.S. footstone
2 Stow, Abigail 9/10/1817, aged 7 yrs 19 days dau. Of David & Sally Stow
3 Clark, Lucy 9/137/1812 , aged 77 yrs wife of Josiah Clark
4 Clark, Josiah born in 1757, died 6/17/1835, aged 79 yrs fought at Bunker Hill
5     Broken stone
6 Britell, Phill. I. 10/31/1815, aged 28 wife of Claudius Britell (w/ P.B. footstone) 
7 Britell, Eliza Beth 10/4/1850, aged 78 yrs wife of John Britell 
8 Britell, John died 5/8/1838, aged 70 yrs   
8a     Cornerstone + broken stone behind John Britell stone
9 V.O.    3 broken little pieces of stone w/.. .V.O. on one of them
10 Sheldon, Sarah 1/11/1845, aged 64 yrs  wife of Micah Sheldon 
11 Haven, William 6/3/1824, aged 74 yrs  
11a Haven, Lucy 4/11/1842, aged 85 yrs  wife of Wm. Haven
12 Hobbs, Susannah 7/7/1811, aged 70?  consort of Isaac Hobbs  (broken stone) 
13 Hobbs, Isaac 6/3/1815, aged 72 yrs  
14   5/2/1839, aged 20 yrs Broken stone..."killed instantly by the rolling of a saw log" Galvin, Laura
15      I.C. footstone
16 Byington, Abigail 10/9/1805 aged 13 mos (footstone)
17     Broken fragment of stone
18     Broken stone
19 Craw, Isaac 4/27/1813, aged 22 yrs, 3 mos, 6 days  

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